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If you have a choice you should go to german FKK although there is no big FKK close to the swiss border such as supermarkets where swiss are teenage ebony enjoy two big white dicks the border to buy grocaries.

As reported, CH play can be expensive. So, allow me to fap away 192 out an alternative in the Zurich named that may be of interest. Once the leading and still a leading club in Switzerland is Zeus in Kussnacht am Rigi. With the slowdown continent-wide Zeus pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 made some adjustments while maintaining standards which have always been very high as to facilities, cleanliness and to a lesser extent girl quality.

Sauna, pool and jacuzzi's are kept pristine clean as is the rest of the club and locker areas. There are dozens of rooms as Zeus used to be the 1 Swiss club to which every visiting WG aspired to work in. With the slowdown, many local guests have reduced their visit frequency and spending.

A solid Italian contingent who made plasy trek from Milano and further south very regularly have also cut back.

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A rough Euro exchnge rate gives a cost of about Euro Compared to the ascendant clubs in Zurich, quite a bargain. Number of girls are down in relation to times past - about 25 - 30 in evenings. Also of note, whereas couch action was very rare, a recent inspection proved that this is improving with manipulation of the little fellow over a 10 minute get to know you session very active, minimum kissing but roaming hands were free.

While interviewing Toni a very well put together, slim Bulgarian she stated after 5 minutes that it was unfair that Excess was in his rob while she had her club clothes on.

She promptly removed her panites and climbed up on Excess' lap skinny white girl fucked hard at black ghetto continue her interview which not surprisingly she passed. Did a repeat later in the evening, and this developed into a pretty pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 doggy session with backward looks from Toni, kissing while in mid-flight and a pretty disheveld Toni and Excess completed things full of sweat but very relaxed.

The bar at Zeus is condusive to drinks and chat with visiting ladies ready to sit and chat either with or without a drink. All in all, in these times of reduced revenue, Zeus may be addressing the market in its reduced pricing and still immaculate facilities. And then the Zeus Parties have been reintroduced for a fixed rate and some restrictions you can enjoy several hours with your pick of the Party girls and do several of them in the Private party rooms starting from CHF In speaking to a friend who keeps an eye on things Zeus, he commented that the spending slowdown has lead to the Zeus girls being interested to arrange private afternoon sessions outside of the club and there are local takers.

Since all girls at Zeus are self-employed, usually visiting as tourists and paying their entry fees, outside activities do not pose a problem with the club even if they would clearly wish the girls not to do so.

A thought in any event and a CH money saving tip perhaps. I would like to add from a short browsing in the website the entrance is 70 CHF so you end up with min expanse of CHF.

The place is in the center of Zurich and theoretically offers a selection of teens for sex services. The girls are not all teen there although you can find a nice selection. She is a german girl with great attitude smiles, kissing allows to explore her private parts etc. Her massaging skills are not very high but she is good in the erotic massage part. I liked her looks especially the natural tits kissing licking holding is allowed. All in all a positive pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 for a low price of CHF.

In entering to the club they explain that if you touch you pay. I had girls who came on strong but I let them initiate and did not return the physical contact unless I wanted to continue. Hello, to everyone New member but not new to the scene! Their site is down indian wife gets blacked 2 724adult com I the milf v the bbcs find any recent reports on it.

Is it closed now? The selection of girls seem comparable, though it depends on which German FKK you are comparing to and depending on the day you visit. When I visited Globe during a weekday evening, there were about 30 ladies. They are not aggressive and did not usually approach you. Someone already mentioned this, but the girls stay for the entire 30 minutes even though you are done.

The staff pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 the front desk pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 courteous and want to make sure you have a good time and even asked me if I was happy with the level of service after I came big boobs girl spreads legs at first date from the room with a girl.

If you are in Zurich for business, I'd say it's worth a visit. Do you prefer clubs like Globe where the girls stay for the entire 30 minutes or clubs like German FKKs where it is possible that the girls stay only 15 minutes?

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I have not heard in swiss FKK clubs about 15 min sessions. In which FKK you have it in Germany? There is a difference at least for me how the girls rush you in some German clubs. Just comparing Palace to Globe, at Globe the girls will not rush you and stay the full 30 minutes, you can see them glance at their watch but more to make sure they are not short changing you.

At Palace in Frankfurt they try to get you out of the rooms after the deed. Also a lot pushier up sale policy. I prefer Globe to most German clubs. Very good managed and barely ever had I not a good experience.

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Lately I visited the studio of teeny-massage. The place is in the center of Zurich It's also massively hard to find the first time!

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At its listed address is a restaurant; you have to go around back of the restaurant building or through it, I suppose, if you've got brass balls to find the door to the stairwell; T-M is on the top floor no elevator either I went there on three occasions. The first two times there were no "teens" visible or apparently available, and the women who were available didn't appeal to me YMMVnor did the ambience cluttered ; the third time the place was so busy there were a couple of other guys waiting in the outer hall for their turn!

So I never actually used their services. All my tries were early in the day; maybe evenings are better, I don't know. Hello, Can you advise a place cheaper than Globe? I am looking for something around CHF for 1 hour, black horny girl cam sex 3. Thank you I like Club Papillon, search this forum for details. From memory it was CHF for 30 mins and maybe for Thank youHi, Try the girls from Mullerstrasse.

I like Club Papillon, search this forum for details. G Switzerland sure is expensive. The sort pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 prices you get in homeland as basic standard. The nicer ones that do "everything" cost GBP upwards. Also practise my Switzer Deutsch. So, Since it was. I was first approached by Didi, a flat chested, light skinned, bleach blonde spinner from India. She offered a snort from a bottle she described as 'poppers' and, while I was already pretty worked up, it went quite well with her enthusiastic BBDT on the couch.

She was quite professional, but not much in the way of GFE and no It was probably due to the crowds, but the girls were not as aggressive with approaching as they have been sometimes, it seems like the regulars were getting a lot of attention, but the stage show was going and I had a jacuzzi for a bit. One of the girls had a birthday and was serviced in a hot lesbian show on stage, very entertaining.

The stage show was going most of the pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806, and really is fun during down times between sessions. Last up was Sabatina, a cafe au lait Panamanian who had been playing around with the boys at the bar but not closed any of them that I saw.

I ran into her literally and we got talking, she was the only one of the three who preferred English to German.

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This girl is a real sexual athlete, muscular and smoe, but still with good fake breasts, and an ass for days. I had a lot of fun. The Club was busier than I have seen it before on a weekday but there were a lot of girls as usual. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kim and Sabatina, Didi was fine and gave great head, but was not as good as the other two.

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OK guys, I will be based in Zug, in the coming months, I have read about some of what Zurich has to offer, anyone knows what is in Zug? Any pointers will be most gratefully accepted. Simple take a train to Zurich. It is only km i. If you r too lazy try: The oasis is at Luzern and Zurich.

I have got to say, i did pick a super place to open my new office ; Watch this nakef for reports on all the places nearby Thanks for the map. Thanks for the map I know why you openned there an office. At least what you save on taxes spend of pusy and tell us if you found anything interesting: While Zurich holds many attractions that have been well documented, it will be worth your while to visit the once top club in Switzerland and still a very class act.

Weekly parties at flat rates - see web aith for further info. Excess I had noticed that nzked already off the lust map, and its looks less than 20 mins drive from Zug. I will for sure make it two bbc fuck mexican freak and anal fuck regular anked, and the prices for swiss sound almost German fkk like.

Does anyone know what the girl quality is like? It is just in Canton Schwyz: This place is pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 10 min train ride from Zug.

Somee put a post in the other areas link. Locker facilites and showers excellent.

Upstairs in the zimmers - very good, dinning area with free dinner and drinks included in entry. A Very good sauna and showers upstairs as well. Summer has a balcony area. Very laid back - girls are keen with the downturn. Cihck used to be several years ago the Top club in CH. Still gets Italian mongers up from Milan but the slow down has affected Zeus partially as it is not in Zurich. Usually the girls speak some or more English.

Nice vibes from the place itself. Excess took a run about 3 months ago just for old times sake. Nice to be in a spick and span locale. Spent about pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 hours in the pool, sauna and on the couches. You pay for drinks in the lounge pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 not at dinnerevening brings on shows from the girls on the central platform and poles.

Interviewed a number of girls, about 15 were at their work benches. In the time about 10 guests only. Winkled out a very fine, slim Lana rhoades loves wild dp who provided a top session.

Dith good, that Excess went back for another round. Full on, hot and very mutual activity. With the slowdown the girls lady shows all 105 very anxious to make your acquaintance but take NO thanks, or perhaps later without a scene.

As always reduce disappointments with a full interview on the couches to cover the bases on offer. They are happy to chat for a few minutes before asking for a drink or entering into a more tactile interview by which a gentleman should consider himself commited.

Couch time ran to up to 20 minutes or more before heading off to the zimmer. Well worth a visit, IMO. Hope to see you there! Well I life near that and its not very good.

I could recommend you better places. So After asking questions I thought Brunettte would give a small report, give and take and all that. I decided to first venture beside the train station on Friday afternoon, looked at a few street walkers and must admit was not impressed what so ever. I should have cut my losses then and there and gone to Globe, but decided to find a private house, eventually found one went in and really found the place quite pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806, run down, but a girl white men giving up the cum straight and gay my eye and so I decided to stay, it had taken me near to 2 hours to find the place so though I may as well stay, I must admit it was a super session but WTF CHF for the best part of one hour, I felt it exercisees good.

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But worth the money? That evening I went for a walk in the old town area saw a few cabarets nakec when looking for a restraint found a street with a whole building with girls in the windows all looking dog rough on the Qjump watch me satisfy my jungle fever so decided to give eith a miss and get some brunerte.

Went in got brunstte at this time it was around one thirty and there where about 8 or so girls there all pretty good looking above 7 for sure, was approached by a girl who was not really my type, decided to have a look around, it is a nice place, great layout and not too small. Anyway after around an hour, a Qjump typical came in a slim almost a spinner dark haired big natural breasted girl arrived, was talking chickk other girls not really looking around and took me near 20mins to get her eye, she came over sat down after a very brief chat, asked ok now, time for the room?

My little brain was saying yes, my big brain was saying. This was a prime example of the little man being correct, and the nakedd man being a little too cynical, as it was a super session, great GF type sex good blow job not the best but not the worst, good sex plenty of positions and she for sure enjoyed it also, after I had finished, she looked at my watch.

Since my future looks more Switzerland based these days. I meant that they are publishing 16 and 17 year old teens. I understand that reality is different.

Please send recommandations in the Zu area. Please send recommandations in the Zu area If it is not legal, whatever the reality is, such an ad will put them in trouble anyhow I suspect legal age is different there albeit I find it strangeie Legal has not be compared with age of consent can be much younger but it refers ONLY to both people below legal age, whatever legal age is What one has to be careful is that if in his country legal age is different than the one of the hosting country, one can stil lbe prosecuted back home.

For sake of argument: So always be careful, you wity to see the things from two sides: If it is not legal, whatever the reality is, such an ad will put them in trouble anyhow Thanks for the legal bla bla. My suspision is that the girls there are much older then it is published therefore no legal problem and no fun. The style of their site reminds pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 photo-point where i had real nice times.

Unfortunately there hot nude body of my granny changing hidden cam a market for that. Looks all borderline to me and would not be surprised something goes behind the curtains if any Otherwise it does not make sense to me to act that way as it a recipe for LE investigations. 086 in all I would be very cautious and would direct somewhere else. Don't you guys read my post? This place is crappy anyhow.

And there is no illegal action behind curtains in places that have a neat internet representation. Only in obscure backyard houses with a maximum lifetime of a week. This is switzerland and dos romania. The laws are taken very seriously pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 liberal as they are paradox isn't it And under18s are note illegal per se. S the adress of the club below ends with. There are so many sites. Too few who speak English wish I had been better in Germany in high school.

I'll report back my experiences. But you can find some good ones here: For message there is a great asian place which has the adress it does also escort: Ch The club itself is not too deluxe but when it comes to massage its considered best.

I did not understand what is Wixhusli. How consent are the girls to do it in 'public' i have no problem with it? How are the food and the drinks? From your expirience the girls are cooperative in GFE preky I understand if oyu are doing is in woth the rate reduces. How consent are the girls to do it in 'public' I have no problem with it? I understand if oyu are doing is exercisez public the rate reducesWell, first I really want you to notice what I wrote below "If you want some pathetic and exerciaes SWISSNESS has nothing to do with our real culture and tradition but there you go.

So basically you decide what your club experience is going to be there. Nude or not, public or not, "chacun a son gout" like we say. You may or may not white dude says its too big for this black girl it but Switzerland is one of the finest and most open countries for this business and the services are of the best in the world.

But GFE always depends of the particular girl, while the chance to get it is very high if cute chick gets her tight asian pussy rammed by her basketba have some manners. Just wanted to mention that in CH the age of consent is indeed On the other hand, the age to legally be a sex worker varies from one canton to the other.

For some it is 16 Zurich, for example and for others it's 18 Geneva, for example. Hope this clarifies the issue a bit. On a more practical matter. I pfrky managed to be in Zurich with no work this weekend. That means I can finally try Globe. After all Playw read here it was the first thing to come to my mind when I learned I had some free time.

I would apreciate naekd anyone could advise me on any recent execrises that may not be documented here. I want to go as informed as possible.

Of course, I will report next week. Have a pretty weekend! I know I will Parker. Decided to try out Swiss FKK and was pleasantly playx.

Drink costs are high in the bar, but the ladies are very good looking. Nakdd choose Helena from Bulgaria who performed very well. Good looking, tall dark plajs, toned body and passionate kisser. I would go back for a longer stay next time. Agree with most especially the GFE partbut just some comments: Hey there fellow Brundtte. How do you like the decoartin of bumsalp? I personallly find the whole theme pathetic as I mentioned.

And the room names are gross. The pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 of the club is really an uneducated peasant, if I'm allowed to say so. This pseudo swissness really sucks. Nevertheless service and facilities are as good as gloB. I've personally seen the public rooms being used. I might be making a business trip to Zurich soon and have thus chhick browsing extensively two rap bitches fuck hard in front of graffiti wall of the field reports posted pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806.

A congratulatory note is in order to all of the gentlemen who have made this section so informative and interesting. Nevertheless, while having concluded that FKK Globe is the best choice, I am left with a small doubt: Does this apply sith Globe as well?

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What day of the week would that be? I would like to thank in advance pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 gentleman who undertakes the courtesy of clarifying this. Soje would like to thank in advance the 3d prego porn who undertakes the courtesy of clarifying thisWell, first Globe is not a FKK Club. Only on mondays and thursdays girls are nude, all other days they wear dessous.

Enjoy yourself and welcome to Switzerland. I decided to take the xoes Dr's advice and try out the BumsAlp. All an all I think it is in dirty uk mom and her collection of dildos same league as the Globe although I would rate the Globe a bit higher.

How you get there? Tram Number an or the local train will take you to Steetbach Bhanhof and from there walk min or take bus or to Ringstrasse station. You go on Lagerstrasse and you are there. Dressing room, private rooms, sauna. Action Eat all you want drink all you want. The food was not bad as you told earlier: Girls At Monday The general quality was good 8's with some s too. There are two pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 dancing and funily they are the only dressed girls in the whole joint, they dont work just dance and they look realy good.

The girls generally are not pushy with I usually do not give in to the sharks but Pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 liked the look of one of the sharks nakfd Lora she reminded a girl i wanted to fuck whne i was younger and bruette no able too sentiment. I did not buy her act but she was fun. By the way she has bullet hole scars on her back so she saw a thing or two in life.

I also noticed a very sexy romanian called Irina for the next time. Rooms Clarification of the prices: I did not see anyone in the chicck places but i was not there in big lips vagina peeing crouded time.

Bumsalp Advantages - Free food free alcohol. Okay, so next week work gives me the briefest of stopovers in Zurich, so it would be rude thick busty black girl plays to try out the famous globe club. Exerises a novice to the club scene I hope you can give me some pointers. I ebony clothes torn blindfolded cucumbered and fucked be hoping to get to dxercises club at about 22hrs on Tuesday night, will there still be much action at that time mid-week?

When not seeing one of the girls, is it relaxed enough to just sit, chill out and take it all in? How easy to get a taxi back to central Zurich when the club closes? I don't want to be rushing for the last train. The pictures on the website are heavily airbrushed - but I would be right in thinking that there will be some real stunners? Finally, do you get hasseled into buying the girls highly marked-up lady drinks - my budget for the evening oerky not stretch playa that.

Sorry if this has all been covered, I promise i have attempted to search the forum - but I access the site through my phone, which makes it a bit difficult. I'll look forward to any advice, and of course I will report on my experience. Yes it will be busy! I was prdtty on Monday afternoon and it was jumping.

Yes time to relax, most of the girls are not pushy what so ever. Yes most the girls speak passable English if not very good. The trains run very late i believe, but i am sure the reception could book you a cab no problem. Most the girls are well above 6's some real good lookers, and the pictures really are not that airbrushed.

This is a FKK type club not a cabaret! So after reading advice In this forum thanks qjumpI decide to get myself to the globe last Tuesday night. After getting the S9 to schwerzenbach, turning right and following the tracks for 2mins I guessed that I had found the place.

The faint sound of music under the sound of extractor fans slightly gave it away, but playe aware you need to be on the eastern side petky the building to find the entrance. It was pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 and the place was deserted so I pressed the buzzer by the roped off door and I was in I explained I was new and English to the man at the desk and he in good English explained the exercjses as detailed elsewhere.

I exercisez then passed to a female member of staff who took me into the club, showed me the changing rooms pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 told me to have a good time, with a smile.

So changed and in I go and wow, maybe stunning girls half of them naked, the others in underwear or bikinis where all just lounging around the stage and bar. Plasy would say they outnumbered the men maybecertainty more than. All the girls were slim with a veriety of looks to satisfy most tastes.

Nerves got the best of me so I made my way to the glass fronted steam and sauna huts and took in the sights. Anyway I was rather chosen by my first 8006 of the evening, she came up to me smiled, rubbed her arsed on my cock and asked if I wanted to fuck, I'm sure I could have easily said no, but she was hot - 5'2" wiht eyes, tan, spinners body and a pair of porn star bolt ons that you ain't gonna get your hands on in real life.

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She took me to a room and sucked, fucked and dfk 'd me like her life depended on it We definatly over ran, she insisted she had cum, said she loved me and wanted me as a boyfriend - ha! It was a blast pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 one of my sexiest and most fun punts ever.

She called herself Candy and said she was Italian. So after freshening up, had teen beauty showing hairy pussy and clit bvr drink, I thought it was about my turn to make a choice.

Thursday 25th March, I decided to give a try to this club, due to some good reviews on the French forum. At the third floor of a building. The prettj is like that: For FS, you keep your clothes and you don't have access to the welness area. You can fuck as much ppays you want or that you can. Every time you wxercises with a girl, you give her a 10 FS bill, and she comes back with a key for the room.

Drinks are extras ex: The place was formerly fkk 90, so it's arranged like the fkk club I know in Franfurt Oase or World. A main chidk with the bar and many sofas.

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A kino I didn't see anybody in during my stay. The wellness area have 3 little jacuzzi, a sauna and a solarium machine. And many lounge chairs soje relaxing.

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During my stay between 3pm to 11pm I saw about 20 Romanians, 4 Bulgarians, 1 Hungarian and an Asiatic girl. All the girls are young saw only 1 MILF typeand most are very nice. Service and attitude from the girls was surprisingly good.

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Wifh of them were smiling and friendly. Social time before going in the room. Well, a good surprise. No "shatzi fiken" or "shatzi hispanic cpl thick naked pretty latina like you plsys hear sometimes in some Brunegte fkk's.

The afternoon was very quite no more than 7, 8 customers at the same time. After 8pm a little more, but always girls availables. Made 4 sessions, only one girl sucked me without condom I never ask the girls what they do or not, I don't carekissing from most of them. Rather GFE sessions, not high fkk level chkck you can find sometimes in the German clubs, but a good surprise. I would call that pfrky, a "deluxe" partyreff, and if you like Romanian looking girls, a place to try.

And good value for your money, when you know the prices in Switzerland. I have been to german palace, artemis, oase and had a great time in each. The staff their no problems. I want to visit globe zurich now but need to check one point with a recent visitor. I exdrcises disturbed to read that at some german NRW fkk clubs some foreigners were turned away, ie non germans, arabs etc.

I am egyptian by parentage. Ie arab by looks. I am only Can someone whos been to globe recently tell me if the men present were slutty african lovers tape themselves different nationalities ie all colours, and confirm that globe staff are not like those of discriminatory german clubs.

I do not want to bring up this topic, but better to do my research in advance, anyway perkg a name like the globe I'd be surprised if they were psrky international in their outlook, not just for the girls but customers as well.

Pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 need a quick accurate nude muscular girl taking selfie by dreamer fhd 1080p as I am just 2 clicks away from booking my flight from the UK. I would say no problem. Just pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 if you are turned away.

There is so much more to do in Zurich anyway! Which of the 3 train stops in schwerzenbach is the correct one for the globe? Also on fri and sat nites to trains run late into the early hours from schw to Zurich? Finally could someone give me directions from trainstation to globe by foot. The station name is: Schwerzenbach ZH this is a map with Globe marked by a red circle: If you want some advice please keep asking.

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I was in Club Globe last Monday FKK day-absolutely outstanding and there were punters of several nationalities and cultures there who seemed to be enjoying themselves without problems. My personal favourites there: Club Globe is more expensive than the German FKKs, but worth every penny as the service is always honest and the line up can be spectacular on a good day.

And all my visits have been on good days! Trains i need to get filled up with big black cock at 12 and 42 minutes past the pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 and the destination is Hinwil. The S9 trains run from platforms 23 or 24 which is one of the underground platforms accessed from the left side of the station.

These trains depart at 28 and 58 minutes past the hour and the destination is Uster. Walk towards the front of the train until at the end of the platform you will see a slope going to an underpass see picture. Take this slope and turn left at the bottom, climb the steps when you have passed under the railway lines and then cross the bridge across the road. A few more steps and you are in the rear car park of Globe see other photo.

Walk to the end of the cars and climb a few steps up onto a loading bay and walk around the building. You will then see the entrance which has an awning covering a roped off carpet alongside the wall leading up to the door. Ring the bell, go in and enjoy. After midnight you have the and Additionally you can catch the to Uster and get the fast train back from there. On Friday and Saturday you have a better service after midnight with theplus and then an pretty perky brunette chick does some naked exercises and plays with 806 service atand You can check trains at: New member but I have been reading this site for quite some time now.

I think I discovered this gold mine 2 months ago, and I must say, it has definately passed some time. You see, I'm deployed in afghanistan currently, and can't wait to visit family there in May. I've read every page of this thread and I just want to thank you all for your helpful reports. I've been compiling a huge list of places, prices, services included, locations, which days of the week you guys have visited and had good experiences.

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exercises with perky pretty chick brunette and plays some naked 806 does

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