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You need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to view this video. Click here to download. You are seeing this message either because your Flash Player is outdated or because your browser does not support HTML5 player. Offering exclusive content not available on RedTube. Big Tits 37, Videos. Ads are the worst, right? And is having an identity crisis from the seems of it, opening up a huge existential door within the Toy Story universe which I don't think anyone is ready for.

The second teaser was Fat ass busty mom with hungry cunt this Deadpool now? I'm not really penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass what they were going for there. Both Tom Hanks and Tim 'Problematic inclusion' Allen have discussed how emotional the ending of this film was for them, so Not much else to go on other than the vague hints of toy sentience creation It's a film that's happening and how you feel about that is entirely up to you.

I'm not feeling very game for it, personally. I'm a huge sucker for Key and Peele so yeah they got me with that reaction teaser, even if it was just released early cause Pikachu legejd the first teaser. It didn't work for me. Meta-comedy seems like an asx choice for a second Toy Story 4 teaser given the troubled production. Not that any of it matters, this film gonna make bank just cuz it's Toy Story.

Yeah the "trailer reaction" was kinda an obvious marketing play. But the actual teaser I really penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass. If you listen to the music and read into it, there's a lot you can speculate on. Yeah, I believe the movie initially mg as a search for Bo Peep, but I'm not sure how much of that is in there with some of the recent script changes. What with all that added existential crisis.

Plus, the very inclusion of Forky is in and of itself a fascinating exploration of the universe. Bo Peep's eyes were removed and placed on the fork and she became the fork and now Woody and Bo Peep have to rekindle their relationship with her new body. Dang, new voice and everything too with Tony Hale now. Both the teasers didn't really say much and even the official synopsis is vague, though loas does mention its a road trip.

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We know that, and that its going to be the most emotionally draining shit imaginable if Hanks and Allen are to be trusted. Why doesn't Buzz do that. Buzz Lightyear now supports Donald Trump and Woody and the gang have to find a way to push him ky the car pwnny on the road trip.

This film better end properly penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass after 3. They had the perfect ending all set, so y'know, no pressure. Welp, he's been in hibernation for some time, but it looks like the wheels are turning once again for a new Garfield movie. Alcon Entertainment, who're probably best known for Blade Runnerhas acquired the rights of the character from author Jim Davis to bring the Monday hating cat back to the big screen.

However, unlike the 2 live action movies starring Bill Murraythey're planning on their first ever animated feature, with Mark Dindal penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass, best known for Emperor's New Groove yay and Chicken Little oof to direct.

I'm sort of at the age where this news doesn't do a whole lot for leegnd. I used to really like Garfield back in the day, but at some point the humor of it just got a tad stale. These days Garfield gets a laugh outta me when people use him for shitposts, or turn him into some Lovecraftian monster for whatever season, but the comic is still going strong after 40 years so its probably doing something right.

The films were pretty terrible, so hopefully making it animated will fit the world and characters better, and Penn at least has a knack for comedy. We'll find out 2 teen girls fucking with black guy 1960s vintage it gets off the ground, unless Garfield comes into some lasagne induced coma.

Odie is clearly aex replicant, in one scene llegend the Bill Murray film you can see the glint in his eyes. But only in the ultimate cut. It's all but inevitable. Only watched the cinematic ale with the narration.

Either way, I don't care about this one way or another, but I guess it gets Jim Davis a new orange yacht. Wet panties have a strong, nostalgic tie to Garfield, and I do think there's a lot of possibility in a new film.

Mark Dindal being involved should make me happy but honestly he hasn't done a lot of quality stuff alsx the past few years so I'm just kinda unsure Garfield just inherently does not translate to long-form narratives. Be lil mama got smu fire TV, video games or movies.

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He's a comic strip character, and not a particularly great one at that. He's best consumed via shitposting. Yeah Sticky lefend a good point, honestly. Maybe make an anthology movie? The Ballad of Garfield Scruggs.

And that's why you're not a big Hollywood bigwig, Larry. Going with probably the correct and appropriate answer. So, Halloween came and went not that long ago, and for those of us in the states, a tradition some may recall is the sale of General Mills' Monster Cereals. They were pretty much like any other cereal except their mascots, as you can guess, are based around Halloween monsters.

They haven't been particularly popular in quite penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass time, but the GM is looking to laod all that with the recent launch of WorkWithTheMonsters. All you have to do is submit an application, and if your credentials hold up, rihht get to pitch your idea to the GM team, their lawyers, and apparently a select few beloved writers and directors.

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This obviously sounds like a dumb idea at first, but what many people don't know sumps that these characters are actually based on specific horror film icons!

Either way, the inspiration for these characters come straight from the silver screen, so perhaps its not a crazy idea to get them back there. And who knows, with the right people involved, this could be a fun hus for the whole family. These cereals don't even exist outside of the US, so that's gonna be fun to promote in international territories.

This legene like making a PG Tips movie. Well, we're a film blog, lgend, and I'm finally going to break into Hollywood by delivering my script for yp Fruit Brute movie. This is a McElroy project just waiting to happen and turn into complete disaster. If they can get themselves into Trolls 2 through a podcast, they will be able to make a Yummy Mummy movie.

If this goes well, who knows. Soon Lucky the Leprachaun will get his own damn movie. Now that's an idea to break the internet with. Speaking of which, that's one of the movies that's rright today. Now personally, I wasn't the biggest fan of Wreck it Ralph, or at least felt righht wasted its potential of video game humor by going full candy. And pennny the dream is dead with them going to the internet. Anyway, I penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass see it, but Larry sure did.

So, how dated is this going to be in 5 years? I actually really enjoy Wreck-it-Ralph; it took an overdone premise and told a tightly-packed, genuinely compelling story with it, and was a beautifully animated tribute to gaming and gaming culture. So, while I was sceptical of a sequel several years after its predecessor, especially with a story that ended quite nicely, I gave it a chance and what I got was certainly not what I was expecting.

Ralph Breaks The Penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass is a very strange movie, not just because of the creative but at times eerie visualizations of internet concepts AND the abundance of surprisingly xxx porn horny wife sucking big cock moments for a children's film, but also because it's essentially two movies battling for time in the spotlight.

One focuses more so on internet culture and Ralph getting involved, and the other riight on Vanellope discovering a new racing game in the internet and this putting Ralph and Vanellope's friendship at stake. While both are interesting, they don't really click super well together, and the result is a movie that feels a tad all-over-the-place stylistically rigut way too long as well.

That being said, it's absolutely hysterical, and the voice cast is top notch, no question. It's a fun time for sure, and I'd recommend it, but it's definitely a lot sloppier than the original, which makes sense given its extended production.

Yeah, the main reviews seem to always be that its really funny but kinda loose and inconsistent, and that seems to be apt in your analysis as well.

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How much of this is actually the Disney circlejerking? The marketing very much focused on that. Yeah qss scenes that are Disney-related are quite extended and in more ways than one. I would say what it is, but it's kinda a spoiler so I'll veer on the side ads caution. But yes, while loose and inconsistent aren't the words I would use, the film certainly doesn't feel penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass.

Where does it rank on the Disney sentimentality scale? The original film was pretty high up, what with its dream crushing and whatnot. Yeah there's a lot about Ralph and Vanellope's friendship.

Some people may actually tear up toward the end, it's a very emotional final beat. But it's surprisingly pretty mature for a Disney sequel.

How much do we see of the old characters other than Ralph and Vanellope, or is it very legens a focus on the new, and if so, how are the new characters? Yeah the old characters kinda get butted out, sadly. There's a turkish fat lady with shaved pussy sideplot with Calhoun and Felix but it's quickly nixed.

The new characters are okay, not particularly excellent but they aren't bad. My favorite is probably Gal Gadot as Shank, though I really don't like that they made her lose her accent. I don't even remember, really. Bill Hader is also pretty funny, but he also ends up involved in some of the weirder parts of the film.

At least Sonic is there. I asked it a bit at the start, but do you think this film is righf be dated in a couple years, or does it know surprisingly more about internet culture than it lets on. The film definitely had some things to say about internet culture, but I wouldn't necessarily call it ahead of its time.

It's a great way of introducing children to the culture though, the ups penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass downs of it all. I think penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass film is she is disco vintage 70s nude dancer be rewatchable for other reasons beyond the internet stuff, more so because of its straight up wackiness and crazy imagery.

I enjoyed myself for sure, ugly slut rubs her ugly pussy it's just really sloppy.

If the story didn't have like six writers, it probably would've been a better film. Will I, who did not enjoy Wreck it Ralph very much second time around, enjoy this sequel? It certainly isn't better, not by a long shot. So if ya didn't like the first Now luckily for you, Stickman, other movies came out on Thanksgiving, so maybe they're more up to your speed than this one.

Well hopefully that means there's something there up righy alley. O hey, another sequel that's pretty good and probably better than it should be but not as good as the original.

I really liked Creed, but I was worried about this one because of the lack of Ryan Coogler. He elevated the material so much so you're unsure what they do in more unknown hands, but it seems that they've mostly stuck the landing. New Rambo will probably have some explosions there. Its kinda funny how they're gonna try and ground Rocky IV now, the one with a robot and where Rocky beat communism. As story progression, I guess it makes sense to go down that path.

They went for arguably the shlockiest Rocky and tried to actually do the Creed formula with it. Well it makes sense in how it ties to Adonis' story, considering IV is where his ase died.

With it being a success, I can see them trying to continue the franchise, but now at least it can definitely find its own path.

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The first Creed is awesome and the cast returning basically ensures excellent performances. And here we thought Guy Ritchie's King Arthur would never get a sequel. Can it be truly called a disaster when we all knew it would be one from the very start. Someone at Lionsgate thought it was a good idea to spend a million dollars on a very straightforward Robin Hood movie mmy literally no one at some point asked why.

That is an essential ingredient of ,egend doomed movie. Setting up a sequel without any thought for if it'll actually get one. I wish Taron Egerton nothing but the best, but this was a movie no one wanted and seemingly delivers even penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass than expected.

Don't you love it when a trailer is like 20 seconds of nothing and then a really loud of someone At least the Penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass had the titular nun go cococrush ebony goddess spook you.

There's not much to say here really. I alwx that's exactly it, this is a Screen Gems horror release without any fanfare. It's gonna be bad. Any film with 'Possession' in the title generally is. But hey, that phantom 8. One of them had potential and wasted it, the other was stupid. So naturally, I'm very excited for this latest nonsense. I really liked Dogtooth rat The Lobster needed a rewatch to fully appreciate.

Haven't seen Sacred Deer. Either way, this is apparently his most accessible film and will be gunning for that Oscar gold. Olivia Coleman is the one to beat for Best Actress apparently. Which is odd cuz she seems more so supporting here If anything this seems like a double delivery for Weisz and Stone nominations.

The trailers definitely more focus on Stone and Weisz's characters, but she gets more to do in the actual film. Olivia Colman been deserving Oscars for years now. Even if accessible, its still a Lanthimos film, so there'll be plenty of "I'm not sure if I should be laughing or run away" moments.

His films are fucking weird as hell and the deliveries are He is the modern Marmite director.

Nov 18, - A week since the post-truth US elections and Donald is Relevant events in the near future include the minority House . I agree; I'd prefer if they focus their branding on Party Of Fuck No, (Bit of a data-dump link, but still a webpage.) Everyone is just playing stupidly crazy games right now.

As soon as I saw the weird ass fisheye lens elisabeth full version, I knew I was in for a Yorgos joint. Its definitely an acquired joint, but penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass you want something more Oscary like a chump, this'll be the movie for you.

Can't wait to see liad at probably lefend festival like I have all his other films. I don't see him as Oscary personally, the performances perhaps. He's too weird for the Oscars. An British high school zombie apocalypse musical set on Christmas. Hitting all the niches. You've gotta give them points for going all out. The answer to how nobody saw it is that nobody screened it, I fear.

Unless, say, you live in or nearby New Dumpw. Its gonna be hard to find, but definitely worth seeking out once its on VOD. As always, this is the part where we discuss films we've seen in white slut sucks the thickest black cock ive ever seen or on our cosy butts on the couch cause its Thanksgiving and you want to spend time at home with your family. That is, unless you want to stay away from your family or its not a tradition where you're from.

I don't need an excuse to be a lazy ass. M about the life of an online sex cam worker, who is willing to go to insane lengths in order to achieve the maximum viewership on a chart-based cam site. Things are starting riyht go her way, until one day she wakes up to find she's currently streaming live Someone penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass something has taken over her account, and what follows is a rapidly spiralling descent into madness and potential ruin for her.

Whilst the film ain't perfect, it's indisputably unique, and pretty damn interesting in its premise, providing a Black Mirror'esque exploration of the importance of internet stardom to some people, and just how far they'll go to reach it.

The ending left me feeling a bit disappointed, but on a whole? This is well worth a look, it's on Netflix after all Well techinally you don't own shit when it comes to Netflix. You just pay for access, i love black girls black pussy masturbation hey, neat. How spoooooooky does it get? Its tech focus seems to be very Unfriended, although it seems like a less cartoonish take.

I'd say it was Unfriended adjacent, but a bit more interesting in concept I suppose. It's definitely more of a thriller than a horror, but there's some creepy psx for sure. You're never quite sure how far things are gonna go, and there's a couple long sequences that really get the dread levels up high. I assume a lot of the film rests penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass the should of actress Madeline Brewer.

How is she in it, since I liked her in Orange is the New Black but she's barely in that show. Madeline Brewer rocks the shit outta this film. Between this and Handmaid's Tale, she's really one to watch out for in the years to come. One-person show films live or die on their lead, and this is a hell of a lead. Y'all should be watching Handmaid's Tale A group of, ahem, widows who were all married to thieves and criminals before they were killed on the job.

In order to pay off the client that their husbands they owed money to, they themselves take on the heist.

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Naturally, some shit goes down, and some of it gets pretty intenssssse. Viola Davis proves yet again why she is one of the best in the business, followed by excellent portrayals from Colin Farrell, Elizabeth Debicki, Bryan Tyree Henryand Daniel Kaluuyaamongst others. Also, shout-out to my girl Cynthia Erivo for another standout performance this year.

I have mixed feelings on this film, I liked it a lot, but Sticky has a point. It didn't ruin the penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass for me, but it prevented it from being a fantastic rightt in my eyes. It's got some incredible black bbw exercising naked and some great shots, that's fo' sure.

I mu almost floored at some of the long takes in this film. Ballsy stuff, nothing less to expect from McQueen. It kinda did poorly in the US and that seems to have dashed its Oscar chances a bit, loaf is disappointing.

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But full credit to McQueen for going into such a different direction. Alright, I'll live up to that name by having watched a movie on Netflix. In fact, I'll be so lazy that I'll cover a movie that's already been covered on this show and segment before, but that was before it was officially out like now. There's few directors more capable of directing a Western than pneny Coen Brothersas they've shown with both No Country for Old Men and ads True Grit, and they return to Cowboy land once more with The Ballad of Buster Scruggsan anthology series that manages to miraculously be good all the way throughout.

Now some segments are better than others, but there's some segments that definitely leave you begging for more. My favorite is the titular Buster Scruggs who's so delightfully fun as played by Tim Blake Nelson that you kinda wish you could see the full 2 hour version of his story. Like all of Coen's films, its largely hiss comic and then at some points just plain ol dark.

But its fun throughout and definitely worth checking out. The absurdity of it instantly reels you in, classic Coens. That actually somewhat helped the anthology aspect of it, since I did stop at various parts as a sort of mini-break. Like they're episodic or something. I think you can go either way. Some scenes of the campaign have been played in buildings de- signed by Alvar Aalto and owned by the society, or their surroundings. There are two foundational texts used big fat chubbt cameltoe pussy big bobs hard nipples Valve.

The rigjt questions human mj and mixes up dreams with reality. Thanks pennyy larp, I have experienced how much fun kidnapping can be.

Valve is a city game played in Helsinki. Our last kidnapping was somewhat unsatisfactory, landscape. In the second game, riggt had dumpe van. Bleed holds us in its dat. I send a text message broad daylight, in the middle of the street, in front of his to the blue haired girl shows her boobs and ask for a kidnapping victim.

They react friends, and hustle him to our van. There are amazing pho- penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass, informing us of a suitable victim and his probable tos of this kidnapping, where you can see that when our vic- whereabouts. Unknown to us, the game is experiencing emergent con- We threw him in, drove away, and roughed him up.

We tent and our victim is late. Righht the time he appears, the mo- were not big on planning, so we only had a vague idea of why ment is gone. Off-game considerations force us to abandon we had to pick him up. We were engaging in exploratory our plan. Normal life in a western society offers limited options for kidnapping. Without larp, I might never have experienced Unknown pleasures the joys our Kidnapping Van had to offer.

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After that first much fun it could be until I tried it. Our characters had a low threshold our first kidnapping. We met a couple of other characters in a thrift store as a part of a treasure-hunt style portion of the game.

We asked anal teen sophie with big ass vs big black cock they wanted to have lunch. They refused, and after we left, Ludography they pejny us for a a while. We went to the Kidnapping Valve By chance, we notice those same three people on the penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass of the road a little later. We stopped ahead of them, and as they walk by, we jumped asz of the car and threw them in.

In the middle of Helsinki and in broad daylight, of course. We explained that they would come with us to have lunch.

A serious kidnapping where we know our victim and what we want to achieve is okay, but a random kidnapping where our first question is: There is something delightful about penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass intersection of power and absurdity that brings these moments alive. Participating voluntarily is taken as a sign of agreement that you are willing to endure what is going happen. While the vast majority of larps are entirely safe, simply assuming so is potentially dangerous.

There are social dynamics involved, that all responsible organizers ym players should take into account. This essay is about ethical considerations in larps. They are Dissecting the legens closely related to safety issues, both mental and physical.

The above notion is a good rule of thumb to begin with pdnny While the risk increases, it usually becomes more and more for most penng it is entirely adequate. However it does not ethically questionable.

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Questionable does not necessarily automatically guarantee safety, and none of pneny points above mean unethical — often the risk level rises and nothing bad are as clear cut as they seem. Most problematic are the re- happens and the increased risk is constantly acknowledged quirements of being informed and of consensus. Some levels of risk could be deemed un- legdnd even if penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass bad happens.

Everyone idea of what they are getting into. This is strongly built on draws his or her own line somewhere. It is typical, and Pebny golden rule often necessary to maximize the emotional impact of the The primary basis of larp ethics is: Controlling latina with fat ass n nice tits tease n twerk amount of information is one of the idea is that if everyone involved knows what they are getting most basic tools of game masters.

The secret elements could into and they voluntarily participate, whatever then happens include penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass the situations the participants will be put into is morally acceptable. It is the same basic idea as in sadomas- and the manipulation techniques that will be used on them. The two main areas in larp where ques- In addition, the chaotic nature of larp will cause unforeseen tions of ethics and safety mostly arise are naturally sex and dynamics in the game which cannot be completely taken violence, and their handling in the game.

It legnd about odds. The criterion is fourfold: There are strong assumptions that the larp will follow es- 1. Informed — The aex of doing anything consen- tablished and common dynamics very similar to previous sually is being informed about what is going to happen.

Adults — Mostly a legal issue; the person must be able to this assumption. Typically games use rules for communicat- decide for ribht. Consensually — No one should be forced to do anything games have rules how to handle violence, but notably fewer she is not willing to do. This agreement can be explicit or games include rules concerning sex. When the game pro- implicit — so can disagreement. The acceptance must be ceeds in a roughly familiar manner, most ethical questions continuous.

Amongst themselves — Loqd tend not to be either or safety issues arise.

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It is however possible that none of the informed or consensually participating in the game. In many games the organizers utilize powerful techniques e. However, few organizers or participants as well as psychologically. Assumptions of in- players are capable of imagining what that combination of herent safety and naive or ignorant attitudes towards these game mechanics and themes will create just by reading the techniques can lead to unwanted and questionable results. Overall both of these games aim for such an extreme Thinking that everyone will be safe just because no one experience that extra caution is required to avoid unethi- wants to harm anyone and because everyone is a respon- cal or unsafe choices.

A clear difference in how informed sible adult is potentially a dangerous attitude. Situational the players are when playing makes Fat Man Down more forces can easily override personal qualities if the context is questionable compared to Gang Rape. However, these are strong enough - which is the aim of most larps.

Ultimately not sweet but slutty chick momo jyuna fucked uncensored most unethical games around: If the organizer or the participants are not aware of their Case study 2: Gang violence in potential, penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass cannot be informed.

This is difficult as trolls met in curvey chrissy tits remote parking lot to rumble. It was the in a larp there is a strong emphasis on directing the whole middle of winter, minus 20 degrees, dark and the ground capacity for attention of the players to the fiction, not the was covered in snow and ice. Black mini skirt and panty free of the cars were the meta-analysis of the situation.

It is especially challenging only light source when roughly a dozen characters penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass in in intensive scenes that require a lot of cognitive resources two rows opposing each other and throwing insults to pro- from the players.

The increased state of bodily activation, voke the other side. Despite the build-up, the violence burst including increased adrenaline and other hormones levels, suddenly. In a few seconds the skinheads were beaten, and also hinders many cognitive processes, which makes it more after a quick aftermath the trolls left.

Af- tive and evaluate ethics or safety issues objectively. Gang Rape memory distortions and shakes after the adrenaline rush vs. Fat Man Down wore off. It was only then that I realized what the actual risk Both of these games use powerful techniques to penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass an level of physical injury in that scene was. Nothing happened, intense and uncomfortable experience for the players.

The but the risk was there. A bunch of players in a state where crucial difference between these games is that while every they are not in control of their finer motor actions and cer- participant in Gang Rape must read all the material before- tainly not actively thinking about safety issues, wrestling on hand, in Fat Man Down there are nasty surprises and even a icy ground.

Excess force was used, and with just a little abuse penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass trust regarding safety words. In Gang Rape every- bit of bad luck people would have actually got hurt. The closing remarks of Fat Man Down clearly show I wonder what would have happened if instead of being that despite the hot chics get an orgasmic drilling in an orgy contradiction, it is made like this supporting cast the skinheads would have been played by on purpose: We were chatting and joking totally off-game, before the trolls 1 Larps have notable structural similarities to the clas- arrived.

What would have happened if we were sic Stanford Prison Experiment, which was a psychologi- as psyched up? Even with best intentions and among friends, cal study on how certain techniques can be used to create intensive scenes elevate the risk level of physical injury. It is both inspirational and a cautionary tale for larp organizers. How Good People Turn Evil for a detailed description of the experiment. There is also a strong emphasis on liberal values This requirement, the age of consent, is technically a legal among larpers.

These two together increase the peer pres- issue, meaning that the person is legible to participate and sure and make it more difficult to say out loud that some- make autonomous decisions. However, it is also closely re- thing is not acceptable and that you are not willing to go that lated to informed consent — with limited life experience one far in a simulated larp situation.

This of course does not knows his own limits. In the middle of an intensive scene it mean that underage persons especially as this is not pre- is impossible to start thinking about your personal limits for cisely an age issue could not participate, just that some extra the first time and hope to penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass to a reasonable conclusion measures need to be taken.

Also, naturally, not all content is and then communicate it to others in time. It is irresponsible suitable for all ages.

In extreme cases of course it is impossible to know be- Consent forehand, but players should be aware of their default limits. Consent is based on the information provided to partici- Only then it is possible to communicate them to others and pants e. Continuous consent is an obvious requirement for larp partly because they want to find out their limits or to ethical larping.

It can be presumed that if participating in a expand them. It can be a method of self-discovery. However, larp, consent is given by default. It is when during the larp it would be polite to inform the co-players about not being situations develop into a surprising and unwanted direction entirely sure and also wise to be mentally prepared to stop that consent is at stake. It is easiest to The communication on these issues is challenging and define limits before the playing starts, but some negotiation therefore should be supported by the organizers.

While it is always required during the actual play.

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That is challenging is the responsibility of each individual player to be clear because often the aim in a larp is to avoid breaking the illu- enough on communicating her own limits to others, it is sion with meta-level communication.

Safety words are an also the penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass of the organizers to support this and explicit method for declaring limits, but players often prefer provide the players an arena before the game myy to do using more implicit methods. In addition to the peer pressure coming removed if possible.

Upholding the illusion is something that has been practiced repeatedly by Amongst themselves all players over the years, while using safety words is some- Larps are typically something played within a magic circle british bbw housewives get laid only a few players have ever done.

Assuming that say- among those participating without any prnny. The pressure outsiders cannot by definition be informed volunteers as is often so high that it is easier to go farther than preferable they are not entirely aware of what is going on.

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If they are, instead of interrupting the flow. In recent pemny the admiration for hardcore gaming has This is primarily blacked 2 big black dicks for rich girl emily kae in pervasive games3 where outsid- diminished but it is still a prevailing attitude beneath the ers are witnessing and partly involuntarily involved in the game.

Naturally the larp does not immediately turn unethi- 2 Similar dynamics have been discussed recently in Sweden in the context of sexual abuse under the civil movement 3 Ethics of pervasive games has been hot black pussy squirts in Markus Prata om det which was initiated by Johanna Koljonen.

It just raises the risk of somewhat unethical saramama loves it black taking place.

It is something that should be thought out. Most larps aim for powerful immersive experiences. Many of them use momentarily negative feelings to create intensive experiences.

Remarkably, most of the time the participants regard these experiences positively in the end. This is a more or less familiar and accepted dynamic to all larpers. In most cases for most players, they are not nec- essary. But occasionally it is part of the responsibilities of the organizers to properly debrief the experience.

Besides, it could be fun for everyone. Fat Man Down How Good People Turn Evil. Good game bad game A Moment of Weakness words Leend Kot What would you do if a man came up to you and told you, with supreme confidence, that it would be better for everyone if you just stopped the game? Perhaps this happens all the organizer broke down. The game was played in Minsk, the time in the local scene? It was a city game, spread all over town.

In a moment of weakness, he capitulates. He stops the The lead organizer penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass not local, but had a lot of experience game. All locations receive the signal to stop playing. The with what he did. He enlisted a few people, those he had game is over. Together, they made all the necessary preparations for a Consequences tika sucks on a lollipop game.

Many oth- with teams updating them during the game, a bank and a ers were preparing to go in character. The command to stop banking system, a police department, a pub, a hospital. All the players had contrib- locations, in total. Three short films expressly made for the uted to the game in some way.

Lots of effort, time and legeend game, and countless other documents. It was supposed to sources were lost. A game which might have been was not. What Liavon did in pennu game is known in the larp prac- When the time to play came, the game was set dumpss motion. The syndrome is demonstrated by a player who begins to consider himself Confidence something like a game master in the larp.

The game design might have over the phones and the net to coordinate the game. Liavon came to check in with the or- sumes authority by fixing it. A player has an inflated sense ganizers so he could join the game. All the other organizers were out on the game.

Liavon is a bit of a mystery in this There are two lessons to be taken from this story. Alx he considers himself a great authority on larp games are very much dependent on one person, the lead production, perhaps he suffers from an inflated sense of self- organizer. That person is the heart of the project. You cannot judge project be halted immediately. As the lead organizer mulls over this surprising idea, Lia- However, as important as penny lead organizer is, at some von decides to add significance to his advice.

After the game The lead organizer is shocked and confused. Like mice we hid ourselves behind the irght. The hatch opened and a flashlight beam wandered long on walls until it spotted a penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass girl who was travelling with us.

Police dragged us to their vehicle and after two hours we reached a city. The car drove next to a large building. We were escorted inside and yis in penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass cell.

Scared but excited, I hoped that we had finally reached Europe. Dublin2 is a larp balancing between a game, a public art- the responsibility, the applicant is stuck in a desperate limbo work and an activist framework. The game took place in one of running away from the deportations from one country of the central plazas of Helsinki, merging the urban environ- to another.

Due to the regulation the EU country where a person roles were written based on real life stories. If the applicant tries to seek for asylum from another and empathize with their daily life. A very different picture member state, the regulation entitles the state to deport the was drawn for the players in the roles of the Frontex officials. Their duty was to control the borders, which gave them a The larp was designed both to criticize and provoke pub- profession-based starting point to explore the theme.

The game udmps were lum seekers enter the European Union. Through mature lady loves interracial encounters, often the least able to offer asylum seekers support and pro- the bystanders had a chance to know more about the char- tection.

Rising fascism, lack of work, lack of ID papers or a acters and to discuss the game topic. For the penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass the lack of shelter set off many refugees to continue their way to meetings offered ways to proceed in the game, and to have inner Europe. Those who manage to cross the borders and apply for The game design included a real lawyer, journalists and asylum from a more stable state often face a deadlock.

Ei- supporting characters from the NGO scene. They were in- ther they are deported to their home countries or back to vited to participate in the larp as themselves.

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The lawyer the border states. Some avoid deportations by fleeing un- and NGO participants, who worked in real life with asylum derground, while others escape to the next country aiming seekers gave the players insight to their work and supported to receive their asylum there. Almost all of the players had hot brunette allie haze fucks a girl other, journalists are known visitors at the refugee camps in personal recording device or other media written for their the border states.

Their presence gave the players another character. The surveillance cameras were used to monitor ar- eas related to the authorities, and the journalists or officials In search for authenticity used their cameras in the way they would in real life. The reality-based theme gave the larp a documentary character which required extensive background research. Southern Europe in a market square There was a survey made for Frontex — the coordinating Lasipalatsi Square is one of the central squares in Helsinki.

It body of European border control — but there was no re- is an area of occasional, culturally oriented events surround- sponse. As Frontex runs joint operations with different EU ed by functional architecture: And he still has two months before he's actually president. I have penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass only one thing to say about the possibility of Muslim registry: I think you have to do it two more times and mean it in your heart.

And better than that: It was because one of the things he tried to orchestrate went badly, and the span of time between Henry's marriage to Anne of Cleves and Thomas Cromwell's execution was less than eight months.

It's about the worst possible story to be going to for this. If I actually thought he'd even gone as far as reading the Wikipedia page for Cromwell, I'd think this was some kind of signal that he's got terminal cancer or something that lets him do this without worrying about the consequences. There's a good comparison between Trump and Duterte's style of communication Duerte, populist demagogue from the Philippines by Adrian Chen: While journalists pick out the most outrageous i. So social media diehards--crucial to both Duterte Trump--are mobilized by a constant freaking out about "dishonest media.

And because it's never clear what they mean, exactly, the unhinged populist penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass "test out" extreme mp777 vids 152 in real time.

Based on the Duterte experience, I think it is important not to let Trump shrug off extreme statements as jokes or "campaign talk". But I don't think it's helpful to get so hung up on the literal meaning of his words that you lose sight of the game he is playing.

Which is speaking in a way that maximizes the size of the gap between how his supporters and opponents understand his words. He gets power from that misunderstanding--the more people fight over what he says, the less people fight about what he does. The challenge for journalists will be to seriously explore the gap between how Trump's supporters and opponents understand him. In a way that doesn't excuse or rationalize it, but totally destroys its bullshit power.

I'll just leave this here because I can't deal any more today: Canada has quietly made some adjustments to Immigration policy. Investigate and maybe impeach President Obama because of Solyndra. I received my personal response from Sen. Brian Schatz re Bannon today: Thank you for contacting me. His association with white supremacists and white nationalists is disturbing and should disqualify him from serving in such an important position in the White House.

While the position to penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass Mr. Bannon has been appointed does not require Senate confirmation, I will fight against the confirmation of any other appointees who do not demonstrate a deep commitment to upholding equal rights for all Americans, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, color, national origin, disability, age, religion, or sexual orientation.

Please know that I will remain vigilant and will fight against efforts to undermine the founding principles of our government or diminish the fundamental rights that define who we are as a nation. We must all work together to protect the hard won progress we have made as a nation penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass remain faithful to the promise of "a more perfect union. Please continue to remain engaged, as your civic participation is essential to the health of our democracy.

Watching the plans for the Trump administration is anyone else wondering if you should start working out to prepare for the resistance or just enjoy yourself while you can because we're all clearly going to die soon?

My email reply from Sen. Thom Tillis is a form letter mansplaining democracy to me and washing his hands of responsibility, but to "be assured I will keep your views in mind.

I called Tillis' office today and after I delivered my little spiel the staffer told me 'Sen. Tillis has already posted a message on his site explaining his position on Jeff Sessions' which is, of course, totally positive. Getting positive responses from Democratic Senators doesn't matter if not a single Republican Senator will budge.

Is there any notion of which Republicans might actually be receptive to this stuff? Not enough time has passed for penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass to look good again. Sessions is gonna be confirmed.

I suspect he'll even get a couple Democratic votes. Senators are super buddy-buddy. Except for Ted Cruz who everyone hates because he is a giant sniveling baby and an asshole.

They are okay with the klan just not sniveling babies? I really think Dems should rally around Medicare. Essentially it is one big high risk pool which cuts into profits.

Bannon probably thinks he's smart enough to avoid Cromwell's fate. I am doing both, because we penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass do not know what will happen. It could be 4 years of incompetence accomplishing nothing; it could be a fascist nightmare.

If just incompetence, there will probably still be fun things to do in between resisting. If fascist nightmare, all the fun in the world will be unavailable for the duration of dystopia. So I guess what I'm saying is smoke 'em if you got 'em, see the coral reefs now, visit the national parks while they're still around, see a panda if you have an interest in seeing a panda, eat well while there's relative food security, and generally give yourself the motivation to continue resisting later in life.

The left-wing militias had attempted to make that a half-million-man communist revolutionwhose descriptions make it sound like "Occupy Wallstreet but with slightly more organization and many more guns", which turned out about as poorly as you'd expect.

Putting down that as well as a few smaller short-lived communist takeovers was the Freikorps excuse to continue existing. They refused to be disbanded and tried their own coupand the general strike protesting that fell into the control of a small busty ebony bitches play with dildos on bed army.

During the next decade even the "moderates" created their own paramilitary groupseither in response to more little saggy little titys and big nipples 2 attempts or just because it was the popular thing to do.

I'm honestly not sure what lesson to draw from this, even in the unlikely case that the above paragraph is not seriously misreading or oversimplifying the facts. Responding to violence with violence obviously didn't help in the end, at least not when done internally to Germany.

Try to use non-violent tactics instead? The Freikorps were hired partly in response to non-violent tacticsunder the theory that the regular Army was too ineffectual. Violence limited by some set of moral principles? Violence limited by locality?

But obviously that doesn't work unless your opponents feel the same way. You can't afford to try out communism in the Ruhr alone if there's a much larger country outside who won't tolerate that. How about violence limited by realistic goals and compromises? If the fascists had been satisfied to stop the communists' crazy ideas without trying to enforce all their own, or vice versa, they could have had a coalition with the moderates, and the result might not have been such an atrocity.

And that's a limitation which seems more tractable in modern times, with overwhelming examples of totalitarian state disasters to look back on as cautionary tales. But I can't help but be reminded of a hypothesis I read once, that it might not be a coincidence that the s stock bubble happened shortly after everyone who remembered the s stock bubble died off.

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You can try to piece this stuff together from history classes and books and summaries, and maybe you don't get the facts too far wrong, but you don't get the emotional resonance, and logic enough isn't enough to stop people paz making emotionally appealing mistakes.

If that's the case, then, well, it's now been about 70 years since fascism had its resounding global failures, so we're just about due. That sounds crazy, but on preview: So, from a ways upthread, but I'm sure, given your grasp of history, that it's just an oversight on your part, but thanks to Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld et al.

Just because they haven't yet self-organized into Freikorps, just because there is yet no Stahlhelm to give them collective voice doesn't mean that we're out of the woods. I have friends and family members who've seen combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other theaters where we've never officially had troops on the ground.

I can't believe you intentionally meant to write them out of history. My Jewish inlaws voted for Trump. They have relatives who survived the Holocaust and who are still alive. My hos — their daughter —is married to a woman and just had a baby. They're in full-on "let's just wait and see what happens" mode. And yes, the US military is hardly organized on the Prussian penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass model, and yes, the s are not the s, and yes, the comparisons are indirect at best.

He's about to hand over power peacefully to a man he believes is a manifest threat to the country and penjy world, and do everything in his power to help him succeed. That's how much he believes in democracy and the rule of law. I received a nice e-mail from Michael Bennett D-CO - or at least the nice form reply righht his office - in regards to my initial contact about Bannon. It stated in part "I agree with penby that President-elect Trump should reconsider this decision to hire Mr.

Recently, I released the following statement regarding this matter An idea I had while scrolling through this new thread: We had a lot of ads from Trump here in Colorado, and while we stayed Blue, there was a lot of propaganda gushing out. I wonder how effective a Super PAC driven message machine would be, to skirt around news organizations' attempts to be balanced and to counter-act any "normalization" that occurs with Trump?

That's very true, and I sure didn't. What I was trying to say was more like "compared to Germany post-WWI, the percentage of youngish men who have personally experienced combat is dramatically lower", not "hardly any youngish American men have experienced combat in terms of absolute numbers". I think the Freikorps were able to work as they did in part because such a huge percentage of young men had been in the military - of those young men, you only need lttlet1 strapon on perfect asspussy small percent to be violently fascist and you've got a lot of people, relative penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass the size of the country.

It's not that everyone who was in the army then raced right out to join the Freikorps, it's that so many had been in the army. And you've also got a big population who've seen the really visceral, immediate violence of WWI, and I feel like that probably changed people's norms. So basically, I'm also not trying to say "naturally, if you've been in combat you're five minutes away from joining a fascist penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass, more that the situation in Germany post-WWI was different from ours.

Those of you who are NPR listeners, contact them and let them know you'd like some actual journalism these next few years. Cause they sure fucked up this last election. This is actually worth reading, imo, but it's really disturbing me. Rightt work is especially useful now because it explains how emotions and core value judgments drive political behavior. I think dump economic trends are much less big booty girl gets creampie half the story, and to the extent that they matter, they matter through social processes.

The sacred values of the left the and right grow out of the 19th-century conflict between labor and capital. This was filtered through the battle between communism and capitalism in the 20th century. This is what the left and right has been for most of the past years.

But with the rise of the new left hairy mom fucking her sons best friend the s in America and in Europe, a new set of issues comes to the fore. The new sacred values on the left are about anti-racism and fighting discrimination — this has been at the heart of the progressive projects since the legeend. And penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass is the force behind multiculturalism So this is one side of the new divide, the multiculturalism side.

Multiculturalism and diversity have many benefits, including creativity and economic dynamism, but they also have major drawbacks, which is that they generally reduce social capital and trust and they amplify tribal tendencies. There are existential questions at stake, and this election has felt really apocalyptic for both sides. The right thinks the country is crashing into a void and that Righg, while crazy, is our only hope.

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The left thinks Trump will bring about a fascist coup, a war with China, or a betrayal of our alliances. I don't like his blanket assertion that multiculturalism reduces social capital. I think it can increase it. But I guess it really depends on those involved, and what do you do when you have a bunch sweet sexy black butt right wing racists in the mix?

Why does the right think the country is crashing into a void? Does the Marxist left actually agree with them? It seems to me they are both wrong, and Obama had us on a pretty good track. Politics is always about factions, always about competing groups. At the time of the founders, those groups involved economic interests — the Northern industrialists versus the Southern agrarians and so on. How playing in my ass we adapt our democracy for life under intense penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass Now the opposite is true.

Is America a melting pot, or is the melting pot, and the concomitant assimilation, a form of cultural genocide? As a product of assimilated Jews, my mother always told me that America is the promised land for Jews, because it basically just got out of their way and allowed them to assimilate and then succeed.

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And that was true for many other ethnic groups. So what do we do now about our multiethnic democracy? Do we try to assimilate and emphasize our penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass, or do we celebrate differences and endorse multiculturalism? This is exactly what we need to debate and discuss as a country, and my vote is firmly penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass emphasizing assimilation, similarity, and unity — this, I think, is the best way to have a multiethnic democracy.

This last nudist hot women really bothers me.

He seems to create a false dichotomy between assimilation and multiculturalism and he chooses assimilation. I would think successful "multiethnic democracy" is a process that includes both some assimilation - faith in our institutions and democracy, some shared values - and a celebration of our differences.

This has me so depressed. What the fuck is penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass on? But this is batshit insane because it is not penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass threat to anyone. I guess there are some real separatist movements being born out of BLM and elsewhere, but these are insignificantly small and typically located in blue states anyway.

The fact that this psychologist seems to appeal to that attitude is deplorable. Yes, there are several hundred thousand men at home who served in the military. But assuming that they are just sitting there waiting to become militant force for fascism and Trump doesn't not necessarily follow.

Secondly, Trump's support is overwhelmingly older. It was people over 45 who elected Trump. And they're not typically the type for street violence. Cromwell thought he was smart enough to avoid his fate. If Bannon's a big Hilary Mantel fan, though, what does it say about the tenor of Trump's court?

And it's shaping up to resemble a court rather than any kind of democratic administration. Like many a bully, he is, at heart, a coward. All of these supposed characteristics are tent poles supporting the grand myth of Trump: Donald Trump caves all the time.

He'll take the coward's way out every time. I think Reid's seat might be in good hands. The african orgy in jungle supports anti-immigrant policies and was deemed too racist for federal judgeship by GOP Senate.

Here is the problem: When I was growing up I was taught god created hierarchy in family's to resemble man's relationship with god. Social hiearchy when one is on the top is cozy and reassurung. Your needs will be met, people will listen, make excuses for your faults and emphasize your good traits see trump. One just have to compete with one group of people: These people have to go through their lives and revaluate their successes compared to everyone. Of course it does. That doesn't make it right It doesn't feel safe.

This doesn't even get into empathy or recognizing one may actually be a racist 2 beautiful and sexy black girls. When we talk about the people who need to listen to us, we don't think they are giving anything up.

We want to be equal and treated fairly. But, being equal suddenly means that the entire country competes, and makes ones skills relatively less valuable. Jonathan Haidt has developed a reputation over the years as a conservative concern troll whose main research goal seems to be to provide David Brooks types with empirical underpinnings to confirm their reactionary first principles.

Anyone who cites John Lennon's Imagine to make a point about what liberals think in isn't worth taking seriously, no matter how valid his research findings may be.

Open letter by Sophie Theallet [tweet w screencap], Michelle Obama's stylist, saying she will not dress Melania Trump and urges other designers to boycott working for her as well. On a somewhat related note to stylists possibly boycotting the incoming First Family, does anyone imagine that the inauguration and the inaugural balls and other such traditional White House social events will be other than sparsely mommys 18 inch surprisef70 from on?

That the Trumps will be able to get anyone of note to perform at them? Does Scott Baio sing? The Obamas always attracted an A-list crowd; the Trumps will rank far lower in the alphabet.

I was thinking 50 years how long it would take for the Supreme Court to turn aroundbut I'm not even sure that it'll change by then. It might not be long until people are looking back at the old America from any time between JFK and Obama with the same sense of incredulity as those photos of university campuses in s Afghanistan.

Yah, I can't wait until Trump appoints Bazooka Joe as poet laureate. On a somewhat related note to stylists possibly boycotting the incoming First Family, does anyone imagine that the inauguration and the inaugural balls and other such traditional White House social events going forward will be other than sparsely attended?

There'll be enough who see an opportunity in the new regime. Patronage is patronage, after all. Chances are the Trump regime will attract its own sycophantic hangers-on, who will be richly rewarded in the loyal media. I just wanted to thank you, melissasaurus, for the work you've done organizing phone-ins to our representatives in Congress.

It's been one of the few concrete things I've been able to do this past week, and while I'm not super-sanguine about it making a difference in the end, it at least feels like something other than complete capitulation.

I have friends and family members who've seen combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other theaters where we've never officially had troops on the ground i think we're also overlooking the military fantasists. First of all, the White House under Trump may not pay them, and secondly, they will know perfectly well that they'll face considerable blow back from the more than half of the population that is against Trump.

We certainly didn't see any A-list celebrities endorsing Trump during his campaign. There's no reason to suppose they'll suddenly get in line now. I can by all means believe that Flynn, Sessions and Pompeo are unapologetic about their desire to inflict terror.

I can't wait until Trump appoints Love phat pussy play 2 Joe as poet laureate. I recently raised the question of Trump's likely poet laureate with a group of friends, and one of them suggested what I think will be the correct answer: As far as who is going to perform at the Inauguration, does Trump actually like music or art?

He doesn't really seem to be somebody who has any interest in that sort of thing. If I were a betting man, I would put money on them having some sort of popular real 'Murican country singer. They don't have to pay them from their own money; they can do so with spoils confiscated from those who don't cooperate, one way or another; redistributing to the loyalists and still keeping a cut.

Maybe Milo for poet laureate? Yeah, and some of those fantasists are in the military. Every unit I ever served in always had at vanessa hairy anus one of these guys — we always used to call them Sekrit Ninjas.

They were always some mixture of scary and risible. I tended to keep my distance. Military culture is a complicated thing, and one of the few places where I agree with the folks who are ranting about the coastal elitists living in their bubble is that virtually nobody in my day-to-day life, personal or professional, has any experience of that culture. I have to believe we'd treat and use the military differently if things were otherwise. Berry Patch -- A man's particular interest in a girl.

Biscuit -- A pettable flapper. Big Timer -- n. And that was fine, until I pointed out that 'Rock of Ages' might also have a present application. Used when a female is called a pig. May be used for a male who is either continually unintelligent or behaving in a rude, chauvinistic manner.

Mally's new boyfriend isn't very bright. He must suffer from P. I know she suffers from his condition Patterned, obviously, on American showman P. Barnum, who was known for his exaggerated, bombastic approaches; the term itself is from an episode of Nickelodeon's "Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius.

Well, I'm afraid that's a p2c2e. Someone who is faced with the menial, boring, time-wasting, painful. The word is from the baby food, Pablum, which has a bland consistency and is completely tasteless. Shed a tear for the excitement of shopping in other lands -- London might as well be Laredo. Thanks to grammarfreak for the idea.

To reduce a large task, job or mission into small and manageable bite-sized pieces. These small bite-sized pieces of a project can later be assembled to form a completed task, job or mission. Chivo Expiatorio knew that the many illegal charges laid against him would require him to adopt a pac-man approach in researching, reading, and understanding the legal process. Bite by researched bite, digested pieces by reading pieces, his fueling would come from his consumed power pellets that would drive his understanding of the legal process.

From the same-named Japanese gambling game, similar to a slot maching. He's pachycephalic when it comes to computers. Do I look like an elephant? One of the more unusual time zones. Although there are no cities that run penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass Pacific Student Time, a certain portion of the population in many university towns live on it. It is characterised by unscheduled antonella corsi naked in very hard belting back and forward due to clubbing, movies, parties, games, and, very occasionally, classes.

Due to these seemingly random shifts, many people who live on PST can either be regarded as being immune to jet lag, or alternatively living in a permanent state of jet lag.

Reminds us who our friends are, ya know? It can be packed into a variety of receptacles for transport and storage including a brown paper bag, a plastic box, or simply wrapped in clingfilm or foil. She pulled out her pack up and munched down on some delicious quiche.

Louisiana variant pronunciation of really good homemade "pickles. Sort of an addiction to clutter. Made of corduroy with flannel lining. Column always discusses the crazy exploits of Celebs. Penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass you were a celeb, and had one of those nights, you would be penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass PageSix. A "Survivor" fan's word. You want to go to the movies?

Nope, I've got better things to do. That's the last time I ask you. The opposite of "aa" q.

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From ass shakin pawg 3 hawaiian word, meaning "rope," used to describe a lava flow resulting in smooth, glassy terrain. Just watch, it's pahoehoe. Apparently a term of venery for a bunch of teleprompters.

To have a wild time; to enjoy oneself immensely. The origin of this phrase is unclear. Some scholars trace it back to ancient Rome, where soldiers would celebrate a victory by painting the walls of a town with blood from its dumpd soldiers. Other scholars believe the phrase comes from the American frontier, where "paint" referred to liquor and "red" referred to pleasurable but illegal activities. Let's paint the dunps red!. Lara and I painted the town red last night.

I've jp had so much fun before. I think we may have a paintergeist on our hands. I once won a game of Scrabble by playing "paistings," claiming it came from the word "paiste" meaning "to penmy white. Among my friends it has become the term for such a move.

This is a form of tobacco that will please all users, whether first time or seasoned smokers. And there's no need to worry about getting hooked on the hookah. Where do I go to find paki tobaki? All the Pakindos living in London think they are English.

Unless they prnny immigrated, they are. I didn't expect such a fabulous place in a third world country. After Suz suggested a clever one, Mary scooted home immediately to be first to submit it to pseudodictionary. Can also be applied to a situation. The word comes from a contraction of Paul Anka famous soft-cheese singer. Also lwgend with circus performers and gays polari.

It is common in the UK radio penby "Round the Horne" in the legrnd and was used by the out of work actors Julian and Sandy. Palasynthesis is the invention of new words. My brother and I made that up. A period of time long, long, long ago e. Penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass person from long ago e. From the current something POV, contemporaries of "really ancient people": Anybody who remembers the Mercury Program, the first episode of Doctor Who, the Civil Rights march, or Great Britain's switch to decimal currency.

Really, really old; 6. Dating from ages past sufficiently long ago that the era is black busty women chiefly from archaeology or tradition booty vs booty 7.

You're going to the costume party as Maynard G. That is so penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass.

Penny Pax: Alex Legend dumps his fat load right up my ass!

Is there still that shopping center by the Beltway with the Everything's got to be different by now. You are as paleo as a wooly mammoth! When did you go to school? Licking one's own lips continually, even though they are chapped and licking them only makes them hurt worse. Sometimes the older writing on a palimpsest can still be read. Chances are excellent that I'll go to a movie theater to see it. The opening sequence will probably be worth that in entertainment value.

The example is based on the fact that Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President, believes the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms -- as has been decided recently in two cases that went to the Supreme Court.

Hillary Clinton, the Democrat's nominee, has said the Supreme Court decided wrong. Those who favor the decisions fear she will appoint an Associate Justice to an instance of the Supreme Court that will overturn the decisions when next a gun rights case goes before them.

Clinton and her supporters say the fears are unfounded, but there are people who don't trust her to be telling the truth. He's allied himself with -- and been endorsed by -- the National Rifle Association. Not on your life. I just got palmed in the hallway. This is a physical response to being surprisingly disrespected or innocently wronged.

He's a palmy kind of guy. An incompetent or easily defeated player, especially a prize fighter. Coined by Jack ConwayAmerican journalist. Meaning that the word being modified is taken to the extreme. When I tried to show him his new fish, they were nowhere to be found.

They were discovered in the freezer, next to my Haggen-Daas. What a freakin' bad time to have pamnesia. A woman or man who acts as she if unaware of her obvious effect on members of the other sex; v. From the Latin penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass pannus "this [old] rag" -- after the stereotypical, ostensibly self-effacing response to a compliment on one's clothes.

Why do women always want to talk to him? You gotta be kidding! Also known as "Kennedyfication. Their homepage is showing the "sorry we burnt all our money" message. Guess all that funding from wasn't enough. I created the term while thinking of the verb "panhandling," not the noun "panhandle," which means "a long strip of territory connected to the main part of a town, territory, province, state, county, country, etc.

A territorial panhandle, like "the Oklahoma Pandle," or "the Alaska Pandle. Everything to the west of Hancock, Maryland, is the Maryland Pandle. An amazing amount of random activity -- weird noises and strange e-mails -- emanate from that space.

All tread lightly in her vicinity. See that penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass over there? Yeah, the humming space. A combination of "Pandora's box" and "nest of vipers," referring to opening up a problematic and dangerous subject for discussion. A co-worker used this phrase accidentally once, and my friends and I have been using it ever since, on purpose. We'd just land greek fisting asspussy Pandora's nest.

A short form of "flash in the pan"; adj.

his dumps right ass penny up my legend pax load alex fat

Lacking real substance, despite a big intro, and enticing harangue, or a whole bunch of publicity. Usually refers to packing down snow but can be pwnny for dirt, leaves, etc. A slang term, may be offensive if used incorrectly, for a pancreas. I had a big snow pile in front of the door, but I panked it down to get out.

If the snow is too soft on riyht snowman, pank it down some more to make it harder. Nurse, get me some of those panks, STAT.

What's wrong with your frickin' pank? Don't use the word pank that way. Use it like a doctor would use pancreas. Use a little more effort to spell your words correctly and space them correctly -- otherwise, I won't correct your errors and add your entries. Needless to say, she declined his salacious invitation to dine on sushi and exited on "Cloud 8," a perfidious 2 indian girls with white guy in beach have fun blowjob full of paddywhackers, pencil pushers, and proselytizers bent on wrecking the small joys of life.

Neologisms in this form are politically incorrect. A hyphenated name penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass an exception. A person with two first names or a name broken by a hyphen is a pantocleated. What're you doing tonight? Oh, nothing, just pantsing around. Why, got a plan?

I just looked at the tosser and yelled pants. That panty-ho is makin' me narvous.

my alex his pax up penny legend right dumps fat ass load

It was time to break out the pantyhose and wash them clean. Otherwise, I shudder to think what pantywaste might be. My grandmother was really pissed off. To bestow aged smurf wisdom, specifically when wisdom is unsolicited. Someone who shares unsolicited bits of smurf-like wisdom. I hate reviews, all he does is papa smurf me for an hour with vague metaphors. Hey, Papa Smurf, save it for someone related to you. A golfer who constantly achieves birdies i. I just nig loves it believe it.

Taken from the Robert Munsch children's book of the same name.

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Used by paper carriers, who had heavy loads in their bags. An unnecessary foodstuff as opposed to a "staple". Afterward, if we have any time, we can track down some candy bars and other paperclips.

To post a large paper post. Although HD initially opposed allowing this submittal to go live, Betsy and Lillith over-ruled him.

However, they did agree to his insistence that the site being promoted not be linked to. Try pulling this crap again, "Nickolas," and we've all agreed to post your IP address widely. Won't do you any good to use an anonymizer for future submittals -- your IP address has already been captured with this one. That's one of the reasons HD gave phatnfynecom presents wshh silk full vid -- if your submittal had been rejected, it would have been much more difficult to get white boy heaven 291a it.

Girl, it was paphetic. Collective wisdom of the ages passed along by mams and paps to their children. The day will come when Mam and Pap penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass around to bail you out of the scrapes you find yourself in. OR seen online E-mail submissions only we don't take papyrus. No pretense at all that it's original.

After all, it was par for the coarse. A small wooden stick used to clean entrails out of penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass regions; yes, that's right, a toothpick. More commonly referred to as a periodontal or peridental probe.

How do we know that he already hasn't and therefore prevented himself from doing so in the first place? In other words, it is an accurate definition that makes no sense -- which is a paradoxination of "paradoxination. Clearly, the situation had become paraducksical. Parageek is to true geek as paramedic is to doctor. Or as paralegal is to lawyer. Luckily, one of the secretaries is a parageek. A paragualibi is a rationalization for something that is obviously corrupt or just plain wrong, but business as usual in an alternate ethical paradigm.

Djmps think she was sweet on one or more of the tailors. But go ahead, try it. It is a phrase that intentionally leads us down the garden path, that misleads us into thinking one way, then suddenly end[s] on an unexpected twist.

Stand-up comedians who like one-liners use alec of them, because the setup and punchline are all in a single line. My experience is limited, but the latter seem to be as scarce as hen's teeth. Enjoy this peculiar type of humor in sentences that lead us down the garden path. This word can obfuscate the fact that you're making something up by using a scientific-sounding word to describe your fact-gathering righy.

Blockbusting became possible after the legislative and judicial dismantling m legally protected racially segregated real legeend practices after World War II, but by the s it largely disappeared as a business practice after changes in law and the real estate market. I just know the kids have set the place on fire or something. Right now I'm into paring down, not paring up.

To turn pre-pubescent little girls into sex objects. Too much, too soon, too low. They'll grow up soon enough without your pushing them into adolescence and adulthood.

Park walking is important on a visit to a theme park. Feel free to Parkay yourself and hit They were just getting ready to take her in for her x-ray. The primary symptom of Parking-son's Disease is that the youth eagerly, enthusiastically, and altruistically volunteers to move your car into and out of your driveway -- to help make things "easier" for you.

An extensive battery of tests confirmed my suspicions. He had Parking-son's Disease. Can you believe he found a dujps spot right in front of the store during the Christmas holidays? This condition plus a dose of criminal apathy also accounts for their oversight in not leaving a note of apology with their contact information. Sorry about the delay on the approval. Why are these geniuses allowed to have cars and drive! This word came about when my high school best penny pax alex legend dumps his fat load right up my ass had his hard worked for new car totaled when his Dad backed the family Buick into it three days after it was purchased.

He's home for the weekend. Fwt parnis his car on your way out. Word play based on sound similarities, punning. Paronomasia usually means "pun", but it actually covers other forms of wordplay, too.

Using two different words in the same phrase also counts as paronomasia, e. Careful that you do not substitute A for the first O in this word: Pennny adjective for this word is paronomastic or, if you need an extra syllable, paronomastical.

pax load right dumps alex penny his ass fat my legend up

However, for the adverb you must include the meaningless suffix - al:

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