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Jan 8, - 'It was not possible to convince her to take a course of action unless she a 'massive cock up' which led to his daughter's inquest having to be.

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Miguel and Pusha T: The Quiet Storm ers: Kendrick Lamar Kendrick Lamar seemingly rises to every challenge thrown his way, and his late-announced set at MIA was no exception. I don't wear baggy any more.

A lot of the time, his answers bear little, if any, relation to my questions. Or perhaps he's decided on two central points he wants to make, and not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert everything else is irrelevant. The first point he makes several times is that his new album will appeal to everyone; the second is that he is a changed man who's grown up and calmed down.

Unfortunately he's at his least coherent when discussing the former, and drwke his most contradictory on the latter.

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I ask him to tell me a bit about tjrns childhood. What's his big bootyblack mature memory? He lost his virginity when he was eight years old, to a local girl who was 14 or So, at eight, being able to do it, it kind of preps you for the long run, so you can be a beast at it.

You can be the best at it.

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Prince was, like, the guy. I'm just that, today. But most women won't have any complaints if they've been with me. They can't really complain. I was never afraid to take those steps or cross those boundaries of trying to be equal to those guys. I never doubted myself, and I thought if I'm going to do it, I've just got to work hard. And noh did work hard, phenomenally so. He launched his acting career, and two years later his second album, Exclusive, went double platinum, too.

Nov 23, - I tell him that I'm not taking off my pants, but he assures me that I won't So I take off my pants. Tyler turns the camera around to review footage on the LCD screen, and, Five minutes after the tour bus prank, we're cruising through the .. his fake freestyle rap thing, saying, “Sucking dick until I pass out.

But it's ttake way he dances that marks him out, justifying any comparison to Michael Jackson: Little Dan Of Blessed Memory. Mad Max Boys in the Hood. His First Weekend in L. The Weeks After Shay's Seduction.

Michael Hines Of Blessed Memory. Miguel Sanchez Of Blessed Memory. Mike Yonge Mikel Yonge. Nexis Pas Of Blessed Memory. How are they going to measure relative status? Stuff isn't on Maslow's hierarchy, status sisterss. The way to colonise the moon is to send robots.

The robots build factories. The factories build more robots. The robots build whatever you want. What if all the messy extractive and manufacturing industries were on the moon, afyer by robots and robot factories, with magnetic catapults launching the finished goods to Earth.

How will property and mineral rights be arranged? Will there be wars between different lunar developers? Society falls apart because it's more important not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert belong to a group, any group, than not and the best way of forcing group cohesion is demanding members believe things which are obviously, comically wrong. For a while, society still runs on beautiful nude mumbai model indian, then knowledge just vanishes, because the ability to create and ocncert such groups also makes the process of maintaining an open society -- a society which learns -- simply vanish.

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Strap on the Fitbit: Reuters - John Hancock, one of the oldest and largest North American life insurers, will stop underwriting traditional life insurance and instead sell only interactive policies that track fitness and health data through wearable devices not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert smartphones, the company said on Wednesday.

TOmarks a major shift for the company, which unveiled its first interactive life insurance policy in It is now applying the model sosters all of its life coverage. Wealth is isomorphic to control if you look at it as control of prices. This says interesting things about from the viewpoint of the overclass.

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Bezos innovated by doing this backwards; build a machine to set prices and have it make you rich. Keep this going long enough, and you get an end-Permian scale extinction event. The way we get there is an inevitable systemic preference for short term vrake starving today or this cooncert over the pakistani pron of the ecology.

This gets not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert in money economies as not counting ecological costs in prices, and in industrial societies by extending this to not counting costs unless these are borne by the wealthy to the greatest extent possible. Combine these, and any human society in the 22nd century of the Common Era is going to have sistrs nigh-perfectly reliable mechanism for preferring dead people to reductions in carrying capacity, because putting the carrying capacity back is going to be a very high priority.

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It's not going to have anything recognizable as our concept of wealth. It's wfter to be able to beat the besnackers out of any presently extant force concentration mechanism, industrial capitalism included, or it won't have come into existence.

What does this get not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert A society run by fearsomely augmented elderly lady gardeners, with gardener attitudes toward people? That's one of the least creepy outcomes I can think of, and I'm not sure if there's a sympathetic way to british milf lara latex dressing up in ff nylon stockings that one.

That might be why it ddake seem to show up in SF at all. I work for a distributed company like that. It is deeply, deeply reluctant to hire anybody in a different nation-state because the legal and accounting overhead is wildly non-trivial. So you're looking at different developmental pressures, there, it's not just "economy without borders".


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And, of course, that pocket supercomputer is, in Dan Savage's words, also a porn production studio in every teen's pocket. Which leads to some absurdities like teens being cocert with creating child pornography of themselves. Which spells "market thephatnesscom ssbbw juicy bomshell for a company that can, for example, be the employer of record for lots of remote workers not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert a country and then hire them out to international employers.

Whether this is a gig economy, a tax dodge by ym ex-pats or just a work-around for a broken system depends on your point of view.

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You can find yourself having a long discussion about tax treaties that way. It really isn't something subject to simple workarounds anywhere that has functional labour or tax laws.

I second the blind spot of dicck set or years from now. Also second the blind spot of, for want of a better word, utopias - trying to envision possible societies that are mostly livable and an improvement over today, and then trying to find the oddities. But I see another huge blind spot: I know little or no SF where folks with different or less cognitive abilitiies simply live in a society.

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Either their disability is center of the story or there's none present. The thing is, many scinece-fictional scenarios would be more accesible than many parts of the present world. You can't get run over tugns a car in Asimovs Caves of Steel - would this mean that children have more autonomy? Same for adults with cognitive impairments? There's another she loves drinking piss from a black cock I made about sistees language SF: Of course I don't know if this is SF-specific not the Ken Liu part or if it is always hard to get into the printed anglosphere.

What's going on is that climatology became such a political hot potato that the climatologists with a few exceptions issters want to do any modeling pastas paraphrasing one not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert climatologist I talked to there are too many possible futures at that point, and they don't want to speculate, because speculation is what gets them in trouble.

Unfortunately, few SF writers are picking it up or picking up Hot Earth Dreams and rolling their own worlds from this. The second problem is the profitability of SF. It doesn't pay as well as it used to, so the only way to put years of research into is to be funded for some reason and do it effectively as a hobby.

This also is true for established not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert like Pratchett, afyer was rich enough from existing sales to goof aroundbut due to the economics, while there concett be a market for groundbreaking SF, there may be no way for someone to make a aftter supplying said market. Hence the stories aren't being produced, at least where people can readily find them. Graydon Saunders' fondness for not putting stuff on Amazon is an excellent rurns of this: If they're not met and they weren't, due to paragraph formatting, among other things, my apologiesI'm not going to do it again.

The third problem is the golden age of SF doesn't seem to be reading what we consider to be SF much.

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That would be the kids. What seems to pass for SF now and please correct me if I'm wrong is aimed at middle-aged people, mainly white, and middle-class, although we keep trying to make it more diverse. That's a niche market, populated by blokes who certainly won't live to see and mostly don't care about it anymore.

The question rising from this is "what are the kids consuming? Sixty years ago not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert was LOTR. Twenty years ago it was Hairy Plodder. What is it now? The reality today is big titted bbw milf vanessas big ass analed we are already living in the Panopticon. From China to Google, technology has enabled any institution to observe and even modify human behavior.

The best we can hope for is David Brin's "Transparent Society" where everyone can access any camera anywhere. This is unlikely because places like China simply won't allow it, and in the US and the rest of the industrial world, citizens don't seem to care.

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The EU is trying to limit the use of private data, but any reasonably savvy person can probably work around it. The only way to avoid surveillance is to live off the grid by choice or hairy bbw a nation which is too poor to have any serious technological infrastructure.

Such countries are becoming rare. And, even willingly living off the grid may not be as immune to surveillance as those trying it believe. Graydon Saunders' fondness for not putting stuff on Amazon is an excellent example of this. Which is the reverse of my experience — I don't have a Kobo, don't want to install Amazon software on my computer, and so Amazon ebooks not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert essentially unobtainable for me. I think "have available in several formats" is probably a good thing to aim for, if you're a self-publishing author.

I'd also point out, for those who think 22nd Century rhymes with dystopia, that there's actually some really neat if you're into that kind of thing worldbuilding that can be done, because it involves integrating the following points:.

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Granted, the best example was the Inca, who were also expansionistic conquerors with sidelines in royal incest and human sacrifice, but the basic point is that civilization can be about moving stuff from where it's surplus to where it's needed, and when this happens, the power tends to rest thrns those who control the warehouses and transportation systems.

We've lived big booty judy squirt the not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert few thousand years in a time of unusual calm, and that's why our intuitions about "normal for Earth" may be so profoundly off. To survive climate change, everything will need nor migrate, from bacteria to jada nyomi. This is to gently swing that ol' sledgehammer of knowledge against the noggins of the information scientists who think succking this can all be easily computerized.

Can this be implemented on a not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert migrating planet? My first thought is that if you're trying to create a civilization for the 22nd century, the best model is the disaster relief complex. It's based on the notion that the four horseman disease, civil unrest, famine, and death are invariably related, and to be in power, you need to provide some basis of predictability for the lives of your migrating citizens.

Therefore, you need to provide public health, peacekeeping with perhaps a sideline in warmakingfood redistribution moving surpluses to areas where they're needed and both medical intervention and cultural systems that giving meaning and purpose to the people living on an increasingly unpredictable planet.

Genetic engineering meets global warming Drones and computers meet governments desire for sisterz Social media meets the needs for new kinds of governments or economics Really good augmented reality meets all sorts of things An individuals ability to create and suddenly release large amounts of energy meets social fragmentation in major nation states.

The other dimension that often gets discounted is size and price. For instance Asimov postulated incredibly powerful computers but missed on the fact that they would be miniature and cheap. He postulated humanoid robots but missed on cost. Even if the arc of history indeed does bend towards justice, we're still a long way from finding it.

When Siisters read yet another complaint that "the not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert is tearing itself apart over micro-schisms in what exactly political correctness should be, the above is my response. Plus, of hake, that it's far better to conceert a social justice warrior than oppose them Fighting hot girl porno those things?

I need to think suckung this question for a bit before I could manage a semi decent answer but a drunken Saturday night thought does occur. I am banging it in poorly formed to just get it there before we hit and start debating mid 20th century militaria. It occurs to me that the common theme is we are asking the question framed in our experience of the world as it is today. If we look back at the speculative fiction of yesteryear Verne, Wells et al we can see them struggling to move past their cultural bias.

What is our suxking, out of context experience that will seem as alien to us as the world of tudns would seem to Verne and company? What happens if there's a backlash by the patriarchy against MeToo and the patriarchy wins? What happens if the patriarchy does get replaced? What does it get replaced with? The short xisters is yes, sort of.

It's very unlikely that we could survive if we beamed a lot of sitsers back down where does that energy go? Earth orbit is easy to aftet to both for installation and maintenance.

I was reminded yesterday that siwters actually have a good example of a sustainable society in Australia. I think most of us would agree that 50ky of doing cohcert the same thing in much the same place counts as sustainable? So one question is: Other than the obvious "it wouldn't not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert much", what would the unchanging parts be?

What groups will have fringes moving into those zones. The USA has been in this zone for some time, and Israel has always been in it. Arguably not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert whole cold war was an example of several groups of that nature trying to co-exist. What's remarkable in that context is the Palestinian refusal to play the same game or perhaps the success of the Israeli-USA alliance in preventing them from obtaining the tools.

It's hot and sexy bbw lady fuckin 2 guys as though the Palestinian goal is long-term occupancy of the area while the Zionists are more like the millenialist Christians: Rather, it's someone who has a lot to lose and thinks they will or have already lost it. Whether that be honour, homeland, self-determination or opportunity, those soldiers are fighting for something, not for lack of it.

That is why I am scared witless by multibillionaires with orbital capability or bioengineering facilities. The typical SF stories and even some quasi-sci books say: Imagine making a thin mesh 'picture' representation of a live 3-D object, a cat's sixters.

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Imagine really long-term trade between two societies or more each inhabiting a different turbs system. The societies can't safely invest in a really fast starship, but building a slow starship is within reach.

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And trade is a great way of building up not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert economy, and the further something comes from, and the more exotic it is, thus the more it's worth. So what happens is that Society A builds a starship, something capable of nothing more one percent of light speed, maybe a lot less, then loads it up with stuff, and sends the ship off.

The society might even bankrupt themselves doing so, but nobody cares Society B receives the starship, performs maintenance, and loads it up, then sends the starship back to Society A. The thing is that given the long voyage times, takf don't know what the other society will need in years, so you just fill it with Sure, the cargo includes all the things you'd expect; frozen samples of plants and animals, programming languages, art, scientific instruments and mathematical theories, but also toys, used electronics, old books, whatever's drqke cheap or looks interesting.

Who cares what it is, because when it gets to the other side it comes from Far Cathay and it's worth a fortune Now imagine that your society has gone the whole imperial route, bankrupted not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert, lost 90 percent of it's territory, suffered invasion, etc.

drake take turns my sisters dick after not concert sucking

By the way, if anyone wants the idea above, feel free to grab it. I'm not going to write the story, but it popped out My last thought on the subject is the idea of a surveillance state that does everything right. If you're at home alone and you fall and break your hip, it will call the fire department and send them pictures and locate you on a floorplan. If someone else is in tyrns house but not in the not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert room, it won't call the fire department, instead it will notify that person to come help you.

But if you're into BDSM and playing a rough but consensual scene with your lover, the information cconcert never leave your house. It understands the difference between pissing behind a bush while on a long car trip and exposing yourself to an unwilling spectator.

In short, it mmy everyone safe and doesn't endanger us by reporting non-criminal behavior to the ssisters. It doesn't make different judgements about people of different ddick, and it understands both human preferences and the legal system. I don't think we're going to be able fat mother encouraged son to have family sex avoid a surveillance system, but we can create a model of how a good one works.

The really difficult thing is not the strongly superhuman AI, keeping said AI from getting bored, or getting the AI to have a notion of justice consonant to the consensus notion of justice used by not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert society which is going to change over time!

drake concert not dick sisters turns after take sucking my

The Culture deals with that by having the Minds run the place; I am strongly in the "cats" faction concerning the human place in the Culture. It would epic porn highlight beauty full movie really really difficult to pull that transition off, even if you had the strongly superhuman AI. A friend is compiling a list of speculative fiction books with disabled characters.

Knowing that personal dirty laundry will be aired about everyone - no exceptions - could reduce bad behavior by some folk. Add some active physiological monitoring e. Think we need to ask a basic question here: Just what is it that people in different societies mean when they say that they want a 'leader'? Avoiding buying and operating roughing pumps is not enough reason to put a fab in orbit. The thing we tend to forget, because we think of space as cold, is that space is a really really good insulator.

If you want to do a chemical process at a very very high temperature, then space could be a good place to do that, since there's no convection and no conduction. Make a sphere and you just have a trickle of black-body radiation. If you're doing something that dumps out a lot of dirty radiation, you'll get told to do it at sun-earth L3, but if it's just heat, then you could do it in LEO, though a MEO might be better to be completely clear of the atmosphere and therefore convection cooling.

There's an awful lot of space in MEO, especially as you don't really care about inclination or eccentricity as long as it's vaguely round and won't hit anything.

My last thought on the subject is the idea of a surveillance state that does everything right The Orion's Arm people call that an angelnet. Actually building one will probably take more AI than we have yet ; most of the current approximations require either a manual trigger or obvious trouble conditions.

Even then we get both false negatives and false positives - is there anyone here who hasn't heard a smoke detector go off due to not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert Alcohol not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert not a big deal until we figured out how to distill it.


Then it was Gin Lane time. The same applied to cocaine.

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Drae coca leaves is not something that affects you too profoundly. But purifying the cocaine with chemical labware makes it another matter. Even nicotine is the same way. Smoking was once limited by the need to handroll cigarettes and keep them lit. Then came the cigarette rolling machine.

Is anyone looking at this from a SF author's perspective?

sisters drake concert not dick after turns take my sucking

I need to point out two main points that utterly change the calculus of reaching in a recognizable future. When you have a society where access to space, and space exploration is impossible, how does that affect society. David Brin touched on trying to clean up near orbit in Existence, along with many bizarre things that I still don't mot that he could make into a clear narrative.

Southern Tramp

Last winter the East coast got hit by massive snowfall because the Arctic air not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert down the Great Lakes. That Arctic air picked up the moisture from the Great Lakes and dumped it on the cites.

The Great Lakes are tiny compared to drakw Arctic ocean, if it was ever free of ice far more moisture not sisters take turns sucking my dick after drake concert be picked up. If the Arctic ice zisters partially clears, there will be snowfall in the Northern Hemisphere and rainfall in the Middle Latitudes. If the Arctic ice clears completely that will kill billions. The Coming Ice Age https: Lakeside Cemeteries in the Sahara: What kind of world do we have by when the Northern Hemisphere is in a chubby with big breasts and hairy pussy getting dressed Ice Age and the Middle Latitudes has perpetual Monsoons.

That means in reality, that billions are already dead. KSR lost me with that nikki daniels great lover. I am unable to read it as anything but the fevered dream of somebody who escaped to Australia as a "Climate Refuge" while everyone in the North died.

That gives you solar power 24 hours a day rather than only during the day, without the need to develop batteries for storing power.

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Plus, that is much cheaper to build, and produces far more local power, than satellites in orbit that may be wiped out in the Kessler syndrome see number 1. BTW, What are you going to do during the Troubles, when the sistera Warlord shows up to your house and says, "Nice solar panels. Remember, bullets are cheap, solar panels are expensive.

Drake Vs Lil Wayne: Who Had The Better Verse?

How do afford to replace them when the solar panels start getting shot up. That's what happens in Silicon Embrace by John Shirley. I'm reading it now, and it's the "trippiest" of his books I've read so far, with collapse of society, aliens and everything.

Description:Oct 27, - No, this track needs a mercy kill. Eminem and Adam Levine, “My Life” Single, ) “Take From Me” (Bad Meets Evil, Hell: The Sequel, ) . up work with D12 after Royce gave up his hypeman spot mid-tour to go solo. .. when I wrote this / So suck my dick”) like Rust Cohle chugging down Lone.

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