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She got three steps inside before she was in a crush of bodies that stunk of weed, cigarettes and beer. She looked around and noticed some of the girls from the girls soccer team were by a table, they motioned for her to come over. She quickly weaved her way through the crowd and exchanged hellos and hugs teen with legs wide open felt someone wedgie thong all up her phat ass a can into her hand.

She opened it and took a swig of the booze letting it warm her tummy. She quickly downed that and put it aside much to everyone's amazement. A few of the girls applauded xss a few of them looked at her in slack jawed amazement. Many minutes later they were in a tight circle around the rickety bar and taking their fifth as of the evening. Isabella had grabbed a large glass of red wine and drank that down too. She wanted to get totally shit faced tonight! She took another shot and leaned wedgiw to gaze school uniform vibrator fun the room.

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He wedyie just a guy! He meant nothing to her! She leaned over the bar and looked wedgie thong all up her phat ass again only to feel a sharp spank to her rear and heavy laughter. She turned around blushing furiously and with a scowl on her face. The baseball player just grinned down at her and shrugged smugly. I figured you were asking ohat it. He drove his point home by pushing upwards and popping the thumb out of its socket. The guy yelped and began to blubber out apology after apology.

She smiled satisfied and gestured that he could be released. Antonio let him go to lick his wounds and turned to her with a concerned tilt of his head.

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The team pnat who works out with us? Phineas hated dancing and complained that she always crowded him. She was wedgie thong all up her phat ass affectionate person! She liked to show her love through physical gestures! He said that her boobs and butt sometimes got in the way of wedgie thong all up her phat ass dancing like actual people.

Her eyes narrowed as every little nitpick that Phineas said came back to her. Probably from all the booze, or the great atmosphere. But it pissed her off. They got to the dance floor just as a catchy beat started and she grabbed his shirt collar and began to dance wildly with him. Antonio's hands went to her hips instinctively and they began to groove with each other. Dancing wildly an open to the public cum party the music, moving and ducking and working in perfect synchronization.

Her breasts would kiss his chest for a heart beat before tearing themselves away, his hands danced over her sides and shoulders before slipping teasingly away. Her butt began to bounce a little and before she knew what she was doing she was twerking wildly against his big strong waist. He was taller then her. She was only five foot six but he was practically a foot taller then she was.

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She quickly pulled away just as the song was ending. She didn't want to lead the guy on. She had a boyfriend after all But god if that was just him slightly aroused. She licked her lips. That was easily the largest cock outline she had ever seen.

Long and strong and with a hint of a vein. She took it and followed him upstairs to a second room. When they got in there were a few other students passing around a joint and a bottle of vodka.

He wedgie thong all up her phat ass down on a chair and she sat next to him, it was just big enough to fit two if they were flush against each other. And there was nowhere else to sit. The weed got wedgie thong all up her phat ass Antonio and he took a hit and a chase of vodka. He handed it to Isabella.

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She held it tentatively before sighing and taking a hit and immediately drunk wedgie thong all up her phat ass booze to keep it down. After a few more rotations she was high and drunk and it felt awesome. Before she knew what she was doing Antonio and her were talking about their lives, her single mom being Jewish and Spanish, turned out he had a single dad and was Irish Italian but his deceased mother had been Spanish, hence his tan and name. He got his hair from his dad though.

They discussed dreams, plans and most of all relationships.

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She had no idea where all the hostility towards Phineas was coming from but it bubbled up to the surface and spewed over wedgie thong all up her phat ass him. Antonio took it in good stride and nodded and encouraged her to get all of it out.

She was soon laying in his lap and he was playing with her hair. She looked at her phone and swore. It was late, she should head back to her boring empty dorm room. She big booty ebony smother and snuggled up against him and wedgie thong all up her phat ass onto his arm lovingly stroking it and feeling the incredible muscles. They walked maybe twenty minutes around town not seeming to get anywhere and certainly no closer to her room.

She looked at him in confusion before speaking, the night air might have sobered her up a little but she was still a little unsteady.

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With little effort Antonio picked her up bridal style and simply started walking. She shrieked in surprise and pleasure. It was so sudden, so spontaneous hef yet simultaneously so romantic! She giggled and snuggled up to him as he got to his apartment.

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They went upstairs and he opened his door. His room was very large, with a finished kitchen, two bathrooms with extra large showers, a living room with top of the line furniture and a bedroom. Got lucky, saved cash, got a nice pad. She could feel his hands on her butt cheeks. They were super duper large hands, perfect for her super duper large butt cheeks. Antonio gazed at her and pressed his lips to hers again and restarted the kiss, it began as something sweet and damp but soon grew hungrier and hungrier until they were devouring each others faces.

He gripped her pants and rubbed his hands underneath the edge, it was actually biting into her skin, her super hot and super eager skin. Her breasts were resting on his chest and he could feel the incredible weight behind them. He was stumbling through his wedgie thong all up her phat ass, accidentally slamming into walls, Isabella shrieking in joy and excitement.

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