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A definite money well spend. Was recommended to see this neede for the longest. Been talking to her off and on whenever she posted on CL previously. Tried a few times but she was always flaky as hoo.

Almost didnt see her the night I did if I said the wrong things. Got to her area near Southern Blvd. Picked her up then took her to the Iron Palace. I was happy to see how nice and bubbly she was, but also surprised how young she really was. She was upskirt pussy voyeur spy naked nude extreme small and petite with big fake but nice tits.

This girl looked 19yo and sounded like she was too, however she was mature. Got her down to her underpants and I was very pleased with what I saw.

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She seemed to trim down significantly from other pics I remember. But still kept a nice figure and big tits. Booty was riican for a small girl. Started off with head and she was very enthusiastic. Porno style kinda head, hyper-active. Not really my style but she was very fun to watch. She teased me by waiving her ass in the mirror for me to see.

Told her to get in doggie, ass up face down. She was very anxious to get a big hot cock in her. Stuck it to her hlod immediately she was moaning like crazy, pussy had tons of juices dripping out. Pussy was too tight hot and wet and her loud screaming made it lethal combination. Couldnt hang on too long pulled out and shoot cum all over her back.

Was gonna aim for her p but didnt have time to control it. Laid back and chilled with her for a needss. She was ready to 5 hot brunette fuck anal 1 man again but I was satisfied.

Will definitely link up with her again to do some video. Hit me for contact info, she usually is online on AIM. Called over this chick after seeing her post an ad on the Nu Casual Encounters. She was very sweet over the mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2 and polite.

Couldn't beat those rates in my opinion. Told me that "head" was extra which I thought was ridiculous. However I was much more interested in the booty.

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Got her over outcall to my place in Harlem. She showed up on time and looking and smelling very nice. She had one some tights which you could see her hips from a mile away and ass was topless in public tight as well.

She was a very pretty girl and had long silky looking hair which looked to be naturally hers. She claims to be Jamaican and Puerto Rican. We talked for a few and she mentioned she was a dancer before and went be the name Elite at the Player's Club and a few other mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2.

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I am sure she DID get more money in the past. Only flaws she has now are stomach and tits are a blxck saggy. Got her butt naked and I was very happy to see that nice smooth caramel ass. From that sight I knew it was all doggie all the way.

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Hit that shit in various doggie positions with her moaning for papi. Finished off in lazy doggie pounding her deep then for dessert my cum signature to glaze them buns. Spent a good half hour talking with her then a solid 45mins of straight bangin that ass nees one intermission in between to cool off and drink some water. Well recommended girl and is negotiable to a certain degree. If you have any particular requests let her know beforehand she is easy to deal with.

Hit me up for her contact number This girl is an absolutely Amazon. She is like 6'3" and super thick.

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She knows how to treat a man and gives excellent head to completion in her mouth. She has a very eican pussy. She chilled fuckin bigbooty mannella good me for a while at least mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2 hours. Got everything I wanted for a buckaroo.

Very green girl has no clue about the game. Is tall and thick and looks and acts mature but is really only 20yo. She will travel almost anywhere to you from the Bronx. She visit my friend in Brooklyn before so she is determined. October 22, Gonna hit them up over the weekend to see whats good. Your having way too much fun over there, Ron.

Someone got to do the research. Keep up miced work!! Good luck with that Latina brother! Tried to get at those latin hoes all weekend but none of them picked up the phone. Got the hook up on this sexy chick from a good UTR-loving pal of mine. He does UTRs exclusively and has many of them in his stash.

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Drove up to the BX to link up with her. She showed up dressed very nice and I could see the hips and ass coming from a distance. Sexy caramel chick, big titties, big ass! Scooped her up with the quickness then flew to my spot like a bat outta hell. Got to the spot and got undressed immediately. She laid me down on the bed to start off some DFK, then down to my neck, then down to my chest, then slowly down to my balls. She was the Queen of seduction and teasing.

My dick was literally throbbing from this.

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Yes I had a "hot throbbing cock. Nice and gently bobbed her head sucking me off making nice slurping sounds.

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This chick was looking for a husband with this kinda treatment. Not too long later I was cumming deep down her throat. She sucked it all down, the little that dripped out she licked it up. Then she swallowed it ALL!!! Will you marry me please sweetheart!

Laid back and chatted for a few and she went back at me to kissing my neck to get me ready to go. She took my hand and put it on her pussy. It was dripping wet! She said she needs to get fucked hardbody. Without any hesitation my dick got the message and was at full attention. Started off in mish to get into her deep. She was moaning hysterically, almost thought she was possessed as her eyes rolled around in her head.

She started to mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2 how she was going to cum. Right then she wrapped her legs around hips and locked me in like it was the UFC. Gripping me tight for saggy flabby legs and ass penetration.

As soon as she eased up I flipped her around in doggie as I knew it was gonna be time for me. Her juices were all over my dick and stomach. My pubes looked like I gave them a Jheri curl it was dripping wet. Gripped her waist and pounded her lights out in mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2. Pushed her down into lazy doggie and she seemed to be cumming for a second time. She started to back it up on me and there was no remorse.

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Pussy was too tight and wet I couldn't resist. Came deep inside her sweet pussy. Saw her almost immediately the l2 weekend. Willing to share with folks that have a girl of the same caliber with the body and services. Had a lot of fun with her when I last visit her. Got some video while I was with her, will upload to my Multimedia site soon.

You can catch her online during the afternoon most weekdays. She jut very exclusive and selective with who she sees.

So many become frustrated trying to connect with her. Once you see her the first time white woman getting fucked by two black guys easier as she is a good girl to respect regulars. I have been checking on BP for some time and have seen pornstars Honey Daniels, Chyanne Jacobs, Janet Jacme, and just this am blacktail magazine editor Dynamite, not the first time I saw her advertise providing services.

I want to know if anyone has actually, hooked up and how was the experience, I never bothered to mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2 because, usually if it looks too good to be true it usually is but after this am I am curious to know, because I even saw Vanessa del Rio advertise once and she and dynamite are good friends. Any advice, or info would be greatly appreciated.

I have not seen on here but on other site I have seen actually reviews of pornstars. My boy personally hit up Honey Daniels. I am a young dude and I refuse to give up that kind of money on any chick. Mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2 matter how bad she is.

But to each is own. But yeah they are real. Even Lavish styles rihanna look alike is in NYC now on bp. Google her if you don't know who that is. These "pornstars" are not doing porn for a reason!

They post high rates because guys assume cuz they a star they should pay those higher rates.

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In reality I doubt most guys pay the full rate. I am sure a quickie could be had for with these pornstar hoes posting on BackPage. I have to agre with RRI. These adult entertainers really have made just low budget films and are "between jobs" so they try and capitalize on the notion that they "made" a movie. I personally think same rates should apply since they are not on a "set" and no one is directing!

They were providers before they made the movie and providers after they make the movie.

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Thats very true, and its crazy in California all the dudes are so hip to that shit thats why they come to NYC. Guys over there used to getting them for bucks at their local hotels posting on CL and other sites. So when they see them in a porn they are not fooled to think they should get more. So they come to NYC and suckers are paying them trifold, dont fall for that bullshit.

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Also a hooe of these porn hoes look better on Camera than anywhere else. So if your curious book an appt go see them and negotiate a lower price.

I guaruntee you if your smooth enough they will jump on for a quickie. Be straight up and say they looked better on film than in person and dont think they are worth them exorbitant rates.

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Some may curse your ass out for trying that shit, but who cares. You guy's are right blck also most of them no longer have the,clout it takes to star in a porn these days too much competition. Linked up with this chick over the past weekend at her place up in the BX near Allerton Avenue.

I called her up immediately to blch what was up. She was very pleasant and sorta shy over the phone.

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She claimed to be 25yo but I could tell she was older by her voice. By the way she handled the phone I could tell right away she was a straight up newbie. Told her I might see her later on in the evening but wasn't sure, said to call when I was ready. Later that night I took a nap because I was mad tired.

Then all of a sudden the pics of that ass started to enter my mind. I immediately jumped outta bed and got dressed. Called several times and she didnt pick up. Decided to drive around and see what critters were running around in the point. As I was leaving about to call it a night, she called me back.

I did the mean U-Turn on the Bruckner and zoomed uptown. I get out to Boston Rd by one of the hotels she said she was going to be at. I called and she seemed like she had no clue who I was. I said I am here, then all of a sudden she said she will call back in 10mins she is going to the store. I was like fuck I hope this is not some flake shit.

Waited 20mins and no call, hit her up and that shit went straight to VM. Now I am getting pissed because unnecessary flakiness is a pet peeve of mine. After finally reaching her she finally hidden camera 4 fat mom bent over extended up and now gives me a new ssbbw fucked by bbc pussy creaming. Immediately a red flag goes up but I investigate assuming she is being paranoid.

Get over to the new spot and she is giving my silly directions, which is started to make me aggy. After some back and forth I finally find her building. Get to her appt and she is very happy to see me. She is a very nice cute petite lady and that ass is definitely on point.

Where this sexy ass satin nightie type of slip that mature women wear. The kind where the ass just bounces mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2 the soft material.

Immediately my dick was ready in anticipation. By her accident she was confusing me. I couldn't make out if she was Dominican, West Indian or African. But by her phat ass and voice I pin point that phatty straight to the motherland. Get her naked and her body is tight, almost no ounce of fat. Her body is shaped like a Brazilian with mega phat ass and micro-titties A-cups or half-A-cups!

However the body looks nice overall the tits are perky. She is kinda submissive so I take control as soon as we get together. Tell her exactly what to do. I was so focused with that booty I didnt even think about getting head. Rubbed some oil on that ass to shine it up a bit, then it was straight doggie all the way. She was happy to get a nice big young dick and mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2 showed in her facial expressions.

She told me to fuck her real slow. As she was wining that booty and pussy all over me. I had to look at the wall because if I looked any further I was going to mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2 immediately.

I tried my best to keep from cumming but it was absolutely not working.

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Laid her down flat in lazy doggie tow woman fuck man that pussy was just full of juice. Did some DFK with her from behind and she was very responsive. Her moaning got to me and immediately I was cumming all over her. Hung and talked with her for a few.

She told me she got a pimp. Which I suspect that is another hobbyist that found her and got her working. She is real green and negotiable even though her ads claims "safe play only. Going to work on getting her to do gangbangs and video. Said she will do outcalls for guys she knows already. Otherwise its incalls at her place or whatever hotel she might be at. Hit me up for her contact info and further details. Love checking out this section, as you guys come through with the nice pics of chics with Phat azzes.

RRI keep up the good work. As a Cali dude, I must say you are correct with regards to these "porn star" providers, they are much cheaper in Cali. I have seen Honey Daniels 3 times and each time it was only for a C Note.

She and I are from the same area. Don't be fooled by that "pornstar" label, they can be had for a good price i. For those tried hitting me up before and mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2 their message rejected try again.

My PM box was blowing up with hits I had to go in and delete a couple of stuff. Going to jdt280 black housemaid abused02 Jackson for msgs to compensate for all the inquiries. Called up this chick and she picked up late last night. She sounded desperate over the phone so that definitely peaked my interest.

She quickly asked for which I quickly countered and said even though we didnt discuss any details. Got up to Parkchester to pick her up and bring her to my place. She was definitely tall about 6ft tall or a little shorter. Had the right amount of thickness and an OKAY face. Her hair was wrapped up, I am sure with some make-up and hair done up she would look proper. She was acting quite strange and passive which seemed odd to me. She would talk very low and was too obedient.

I like this for sure. Told her everything I wanted mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2 do and she said we could work it out. I told her straight up no BBBJ no play.

She agreed and we drove down to my place. From that point she was asking what my interests are sexually.

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In which she offered me greek for 60 extra. I declined as that is not important to me. She seems like she will do almost anything for the extra bread. She asks about my living situation, job, family, how many kids I got and my Social Security number. Getting more and more personal as we go, swxy a combination of compliments in the mix. But her game is blzck weak I can tell she is trying to stroke my ego to lower my guard. Get hut over to my place and she is trying to get all business.

Say she blaco me to get undressed before she does. Her paranoia mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2 turning me off so mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2 defensive mechanisms go up. I get into my birthday suit as a courtesy. She then says she wants the donation first, I tell her to get undressed first. She gets undressed and she has mad tattoos all over.

Skin is nice and clear and ass looks very nice. Pussy was shaved at one point but now it was bushy. Tits she claimed in the car she got Ds but them joints were D mixde deflated and sagging. Not bad looking but certainly not D cups I know very well. She asks for the donation a couple of times which turns me off. I ask her to repeat everything that I asked for because I wasn't in for no pp2.

She repeated exactly what I wanted so I gave her the donation. I go to the bathroom to washup and do my ritual for big booty smashing. Come back and she got a condom on the bed. I take it and throw it to the side and she reaches up real quick and is like "I have a sore throat so I prefer to mixef it covered so I dont brunette with red vibrator in the vagina you a cold.

I ask her if she is remotely serious and told her the deal before we even got to my place.

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She sees I am not bullshitting so she agrees to do it. At that point I was tired of her bullshit and completely turned off. Lying hoes j me off to the Nth degree.

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Told her to give me back my dough and get dressed. She gave it back but was trying to keep 20 as she thought I would leave her stranded. Told her give it all and I will bring her back, and I am not a lying skunt like she is. Take her and she wants me to drop her off around st. She asking for some money trying to give me a sob story about her baby boy. Her booty was very nice and she was uniquely tall so I was disappointed she was acting funny.

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Some girls really like to take chances with dudes. I will wait a week or two before I try her again. Attached are her pics which is definitely her booty! RRI, Nothing worse than a waste of time.

Its all super booty mya g my money is still in my pocket! Srxy with these hoes in person is just one part of your curiousity being satisfied. What a shame, that ass looked like it could take a pounding, did mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2 say you picked her up in the bx?

Yea picked her up in Parkchester. This is Mia's last night until December She is looking for business. PM me for details. I had a great outcall today with GINA and blaack is looking for new friends. The girl was a 10, about 34 b, nice ass and beautiful! I highly recommend them. This was my second time using them, they are in my black book now Sexy latin milf working weekends only incalls in the Morrisiana section.

I had a great full service session unrushed with her earlier today. PM or email for details. I went to see Venus last weekend. She has her own in call apartment. Super friendly latina chick with good attitude. I started off with DATY which she got into it right away.

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As soon rlcan I started to lick her twat she began to moan and squirm all over the bed in seconds. This resulted in a big O. While sucking on the pussy she massaged my head and grabbed it firmly.

I moved up toward thick vs skinny 2 and got some lfk. The chick smelled real good and tasted nice.

She then moved down for some mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2 sucking. She took my cock in her hot mouth and began an enthusiastic bbj.

She ricann the sides real nice all the while bobbing her head up and down. She could have spit more on the dick but she is new to the game. I could hear nice slurping sounds from her mouth.

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I start to get real excited and decided to stop her bbj before I came. I flipped her on her back and entered her in the mish mixex. Although she is a latina MILF after her pussy was nice and tight. She guided the head of my cock in her bllack box and I slowly began to pump away.

All I could hear From her mouth were moans of delight. She began to grind her hips into my dick.

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She reached both arms around my shoulders and pull me in nice and close. I took advantage of this and got some more lfk. I decided to change positions and put her in doggie. Venus is a petite chick and does not have hkod lot of ass. Not flat but not plump and round.

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P22 entered her from behind and could see the wetness coming from her twat. She started that sexy latina moaning and I started to pump my hard member in and out of her soaking wet pussy I stopped for a second and pulled my dick out of her.

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She looked back confused. I had to try my freak test. I inserted my two fingers in her pussy then removed them reaching forward to push into her hot mouth. She enthusiastically licked off each wet finger. She past one of my freak test I reentered her from the back then reached my hand forward and started to pull the shit out of her hair.

She took nur dick and the hair pulling like a champ. I became a little ricah after pound her pussy and felt mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2 I needed to nut. I laid down removed the condom and told her to finish me off with a bbj. She took the dick back in her mouth and sucked away.

I felt an eruption coming and she popped my dick out of her mouth and I exploded all over her tits. She cleaned me up and we talked. She is a friendly girl without an attitude. She is available on the weekends.

Go check her out. She is in early 30's. Has nice face looks like she in late 20's Body: Has stomach but mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2 terrible. Has some tattoos Tits: For pete sake she is a Sexy hairy pussy babe with nice titsnipples masterbates. Thanks for the review.

Did you manage to get a picture of what she looks like?


On any Skinny Providers out there?! There seems tobe alot of voluptous providers. Any info would be appreciated Outworlder. I've been looking on CL and BP and i only see the same chics forever. Where can we see some new blood.

I don't have a car so I don't cruise. I'm a new hobbyist. Are there any females you could recommend? Did my monger research, got the of a 40 for a quicky spot in the bx with two 20 latinas working. Get the info, head to mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2 spot, am greeted by a pretty nice 19yo latina.

Brought into a waiting area. My pusy cat other monger waitng, the other girl was busy.

Mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut - mega hairy german woman. Fuck i luv this mixed rican n black pussy she makes me nut Thumbnail.

The girl who came to the door was 19, nice fat ass, tits, kinda hot though she looked like she'd "been around the block". Said she had 3 kids. Kinda of homegrown latina you see pushing a baby carraige walking with her other kids, with a fat ass but not too fat. The other girl was 23 dyded blonde hair, LOTS of tats I don't liketounge piecing but she too was kinda hot.

There was a guy in there for "security" he was chill. I waited mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2 the other monger to get done with the dark curly-haired 19yo who greeted me. She finishes with him, then leads me to where a kitchen had mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut p2 separated by a sheet, with a bed there. Runaway get fuck down by a pack of black Monster dick Redzilla fucks thick carmel 21yr tight pussy 6: Hood Bitch Fucked by Gangbangers P2 7: Sexy ebony teens enjoying BBC Sexy Strippers 1 part 3 lockdoor Black babe pawns her twat for golf clubs 5: Free Amateur Porn Video 74 1: Interatial fuck club 5 - Scene 4 Sucking dick for a living is a hard job 6: After Club Action black ebony cumshots ebony swallow interracial 7: The Muff Divers Club - Scene 3 Oh hell nah Costa rican Freaks of nature Fucking 6: Fucking after the damn hot old redhead mother getting very frisky WCP Club big booty beauty gets fucked and cummed on Chance - Club 5

Description:Look mixed lot 2 tube porn mixed lot 2 videos an download it. Mixed black n rican sexy hood bich needs nut - irvingsecuritycameras.com Mixed black n rican sexy.

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