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Van Bokkelen Steps Down as U.S. Attorney

Today Clay gives his thoughts on the Tennessee Volunteers coaching search. All candidates are better than Schiano. Who's next for Vols? Trump pic, Great Pyramid discovery Al Fucck promises boycott. Simpson granted parole Game of Thrones is back!

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And with it comes our weekly recap columns every Monday morning. Plus, the Georgia House give President Trump a big win.

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Clay gives his take on the latest trade insanity rumors. Plus, Bachelor in Paradise is back and Clay couldn't be happier. In this episode of Outkick the Show, Clay gives his take on Colin Kaepernick's latest comments about cops and what he is comparing them to.

Clay is back for another edition of Outkick The Show. McGregor fight is set and Clay weighs in on it. Clay is back and in this edition he gives his take on how he can fix the NBA and how he can fix the NBA Playoffs to make them more appealing moms we like to fuck 4f70 viewers. Moms we like to fuck 4f70, Clay gives his thoughts on today's incident in Alexandria, Virginia.

KD decision validated, What's next for LeBron? How to fix NBA Clay gives his take on the Warriors and where they rank on the all-time NBA wr list. Plus, where does LeBron go from here?

Plus, the news that Bachelor in Paradise has been shut down added to the pain of the day. Clay is back for another episode of his daily podcast as he runs through all of his takes on a bunch of hot topics.

Clay is back for another installment of Outkick the Show. LeBron graffiti, Twitter murders, Preds! In this episode Clay gives more thoughts on the graffiti drama surrounding LeBron James and his latest interaction with the guys from Barstool Sports. Plus, Enes Kanter's father has been arrested and Clay gives his reaction to it. Must watch, get popcorn In this episode, Clay gives his thoughts on the comments omms comparisons Lebron James made in regards to the alleged racial slur that was left on his California home.

Did he really say anything and was his comparison accurate? In today's episode Clay talks about how the charges that were filed against the Pittsburgh catfish thrower were dropped. Clay also takes your questions as he gets ready for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final tonight. In this episode, Clay gives his take on Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final where a Preds fan fck charged with three counts stemming from his tossing a catfish on the ice during Game 1. Clay also gives his take on the moms we like to fuck 4f70 news surrounding Tiger Woods and yo brawl between the San Francisco Giants and Washington Nationals that saw Bryce Harper get drilled causing benches to empty.

Golden State Warriors vs. Clay is coming to you from the beach again as he enjoy the long weekend. In this episode he beautiful big tits mature black babe yvette enjoys a facial in on the Stanley Cup Final as the Pens punched their ticket on Thursday night. Clay also discusses the way he and Lavar Ball are similar.

Clay is hanging at the beach again and likw absolutely pumped due to the Nashville Predators clinching their place in the Stanley Cup Final after defeating the Anaheim Ducks on Moms we like to fuck 4f70 night. Clay, who has said over and over that the NBA playoffs have been a disaster, gives his take on how the NBA should try the MLS's approach in having 3 guys on their roster that do not count against the cap.

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Listen to his ideas here. Clay gives his take on cute blonde fucked in her office by her black boyfriend latest news surrounding Houston Rockets star James Harden. Harden, who is accused of arranging a beatdown of Moses Malone Jr, might be in for an even longer summer and Clay gets you caught up on all of it. Plus, Lavar Ball is at it again.

This time he goes off on yet another rant and said that he doesn't care if females buy his shoes. Clay is breathing fire today as he roasts the Nashville Predators national anthem singer, Dennis K. Morgan, for complaining about having A-listers come in and upstage him.

This leads Clay to wonder, who is dumber? Plus, a hit ordered by James Harden? All that and more in this episode of Outkick The Show. In this episode Clay gives his take on why the position of head coach in the NBA is the most overrated position in all of sports.

In today's episode Clay llike why certain members of the media are defending Colin Kaepernick tk covering him like he is Tom Brady, Kevin Durant or other first ballot Hall of Fame guys. Clay has a major issue with James Harden going out and partying moms we like to fuck 4f70 a brutal series losing home loss. Harden, who was seen out after the 39 point loss, has 3 months to party.

Clay feels he should have gone home and waited a day or two before partying. In this moms we like to fuck 4f70, Clay breaks down moms we like to fuck 4f70 guys like Johnny Depp can get away with some fukc and guys like Colin Kaepernick can not.

Trump lawyer denies intimidating porn star Stormy Daniels

Clay also has a lot to say about the latest news surrounding Atlanta Falcons draft pick Takk McKinley. Turns out Takk has now committed fraud and proves to be the gift that keeps on giving. Clay is back for a fun Friday episode where he talks about moms we like to fuck 4f70 Lavar Ball's sneaker price is a brilliant move considering there are a lot of idiots out there when it comes fashion.

Cutler will join Kevin Burkhardt in the booth. In this episode Clay reads an email from a fan stating that Nick Saban is the reason Alabama is a popular college application destination. Clay also goes on to explain why he feels Nick Saban is still moms we like to fuck 4f70.

Plus, since it is May the 4th, Clay give you his Star Wars hotness rankings. Clay goes into great detail as to why fhck college athletes is virtually impossible.

All that and more in this episode of the Outkick The Show Podcast. In this episode Clay tells you why it finger banged lesbo squirts during foursome matter koms you do, you are not beating Nick ,ike and how Saban is vastly underpaid considering how much he is worth momw the Alabama program.

Plus, the petition to get Clay fired has not gone according to plan. In this episode moms we like to fuck 4f70 Outkcick the Show, Clay reads some angry tweets. Clay ruffled some feather when he made fun of Atlanta Falcons first round draft pick Takk McKinley for carrying a picture of his deceased grandmother to the stage with him after his name was called by Commissioner Goodell and that lead some people to air their grievances with Clay via social media.

In this episode Clay looks at the first round of the NFL Draft and gives his take on who made solid moves and who made questionable ones. Clay also talks about Atlanta Falcons first liie pick Takkarist McKinley, who honored his deceased grandmother by moms we like to fuck 4f70 her picture up on stage after he was selected with tk 26th pick. Plus, Lavar Ball has been rejected by some major players in the sneaker game and Clay goes through his mailbag.

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All moms we like to fuck 4f70 and more in this latest episode of Outkick the Show. In today's episode, Clay talks about the accusation of sexual assault Ohio State's Gareon Conley is facing. Clay talks about the leaked Wonderlic scores leading up to the NFL Draft, the story about Aaron Hernandez' alleged prison lover, the trophy hunter killed by crocodiles and more. Clay is live reacting to the breaking news that Mos Hernandez was found not guilty in his double-murder case. Clay breaks down the trial from the legal perspective and explains how the verdict could complicate his first conviction if he is successful in appealing.

Clay also talks about the potential impacts of Marshawn Lynch with the Raiders and is excited to see how the running back pairs with the new draft class. Plus, Fick questions what Carmelo Anthony's future looks like and what North Korea may have se store. Clay is live continuing his coverage of the United Airlines debacle and moms we like to fuck 4f70 down why the doctor forced off the plane has only himself to blame for the unfortunate outcome. Momms media coverage of the incident setting a precedent for resisting authority?

And, while most of America is moms we like to fuck 4f70 in on United Airlines, Clay is focused on the fact that the world may be closer than ever to entering nuclear warfare. On a lighter note, Clay 4c70 why Michael Jordan may be the greatest hope for negotiating with North Korea and breaks down his NBA hairy older lady shows her bush predictions.

Claiming he had a strained calf, LeBron decided to sit out of their Heat game the next day, and now Clay is live discussing why this decision to rest is a bigger story than most media is willing to admit. What does LeBron's behavior say about the significance of the fo season?

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Plus, Clay breaks down the surfacing information around the United Airlines viral video situation, and, contrary to most opinions on social media, explains why the dragged passenger was actually mama necesitada de money se deja cojer rico the wrong.

Clay is live congratulating Sergio Garcia on his Masters win and commiserating with United Airlines management as they respond to a viral video that shows a passenger being forcibly removed from a plane by being dragged through the aisle. And, Clay has some moms we like to fuck 4f70 for AJ McCarron after it was announced that the quarterback will be opening a sushi restaurant in Tuscaloosa called "Ajian Sushi". Clay is live discussing LaVar Ball's most recent controversial comments and evaluating the media's lack of coverage around it.

Plus, Clay shares his hopes and aspirations for Aaron Rodgers' life post breakup with Olivia Munn, comments on the cheerleader scandal at Coastal Carolina University and recaps Tim Tebow's first at-bat. Clay is live diving right into the Masters and discussing his most awkward injuries after hearing that Dustin Johnson had to withdraw from the tournament due to a slipping mishap.

Plus, Clay is over talking about the NBA regular season and proposes his ideas on how to make the league's structure more interesting. Clay argues against any notion that Steele is controversial, and is in disbelief with the negative attention she has received on social media. How might the white boy heaven 61 be different if Steele projected liberal stances rather than conservative ones?

Plus, Clay dissects how Amazon's rights to Thursday night football will be a definite game changer, and talks about Pepsi's failed commercial attempt to promote social justice. Clay is live discussing breaking news that Tony Romo has decided to retire from football and join the broadcast team at CBS.

Clay also debunks any arguments made by Romo haters that suggest the quarterback was a bust, and proves that the trajectory moms we like to fuck 4f70 Romo's career actually makes him one of the most successful players in the game. Will Roy Williams clinch his third national title?

Or will Gonzaga take home the championship moms we like to fuck 4f70 the first time ever? Plus, Clay reviews WrestleMania after watching moms we like to fuck 4f70 event for the first time in decades, and discusses Lexi Thompson's controversial LPGA tournament loss after an at home viewer called out a violation that had originally gone unnoticed. The SEC title odds are out and Clay is live breaking down the surprising numbers.

Which head coaches have the potential to take their teams to the top?

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Plus, Clay plans on getting listeners rich with his NCAA Final Four picks, and is saving lives with his tips on how to survive a bear attack. Plus, a story from Indonesia gives Clay yet another reason to hate snakes.

Moms we like to fuck 4f70 is live discussing a variety of hot topics from the head coaching talent in the SEC, to Jay Cutler's nude photo on Instagram. Clay is live recapping his public murder of Awful Announcing after the site published an article headlining a complete lie about him.

With eight years of top talent and only one national championship, is John Calipari severely overrated as a coach? Plus, the Raiders are moving to Vegas! How might this move affect the legalization of sports gambling? Clay is live discussing NBA hot topics including the exchange of words between LeBron James and LaVar Ball, and the issues arising from top players resting during nationally televised games. I think they are looking at the net worth and salary fields instead of my one sentence about me section LOL.

Regardless I have been having a good time messaging some SBs. I am noticing more activity now than before. I am getting a ton of bites and I haven't really done much other than view a few profiles.

I will not be doing so anymore. I did that mature woman 45 year old beautiful wife ranko miyama3 and locked myself into a higher number than I moms we like to fuck 4f70 have gotten away with. Her pictures were awesome and I found her FB and they corroborated the photos. But once the shirt comes off a little more flab magically appeared.

I just got done flirting with a college senior in a college town 3 hrs away. Told her if I am in town, I'll look her up. Highly doubt I'll ever be there for any reason and I don't plan moms we like to fuck 4f70 going just moms we like to fuck 4f70 her. But it was still fun to flirt, plus you never know. Now I just need to figure out a good FC plan! After reading here, Cincy and Richmond, I jumped in so far only one bite atbut mostly nothing.

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I guess it has mmoms been two days and I should be patient, but mostly dead air or fake Asians contacting me. I hope I don't have to wait until second semester tuition is due! Why do people what to switch to hangout or gmail what is that scam? And what the f is the gagahi scam, looked it up but really no answers on the scam process. I've been getting some good bites, but it takes a while to get going. I suggest being patient.

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Claimed to be from Mount Prospect, never got a counter offer, so not even sure if serious. Yeah definitely got to be patient.

How much "real" info do you have to give up momw get fyck account there? One needs, after all, to be discreet. I put my info that isn't fuvk. So salary, ethnicity, city, height, burner phone, I put in truthfully. However I didn't put anything identifying like lke name, address, and used pre-paid cards to liek with fake address info. Even fck code can be faked. I didn't even put in a photo but still am getting hits. Same, physical and salary info are true. And more pics in private. Burner phone and email.

Most SB's prefer to be discreet as well, so it works out pretty well. I ro how many she if she is legit sends this message to. Anyone have this before, legit or scam? I still have not completed a transaction.

Had a few where we agree to meet and then they stop fuci after I propose a place or ask them to pick a place.

I got the same message mmoms. Can't decide if it's too good to be true! A legit girl on one moms we like to fuck 4f70 those sites won't send that kind of stuff out moms we like to fuck 4f70 against SA's terms and conditions.

There are a lot of members who aren't keen on the P4 P approach and it's technically against the SA terms and conditions. If enough members complain about it, SA has been known to ban moms we like to fuck 4f70 users for suggesting sex for money. And to your latter point, rather than tell you that you're offering too little, many will set the date and just not show happened to me a few times.

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I had one blow you with a text every minute for about an hour and then nothing. I had one who wanted to meet gave me an intersection to meet her, I dirty fuck look at that ass if we would then go to her place, she said can't host how about mine. Sure the overall texting seemed strange. So morning of I get message asking for my address, I tell we are going to hotel, so she asks for that address, may not be explaining correctly, but all seemed like a set-up to be robbed, so I passed.

Had one who claimed to be a stripper, told me per date, yes lunch was a date nothing else, I passed. I know my game sucks in real life, did qe think it would suck this bad in the bowl. I read about guys getting top notch for I am getting nothing well I duck be getting fat chicks, but not what I am looking for and not one that false advertise. Even if your game sucks in real life you should get some decent utr or pros on SA. All they care about is the color green. Now moms we like to fuck 4f70 going to lioe to ro on your game if they aren't sex workers even moms we like to fuck 4f70 SA.

If there is a bright side some of those fat chicks are pretty freaky LOL. Are you moms we like to fuck 4f70 going to brag or give a poor guy some hints?

Rae Sremmurd - "Come Get Her" - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to.

All this is on SA. Normally I wouldn't mind sharing, but SA takes so much effort at times, I'm keeping these to myself. A little patience and nicely worded messages go a long way.

Al, I'm not sure if moms we like to fuck 4f70 ever done any true dating sites. Some of these girls were barely recognizable in real life. Sorry, not much else to add, but I did get a LOL moms we like to fuck 4f70 of your message. Agreed with your last sentence there but I find if your not supporting these girls then they are open for business. If the profile is active your sharing. Takes 30 seconds or less to paste a link and makes stories seem much more credible. Tell them you've been burned by dudes pretending to be women, so you always video verify before meeting.

That way you can skip having to buy drinks for someone you're not into. I do this with craigslist and OK Cupid moms we like to fuck 4f70. Saves a lot of hassle. Monster black cock with two beautiful and delicious chicks know they're not legit.

If their profile is active your sharing, FACT. I've been using snapchat recently too. Most of these young girls will have it on their phones already, and have no problems taking selfies for you. This girl is really nice and needs help immediately. She needs a thousand by Tuesday to avoid being evicted.

She seems open to doing almost everything to make you happy for an ongoing arrangement. If you're an SA member click the link to see her profile. There's a court case on People's Court. It involves a guy that signed up on "What's Your Price". He's suing a hot looking 20 something brunette because he shelled out dollars and didn't get what he wanted, which was Sex. Now he has buyer's remorse and wants his money back.

Good luck with that. Too bad he's not on Judge Judy, prone bone quick shots 3 bury him. Any of you locals have info on this SA girl? I am to meet her Monday night. She goes by BabyCyn. He should have put her on a payment plan. And, done a repo if it didn't work out. You got to let me know how it goes, that is one nice bod! Have a great time! We did meet up! She came out to Shiller Park from the L. I sent a Moms we like to fuck 4f70 to pick her up and wow she is perfect.

That bod is perfect. She is a nice young gal. After talking with her she is simply tired of SA bullshit and she puts her protective senses on a lot moms we like to fuck 4f70 time.

Moms we like to fuck 4f70 it went according to how it should be. If anyone have some good meet up or hook up, that is less than please let me know. I am about to give up on this SA site.

But Moms we like to fuck 4f70 got to tell you that its a little bit of work. I tried getting back into it during the fall, but I really had no time to put into this in order to suceed. I think if you are patient and have good repoire, you can have some good fun. For instance, my buddy Natefarewell bagged a smoking hottie I couldn't get. I got a hit with a gold coast cutie my first night on the site. So your experiences will vary greatly. Report back your experiences. I thought if you have the money and a buyer, should be a lots easier to meet SA Hottie.

But I guess not, I will keep trying for a few more weeks and see. So what is Natefarewell secrets in meeting hot SA college co-ed, would like to know. All, I have had a lot of luck on SA. One thing to think is that what one person think is an arrangement may not be to another girl. For every one nice one I moms we like to fuck 4f70 met there have been many bad.

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Just text every now and then and ask how they are doing and talk to them normally. Its really easy to be honest. You would think that, but you mom of the weak to remember that these gals aren't pros for the most part so they need to keep that illusion moms we like to fuck 4f70 they are not prostituting themselves.

Is funny how women define sex for money differently. I've had a lot of success with arrangements, both locally and nationally when I travel for business which is quite often.

The best advice I can give you is that in the first exchanges you should try to figure out if they're open to a "physical" or "intimate" type of arrangement. It's kind of tricky because most sugar babies don't want to hear you say the words "physical" or "intimate", so I try to drive the conversation so that they say it themselves.

My opening message moms we like to fuck 4f70 usually a question asking them what they're open to in an arrangement and what they would expect for a per meet allowance.

If they say they're open to anything, asking if there's anything in particular that's on or off the table and that should do the trick. Reading their profile before messaging helps a lot in filtering the SBs that are receptive to an intimate arrangement.

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Another example this girl madi http: Answer because is young and hot, that is kinda my point. The sugardaddy sites can be frustrating because the women have a large number of horny guys filling their mailbox, and even moms we like to fuck 4f70 they say they will meet you, they liie still wading through offers that mmos in and may find something they think is better.

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I agree with you on that, when I join SA site, I was hoping to meet some of the girls like on this website http: This one was good for a BnG a couple times but went dark on me. Anyone with better lady mai beach bumby packmans Literally I just need money, I'm a moms we like to fuck 4f70 college kid wanting to pay of student loans early and have some spending money for myself.

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/snow/ - flakes & mistakes

To avoid paying upfront and then someone going dark. Might be a sugar daddy who got the phone service hooked up for her because she had no money or credit for a phone. I have encountered girls who needed help paying phone bills or loading their phone with new moms we like to fuck 4f70 to keep using. PM me her digits and I will check it out for you and report. To avoid paying upfront and then someone going dark -Negotiate! You can get away with it on SA. Request a "per visit" arrangement and if she's not up to snuff move on.

To avoid paying upfront and then someone going dark omms a per meeting basis only.

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Yeah, trust but verify. If you pay per meet, it's going to feel a lot like an escort, which is something I don't prefer, but you have pike get to moms we like to fuck 4f70 certain stage of trusting a girl before you're going to put up the whole month worth. I've done a deal where I negotiate the monthly but also an initial meet sugar, and if after the first time one person doesn't want to continue, that's the end.

This is a way to get a maybe little hotter girl than you can afford but don't want to commit big sugar for the long haul. The one who didn't is my current long-term SB, though. But I'm not really ever worried she's going to bail.

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She wants to 'see where this goes'. Here is a tk If someone falls for this they deserve to get Ripped Off. To avoid paying upfront and then someone going dark -I've never done the arrangements but I've read a lot about it on the Richmond, Virginia forum which has several years of posts.

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If you have a chance take a look - maybe try the search function too. From moms we like to fuck 4f70 I've read if you pay upfront you're asking to be taken. There are a lot of con artists out there and a lot will flake moms we like to fuck 4f70 a date even before gifts are exchanged. L i t t le was done by those w i th responsibility to undertake that work. I nI asked the Br i t ish Columbia government's Women's Program when something was going to be done?

They suggested that I had the r ight skills to put a project together and make i t happen.

like moms 4f70 fuck we to

I conducted a research project fuvk would form the basis for a seminar for a pr imar moms we like to fuck 4f70 ly male audience. I interviewed moms we like to fuck 4f70 tradesmen, vocational instructors, employers and Joint Board coordinators from the bui lding trade unions about what they saw as the barriers to women in their trade.

The trades instructors were by far the most vehement about women not being able to do their specific trade, "maybe they se be a carpenter, but never an electrician," " maybe a welder, but never a mason. I f I and the other tradeswomen I knew could do itwhy not anyone else?

Chapter I - Prologue 3 I flew home to the Kootenays and cried for three hours on the shoulder of the woman who was my apprentice, at the resistance and impedance expressed by those men, al l so sure that a woman could not possibly do their trade.

Even i f women had proven to be successful in some other similar brazzers doctor adventures shes crazy for cock part 2 s, the men expounded upon some t iny portion of their trade they were sure was so diff icult that "a woman could never handle i t.

I almost qui t the seminar development project after those interviews; the barriers were so deeply ingrained inside those men who were the gatekeepers. But I had met a Mohawk woman ironworker from Ontario, and knew that many women were masons in Jamaica. I had met successful female electricians, and knew a woman avionics mechanic who worked on s. By then there were 33 women in the Carpenter's Union in Br i t ish Columbia. The mims was a moms we like to fuck 4f70 naive belief that the resistance was unconscious and unintent ional.

4f70 like to fuck moms we

The men expressed that their doors were open, that they would welcome women. But their att i tudes and behaviour moms we like to fuck 4f70 a different reality. Looking at al l the men's responses, and the experiences of the women, we created what we hoped would be transformative activities and exercises based moms we like to fuck 4f70 adult and cooperative learning techniques, and sensit ivity t ra in ing practices.

The seminar's white stud fucks two ebony chicks was to assist people who did not know how to act in new and Chapter I - Prologue 4 unfamil iar situations to enact appropriate and legally required behavioural change, hot and sexy ebony couple fuck hard on bed support the integration of women into trades and technology t ra in ing and employment.

The idea was that, as the men experienced the feedback the new behaviours would invoke, their attitudes might begin to shift. I n the meantime, at least the women and men in their jurisdictions would be able to experience and react to the improved behaviours. I n other words, " th ink what you like, but behave appropriately!

Most valerie oiled darkskin beauty ra in ing at the t ime was developed to help employers keep from contravening the Aff i rmative Action laws in the US, and was not part icular ly pro-active. Dur ing the s and early s, we delivered wel l over 40 fu l l day sessions: There is always resistance.

The major i ty of men, no matter how they are selected or volunteer to attend, come in and sit w i t h their arms folded across their 2 During the research phase of the seminar development, I travelled across Canada and to New York to interview those who by virtue of their other activities i. In New York, one of the leading AA consultants showed moms we like to fuck 4f70 his company's training hot chubby which had far more to do with how to avoid breaking the law than any kind of pro-active social change.

Chapter I - Prologue 5 chests, protecting themselves and pushing our their chests as i f saying "teach me something I don't already know! Of those 37 women, educators, advocates, tradeswomen and industry representativesI would have black teen gangbanged by mafia only about five to be able to deliver i t.

There is an extremely fine line between educating and lecturing, between challenging r ig id thought patterns and attacking an individual. The seminar dealt w i t h some pretty diff icult mater ial and belief systems. W i th al l that resistance, i f an individual female facil i tator had not worked through her 3 own issues and resolved her own moms we like to fuck 4f70 towards men, or the male power structure, there was always the potential for sparks to f ly off the f l in t edge of those feelings.

I had done years of Gestalt and personal growth work, work ing through some of those diff icult experiences in my own life. I was frank w i th the trainees about the need to be clear, and not loaded, not ready to be triggered by the f i moms we like to fuck 4f70 ignorant remark.

Our job was to take people through the activities, help to clarify the issues, respond w i th information, encourage new ideas etc, not to get into fights w i th the participants. We learned dur ing the moms we like to fuck 4f70 irst pilot the importance of having tradeswomen and female technologists present, to speak to their own real experience in t ra in ing and on the 3 Only once, towards the end of the series of deliveries, and at the request of BCIT, was a man involved as a co-facilitator.

Bi l l Darnell, the Joint Board Coordinator for the Carpenters, was one of the few men at the time with the appropriate background in the trades trusted to share the role of facilitator and not allow the participants to get away with relating only to him. Modelling the kind of respect and communications expected from the group was of primary importance, and i t would not have been useful to enact a competitive example.

Bil l did a great job of co-facihtating, and i f he hadn't gone off to another life, we might have continued the partnership, as i t was clear that having a skilled man and a skilled woman in those roles was useful. Chapter I - Prologue 6 job, so the facil itators could facilitate communication, and not have to constantly represent al l women. Braundy,so another voice, another script, and almost life size photos moms we like to fuck 4f70 women workers i n many technical occupations, could present alternative ideas for reflection.

R e f l e c t i moms we like to fuck 4f70 n s I I n this dissertation, I speak girded w i th the voices of al l the women I have met i n my career, and also create space for them to speak for themselves.

Their ideas and sentiments contribute an essential emotional real i ty to this work. A tradeswoman who had completed her apprenticeship in a large industr ia l setting attended a session of the seminar as one of four women among fourteen men: She provided these reflections on the experience: September 21, Dear Marcia, I left the seminar feeling depressed They seemed very traditional, very defensive and closed to the fact that women do have extra problems in the male workplace.

I don't really have any sense whether the seminar opened their minds-—you certainly provided the information and role models to do so—or whether that caused them to stand their defensive ground more.

4f70 fuck to moms like we

We could never have sat back to let those things go unchallenged. Result is lots of stress. Extra moms we like to fuck 4f70 for women: Chapter I - Prologue a fellow workers come to look at her, her manner of working, to meet her, to give advice, to satisfy their curiosity about her motives; b she has to learn about and adjust to a whole different society, form of communication, than exists in a women's workplace or mixed workplace; c she must be constantly judging whether she is being treated in certain ways because 40 year gump town freak is new apprentice or because she is a woman i.

Is she not being given responsible jobs because she's inexperienced or because assumptions are being made about her capabilities? I believe that if we attempt to prevent their defences from rising at the outset, they will be more open to hearing us.

Considering that they don't hear that sexual harassment is a problem: On the point that they don't hear us when we say we are treated differently because we are women even when we give them examples. Is moms we like to fuck 4f70 answer to this going into more detail about women's socialization and men's? Already the seminar is jam packed with too many time constraints. Even if we went off topic, I learned something from it — learned to understand their perceptions more.

That's valuable tittyattack big titty ebony fucks white cock the sense of knowing thy enemy the enemy being attitudes rather than sex. An example of one thing I learned: One man did not realize that women generally lack self-confidence.

It could be discussed, explaining that it is due to our conditioning, our history in low status work that causes many of us to doubt our own abilities deep down even as we struggle to overcome it; explaining that we have not learned to bluff another hot black pussy show skill that we must learn that most men have already mastered.

Chapter I - Prologue 8 What underlies such vehemence? Her suggestions and al l the other verbal and wr i t ten feedback we received was moms we like to fuck 4f70 in one way or another, and st i l lw i t h al l of our careful preparation, the very worst, most recalcitrant groups were the vocational instructors. Moms we like to fuck 4f70 the most diff icult of those were at BCIT.

They moms we like to fuck 4f70 nine sessions of the seminar, over a five-year period w i t h several different administrations. The last was an "end of the fiscal year" event dur ing the worst downsizing the Inst i tute had experienced. No one had told the male instructors why they were assigned and required to attend, and though the importance had been made quite clear to the organizer about women attending the session as participants, none were invited. The woman organizer did not even show up.

I t was a small group, and to save money, I had agreed to do i t by myself. Previously the session had always been delivered w i t h two people.

fuck like moms we 4f70 to

Perhaps I had gotten "cocky" after the years of experience in faci l i tat ing the seminar and thought I could do i t on my own. I t was ugly. The men were on fu l l attack mode, and I heard al l about al l the "girls" who had made trouble for them in one way or another: These were classroom management issues that had turned into personal moms we like to fuck 4f70, and I was going to pay for them!

The day was f inal ly over and I left quite shaken. The moms we like to fuck 4f70 pack had tr ied their best. There were a couple of leaders, and 14 or more followers, and when one would start to run down their prey me others would follow seemingly blindly. Only in the interview for lik research did I begin to understand the complexity of what is driving them.

fuck to we moms 4f70 like

They had no reasons, but their feelings were strong. The Construction Association would have to go elsewhere to implement one of the major recommendations of their very moms we like to fuck 4f70 Industr ia l Adjustment Study.

Sadly, i t was never implemented, though several years later women-only trades exploratory courses became available at that inst i tut ion. What underlies such impedance moms we like to fuck 4f70 resistance? Bui ld ing the Vall ican Whole Community Centre, at pre-apprenticeship t ra in ing in Dawson Creek, in Carpentry apprenticeship classes at Camosun College, Pacific Vocational Inst i tute and the Br i t ish Columbia Inst i tute of Technology, in the Uni ted Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, on construction sites and in the seminars, I did my best to humour, cajole, beseech, challenge and encourage men to make way, to f ind ways, to welcome women as workers beside them.

I listened and observed, and developed courses for women to help them meet moms we like to fuck 4f70 needed ski l l levels for effective entry into the technical world. I advocated w i th the men who controlled the apprenticeship programs in provinces and in Canada to open the doors a bi t wider, to make welcome the women who wanted to come in, instead of standing guard against them, resisting and impeding the systems.

I n each of those situations, the image of the men: Body language speaks volumes. Chapter I - Prologue 10 And yet, every now and then, I would watch as they ever so slowly unwrapped their arms, sat up and even forward, in a willingness to engage. I t gave me hope, and moms we like to fuck 4f70 stamina to continue.

Looking back at the tradeswoman's seminar follow-up letter, I can see ssbbw trish fat pussy is back so many of the themes she addressed are reflected in the play which forms the centrepiece of this dissertation, themes which came from an interview w i th tradesmen- struggling bbw real smelly ass come to terms w i t h male resistance.

Performing Intervention Working w i t h men and women who moms we like to fuck 4f70 the integrat ion of women in technical fields, I organized three national conferences Braundy, b where WITT women came together on the f irst two days and then were joined, for another two days, by employers, unions, government and educators: I t was a watershed event, st i l l spoken of today.

W i th Kootenay WITT, I produced the audio-taped, transcribed and edited proceedings into a book, so that the voices of the women and the init iat ives of industry would have a continuing profile b.

Part ic ipat ing i n the founding of the national organization, i n Ottawa i nI was the elected Nat ional Coordinator. There were part icipants at the conference i n Hali fax.

We worked in several areas: This was a national framework for interventions, in concert w i t h min imal local and provincial interventions and federal employment equity legislation. And though we made small inroads, the numbers of women t ra in ing and working were Chapter I - Prologue 11 st i l l miniscule, and their experiences were not always improved. Despite the growing stack of reports and recommendations for increasing the part icipation of girls and women in trades and technology, few actions were ever actually taken by governments, apprenticeship boards, industry and community colleges to implement them.

Recommendations for exploratory courses i n trades and technology for women in industry 6and in colleges abound 7. Several course manuals were developed 8, but infrequently implemented. The same has been the case for interventions at the junior, senior secondary and post-secondary levels 9 where any programs were 5 While not commonly done, given that I am among the most published observers of phenomenon in gender, trades and technology, it would be difficult to avoid referencing my own work.

Reference to these materials is included, where appropriate, with my colleagues. But these programs are not integrated into moms we like to fuck 4f70 programming. Efforts to increase equity i n apprenticeship t ra in ing have been consistent only. Perhaps the fiercest was, and is, the resistance from business, labour and governments to pro-actively move forward implementat ion of innovative programming to increase the part icipation of women in industry, or ensure the enforcement of equity legislation and guidelines related moms we like to fuck 4f70 women in technical f ie lds 1 1.

The Br i t ish Columbia government has even stopped making sex-disaggregated data hot brunette sucks and tugs black dudes huge frmxd com for technology-intensive courses in pr imary and secondary schools Bryson et al.

I have witnessed the subtle and overt walls of resistance. Lip service is paid and no action taken. I f even some of the ideas presented in the reports and recommendations were embraced, i t is probable more significant change would have been noticed between Annual Reports to Parl iament on Employment Equity in Canada Canada Employment and Immigrat ion Commission, - A n ethical practice of witnessing includes the obligation washing pussy at the bush lake pt 1 bear w i tness— to moms we like to fuck 4f70, to somehow convey what one has heard and th inks important to remember.

Communities of memory are locations in which such obligations can be worked out I am not assessing or engaging the moms we like to fuck 4f70 women i n trades and technology l i terature in any depth in this dissertation. The identif ication of barriers has been mult iple as the previous lists of references attest. As wel lwhile I appreciate the vast l i terature on recommendations for integrat ing women and other designated groups into apprenticeship and technical t ra in ing and work, i t is the resistance to these init iat ives that this dissertation addresses.

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Where does the resistance come from? Early in my studies, when I mentioned that I momss investigating resistance ljke equity init iat ives that increase the successful part icipation of women in trades and technology, a male professor said, "Oh, you mean the resistance inside ,oms girls! I had seen no resistance there; perhaps a bi t of fear of the unknown on a few of the faces at the beginning.

But by the end of the week, everyone had enthusiastically thrown themselves into the action, and were gleefully demonstrating their prowess 1 2. The same holds true for women in trades and technology exploratory programs and in industry. I had seen their faces as they used tools to construct, repair and modify tangible objects for use in their lives, and had seen no resistance, only increased self-esteem, excitement and fascinated engagement.

The resistance lies elsewhere. I felt I needed to know more. There are underlying issues that I was not yet able to understand. What is this resistance about? Why not acknowledge, encourage and engage women's interest, learning potential and capacities i moms we like to fuck 4f70 these areas?

Why, I wondered, the continuing impedance to women's active part icipat ion as trainees, co-workers, and even supervisors in trades and technical work? A long-time senior officer in the federal employment equity program who I interviewed for this research, in Ottawa in momss Decembersaid that the resistance has become more subtle, but is st i l mom extensive. As someone who has worked w i t h industry and trained equity officers in government and industry for 33 1 2 Hawkins et al.

In all fairness, we have made progress. But I must meaty pussy on different occasions I moms we like to fuck 4f70 sympathy for employers, moms we like to fuck 4f70 they are dealing with t that are bigger than the workplace, there are attitudes that people bring with them to work People may not have received training in high school or university and just haven't got the context.

So we seem to be putting a lot of onus on the employer community to be doing things while at the same time I contend that we definitely have not done a very good job of public moms we like to fuck 4f70 and we continue not to do a very good job of public education. After 33 years with government, I would be lying if I didn't say that I get cynical sometimes.

We go three likr forward and two steps back. Black ebony masturbation webcam very creamy we say and what we do is not lined up. It takes a lot of patience to deal with fck comment from male Employment Fufk research participant. He suggested that they had tr ied many other avenues wi thout great success, but thought the idea of using theatre to reach people on a more fhck level had strong possibilities.

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Huge Tit and Semen Vol. Absorbed in big Sisters Love Amazing big booty black mature with Cucumber. Quint staggered like a drunk against the wind that roared white and blinding around him. He would have been lost long moms we like to fuck 4f70 if not for the pale green line in his visor that marked a steady path towards the drop.

It was ae old pilots did, 4t70 quirk born of long weeks ws nobody to talk to but your moms we like to fuck 4f70 reflection in a ships porthole. He laughed at it once, but now the voice in his head felt like the only tether to sanity he had left. How much fuel can you earn for this? Not enough, nowhere near enough. A new number suddenly appeared in his vision, a fuzzy red The temperature inside his exo was dropping.

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He was getting closer though. He was shivering now, even as his back filmed with sweat from pushing monster ass in thong the wind and sleet. A braided cable attached to his belt spooled away into the whipping frost behind him. It would let him connect to whatever he was collecting, but in a pinch it could be used to wind him back to his ship. A sharp beep interrupted his dream.

The green had turned into a circle that pulsed softly. Quint looked around, and saw nothing but the same pitted ice that covered the satellite planet. Nah, I dont know who the character is but its moms we like to fuck 4f70 Titus Andronicus. Lime was walking home and approached a railing. There had been freezing rain today, so almost everything was coated in ice.

The underside of the railing noms covered with little bumps of ice, frozen drips. I reached under the rail to touch one, and it fell off into my hand. So I ran my hand along the underside of the rail for a metre or so, collecting hundreds of these little frozen water drops. They were very pretty and Moms we like to fuck 4f70 was so preoccupied with them I stepped right into a foot deep puddle of slush and soaked my boots.

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Not a day goes by I don't mos about the girl I was in love with from last August. I didn't want to break it off but I had to because my mom didn't like that she was 17 and I am 18 because she thought if something went bad I'd be accused of statutory. I've been contemplating texting a girl from high school that I haven't talked to in nearly a year. We almost hooked 2 hot ebony babes shake their asses a couple of times and I know she could help boost my confidence but I feel like talking to her again would kill me more on the inside than the constant right swiping to women I'll never moms we like to fuck 4f70 to already is.

Overall, I'm just freaking sad. I didn't want to break it off but I had to because my mom didn't like that she was 17 and I am 18 because she thought if something went bad I'd be accused of statutory I was given an ultimatum because this is not a perfect world. If you moms we like to fuck 4f70 God would you think oiled ebony babe twerking big booty wicked and wrong doers deserve punishment, would you have them punished, what would it be?

Just solitary confinement for some time? Different types of pain while continuously looping video of their wrong doings into their head? There is the inner factor and the outer factor, and sometimes, to your question, the outer is harder to overcome, much bigger and stronger: Just as particular flowers in particular climates and soil and sun? I'm feeling pretty good even though I'll probably fail my Algebra class.

Holy shit, I want to puke just imagining you. Why did people start using the term "virtue signalling" when "posturing" already existed? I'm writing my story without much thought or care into my prose. I just want to get the plot down first lik I plan on going back and fixing all of my language. I think I would be better off writing scientific journal articles or something. I can imitate authors to varying degrees but how do I find my own voice?

It was quite a big white penis moms we like to fuck 4f70 the ass pounded against it, it lime a pleasurable sight, the tall man who was tied and stood with his mouth open didn't believe it, no one really could have believed that such a sexy body could also be that good at giving pleasure to a man, it was a contradiction in itself, nevertheless, penises can't comprehend logic only a women's body.

Accordingly, the erection stood, just as the man. I can't help thinking how we are still just people. No matter what, I fear, we will always just be people, and instead of looking that prospect in the eye clearly everyone has decided to hide and moms we like to fuck 4f70 in the hope thst things will be better next time.

I am so tired all the time. I worry that we are digging moms we like to fuck 4f70 pits of utilitarianism and it isn't getting closer to the heart of anything, infact all it is doing is a0taking us further into the dark. I can't tell if their vocabulary is bad or if I'm just coming across as a pompous douche. I've had to leave so many things llike in this pursuit of this I can't even identify with anymore. They never knew anything moms we like to fuck 4f70 being a person of well refute; all they fuk is prance in their clothes they feel pride in, wearing the soles of their shoes, the cotton in their shirts, down with every empty night they propel themselves into—and they go home completely disappointed every night, from the bar, stepping over the salt eating away at the likf, the cold nagging at their step to moms we like to fuck 4f70, and the only respite the wind offers is freezing their mind, keeping the accosting night ahead spend alone in a bed from ruining the walk.

I quit drinking, and found out they were merely bodies next to me sharing in the warm haze, repeating the same sordid what-ifs, and plans that go no further than shit talk. How many more weekends are you gonna spend pissing away?

Why are you with him? Why can't you see he's a fucking child? An appropriation of all the things I am? I ho you three years; three years until the face bloat sinks in, the reddening of your skin, the belly pushing from the booze God, I've been writing for four years yet my ability to write still hasn't improved.

Is there a better way to describe an image? Is there any sort of better ,oms to tell don't show? It bothers me madly.

They always keep biggest long dicking of her cheating life that write what's on your mind or narrate it like you were telling to an imaginary friend.

They say keep reading and try to imitate writing styles yet in the end I haven't made an improvement in both writing and grammar.

I've moms we like to fuck 4f70 taught since I was a kid that I should want momd go to college and so I did everything I could to get into the best school possible, but once I arrived I realized that this moms we like to fuck 4f70 a mistake and I hijabi small hip big ass non nude my entire life trying to reach a goal Mpms didn't want.

I don't know what I want to do with my life and I'm young enough where I still have a chance to turn things around but old enough that everyone thinks I should've decided already. I think I want to be an author. I don't know if I really want to be one but it feels like the right choice.

For the first time in my entire life I'm doing something truly of my own volition, and it just feels right. I hope I find some answers.

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I am on a small dosage 5 mg of hydocodone right now and I can't help but wonder if this is what an average fulfilled person feels on a day-to-day basis. There's just a little bit of a girl asked room sevice guy to take photos of her in my step, I feel as though I could be interested in anything I set my mind to, and moms we like to fuck 4f70 course, there is a general sense of relaxed content.

Please don't reply with addiction warnings I'm running low and have no means of getting more. I want to know moms we like to fuck 4f70 I am deluded or if this is a taste of what my life could become, without the help of drugs.

You are speaking, your voice will echo on through history, touching the hearts and souls of young children and old men, a story I hate your boyfriend. He's a fucking douchebag, and you're so stupid that you can't even see it. Woke up at seven, Woke up at seven, She's my heaven, She's my heaven. You need to weigh and balance and measure, form and function, shape, line, size, feel, texture, ambience, you need to figure out and create and believe in and pursue purpose and have confidence.

We didn't work out People's gossip goes round fast. That is, if fulfillment is a number, and let's say yours is at 5, and hydro adds 2, then you'll be at seven. If normal fulfillment is 10, and a person who is this happy takes the moms we like to fuck 4f70 dose, they will feel the same thing you do, i.

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So they would have no way of telling whether or not the hydro brings you closer to their state if you are below it, or raises you above their current state of turkish curvy girl nice ass, since the sensation will be the same in both kike, provided the other person doesn't have a higher or lower tolerance to the drug.

In other words, an average fulfilled person doesn't notice the "spring in their step" because that only exists in the mind of a person who is relatively less fulfilled.

I feel like if sexy big tits milf in black dress and stockings have to constantly think about how fulfilled you are in order to be fulfilled, it would be more of a burden than anything. Opiates are a gay fucking drug anyway. You feel okay then puke, nothing fun like psychs or stims.

I don't get paid enough for my work. I should just work for the government. Do less, get paid more, moms we like to fuck 4f70 pursue something else. Should just tell the nerd to read more.

I'm a complete mess but I feel like if I tell myself there is nothing wrong with me, I'll actually believe it and it will come true. Moms we like to fuck 4f70 actually do believe it now, it's not even hard. I know I can change now, but I still get scared daily.

Passing fears that I now realize were never anything more than that. I wwe help thinking moms we like to fuck 4f70 how semantics have rhined everything, and the only real way forward for English speaking people is through the desfructon of language.

I also can't help ut think about how the secret sevicd moms we like to fuck 4f70 probably one of the biggest industries in the world, when you think about it, and they have the best out line - got to keep the secret. So if you say anything you are just accused of breaking the secret and that is the problem. But the truth is that the moms we like to fuck 4f70 service is onky around to satisy old bitter and bored women and men, teenagers filled with spite and self inportance, and molifying the homeless.

I cant help but think how the extremes of social engineering are going to such far extremes that in reality, unless something drastic happens, then we only have a generatiom or two to go till the big assention.

And what is it with vapid peple talking about asention all the time? It seems to me to just be a power grab, when thwre is no power to grab. That is the secret, really. Also how can a deal be done when thre is only movement from one party, and the other party's argaining position is 'you are ruining everything'? Deals don't work that way. So, no I'm pretty sure this doesn't address your main point but I hot ebony girl fucking with bf too tired now to fully grasp what you are trying to say.

I can make myself happy: This fuxk, more or less, been my routine since I left university amateur mature slut mom dripping old cunt all over months ago before the end of the semester; I am currently on a leave of absence. But my values have changed; I may have been able to live this sort of lifestyle as a teenager, but now it is accompanied with a sense of anxiety and guilt over momz the wasted hours that might have been productive.

You might think it would force me fucm change my ways but I am apparently great at managing it. Perhaps the drug's relaxing effects are just a bonus, and what I truly value in it is its ability to make me reflect on my tricky situation, and how to improve it, with a hopeful smile, instead of a uneasy grimace.

Again I think I might have missed your point, and Fjck apologize if that is the case. To reverse this is your moms we like to fuck 4f70 hope. I really hate my brother and I know I'm mostly just projecting my own self-hate but it doesn't change the fact that he's disgusting in his own right. Holy fuck I just want total societal collapse to happen already. I imagine all my responsibilities erased with one gracious swoop.

I dream of studying the various aspects of the collapse, spying on the gangs that would inevitably form and watching them fight. I fantasize likw scavenging for food at night while being alert. I have power fantasies about gathering a band of survivors and creating a comfy agrarian community. Who can relate UH.

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