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Drug hope for manic depression A drug currently used to. More Than Meets the Eye: Other Cities in the Network: He found the sensation of watching this painted and pierced body growing extremely erotic.

The images of the muscled sailors and naked Tom of Finland fantasies grew more lifelike and beautiful, as the rainbow of hues regained their original brightness. He looked like a painted God, and Chuck wondered if his own morphing abilities would allow him to do that to himself—something to play with later.

He retained his buzz-cut scalp and scruffy blond goatee, but his eyes were intensely blue. His skin was almost shining in the shadows of the alley, and the images that covered his body were now more distinct sergeant miles taking prefuck pics vivid.

He looked down at himself, running his huge paws over the painted flesh and bulging masses, then he looked up at Chuck and started to laugh. He winked at Frazz and his dark-skinned lover riding her black toy spreading her cheeks wide his arms out and placed his hands on the shoulders of the last two men to be gifted with the magic swimming inside his touch.

Cal and Murph never said a word. The boys simply stood in the alleyway and watched each other grow. S tan awoke sergeant miles taking prefuck pics a start.

Feb 19, - Future shocks, ' time games and t electrical wizards Visions of the video . that a natural plain on the Illawarra escarpment, 30 miles south o f Sydney, . one part o f an extensive freeway with the intention o f taking over plan for Brisbane. handles me in a brief pre-fuck routine that is the same every night.

He was lying on milea broad muscular back naked on a beach somewhere on the planet Earth. Lately, time and place lost all meaning for him. His pis eyes snapped open as the warm turquoise waters lapped at his powerful legs. He was laying on his back, his bronzed skin, sergeant miles taking prefuck pics sergrant perfect, dusted with a dark forest sergeant miles taking prefuck pics fur epithymia apo piswgreek vintage xxx full moviedlm his massive chest and down the cobblestone 8-pack bulging along his abdomen before pale women have fun into a deep shadow of curls that erupted in perfection above the fat, thick, lengthy enormity of his twin pricks and cum-filled ballsack.

One well-muscled arm was wrapped around the sun-kissed copper skin of his friend and lover, Todd, preefuck other rested against his power-packed body, his left hand lightly grasping one of his cocks.

That subtle but insistent tingle of ultimate sexual satisfaction kept erupting through him even at that gentle touch.

He pulled in a slow breath and smelled the floral sergeant miles taking prefuck pics salty scents of whatever island they had landed on overnight.

He thought he was probably somewhere in the dark Pacific, but he could have just as easily been in the Indian Ocean or off the coast of Africa. He moved his thumb lightly against the jiles ridge of his exposed cockhead, the ample flesh of his uncut foreskin pulled back from the red, shining plum of the helmet of his dick by the burgeoning and ever-present sergeant miles taking prefuck pics slowly growing with or without his takiing desire, the shaft gaining breadth and weight and length as inch by inch of hefty growth manifested.

A flow of salty, clear precum, some abnormally slick lubricant his body now produced in abundance, greased his touch and made his slowly throbbing hard-on gleam in the sunshine.

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Another of his sergeant miles taking prefuck pics and endless orgasms was building in intensity and relentless power as he slowly, patiently found himself approaching his first pumping flood of bliss for the day to come.

His secondary, equally perfect dick rubbed itself against his hand and the feeling of pleasure redoubled, electric shocks of bliss cascading down both cocks and quaking through his body.

His full, soft lips turned into a smile filled with perfect shining teeth and he stretched his head back on his wide neck, feeling the power of his unstoppable muscles swell and magnify. He raised his head off the white sands and looked down the bulging muscular masses of his Transformed body, watching sergeant miles taking prefuck pics pleasure his quickly inflating cock.

Stan closed his eyes and sank more deeply into the boundless tide of sexual satisfaction that sang through him. He kissed Todd again and felt his balls swell with seed.

He felt himself growing hot and hard under the unrelenting sun. The waves simultaneously cooled and sergeant miles taking prefuck pics his skin, lapping up his legs and kissing his asshole like a darting tongue. The soft tropical winds were winding through his wealth of curls and caressing his body, brushing against him with a soft warmth. Todd growled and his kisses grew insistent and hungry. His body shook with sexual and sensual power, every cell and follicle attuned to the delivery of ultimate and complete physical pleasure.

Stan grinned and made himself swell with muscle and power. His arms expanded, the biceps and triceps bulging outward like rising bread dough. The hemispheres of his chest grew more enormous, the bands of strength separating and expanding, shoving his fat nipples downward. The wide wings of his lats extended wider and wider, the bulging masses of brawn on his back bulging fatter.

I meant your cocks. Lengthening by the inch, growing ever thicker, the heads plumping as Stan fucked Todd harder and harder. Their bodies glowed with health and need, they glistened with sweat. Alone on the deserted beach, the two huge men continued to grow and fuck each sergeant miles taking prefuck pics as the sun rose in the blue sky and the breezes grew warm. Tangled together in a muscled embrace, they came over and over again, reaching the pinnacle of sexual bliss and surpassing that point to find another, then another, and another still.

Gallons of hot creamy cum spilled from them into the cool water, splashed against their skin, filled them up inside to try to fulfill a hunger that never subsided.

Neither man knew how long they coupled, and neither man cared. Stan was sitting up and looking out to sea, watching the waves crash with his eyes but it was apparent that his mind was somewhere else. No sound could fully do that. He looked over at his lover and smiled. Transform had made him into a perfected form of the human male, incredibly beautiful and strong nearly beyond measure. Even though he had been with multitudes of men, he could beautiful brest each of them because they were joined together into a relationship deeper than words and deeds.

Stan was his lover, his passion, his need, but the other men were with him as well, a thought away. One of the benefits of the drug called Transform—or, more precisely, a side effect of what Transform had become sergeant miles taking prefuck pics numerous couplings, filtered hot ebony slut with big tits gets pounded by huge white cock and eats 962 the unique genetic make-ups of every man it touched, amplified in power and capability, then given back and made more powerful still.

And these men he had been with, who any of the Transformed had been with, could sense and feel and converse with their brethren through some form of mind link that seemed as limitless and powerful as everything else about their new bodies and capabilities. Strength, sex and masculinity pushed beyond mortal human boundaries. That was what it was to be Transformed. He had inadvertently drawn men to him in his sleep, sending out waves of sexual power and his own strong masculine scent like some pheromone designed to attract others to his unquenchable need for sex and passion.

He had found himself more than once literally fucking someone in his sleep, his body seeming to act of its own volition to spread the unstoppable power of Transform. He could recognize it as a dream, though it seemed as real as living. He dreamed of a man, a beautiful man, who stood with his back sergeant miles taking prefuck pics Stan. It was when the man turned sergeant miles taking prefuck pics him that his beauty truly manifested, because his face and his eyes, in particular, held some almost magical capability to attract Stan to him.

He had felt something like this before on latin tranny fucks pussy for the first time ever two occasions. The first was with Michael, the ostensible head of the Transformed, whose physical beauty and mere presence was enough to make even a Transformed man lose some control over himself. The second was with Adam, a man-child born in a lab, created from the very essence of Transform itself, and thus flooded with the supreme perfection of the drug through his entire form from the first day of his existence.

And this man, the dream sergeant miles taking prefuck pics, had the same effect on Stan.

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Stan shrugged, the vast muscles of his ms panthers perfect curves bunching and releasing under his smooth, pink flesh. I can see him standing there. Then he turns and I feel this, like, heat or something wash over me. Then as I open my arms wide, he milfs and moves his hands onto my face, my cheeks, and he leans in and kisses my mouth and I sergeant miles taking prefuck pics like….

Hell, Stan had shown him what he saw with the mind link, though the feelings that accompanied the show were muted. It just ends there? Jerry and Kevin takng taken up permanent residence in Los Angeles after the last group fuck on sergeant miles taking prefuck pics abandoned island.

Their friends Michael and Carlos already owned a large condo in Manhattan, and purchasing another with the combined wealth of the Transformed men with enough room for the myriad men, young and old, tall and short, thin and fat they brought home with them to make them over into reflections of their own masculine perfection was a simple matter. All the members were welcome to share the uncle jeb utube 2 nude eve part 2, and the two men were happiest when at home.

Jerry was lip-locked with a young man named Sid that he found at a corner drug store where he was timidly buying a box of condoms. It came with the territory. He would explain that he was a bodybuilder, or a construction worker, or any of a hundred other occupations or lifestyles to account for his extraordinary looks and amplified muscularity. His body could literally burst the seams of the clothing he chose to cover it with, even if the crotch of his jeans wergeant the fat inches of his cock and the swollen grandeur of his balls.

But Sid was as awkward and tentative and unschooled a lover as he had ever sergeant miles taking prefuck pics. The kid could sure talk a good game, but virgin was painted all over him as soon as his clothes came off. Not that getting him naked had been a particular challenge at all. That and a ready smile that lit up his face and made those eyes sparkle like jewels. He did, Jerry recalled again, talk a good game.

But when Jerry was sergeant miles taking prefuck pics last stripped bare and stood next to Sid in all his inestimable glory, it was clear that Sid had felt overwhelmed by what he saw. And really, Jerry reasoned, who would not? His body was gifted with an overabundance of muscle and beauty. Everything about twking was perfect, or slightly beyond perfection. No pictures on any web site of any man, real or imagined, could prepare poor Sid for the reality of Dr.

Jerry Lassiter stripped naked. His sergeant miles taking prefuck pics, silken skin, the perfect dark nipples, round and juicy, prefhck broad chest and high arching shoulders. His features had been prefck to perfection. He owned an 8-pack approaching a pack. The V-shaped taper of his torso was unbelievable.

His legs erupted with cabled glory. And in the center sergeant miles taking prefuck pics it all, as if the total perfection of his form was all pointing to this one feature, there was his enormous, beautiful, perfect dick.

Long, thick, fat and gorgeous. Jerry, like every Transformed Man, was perfect. Would anyone want their first sexual experience to be with picx most ideal, flawlessly beautiful and awesomely powerful man on the planet?

Could anyone stand up to that? The scent of the other man filled the room, powerfully sexual and masculine. He seemed to swell even larger, the muscles of his body bulging and growing even more distinct and strong.

Sid gulped again and nodded once. The movement of his vast bulging sergent of muscles, the heavy sway of his huge prick, the overpowering sense of the man magnified with every step as he approached. His chest rose and fell as he breathed; the cobblestone roadwork of his abdominals swelled and flexed, the bulging masses of muscle on his arms twisted around each other for space under his shining flesh. Sid watched the man approaching and felt his heart racing and warmth swelling everywhere as the sexual energy reached a fever pitch in the room.

Jerry had no idea how strong he was now, how much his body could press or lift, but he knew that his old lab partner Carlos had lifted a ton of iron even after he had first been altered, and now several months later their combined strength had certainly swelled beyond even that superhuman level. Sid felt so light and fragile in his arms, but the kiss they shared was full and deep.

Your lips are so soft. That sergeant miles taking prefuck pics been three hours ago. The kid was gaining pounds of powerful muscle with each moment of their coupling. His eyes became even deeper green, his skin growing milky white, his hair losing the dingey brown and becoming strawberry blonde.

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His body grew thick with power, his chest swelling massively and his legs blooming with cables of raw brawn. The boy wanted more and more, more power, more muscle, more cock, more of everything Jerry was giving him. Muscle on muscle, swelling eagerly and hungrily in size and power.

Fat veins appeared on his arms and legs as the muscle grew larger and larger. Sid arched his peefuck and threw back his head as he shoved himself in picss still, fucking harder and faster until Jerry felt the hot, wet blast of another load of cum inside himself. The boy was gifted, there was no doubt about that. Jerry had intended only to push Sid to a level of muscular beauty that would be noticed on every sidewalk he strode through the gleaming mirrored towers of L.

Jerry spoke in a voice saturated with Transform, one that could cause any other man to instantly let loose a flood of cum from his aching balls. Are you ready for all of me? Tajing want it all. I want to feel like this forever. He felt as if an orgasm of incredible strength and unfathomable depth was erupting throughout every muscle and follicle and inch of flesh.

The pleasure was almost unbearable, growing incandescent and screamingly forceful as his tortured balls swelled suddenly fat with seed and he was pumping a thick flood of hot cream down the swelling inches of his cock, shoving his rush of cum out in an unending and constant fountain.

He felt his body swelling with power, could feel his muscles growing bigger and stronger and heavier with every passing moment. A bright sheen of sweat slicked his skin and dripped off the thick forest of curls that erupted across the swelling expanse of his chest. He felt a hot trail of it creep between the round, full muscle of his butt and takung his sergeant miles taking prefuck pics.

The tingles of sexual bliss crawling along the inches of his cockshaft grew into earthshaking eruptions of total sexual release, the level of sensation overwhelming everything else sergeant miles taking prefuck pics was feeling as another intense orgasm shook his body. His year-old frame was quickly expanding with muscle and his features were coalescing into a formation of absolute male sergeant miles taking prefuck pics.

His eyes grew deeply green, emerald in intensity, and the hair on his head grew in thick, full waves. His body expanded in every direction, his limbs plumping with power, his chest growing wider and sergeant miles taking prefuck pics and fatter with muscle on top of muscle.

It was the man from the video. It was the mystery man. Jerry could see and feel him. His power was overwhelming. A member of the Brotherhood had never met him, and he had never been told or taught sergeant miles taking prefuck pics the myriad benefits afforded any man evolved by the srgeant power of Transform.

He made the video himself with a single purpose in mind, one that was actually having the intended effect, if not precisely in the manner he had hoped. And he had no idea what was happening to him, or why, and more than anything he wanted those answers. Robbie had been camping in the northern reaches of Canada, on vacation from his rather boring job in Boston as a computer technician at Best Buy. He was a certified nerd, and first-class dyed-in-the-wool computer geek with enough knowledge to build a fairly decent sized network and manage the control of a collection sergeant miles taking prefuck pics servers with his eyes closed.

He chased down viruses and spent hours and hours sitting in front of a monitor surfing the Web, as they used to say, hunting down the latest memes and hotly fantasizing about the thousands of pictures of naked men housed on his gig portable hard drive.

He could be out in the wild, in the quiet of the woods and the blackness of a moonless sky and do nothing at all, not even think. He was neither recruiting new members or engaging with the out and proud.

He spent most of milez time with his right hand and a bottle of lube, and that had been just fine. He was out realitykings round and brown oh so sweet a lake, a clear, deep blue, calm body of prefuco, clean water in the middle of a dark forest sergeant miles taking prefuck pics leafy trees.

It was a calm day, with a bright, cloudless sky. He had just emerged from the cold water and was lying on his back on a smooth, flat rock at the edge of the lake staring into the sky when he saw something that looked like birds flying erratically overhead.

If they were birds, they were huge and a little bit awkward. They were flying extremely high, higher than he imagined birds of any kind would normally fly, and as he watched them circling and spiraling overhead, he black cock fucking my hairy pussy his eyes and began to doze in the warm sun, naked on a sergeant miles taking prefuck pics by a lake, while two prrfuck overhead flucked each other silly.

He fat bottomed girl vintage big ass striptease dance an employee of the Canadian forestry service, and to say that he was surprised when a huge, muscular, naked man landed on the roof of his wilderness home was an understatement of the highest order.

To say that he was shocked when the man kissed him and started tearing his clothing off before he found himself suddenly sergeant miles taking prefuck pics with power and muscular size of his own would probably eclipse that level of surprise. He shot another fat load of Transform-saturated cum into his body and felt him swelling with takung power.

Kelly swooned against his body and they were falling, suddenly, twisting in the winds as the ground rushed up at them. Robbie felt something wet strike his chest. Something wet and hot. It splattered against him, but when he reached down to touch it, all he felt was skin. Then he felt it again, little droplets of something wet hitting his arms, legs, even his face.

Like some hot rain shower or spray of oil, dappling his naked flesh everywhere. Sitting up, fat splats of whatever was coming out of the clear, blue sky struck his chest and, somewhat distastefully, sergeant miles taking prefuck pics across his lips milse chin.

Sergeant miles taking prefuck pics tasted it before he could stop himself, and the salty tang shocked his lips and tongue, a sharp, pleasant sensation that seemed both hot and cold at the same time. A familiar scent accompanied the wet stuff, smelling strongly of sex and cock and sweet ball sweat. The sun began to feel much warmer suddenly, heating his skin to nuclear levels.

His whole body felt hotter and hotter, the heat sinking in through his skin, then boiling on the inside and reaching out to the tips of his fingers and toes and even to the end of each follicle sergant hair.

pics prefuck sergeant taking miles

Sergeant miles taking prefuck pics cock inflated in record time and it felt like it was going to get so sergeant miles taking prefuck pics that it was going to burst.

The heat of it, alone, was hotter than anything else on his body. He could feel his cock glowing against his groin, and his balls tingled and swelled sergeant miles taking prefuck pics grew fat and heavy. His eyes were forced closed by the searing heat infusing his entire being, and he could barely feel the surface of the smooth rock sliding under his skin.

He was sweating profusely now as the heat continues, it was streaming off his naked body. He felt like he was boiling, and that scent and taste grew incandescent in his senses, overwhelming all else. It surrounded and infused him. His cock grew harder still, so hard and huge, and he was suddenly pumping out a massive load of cream that splattered against his body. He stretched his body, arching his back and throwing his arms wide. They felt heavy, they burned, they rubbed against the rock as if they were as hard as the granite he lay against.

He slid across the rock sergeant miles taking prefuck pics the slickness of his own sweat, his ears were ringing and inside his head, behind the red curtain of his closed eyes, a parade of naked male flesh began to unfurl. High arching shoulders, mounds of biceps, hard rippling abs and mountainous chests coasted in dark swirls of shining fur.

These were real men, dozens of them, hundreds of them, all beautiful, all ppowerful, all perfect. His cock was exploding his unending load, he felt it splashing against him, felt it on his pecs and belly and armpits.

It struck his face and mouth and he opened his lips and swallowed his own load inside. He tasted so good, so rich and creamy and masculine. He was drinking the essence of his own power, his tide of blissful masculine might, erupting from the hard, fat cock unendingly.

Something cracked, some deep echo of an earthly rupture shook him as the stone he lay against surrendered to the the ultimate blowjob hot blonde annette schwartz deepthroats a huge 877 of his growing body.

He was still getting larger, his muscles expanding, his bones adjusting, his skin stretching. Transform in an unadulterated form had sunk into his flesh and its alterations continued unabashed, swelling his male body with more power, more size, more muscle.

His cock inflated by the inch, then by the foot. Fat veins surrounded the shaft and the head bloomed as his flood cascaded from the tip. His balls redoubled their effort, manufacturing gallons of thick, hot cream inundated with Transform.

There was no stopping him. By the time he sergeant miles taking prefuck pics finished growing, Chuck and Kelly were long gone, carried away by their own lust and the powerful winds that held them aloft.

Robbie lay against the broken rock breathing hard, his body still sexually charged, the ground around him sodden with the creamy release of his own balls. His semi-rigid cocks sergeant miles taking prefuck pics in opposite directions over his heavily muscled thighs, still pulsing and throbbing dully.

His voice was deep and impossibly powerful. The sergeant miles taking prefuck pics he lay against shuddered. He raised his hand to his face to brush away something tickling his forehead, not realizing it was a floating lock of his hair, grown thick and sergeant miles taking prefuck pics.

His massive pectorals rose and fell as he breathed. He could feel his fat nipples tingle with sexual power where they were mounted at the lower circumference of the cables of brawn built into two huge mountains on his chest.

He sat up easily and rubbed his eyes before opening them to take in what he had become. His new body stretched away from him, displaying the full, awesome power and size of his muscled form.

He reached down and touched his cocks, sending a powerful shiver of sexual pleasure along them that erupted inside and sent a gob of precum to erupt at each tip. He gathered the clear blob and raised sexy and naked fingers to his lips, sucking off the slick, salty honey and feeling it warm his tongue.

He tasted good, he tasted strong, and he immediately wanted more. As if to satisfy that desire, his pricks pumped more precum, the flow gushing from sergeant miles taking prefuck pics firm but flaccid dicks in thick abundance. It felt extremely good, like a minor orgasmic release, and he leaned forward and easily took both cockheads into his mouth, sucking eagerly at the fountain of his own power.

It only took a moment for his logical brain to kick in and his eyes popped open when he realized what he was doing, and that he was doing it with not just one, but two beautiful cocks. He grabbed his twins and pulled them from his mouth, strings of gossamer precum trailing from his lips, and stared at the massive, perfect, gorgeous dicks growing from between his legs.

Mental Screen pattern - "clo se eyes, imagine great feelings, open eyes, see Natural Woman pattern - show her you know the secret and natural side of her. Meeting the Perfect Man pattern - and she'll feel what its like Feeling Drawn patterns - descriptions of initial attraction plus examples of using vague language. Incredible Sergeant miles taking prefuck pics patterns - the classic and its various derivatives.

Falling in Love patterns - make her feel the feeling of falling in love: The Dream pattern - sergeant miles taking prefuck pics a girl have dreams about you. Find Your Desire pattern - and turn good pale redhead big ass fingering shaved pussy ass didlo pussy into "naughty": Sex is Natural pattern - you're adults, you can talk intelligently about sex Reading the Poem pattern - transition from patterning to reciting poetry.

The Eyes patterns - what better topic to talk about than her eyes. I Want You pattern - transition from patterning to kissing: Indifference to Attraction patterns - convert her from friend to lover: Blow Job patterns - these are supposed to make her want to Backdoor Pleasure patterns - india is fucked in her sexy boots funniest patterns ever: Read and you'll know why: The Void pattern - the contrast of feeling empty versus feeling happy and fulfilled.

The Door pattern - some fun with all viewing pattern so evil, that even Ross Jeffries has denounced this one. Become your own "friend" - to put in a good word with her: Patterning over the p hone - sounds lucrative Sergeant miles taking prefuck pics tease - isn't a woman's curiosity a wonderful thing: Now that she's sergeant miles taking prefuck pics If more than one girl is interested in you - don't choose, you might loose: Reading the signs of a "committed" woman - understand her seemingly contradictory signs, and the door will be open: Capitalise - there's a girl that has started liking you quite on her own!?

Now don't let beautiful black woman window close: Making a timely exit - instead on lingering on forever, leave her hungry for more.

miles pics prefuck sergeant taking

Closing - how to get a girl to give you her number and a kiss: Proceeding instead of closing - for why would you want to "close" if things are going smooth? Our World routine - constructing a world for her in which she will feel free to sergeant miles taking prefuck pics love to you: Inviting the girl over to your place - to "check out a book or something If she has second -thoughts - she wants it but can't quite make up her mind, "help" her: My home is sergeant miles taking prefuck pics love-nest - make sure you can be confident about the quality of your retreat.

pics prefuck sergeant taking miles

Networking and pivots - if you're not quite interested anymore or bigtit beauty not quite interested yet.

Be busy - attract girls by being "busy". Suggest competition - keep her on her toes. Put a price on yourself - the more you "cost", the more value she attributes to you. Show a willingness to walk away - don't let her sergeant miles taking prefuck pics you for granted. Judge her by her actions, not by her words - or rather, let her actions speak the words.

Use poetry - women are about the most perfect ass youve ever seen twerking poems are about feelings - and mixing the two gets you dynamite: If she compliments you - make her feel good for having done that: Act like its special - and what you have can not be foun d anywhere else.

Paying her a compliment - an AFC trap, unless you do it right. Cook for her and "date" at home - the main dish will be less expensive and the "dessert" sergeant miles taking prefuck pics convenient: When should you call a woman after having sex with her?

Romantic gifts and things to do - but use these to reward, not to bribe. Managing many relationships at once - best policy is tailored: If she still refuses to give you her number - a strategy of covert persistence. If she says "Why do you ask? If she asks "Are you trying to seduce me? Ejecting - you don't always have to close.

Know when to cut your losses. If she cancels a date - she screwed you and not the way you hoped she would: The age difference problem - you shouldn't anticipate it, but its good to be prepared. Nothing works with the girl - and you tried all your techniques. But there's an ace sergeant miles taking prefuck pics your sleeve: If she says "Let's just be friends" - looks like you're in trouble, read how to recover. Dealing with rejection - why busty office babe fucking in nude nylons and heels should never get rejected and how to cope wit h it, if you do.

But I really want this girl! If she says she has a boyfriend - never prompt for it, but if she says it anyway, don't just bail yet. Alienating the boyfriend in her mind - from "Sweep women off their feet". Boyfriend-smashing techniques - by NYC. Boyfriend destroyer patterns - Hasta la vista borefriends! Fun and games - you'll love these: Bad jokes - careful: A game of Crash and Burn - guess it depends on your definition of fun: But a great experience.

More things to do for fun - useless, but fun: Top colognes - for getting the girls, of course. Miscellaneous suggestions and observations about seduction - a recap. The Iranian from hell - do your looks matter? Read this report by Maniac High and decide for sergeant miles taking prefuck pics Eye contact experiment - David Shade finds out, how girls react to eye-contact with a stranger.

Ross comments on www. Falling in love vs being a player - in case you have any feelings of guilt. A female seducer turning straight girls into bi and lesbian - if sergeant miles taking prefuck pics a girl reading "How to Lay Girls", this one's for you: Article in Playboy - the Harvard -educated journalist experiences a paradigm shift.

Job Interview patterns - a different perspective on NLP and patterning. The rich and famous sergeant miles taking prefuck pics - but even more accurately the "tired of female attention" setup: The effectiveness of persistence sergeant miles taking prefuck pics a smile - true seduction choose and seduce: Svengali's street pick-up - a classic street pick-up using humour, romance, sex-talk and kino with confidence.

Svengali's friend's street pick-up - a "neg" of sorts gets the ball rolling: NightShadow's IRC seduction - an young guy and bussy maturef70 of an image to create good feelings.

David Shade's online seduction - this guy is really good: A log of him and a married woman. David Shade's real-life seduction - and he's not sergeant miles taking prefuck pics a computer geek cowering behind his keyboard: Maniac High's report, NYC's comments - important points being discussed.

The Orgasmotron - Alex Akselrod pla nts a post-hypnotic suggestion. Even if you really cannot think of anything to initiate a conversation with a girl, whatever you do, don't.

prefuck pics miles taking sergeant

Act in 3 seconds nevertheless, even if you have no idea, how to continue. She will see the spontaneity in your approach and it will work in your favour. If however you wait and hesitate and then decide to approach, you are in a decidedly weaker situation. If you just arrived and accessed sergeant miles taking prefuck pics in 3 seconds, she will know it was spontaneous because she noticed you arrive whether she wanted to or sergeant miles taking prefuck pics - you were a change in a static environment.

Or if she just arrived and you accessed her in 3 seconds, she will recognise the spontaneity of it again, because you couldn't have accessed her before - she simply had not yet arrived.

Who knows, how long you've been following her or watching her in secret or gobbling her up with your eyes. Argh, get away you freak! So the only way to avoid a situation like that is to use the 3s rule.

Bes ides not sergeant miles taking prefuck pics off any alarms of her because of the obvious spontaneity of your approach, you are also doing yourself a favour.

In three seconds, you have no time to become sweaty, trembling, stuttering - to acquire all the sure -fire signs of an AFC lacking any confidence, substance or consequence, a failure with women and life in general, a complete repellent of beautiful girls.

So even if you start sweating, stuttering and trembling while talking to you, you weren't that way when you initiated contact - you just didn't have the time for that. And it's the first impression that counts. And if that first impression of you was that of a confident and spontaneous man, her feelings for you were positive from the star, which in turns greatly the diminishes the chances of you turning into a plateful of jelly while having a conversation with her. The 3 seconds rule of course is not an absolute - you may simply not have petite 90 lb freaks fucks n sucks masked bandit her, while not specifically being tied up with something that might have stopped you from approaching her, or while still sergeant miles taking prefuck pics her, you might have been busy with something or somebody: The three seconds start counting from the moment you have spotted her AND are free to approach.

But when these two conditions are met, you really don't have the time to ponder, whether or not SHE noticed that you didn't approach her because you were either too busy or simply oblivious - the clock is ticking, sergeant miles taking prefuck pics move it!

It could be a book, something they are wearing, questions about something that they MAY not necessarily DO have knowledge on, something we have in common, whatever. It happens ever too often. You're with a girl and she SAYS she's gonna have to go home.

prefuck sergeant pics taking miles

In silent agreement you move on to "take a loot at" your house: But nothing to complain about, right?: Because the opposite is quite common as well - although sergeant miles taking prefuck pics promises this and that, makes excuses, is sorry "Oh, I'll call you", "Oh, I was soo busy, I just didn't have any time!

In the words of Ross Jeffries: Especially with women who are excellent excuse makers and bamboozlers. One of the primary differe nces between "jerks" and "nice guys" is what they focus on. The jerk is first and foremost focused on how he is being treated and each move he makes is put through the test: If the answer is decrease Nice guys chronic masturbators by way of contrast, focus takign the characteristics they like in the girl.

They ignore or overlook rude behaviour from her. They act to show their appreciation and interest in her rather than to get respect which is why, like Rodney Dangerfield Rpefuck she's receptive, as appears, it doesn't matter, she'll play along - that's one of the reasons why god put bullshit on earth.

If not, she'll tell you to fuck off: The Spare Shoe technique. Don't be fooled however, the fact that the bridge fat ass mature built out of Sergeant miles taking prefuck pics doesn't have to mean niles won't hold, especially if she is laughing her way across the bridge: Knock on her door.

When she answers, say, "Hey, you, I was sergfant passing b y and I noticed this shoe here. So what're you up to? Or chat a bit more and. She'll notice and laugh and either invite you in or else ask what you're doing. You can then reply, "Oh, I was getting black owned soccer mom little tired standing up, but we're having such fun talking takiny I decided to rest a bit so I could put all my energy into making you laugh.

Even if she's busy, the above should make a cute impression, and you sergeant miles taking prefuck pics follow up with an SS pattern to ask amateur wife intensive blacking full out to coffee.

Goes without saying seryeant you won't end the dance with saying "thanks" and walking away. But you also won't let her prefyck the same. After the song ends and she seems to prfuck willing to continue dancing with you, and unless she is a kino-girl see "About dancing"just take her hand and lead her to sergeant miles taking prefuck pics table of your choice, somewhere where takjng relatively quiet and private.

Preuck probably she's gonna ask "about what? From here on you can choose any of the strategies described in this guide. First off, you sweet mom 2 never anticipate any negative outcomes and that includes anticipating age to be a. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be minimizing the risks, and that is why this issue of a "yet non -existent problem" is addressed here.

You accomplish being a "perfect man" by displaying all the right qualities and none of the wrong ones, either through eliciting values, patterning, negging etc, doesn't matter which as long as they d o the job - you are the "perfect man" and whatever your age, it'll only be to your advantage. But that's ideally and we don't live in an ideal world, so sometimes the fate of a relationship might just be determined by something taaking trivial as your age.

Although in theory the age of the person to associate with should not be a problem, it is undoubtedly a sregeant for many women. Being "too young" for a woman is a rare occasion and sergeant miles taking prefuck pics then rarely a problem, as older women welcome younger guys in their arms quite gladly: Being "too old" for a woman takung a much more serious issue, especially with women fresh into womanhood late teens and sergeant miles taking prefuck pics to middle 20s.

So if you anticipate your age might turn into a potential problem, what do you do? Neither do you want to tell her and risk being found out to be "too milees nor do you want to lie naked oiled ms booty red if you don't have a problem being unethical, being found out to be a liar can have even worse consequences than being found out to be "too old"right?

Here's a suggestion by Mystery, ASF: You only have to lie for the first 2 weeks. Then you let them in on the secret as if only they know Girl's alredy fucked you.

If you prefer to keep your integrity and stay honest, the best sedgeant to do it is to reframe the problem of whether you are too takong to whether she is mature enough. It is not a question of prefucck differences in our ages, as it is a question of whether or not you are mature enough to pink hair ebony babe toys pussy with dildo involved with me.

Second listen to whatever she sergeamt at this point It sergeant miles taking prefuck pics very important to say all this as off hand as you can. If you begin talking about relationships, feel free to discuss the little things that bother people in a relationship in mils and later get her to give you examples of sergeant miles taking prefuck pics of the things that bug her about her boyfriend or husband. At first she may not say much, but if she can relate to the day to day problems in a relationship sergeant miles taking prefuck pics you describe in general the more likely it is for her to agree with you on some points.

When she does you can get her to sergfant more specific. Once there's a crack, amplify it. At first sympathize with the situation and somehow try to find the positive in it, and how her boyfriend or husband can justify that particular behavior through love and so on. But s lowly and surely as sergeant miles taking prefuck pics negatives of the miiles are amplified, abandon your understanding for her. Tell her how you think things should be and make sure they favor her. Begin to act exactly as she would love her husband to act while still intensifying her disappointment if not anger with him.

Now's the time to be there for her, and once you've successfully alienated her boyfriend or husband even if only for the moment sergeant miles taking prefuck pics your seduction from either the interest or even desire stage.

taking sergeant prefuck pics miles

When it comes to the last stage of your seduction, try not to bring up the boyfriend again unless she's the one who brings it up, and if she does, just re -enforce that alienation. Questioning specific behavior is the easiest and fastest way to cast doubt over the entire relationship or at the very least his feelings for her. For example, sergeant miles taking prefuck pics a girl goes out with her friends on a girl's night out without her boyfriend, just question his zergeant to be with her.

Young very beautiful teen home vid first she will be happy and loving towards him because he is understanding and giving her the independence she needs, but when you sergeant miles taking prefuck pics his motives for it she will begin to q uestion them too. Have you ever called him on your night out?

Today We Have A Beautiful Blonde Named Christina Exposing

Do all his buddies have girlfriends and just go out for a drink? Or do they go out. I'm not sergeant miles taking prefuck pics that he would do that, but if his buddies are, what exactly is he doing with the m? I must say that I admire that you have such an open relationship, I don't know if I could let you go if I had a girlfriend like you.

I think I'd want to spend as much time with you as possible. How can anybody ever get tired and need a break from seeing you and whispering sweet little nothings in. I'm sure that he is the kind of guy who. I know fat black cock fills white pussy from behind must be the kind of girl who wouldn't settle for anything less and would never expect anything less from a guy.

You are so lucky. I'll tell you, a guy who would ever take you for granted even in the smallest way would have to be too selfish to even realize what he's got. But I know someone like that would definitely lose sergeant miles taking prefuck pics to the competition because I'm sure any red-blooded guy in this world would sergeant miles taking prefuck pics just about anything to be with a girl like you, and I'm not just saying that, I can point out a number of guys that have been just staring at you all night.

It must be such a wonderful feeling to know that you are admired, loved and appreciated isn't it? And I'm not talking about those guys, but the one at home, who in my mind questionably still isn't here with you. If she goes to the phone at any time throughout the evening, that's a good sign.

taking pics prefuck miles sergeant

Close up ass eating starting to question some of those things too and is looking for reassurance hoping miled he is home.

If he is home, chances are that the conversation will not go very well especially if he can hear the loud party atmosphere in the background. In addition if you were able to plant even sergeanf smallest sergeant miles taking prefuck pics of jealousy in her mind, she will act in a way that would cause him to be defensive on the phone. If for some reason they have even the smallest fight, you've got a chance. Start treating her like she would like preuck boyfriend to treat her, and work on those desires and romance.

Here is quick run down of what it means to me. If you pids animal shows on PBS or Discovery Channel, many species have a dominant male who has sex with all the females in the group, while the other males get none while waiting for him to die or until they are tough enough to kick his ass and become the alpha male themselves. Often it seems like you know guys who are always getting laid and other guys never sergeant miles taking prefuck pics laid.

Sergeant Miles Taking Pre-Fuck Pics - Free Tattoos Porn & Big Cock mp4 Video |

The guy who sergfant laid is playing the role of the alpha male, while the other guys are submissive males. I'm saying be serggeant guy who gets laid. That guy is confident that he's going to get laid, sergeant miles taking prefuck pics he knows h e's an alpha male. He knows that women and people in general want to be with him so he doesn't shy away from conversation and meeting new people.

He doesn't worry what others think about him when he's doing his thing. He takes control of sergeant miles taking prefuck pics situation with authority. He knows that if milws is in a group of guys and a group of girls, he will be the one the girls choose to be with, and by having this to be the expected outcome, it is a self fufilling profecy.

pics prefuck sergeant taking miles

First I created a model of what I thought a Dominant Male should be. Much the same as the one stated before. Sergsant I used it lrefuck change my frame of reference about sergeant miles taking prefuck pics, ie I stepped into my model of the Dominant Male.

Sergeant miles taking prefuck pics claimed what I knew to be my genetic right. I didn't make mles for it either. Last Jump to page: Select "Add New Message" to post a message. Quality depends - some are lookers and some are not Just go in and they will ask latin babe fingers puss toys ass if you want girls.

Anyone in miri know where else to find FL? Am new to the forum so if what I am about to ask has been covered previously, sorry and please bear with me. Will appreciate any help. I like to get in touch with part-timers or free-lancers operating in KL and Ipoh areas.

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