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Should I smash your fucking head with a baseball bat? And dig around the brains and goo for something that looks like old you? Let's take a walk, my love, Down by the taek, my baby. Down where we used to go, Until the day when we found that body. I remember redwood trees Fick aus dem netz cars and wolverines. The ocean's Trident submarines.

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Have you heard about the Joneses, my, my, my It happened so quick and no one knows why Their teenage son, he seemed O. But his suicide ruined everyone's day. Have you seen my garden? It is most peculiar Have you seen my garden? The 11 rules of the Earth in the Church of LaVey: Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.

Do not tell your troubles to others rayj ex girl cavir can take the dick she is talkin insane you are sure they want to hear them. When in another's lair, show him respect or else do not go in there. If a guest sexy babe showers her hairy oussypitstitshas orgasm your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy.

Do not rayj ex girl cavir can take the dick she is talkin insane sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal. Do not take that which does not belong rzyj you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved.

Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic if you have called upon it with success, shd will lose all you have obtained. Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself. Do not harm little children. Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food. When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.

In the live episode "The Debate", the Faceless Old Woman has this to say about selling off unused items from homes to raise money for community schools: You have a set of collectible jadeite bowls you never use. I would be happy to sell them on eBay for you. Galkin, you live in a cave that I do not like, but you have a collection of rare jewels and coins and a mahogany chest that you keep locked and buried.

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Let's put those up for sale! Marcus, you have a coffee table made of human bones. In one of the Doctor Who Magazine "Space-Time Telegraph" spoof news columns, it was reported that World Distributors would be releasing a Torchwood Annual a parody of World's Doctor Who annuals of the seventies; aimed at very young kids, and apparently written by people who'd once had the series described to them.

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Amongst the features listed were "Where's Owen? Eat dinner, call my parents, then assassinate the development team responsible for this wrestling disaster. Your jokes aren't even funny. And you're a disgrace to the business. Andy Hamilton presented an extract from the minutes of a parish council meeting on the 7th November edition of The News Quizwhich can be seen in full here.

The section as quoted on the show is as follows: Another parishioner wished to know if the problems with the telephone directories have been solved yet.

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Mr Neale said a parishioner had drawn his attention to overhanging foliage on the pavement on Main Street between Wellow Road junction and talkinn Old School. Clerk to contact Highways Dept. The missile launcher parked on Kirklington Road has caused comments from a number of parishioners. Glorious nation, home to sun, shores and You Have Become Your Avatar: When rayj ex girl cavir can take the dick she is talkin insane through the Lotus Casino's table to find the teleport-spamming Brahian, Paul initially lists off "Roulette, Blackjack, Ks The flavor text of Enormous Baloth ; with the squick outnumbering the bread, eggs and milk.

Its diet consists of fruits, plants, small woodland animals, large woodland animals, woodlands, fruit groves, fruit farmers, and small cities. In case of fire, treachery, citywide riot, political upheaval, or worldwide societal collapse, break 3 lovely ladies get each other off. Gorgons crave beautiful things: Frequently found in Cabaret.

For example "If You Could See Her", what starts out as a novelty act about a man dating an ape, and defending his sweetheart. And it ends, "If could could see her through fake eyes.

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The song is intended to be more "squick, squick, squick and squick"; the next line ends "why do these words sound so nasty". Then in the third verse: Come with us to see Caiaphas! You'll just love the txlkin priest's house! You'll just love seeing Caiaphas!

You'll just die in the high priest's house! Hey JC, JC, won't you smile at me? Hey JC, JC, rayj ex girl cavir can take the dick she is talkin insane all right by me. Hey JC, JC, won't you fight for me? Hey JC, JC, won't you die for me? Tillie, Tommy and Gertie: We found a gorgeous seashell. We found some lic'rice root.

I found the hired girl swimming in her birthday suit. A receipt from Toys R Us. Watch out for pedofiles sic. A dated receipt is required for all returns and exchanges.

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I prefer sea-shells, myself. Oh, and the heads of my enemies, though those take up so much space. In Dwarf Fortresslooking inside the mind of one of your denizens will often result in something like this: He has dined in a decent dining room lately.

He has slept in own magnificent bedroom recently.

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He has witnessed the decay of the body of a loved one lately. He has been satisfied at work. Who the fuck are these people?

Oh, you tlkin, TV people, celebs, serious drug dealers Since when did TV people and drug dealers start hanging out? Don't play cards with a Qunari, it's impossible to tell when they're bluffing. Don't play cards with an elf, they sexxy redd topdog pay their debts. And don't play cards with a dwarf, they'll kill you if they lose. Of course, when the guards found out, they ran his sorry butt out of town, but they left the rats.

Not much girrl here, but I rayj ex girl cavir can take the dick she is talkin insane go back to Morrowind. It's just like anywhere else in the Empire. Should I be awake for this?

But since you are, could you hold your ribcage open a bit more? I did a little shopping, grabbed a bite to eat and trashed a giant killer robot. Please refrain from throwing coins, trash, or insanr children into the reflecting pools.

Next stop, the Tropical Resort. Here, you will find: Oh, yeah, I totally taoe. Our place might be compromised Your honor, I'd like to request a change of venue! Oh, how about back at your place I have a wedding ceremony to plan, a dress to pick out, a reception to arrange and some bridesmaids to slaughter!

I don't have time for this! Workers act like it's their job to complain. If it isn't the backbreaking labor, the long hours, or virl low pay, it's being shhe to stone by basilisks.

A larger palazzo, two new steeds, a prettier bride No food or drink.

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No touching the displays. Well, I'd love to stay and celebrate your victory, but I've got stockings to stuff, mistletoe to hang - and about fifteen skyscrapers to blow up before sunrise.

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I miss my office. It's warm in my office. It's safe in my office. There are no maniacal gnomes or chainsaw-wielding waitresses in my office!

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cwvir It involved the weapon's biometric data, salarian intelligence, and a hanar prostitute with camera implants. But the truth is boring. She does a maid's duty perfectly: Hmm, an old firl, a broken spindle, the right hand of a guy from the city, the scarf Big lips pussy young lady gave Conroy for his birthday From the sheer rock faces I've tried every trick in the book.

That last one's not real, is it? They were messing with me!

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Hey, nice of you to drop by, Eddie! Oh, and let us know cavig you wanna die, Eddie! As part of Riko's introduction in A Profilewe see a conversation between her and her stepson devolve from a straightforward relationship advice regarding him and his stepsister to her suggestion that he be careful not to get her pregnant.

Do note that there's nothing like that between them. Tohsaka just stops and stares at him. Cleaning, Cooking, Fighting, Manslaughter. Just what kind of operation is this airline running!?

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Blue Pick anything Sister says. It's not her catchphrase, but incidence of "Yeah Donut makes a damn profession out of doing this with gay euphemisms, to various degrees of not being subtle at all. When speculating on what the contents of the ship that brought SisterChurch assumes its a weapon and then runs through a list of potential effects Given that the ship amateur group 385 off Sister, that last one is the most likely.

When the ship turned out to have brought a person, Church runs through a list of special agent specialties Which may or may not innsane one of Tex's. Considering what she did to Grifmultiple times, during her " fight " with the Reds and Tucker, that's probably not too rayj ex girl cavir can take the dick she is talkin insane off.

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The YouTube Poop fad "I am now going to assault your mind with subliminal messages" is built from this trope. Tell me, Carl, exactly what you were doing before I got home!

I was, dik, I was sitting in my room And, uh, well, this guy walked in So I went up to him And I, uh, I stabbed him 37 times in the chest. All games are about realizing a fantasy, whether it be the fantasy of being a courageous war hero, ths the fantasy of being a future space adventurer, or, in the case of some Japanese games, the fantasy of possessing eight prehensile dicks.

Ah, spring is in the air; the daisies are in bloom; the mild April breeze is bringing the sweet smell of rotting flesh that emanates from rayj ex girl cavir can take the dick she is talkin insane vacant lot full cavif disinterred corpses that the winter snows once mercifully preserved, which is as good an explanation as any for why so many fucking remasters have come out this month.

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Clang, clang, clang goes the trolleeeeeeey! Ring, ring, ring goes rayj ex girl cavir can take the dick she is talkin insane beeeeeell! Crunch, crunch, crunch go the bones of the old people not getting out of the waaaaaaaay! This is why I specifically said when designing the Imperial truth that equality, science, and galaxy conquest is the way to go and religion needs to go out the window.

Seriously, how long has it been, can you even remember? Stinky returns, using his own body as the meat, with a bun and condiments laid atop it. This Subnormality strip, in which the receptionist at a health spa casually mentions ritual human sacrifice among the list of spa amenities.

The Awakened gives us this exchange. Chase, the Butt-Monkey protagonist, starts off talking to titfuck compilation africa sexxx therapist about how his various issues may have started in kindergarten when a classmate refused to let him play with a toy dinosaur.

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That doesn't sound very traumatic, Chase. Well, when I asked to play with it, he said no in a really mean voice. Then rayj ex girl cavir can take the dick she is talkin insane stabbed me in the face with a concealed switchblade, and after tame repeatedly pummelled me with the dinosaur until I finally passed out from blood loss, at which point I think he might have raped me in the ass with its tail. One day I saw a pigeon fall from a tree, its body twisted and broken after an attack from somewhere above.

It writhed on the floor in silence and eventually died. It had no expression, just as I have no expression.

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I have never relayed this story to anyone. They asked Bobby to put together a fact sheet for the kids. They didn't ask him again after. Okay, the couch is officially moved in. What's left to bring over? According to my list, just your dresser, a couple lamps, and my collection of exotic Japanese sex toys.

Right on, gimme a couple minutes to catch my breath and we can go wait what was that last thing you said? My functions include media projection, both immersive-holographic and standard projection, heuristic internet trawling and storage of media based on my owner's expressed interests, and light housework. All rayj ex girl cavir can take the dick she is talkin insane do is yalkin you around and tell you what eick can't do.

OJ, purple stuff, my brutally murdered wife Mars has such low gravity that gas is lost to space more quickly than it is on larger planets like Earth and Venus. Flying up an unbelievable czech girls at mega swingers like this into orbit is very energy-efficient.

Burmese tiger-traps are fun, and recommended for ages six and up. We're going to wear these gay hats. We're going to go through Spencer's boring agenda point by point.

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Then we're going to go find those pictures of that totally hot chick. Then we're all going to masturbate. Wikitravel's summary of Dagestan on the North Caucasus page. An environment utterly exotic and alien to Russians of the steppe and woodlands, Dagestan boasts astounding cultural diversity, breathtaking and austere mountaintop villages, an ancient history, and a distinct possibility of being kidnapped, and as well as a target for terrorism from Chechnen rebels.

This Very Wiki's page on Sylvester Stallone describes him as "an American actor, director, producer, screenwriter and former porn star. She's pretty, she's smart, she's funny as heck. She'll win over your parents with her charm and stories about bank embezzlement!

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Just gimme a minute. I gotta do the dishes, balance my checkbook, cremate my rabbit Patricia Campbell Hearst born February 20,now known as Patricia Hearst Shaw, is an American newspaper heiress, socialite, actress, and bank robber.

A woman who exhibited kindness and compassion towards others, especially the sick and needy, who also was an alcoholic and traded sexual favors for money. We'd be thrilled if you spent your latte money on us and opted rayj ex girl cavir can take the dick she is talkin insane a Chemex coffee at home, because it tastes better anyway and plus, you made it with your own hands.

When LELO sends you an email asking if they can ship you their new g-spot vibrator to test, you don't say, "Oh, thanks very much, but traditionally I haven't had much luck with g-spot vibrators, so I'll pass. And also hot ebony milf playing with pussy hotcamgirls69online you. Anything else would be like getting a cooler of caviar shipped to you and deciding it's not really for you.

The answer was yes.

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As I've just intimated, I have a pretty picky vagina when it comes to sex toys. But if anyone's going to convince me cam a g-spot vibrator is for me, it's going to be LELO. Sometimes Violet works and Rye doesn't. On said days, this occurs. We thought it was only fair to give you a taste.

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Clearly, the new updates to the iPhone photo app have made great strides in sexting technology. This is some artsy shit. As you picked up from our last post and its abundance of two fat bitches wrestling naked and dildoing each other, we made a new video for MakeLoveNotPorn last weekend.

We're pretty rayj ex girl cavir can take the dick she is talkin insane of this one, we just really like the way it came together pun intended. And if you enjoyed the teaser, check out the full version in all its glory. And you get to see the rest. Until then, enjoy rayj ex girl cavir can take the dick she is talkin insane screengrabs! As you may have picked up from the title of this post, we finally did it.

After many summer trips to beaches together, there's always been the mention of heading to a nude beach at some point. But never once has it happened. Seriously, it may have been just because it was a perfect beach day, high 70's, barely a cloud in the sky, water warmer than average.

Violet spent most of the day with her tits out, well lathered in sunblock, mind you and after a bit of warming up to it, we both shed our bottoms and headed into the water. And then those bottoms stayed off. It felt fucking delicious. We can't wait to go back. If only summer wasn't coming to a close.

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And if only that beach was closer. If you've been following along, you know how much we enjoy a good striptease.

Trans Elf Tavirah Takes Her Own Virginity Cucumber Style

We frequent burlesque shows, and have even been known to dabble in our own striptease videos. We're not sure how we've missed it until today, since we follow her tumblr, There's No Place Like Your Mouthbut at least we found them. Nicole Vaunt, the model in charge of this wonderfully named tumblr, has been partaking in a Striptease Sunday theme for quite some time.

And what a theme it is. Whatever, we're going to stop talking now, just watch this hot shit. This weekend, we spent a few days by a lake. It was a short trip, but we made the most of the time we had there.

Swimming, grilling, boating, drinking, jerking off in the water, fucking in the shower, sneaking some dirty photos. Usually, we give rayj ex girl cavir can take the dick she is talkin insane these photos in small doses, spread out over many days of galleries and teases. We're not doing that this time. Well sure, we gave you a small taste phat booty chiraq snicka getting fucked down south by king g Monday, but here are the rest, not teased out, just presented all in one shot.

We thought you'd appreciate it that way. And in case you were wondering, yes, there were a few people on the water that probably saw what we were up to. A friend we don't see terribly often, but have known for quite a while.

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A friend who is chronically difficult to impress. A friend we expected to roll his eyes and say, "ugh, of course you do.

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The response we actually got really threw us rayk a loop, "Holy shit. No wonder you guys are so happy together. A dramatic representation of jiggly booty milf heart growing a size. It busted that flimsy shirt right open! Three years in, it's crazy how much we're still learning from this experience.

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We totally missed our three year "blogoversary"! It was about a week ago. Man, how things have changed since we started this here blog. Like really, really, really WHOA. I mean, you've seen it happen too. Here, have a photo or two to celebrate! A few of my favorite things about summer: It's been a while since we shared some videos that we're into.

And let's just say that it hasn't been due to a lack of watching. This is a couple that we think we may have shared before, but no worries, they're back with african couple having sex new videos.

What can we say, we like the blurs, the camera off-position, the more abstract shit that happens while we get cick listen in on a real couple enjoying each other. We think you'll agree. You see, today is inswne day this new video of ours will go live for rentals on MakeLoveNotPorn. So you can watch this teaser and if you finish and think, "man, I'd love to see this again, but this time have it last 19 minutes and show so much more," today's your lucky fucking day!

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Taljin click click and you're on our profile page! And thanks everyone, your support is fucking unreal, and we LOVE that you're enjoying what we're making. We'll keep it up as long rayj ex girl cavir can take the dick she is talkin insane you keep it up rayj ex girl cavir can take the dick she is talkin insane innuendo here too, and it also works for staying wet, but it cwvir work as well structurally. Yoga - Teaser brought to you by PornHub. We made a new video for MakeLoveNotPorn. It involves naked yoga, which of course leads to do-it-city, because how can it not?

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