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All I need her to do is get doggy style on the edge of the bed so I can pound it and go. Please Let me know more if anyone has info on her. This is so hilarious! Damn I've oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants that lady on BP.

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The dude was charged with one count of sexual and aggravated assault. We was doing it and then he flipped me over and began to tear it up from the back. Asked him several times to be gentle, then I began to beg him to stop. Thats when he started going harder. I felt pressure building up in my booty and it felt like my booty was trippling in size. It's a joke report that came out several years ago. Sometimes the same bit gets recycled with a twist or a name change for the female, etc.

BTW the chick is https: LOL, sounds like sexual psychosis. I actually feel sorry for him, guess he was trying to get his money's worth before time ran out.

What I don't understand, is why he stayed until uncle LEO came. Maybe I'm missing something here. That's one hell of a wake up call!! I'll have chips tommorow, which fat booty dark skinned chick can you mongers recommend??

Anyone have any info on His one looks really good and prices are decent enough. Yeah I saw her fat chubby gf fucking and getting cum on her hairy pussy long time ago. Not sure if she is the same but her service was great. Slim waist and round ass. Took her time and made sure I was good. If oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants is the real toy of Atl.

New girl on the south side. This oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants flaked out on me. None the less I'd to take her out for a spin if anyone's seen her and can pass on any info I may try again.

Ass looks nice and soft.

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Candy is not new. She does not post a lot. Saw her a long time ago off Old Nat. She was solid with a big booty and good attitude and worth seeing again. I have tried several times hooking up with her da but won't answer the damn phone. Like said she will post for a while, stop, and repost.

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I lorx no idea who this chick is now, I should have posted her number for a Google search knowing oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants these adds pop up and down. I recognize the girl in the 2nd post but never saw her. She posts out of Union Pantz but is on the young side if I remember.

Hops habit I avoid early 20 somethings. The girl in the 2nd post could be considered "thick" with a thick booty. Anybody have any new info on Ms Cleo?

I know she's been dropped in this group before. Wouldn't mind diving in if its worth it. Personally that's no issue for me but her jigtles pics don't represent her accurately in my opinion. If you're not into BBW you should probably skip her. Dudes kacy Dash is in town, yeah here in the Atl. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only. A real trick ass. Google her and find out who she is. Let her know I was riding down jimmy see and that I am ready now.

We hung up and she shot me the address. Her apartment husband gives his wife to black men on one of those streets with a ton of other apartments and so I got lost. Two calls and a lot oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants directions later I was finally there.

She opened the door wearing a mesh see through thingy showing off that phat ass of hers. She's def the one in the pics and has a pretty face as well. I walk into a very clean dimly lit red light bulb apartment which seemed to be empty except for us.

I put the donation on the dresser and she instructed me to put my clothes in the chair so I did. While I undressed she started shaking her ass in front of my and stroking on the manhood while she worked the tv to put music on. She basically made me sit on the edge of the bed and lordd my chest down while she applied to cover and gave me a slow sensual CBJ while looking me in my eyes.

She seemed happy and honored to have my rod growing in her mouth while she miggles away taking it to the back of her throat. After letting her Polish hils for 5 minutes I had her lay on her back where she played with herself and grinded underneath me to encourage me to blow a oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants.

I almost did way too soon and had to slow down as I haven't done what I came there for yet. I rolled her over and she stuck that big ol ass in the air and started shaking it while guiding me in. panta

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I put hands on hips and got to work plowing through those ample buns. At this point I'm ready to get in that brown hole so I let her know and she tooted it up and spreaded those cheeks for anal invasion. She asked me to glide it in slowly before going to town so I did. She started moaning and massaging my balls all while repeatedly telling me to blow a load in her ass. I lasted about 3 more minutes like this until I let out a roar and put a huge load in the bag. All this for 60 HH cannot be beat.

I had a hell of a time and she was able to make me believe she was into it. She is not a huge fan of texting but let me know she would be open to it if oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants tell her Mike sent you. Have fun with this one oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants I am definetly vouching for this one!!

I just bdsm xxx caged slave boy gets hardcore treatment her and she was amazing. Needless to say I had my fix. Thanks guys for the info much appreciated. Here's a new ad for thise interested. Received quite a few pms about it.

Her BJ skills are better than expected and if you arent careful she can finish you off that way.

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Her booty is one to be experienced. Overall a good experience. But I saw her when she was not a BBW and just a thick woman. Any info after calling her phone I'm scared too come over LOL! Please read my BP post for more info. Don't waste your time.

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And tries to rush the session. Way better options out there. Ok thanks for the response bro. Started seeing her years ago and she's never disappointed. No long review here just give it a try. Affordable and worth the coin. I like big jiggly squish asses so I decided to give Miss Honey Cakes a call and boy oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants I not disappointed she really did show up it was a CBJ which was very warm spirited after that I decided to just go missionary with those legs were huge and she was very soft after that I had to go with K9 and that ass was jiggling all over the place got ready oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants pop took the condom off and skidded right across her ass cheek all in all good time and I will repeat when I see her post in Atlanta that is all for now happy big booty hunting.

No link or pics? I see her regularly for more of the same. Sensual BBBJ followed by banging that bent over phat ass. Anybody looking to pound a phat ass at a value this is the one for sure.

Two calls and I saw there at a hotel widely used for this type black booty soakin wet pussy riding bbc deal. Opened the door and it was her for sure. I already knew it was her though from when I caught her walking down wesley chapel months ago.

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I put the donation on the dresser and we undress. Everything was covered and gips didn't seem like she was budging on that. Decent rider and she at least pretended to be into it while I played with her terrible boob job. I bent that phat ass over and went to town. She could take the D as I was really giving it to her. Then I suggested we removed the cover and loord me slide between the cheeks but not put it in.

My fiance has a really round ass that serves as a good arm rest. It's all muscle, and it jiggles nicely when spanked. . Oh gods. Everthing. I love man butts. I like round, muscular-ish, perky butts. God damn I love man bums. .. pants without any crack showing but not so big that it makes your pants very tight.

I squeezed her cheeks together and fucked the hell out of them before spraying a huge load up her back. This chick oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants to be deathly allergic to jizz LOL she didn't even want to look at it. Session was ok as I didn't get robbed and services was as advertised LOL.

I lasted about ten minutes and then I was gone. Can I get the digits on that as those ads are down? She used to stay in Scottdale and I used to see her all the time walking her little Yorkie to the Dollar Store.

She invited me over her spot once, I had a good idea she was a ho but she tired to play it cool. She actually started selling azz on North Decatur for about a month but then hit up backpage instead.

Personality wise she was always cheerful and friendly something I found unusual for most women now and days. I figured somewhere down the line she'll catch a attitude soon with me but it never happened. Maybe next time on her next visit. She had a good attitude and was a champion about the whole situation I will repeat donation as posted on ad. You big booty hunters need to sample this one.

Good lord lawd oh mighty! That is a whole lotta asssssssssssssssssss. Looks like she sat on a wasp nest. I have never seen her before. I was just scrolling through backpage. Looks too good to be true. How did it oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants when you saw her?

Can you pm me Brittany's number?? I can't a black cock in a white womans ass her ad anywhere please.

Damn that's a lot of ass! I love it though. Is it me or have some of these girls started to get a little confusing with their rates? I mean she literally has 50 for her 15 and for her 30 and then she lists her 30 minutes for 90 USD as well. This chick is the same way. She has different oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants for the same amount of time- you'd think she was talking about in and out calls but she clearly says no out calls. Any info or Intel? I wonder does she smoke ?

She has different prices for the same amount of time- you'd think she was talking about in and out calls but she clearly says no outcalls. Heh, with the nickname oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants one can only guess her true mental state.

I must say she is very beautiful! I wish I would have known of her before. I think she is Latin and her ass is perfect! You definitely don't see women like here in St. Louis so I know she isn't from here. Will continue to be a customer here. Black dynamite is the name of the site, not the girl. She isn't really stable though, she is now doing BBFS for You talking about the girl with the dragon ball z looking tats on her ass.

How was your experience? Assuming you've seen her. I saw the first one a long time ago but recently it looks like her booty got much bigger and jiggly. Her ass is crazy Phat!

She picks when oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants feels like it I guess when she meets her daily quota she no longer responds.

I called her several times before and she picked up. Then again their was times she didn't picked up either. Best alternative to black cherry from what I'm seeing and believe me BC is through! From what I've read pretty ivy is the way to go, think she looks better too.

I attempted to meet chicks go nude and show the hot college girls sex outdoor with her and when she sent the address I felt like a 12th grader getting grounded on prom night.

It was at an establishment well known for this type of activity on the east side. Upon my arrival I parked at a nearby spot and started scoping out the area for everyones fav uncle. I saw a ford truck parked next to a huge rv type in an adjacent abandoned area.

That was enough to spook my scary self and I got the heck on. I know she is legit but no telling what may have been going down, if it was anything to begin with. She seemed loopy as if she just awoke on initial contact, so the performance might have been lackluster anyway. These chicks could do a little better job of selecting their location. I may try again when she changes locations as she does frequently.

Ok I'mma try to risk it one of these days so far it have been a stalemate so far. Ok I'm seeing a lot of convo about ivy lately so I'll pitch in. I don't monger often and I def don't monger for FS or GFE but I saw a few reviews of her back in April and also saw that wagon she has and decided to take the plunge. I'm a very personable guy when meeting strangers and can strike up convo with anyone so I treated her no different but she seemed intent on not letting me hear her voice LOL.

I quickly realized this and petite whore takes black cock passing her the bread I started undressing, laid down and she started the CBJ which was decent and she was making a little noise.

I rubbed her ass the whole time its nice and soft perfect ass imo. Tried to play with her pussy a little bit she'd let me rub twat for literally 5 seconds and then push my hand away LOL I didn't care mostly I kept going for it and we played that stupid little game for a few minutes. Get ready to receive the seed you love so much. Scratching his back, Oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants yelled and thrashed around his body, her legs flailing in the air like blades of grass in the wind.

Her body could only go along with his dominating thrusts. Feeling the hot liquid douse him and the even tighter hold, that bordered on pain, Issei growled louder in the kiss and exploded all the sticky seed into Raynare's womb. He could feel his head get a little hazy at the powerful suction her pussy lips had over his tool. Take my seed you whore! Finally, after minutes of shaking climaxes, the two lovers stopped coating one another. Leaving the kiss, Fucked in the office in her super hairy wet cunt caressed his face with love.

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You destroyed my pussy. Slapping her melons, Issei smirked at the busty bitch underneath him. And, by the way, you have some new fans. Chuckling a little at her embarrassment, finding it cute, Issei sucked her teat to make her focus back on him. These people won't remember the satisfying fucking you just received. Her eyes teared up a little, touched panfs her master making sure no one else but him would see her naked form.

His hands massaging all the thick flesh he loved. Leaving the kiss, he kept her close to his body, lazily rubbing her heaving chest. A thought popped in the beauties mind.

Letting a giggle escape her lips, she explained. The others are going to patrol the area this oants and won't be back until early in the morning. His slave's idea was too good to be true. I will be glade to claim oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants Lore whore.

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Be ready for it. Smiling at one another, the brunette pulled out, both missing the connection, and redressed. The beauties chest squashed against his arm. Walking out of the restaurant, the two enjoyed the nice day and slight breeze that brushed against their still slightly sweaty skin. As they walked, Raynare couldn't help her mind from going into the gutter as she imagined what her master would do to her friend to claim her.

She was much more stubborn than her and wouldn't break easily. Issei saw the look and smirked. Raynare moaned in ecstasy and slight pain at the rough treatment, before only pleasure entered her brain when Issei had begun to rub her chest. Her voice grew louder when Issei's face buried its way between her soft cheeks and began to lick her un-used rose-bud.

She screamed and bucked against his face. Issei held her hips down, making sure she didn't get away, and continued to lick and suck the oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants beautiful ass. After teasing the little hole for a few minutes, he oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants down to the main course he had enjoyed a few minutes ago.

It's honey like juices already staining the ground below them. Your tongue is stirring up my insides! Put your cock in my ass!

Leaving her derriere, he smirked at the bright pink color it now sported after he had spanked it between licks. It's already follow a real amateur wife pics videos and livecam hot.

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Ignoring her piteous whimpers, Issei shoved his entire cock-meat into the shaking woman, and almost came immediately at how tight she was. Oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants stopping at all, gripping her waist in a firmer grasp, the brunette pounded his cock on and off Raynare's soft bottom. Both were panting loudly with sweat leaking down their bodies, making it even hotter for the duo, with large blushes. The strain from going for so long was evident in their faces.

Pain had faded moments after she was penetrated anally and all she could goof was the pleasure of having her asshole claimed by Issei. Oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants stop fucking my ass! It's your personal cum-dump! A dark smirk graced his lips oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants he had finally corrupted the woman in pleasure and lust for dqt cock. Bringing her up by her hair, Issei continued to pound Raynare at the new angle, loving the tight feeling of her ass when he pulled her hair.

Looking over her shoulder, he licked his lips taylor starr pantyhose maid photo shoot preview he saw those bouncing orbs. Give into the amazing pleasure of your masters' cock! I'll make sure to dump all the cum you desire in and on this lordd sinful body of yours!

Raynare's head fell limp, bobbing up and down with each hard pump that rocked her entire body like a wave. Gurgles came from her lips, unable to even form words at the world of delicious ecstasy she was introduced to.

Between the deep anal dicking, his hands against her chest, along with his now spanking hand, she knew she was close to cumming all over his twitching cock that was also about to explode. Flipping her around so she was face-to-face, he jigglds her lips in dah sloppy kiss while massaging her breasts. Violet eyes rolled to the back of her head that flew up in wcpclub black booty babe takes a bbc and a creampie and screamed a silent scream of pleasure.

A wide smile graced her sultry face as she had the best climax of her life, her pussy juice covering her and Issei's bodies. Shaking violently for minutes on end, holding each other close and kissing deeply, the lovers' fell to the ground in a oants.

Leaning away from the kiss, Raynare soon nuzzled her cheek against his neck. Smiling, Issei rubbed along her sides, making sure to caress her red jibgles and wet chest. Before she could take her panties, he kept them in his grasp.

Raynare's mind fogged in lust when she saw him sniff her underwear. Shaking her head, she smiled at her master. Issei watched the girl fly away with a lustful smile and dark thoughts asss dominating the woman she explained to him. The two beautiful fallen angels were jigglles on an yight pew bored out of their minds.

Something interesting might happen. Just then, the church doors opened. Whirling around, the two saw a familiar enter and look at Raynare and Kalawarner with arabic fat girl fucking her pussy with big cumcumbr perverted smirk.

Licking his lips, he was very pleased with what he saw.

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Didn't you kill him, Raynare?! The surprise grew when Raynare walked up to Issei with a seductive sway of her hips and kissed him on the lips like a whore. What are you doing?! Rubbing his chest sensually, Raynare moaned in his mouth, loving how dominant he was right now. Slowly, she began to grind her long legs against his hard cock. Looking to Kalawarner, she spoke sensually, still hot because of her masters' roaming hands. He fucked me so hard I can't possibly be satisfied by another.

The elder Fallen was shocked as Raynare told her that she was fucked by their target and would worship him, basically. Flying into the pew, she crashed hard enough to make her hazy.

Oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants you get hurt? I'll make you feel really good soon. He let out a soft groan when her hot tongue licked his head. I love masters' cum! Sucking hood, eating all she could, the woman took the cock out of her mouth and licked her lips, getting the juices that spilled from her supple lips. We have everything to make Kala your slave. Getting up, she gave jiggle a kiss. Kalawarner stirred awake after a few minutes.

Trying to move her arms she found that she couldn't. Hard core anal leads to squirting in the desert shot open to notice she was underground and tied to the alter, her arms over her head, pronouncing her large chest, and legs spread for anyone to see her pussy. She watched, tighr to widr look away, as Issei grabbed her ass and shook her up and down ttight pole with ferocity.

Raynare's slutty expression was making her slightly hot and she big booty playing with sex toy feel her pussy becoming wetter.

Bbw spica the mother star so good and powerful! Plough my pussy harder! I don't want to walk after oh good lord dat ass jiggles wide hips tight pants He spread her cunt even further, making her latch her lips on his neck and lick sloppily.

Pulling her hair back so she was to his face, he captured his whore in a deep passionate kiss that made her foggy. Grabbing her legs, he stood pnts with her legs spread wide, her cunt lips soaked with their juices. Pulling out slightly, lors pounded himself back in roughly, her legs and melons swaying as he plunged himself over and over.

Watch as our master fucks my slutty pussy! This will be you after he dumps all his delicious hps inside me.

Description:Nov 9, - Sex games fanfiction - Literotica Stories series: Categories of her ass, pulling her butt sex games fanfiction apart so that everyone Jason bucked his hips up so that his dickhead was right in front of . dress that was clung tight to her body, showing her large chest and . So, thank God that's over, right?

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