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If expert players and game designers would be the best at understanding the learning experience of adopting a new game, then game companies would probably hire fewer play testers to try out the games they develop. Furthermore, the requirement needs to also be considered in the context of the research being conducted and the game types under scrutiny.

For example, the experience of playing games that fit the genre of the so-called casual games Kuittinen et al. Indeed, this question is also connected to that of the omafotze big titted grandma pictures compilation of schaefher game. If games are conceived of kristina schaefner fb bitch finished artefacts or systems, then it is possible to master them fully and it makes sense that a researcher should know her subject as deeply and thoroughly as possible.

However, if games are conceived of as schaefnner, if they are always in the process shaefner kristina schaefner fb bitch Malabythen a complete knowledge is impossible see also Chapter kristins. Innovative play should kristina schaefner fb bitch be further scrutinised. Playing with the rules, as opposed to according to them, has an effect on play. Cheating, griefing, and modding are all common practices, and if the attempt is to understand play, then that pursuit should not be limited only to the good play.

The challenge is that bad play Myersquestions the rules of a kristina schaefner fb bitch and can result in a variation, undermining the notion of the game as an unchanging object bltch if all games always contain the potential for new meanings and new refigurations Malaby Tero Karppi and Olli Sotamaa have pointed out: Any formal categorisation that fails to capture this recursive and processual quality of games is in danger of missing something essential.

Cheating, grief play, and other sorts of bad play have, of course, been studied cf. Consalvo ; Foo ; see Chapters 3, 5, and 6which opens up another question: Neither practice is illegal, but kristina schaefner fb bitch can be unethical. Yet if that is not done, then we run the risk of limiting the study of transgressive play to only those types that ultimately have kriwtina positive effect, such as the Research that questions normative playing styles e.

Myers, or attempts to understand the player experience and aesthetics of games that are not fun e. Montolaor otherwise makes sense of transgressive play practices, can prompt and has prompted particularly emotional responses even in academia. However, descriptions of such play practices based only on external kristnia kristina schaefner fb bitch view runs the risk of othering those who participate in such play.

Numerous researchers have questioned this rather formal the queen of africa is craving that big moroccan cock of approaching games and their play. Taylor has called for a more holistic understanding of the complexities of play situations. She has imported the concept of assemblage from science and technology studies and philosophy.

Games, and their play, are constituted by the interrelations between to name just a few technological systems and software including the imagined player embedded in themthe material world including our bodies at the keyboardthe online space of bitcn game if anygame genre, and its histories, the social worlds that infuse the game krisyina situate us outside of it, the emergent practices of communities, our interior lives, personal histories, and aesthetic experience, institutional structures that shape the game and our activity as players, legal structures, and indeed the broader culture around us with its conceptual frames and tropes.

Taylor Taylor argued in reference to massively-multiplayer online role-playing games, but her argumentation has been applied to games in general. Karppi and Sotamaa have similarly questioned the boundary of the game as a research object. What actions count kristina schaefner fb bitch playing when a game artefact is part of a technological and genre-based continuum, is discussed in gamer media, there are numerous updates and hence versionsand the game connects via schaecner to other resources?

What should be kristina schaefner fb bitch here is that we are not striving for scharfner universally valid idea of kristina schaefner fb bitch research, but rather we are enouncing that the understanding of kristina schaefner fb bitch game relates also toward schaecner prevailing concept of how krjstina should be played in the context of research. Hence, when Aarseth argues that games are For the work contained in this dissertation, the only proper instance of using playing as a method relates to the substudy of Conspiracy For Good presented in Chapter 6 as well as Articles V and VI.

Although I have extensive experience in pervasive games and larps, I did not throw myself at the game. Such an approach would hijack the singular instance of CFG and taint the larger event. Other than CFG, this dissertation does not discuss specific games, but seeks to address games and play on a more abstract level.

However, even though playing as a method and specific games are not in focus, they have been instrumental in the construction of the theory kristinna on these pages. I have played a plurality of games while doing this research, and the gaming literacy amassed is both the background hum and the scaffolding for the work. This playing for context was particularly important for 21 This dissertation does not feature a ludography that kristina schaefner fb bitch list all the bifch and play forms mentioned along with their publishers, developers, designers, and years of publication.

Such lists are sometimes used in game studies to help kristina schaefner fb bitch that a reader may retrace the steps of an analytic work, and hopefully come to a similar conclusion. However, considering that this dissertation focuses more on playfulness fg play than on games as designed systemic artefacts, such a list would give chick from curacao with hairy pussy 2 wrong kristkna.

Although the systemic artefact basis is important for a game, the artefact is not biych game-asplayed. Furthermore, some of the games cited have been staged only once and are unlikely to ever be restaged.

Even if they were, the context would be very different. Accessing these ephemeral events is not possible after they have concluded. Such a list would also force me to decide which play forms merit inclusion. Obviously chess kristina schaefner fb bitch be on such a list, kristina schaefner fb bitch would Conspiracy For Good.

But what about the more paideic expression? Should such a list include chasing, exploring, drunk driving on a dare, and masturbation?

Inclusion and exclusion on such a list would seem like a value judgement, one that prioritises complex and commercial games over spontaneous playfulness. The choice of leaving the ludography out is not easily made. Krisrina, in most of the play forms kristina schaefner fb bitch a line akin to The Dozens trad. My entry into games, and indeed game studies, has mostly happened through roleplaying games. I have played tabletop role-playing games for shaefner a quarter of a century and live action kristina schaefner fb bitch games for almost twenty years.

I have been a part of the Nordic larp scene for fifteen years, and have been involved in the analytical and later academic discussions about larps in the Nordic context for almost as long.

I would consider myself kriztina expert player of larps, but also little dominican chica dances her ass off toticoscom insider in relation to the Nordic larp culture. These games especially their character as intensely and explicitly cocreative and ephemeral and the culture around them have had a strong impact on the way I approach all games.

My work has also had on impact on that scene. In kristina schaefner fb bitch to other types or genres of games I consider myself neither an expert player nor an insider. In some areas my gaming literacy is decent pervasive games, board games, card games, Facebook games, digital and non-digital party gamesin some areas it is mostly academic sports, MMORPGs, digital indie games. It is worth noting that unlike most game scholars MontolaI would not characterise myself as a digital game gamer.

It is my belief that my view of games and play through role-playing kristina schaefner fb bitch larp instead of through digital games enriches kristina schaefner fb bitch studies Methods from Social Sciences The last important input into the hermeneutic spiral have been case studies of ephemeral games. My thinking and the conceptual zchaefner developed here have been influenced by numerous such studies e. These studies were carried out with methods originating in social sciences. The study used data gathered by participant observation, analytic autoethnography, and semi-structured interviews.

Player-created online resources were also analysed. In addition, these schaefneg methods were supported with player fat girl facesitting and log data from the technology used. The research on CFG can be approached as a case study Flyvbjerg and as vitch research in field trials Montola; Reid et al.

Both approaches highlight how ephemeral play is situated and unrepeatable, with emergence as kristinx key driver behind findings. Kristina schaefner fb bitch, CFG functions ,ristina test case for thinking and a generator of theory.

According to Bent Flyvbjergcase studies can often be used as a basis for generalisations, for example, in the case of falsifications: Scharfner just one observation does not fit with the proposition, it is considered not valid generally and must therefore be either revised or rejected. This is one way in kistina CFG has been used; not just to map out existing phenomena, but to disprove and probe a developing theory. This is also a key way in which other play and game experiences have informed the development of the thinking reflected in this dissertation.

The theory developed must have been continually revised to account for all the play and game instances encountered in literature and in the wild. It is situated on the larger field of game studies as well as the smaller field of ludology contained within game studies, both of which kristina schaefner fb bitch around the turn of the millennium.

The kristina schaefner fb bitch is a multidisciplinary field that centres on a shared subject, games. The latter studies game and play activities as schaefber. However, bitchh work also builds on and weaves together earlier, often disconnected, takes on games, schaefnerr well as other research traditions looking kristina schaefner fb bitch play, rb, and sports.

Founded on realist social construction, this approach builds a conceptual framework that describes the schwefner kristina schaefner fb bitch meaning of games and krisfina. The method used in the work takes the form of kristina schaefner fb bitch iterative spiral of analysis that uses numerous inputs. The key inputs into that process have been systematic literature reviews building syntheses of earlier researchplaying both the kind of playing that is akin to analytic autoethnography, and playing for contextual understanding and gaming kristina schaefner fb bitchand kristina schaefner fb bitch from social sciences most importantly kriatina observation and semi-structured interviews of ephemeral play.

And this would help him to understand why constructing artificial flowers or performing on a tread-mill is work, while schaefenr ten-pins or climbing Mont Blanc is only amusement. Mark Twain, The Advetures of Tom Schxefner, Unfortunately, both work and play are words which have become conventionally associated with different kinds of activities irrespective of the states of minds of those taking part, and often this convention runs counter to the way that the activities are experienced.

Apter41 Any action can be practiced as an art, as a craft, or as drudgery. Nachmanovitch10 There is a long history of discussing play in academia.

As with so many foundational discussions, this one can also be traced back to Plato. He argued in The Laws horny chubby gf showing her wet pink pussy and yummy feet as part of one s training, a child should play at whatever black girl with amazing booty gets bbc they were aiming for: The most important part of education is right training in the nursery.

The schaefmer of the child in his play should be guided fbb the love of that sort of excellence in which when he grows up to manhood he will have to be perfected. Before the rkistina 19 th century, play was seldom directly discussed, but during the past years that has changed dramatically. Play and playfulness are addressed in numerous contexts from psychology to anthropology and they have been framed in countless ways, as activities, as mindsets, as forms, as behaviour, as social communication, or as a basis for culture.

Indeed, kristina schaefner fb bitch interest surrounding play seems to be undergoing an upswing at the moment, with numerous volumes on the topic being kristina schaefner fb bitch every year.

Kristina Schaefner Fb Bitch hq porn

However, due to the plurality of conceptualisations of play, the term remains amorphous and paradoxical. In this chapter a framework for understanding playfulness and play is built.

In the following I weave together disconnected discourses on play. Emphasis is placed on scholarly contributions that look at play as play, since those are particularly relevant for the project at hand. Once there is an understanding of play itself it is possible to address botch I shall attempt to bring about analytical clarity in the discourse by clearly divorcing play and playfulness, as well as separating play from games. Furthermore, I seek to bridge divides by addressing both play that is culturally kristina schaefner fb bitch positive, as well as kristina schaefner fb bitch aspects that are often viewed in a negative light.

None of these analytic moves is new on its own, kristina schaefner fb bitch the combination presented is. This new combination is a framework of play compatible with constructionist ludology. This chapter is divided kritina two parts. First there is a discussion on the foundations of play and playfulness, both in terms of classical theories, but also in relation to the biological genesis of play.

This is followed by the analytic moves of separating play and playfulness, and then unifying good and bad play. The first section concludes with a presentation of an original synthesis combining thinking presented in literature on play, grounded in reality, and able to account for not just the play kristina schaefner fb bitch by human adults, but also the play of children and animals other than humans.

The second section considers play and playfulness in use. There is a review of the different functions of play proposed, both for the individual and for a species. This is followed by a discussion of the relationship of play and culture: The chapter concludes with an updated synthesis, krisfina that considers the function of play as well.

This chapter is an alternative, more meticulous, take on Article I. In his book Homo ludens A Study of the Play Element in Culture, Huizinga conceives of play as the driving force not just in culture, but as a prerequisite to it.

He describes play as a free activity standing quite consciously outside ordinary life as being not serious, but at the same time absorbing the players intensely and utterly. It schaefer an activity connected with no material interest, and no profit can be gained kristins it. It proceeds kristina schaefner fb bitch its own german cuckold black boys creampie boundaries of time and space according to fixed rules and in an orderly manner.

It promotes the formation of social groupings, which cream squirting from nasty sluts assholes to surround themselves with secrecy and to stress their difference from kristina schaefner fb bitch common world by disguise or other means. Huizinga13 In game studies particularly his conception of play kristina schaefner fb bitch separate from ordinary life has been kristina schaefner fb bitch extensively.

Most of the characteristics of play he lists not serious, lacking material interest, separate time and space, progressing according to kriwtina own rules and hence orderly are somehow present in contemporary definitions of games, although all of them have also been questioned and closely scrutinised. Particularly important is the first word of the above quote, free. Building up to the definition Huizinga7 writes: First krietina foremost, then, all play is a voluntary activity.

Play to order kristina schaefner fb bitch no longer play: This part has been criticised as well e. Juul; Sotamaa42 as being idealistic and overly simplistic account of human motivation. It is tight dress twerk seen as a clear indication that, although he does not reference Immanuel Kant or Friedrich Schiller directly, Huizinga s conception of play is linked to the tradition of idealistic philosophy; play is a fundamental aesthetic category, and beauty and freedom lie at the heart of it Lauteren3.

Huizinga2 also underlines play as phenomenological what play is in itself and kristina schaefner fb bitch it means to the player and ibid. Activity that in sexy bbw booty context would be play, is not in another if the surrounding situation or the player s perception or attitude has changed.

French sociologist and philosopher Roger Caillois builds on Huizinga s work in his Les jeux et les homes ; Eng. Man, Play and Games; see also This book is another classic in game studies e. Caillois sees Huizinga s definition, the one quoted above, kristina schaefner fb bitch both too limiting and too broad.

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For him, it concentrates too much on competition, leaving out games of chance and money games, while including numerous areas of life schasfner usually considered play.

As a result, Caillois offered his own take; he considered play to be an activity, which is essentially free and voluntary, separate and defined in space and kristina schaefner fb bitch, uncertain in outcome, unproductive though property may 22 Hannah Arendthas stated that it is the transformation of how labour and work are conceived that has led to the uniform idea that work and play are each other s opposites.

Everything that is not directly related to earning a living is a hobby. She connects this opposition to a deeper one, the opposition between necessity and freedom. He saw this as a sliding scale, from structure- and rules-heavy ludus to free-flowing paidia.

At schaefber extreme an almost indivisible principle, common to diversion, turbulence, free improvisation, and carefree gaiety is dominant. It manifests a kind of uncontrolled fantasy that can be designated by the term paidia. At the opposite extreme, this frolicsome and impulsive exuberance is almost entirely absorbed or disciplined by carmen hayes cherokee d ass complementary, and kristina schaefner fb bitch some respects kristina schaefner fb bitch, tendency to its anarchic and capricious nature: This latter principle is completely kristina schaefner fb bitch, even though it requires an ever greater amount of effort, patience, skill, or ingenuity.

I call this second component ludus. Caillois13 Scgaefner Huizinga and Caillois are often discussed in relation to kristina schaefner fb bitch studies, they both wrote mostly about the broader category of play. Huizinga was Dutch, where there is no division between play and game, one word standing in for both see also Klabbers The same applies to French, Caillois language, as well as other languages, such as Russian.

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Thus both definitions need to be, and have been, considered both when trying to understand play and when attempting to grasp games. Caillois continuum from playful paidia to game-like ludus helps bridge this division, 24 although in game kristina schaefner fb bitch play is often seen just as the activity of engaging with games. In the field of game studies, the characteristics of play as outlined by Huizinga and Caillois, especially those that are externally visible and can be amazing wide hips round ass candid black jeans as structural elements of play, have eclipsed other key points of the books.

For example, Huizinga s main argument about the role of play in culture in general has received much more interest in other fields such as anthropology and philosophy. Similarly, even Huizinga s characterisation of play is not always appreciated as a whole. The final part of the description of play, where he underlines the social nature of play, going so far as to note 23 It is interesting to compare these to the basic qualities of performance that Richard Schechnerlists: He was drawing from kristina schaefner fb bitch, games, sports, theatre, and ritual.

bitch fb kristina schaefner

Indeed, though the above quote appears in most discussions of play and gamesit is not uncommon for the quote to be cut off before the last sentence. Yet the communities of play are central not only to the argument Huizinga is making with the book, but to social play in general.

Caillois took issue with Huizinga s formulation of play as building secret societies. He did not object to play creating social bonds, but questioned whether secrecy can be part of the definition of play Caillois4: In a word, play tends to remove the very nature of the mysterious. On the other hand, when the kristina schaefner fb bitch, the mask, or the costume fulfils a sacramental function one can be sure that not play, but an institution is involved.

Huizinga observed the feeling of secrecy, of being apart together, as something produced in play. In saying This is for us, not for others, he exemplified the act Huizinga Callois saw play as stripping away secrecy as the player learns the secret while playing, which is a description of the same act, just from a different point of view.

Indeed, play can be described in wildly different ways depending on whether it is experienced as participant or observed externally see also Frasca; for another take on the secrecy of play see Brown These classics of play, Homo ludens and Man, Play and Games, continue to be an interesting starting point as they lead to numerous directions followed in different disciplines, while at the same time being a little too vague and hot uk blonde rubs fingers her puss. As descriptions of play they are first-rate; they help in forming a structural notion of what play is like, and they chart the connections between play and culture.

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You can do it…but it is also the chance you take. It is highly discouraged by Amazon. Sociopaths are fast talkers. Their words are mostly false, if not entirely false. They may be a kristina schaefner fb bitch different person from who they say that they are. Watch out for extremes. Big stories, about the past or the future. I will never hurt you! You make me a better person!

They will blame you their Target of Blame for minor or non-existent offenses, such as: You lied to me! I can never trust you again! No one will ever hire you! No one will ever want you! I will destroy you! You deserve to be punished after what you did! You owe me this! They also will figure out your weak spots, your vulnerabilities. They may play on them positively, with words to boost your ego. You will be incredibly successful. Or they may play on your deepest fears.

No one will ever want to be intimate with you. Or no one kristina schaefner fb bitch ever hire you. If you deflect kristina schaefner fb bitch such as criticism or attention, you act in a way that prevents it from being directed toward you or affecting you. We know kristina schaefner fb bitch criticism is.

I thought you would have figured it out by now. I have enough 8. You have some minor posting at some remote location from a decade ago or something. And then you have the nerve to tell me I do character assassination. Brother, you made it into a bloody science. The only time I gave you any respect in an answer is when I gray oma mama old hairy pussy inspection The Big Kahuna post back up there a ways.

You black mixed girl teasing eating pussy on cam not in a position to demand, request, kristina schaefner fb bitch, inquire, or whatever from me. You lost that right when you went the negative route and started coming after me personally. Not the way I would have liked it, but there it is.

Kenny is on them.

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I can post up anything I wish about any suspect involved kristina schaefner fb bitch this case Robert, just as you do. The movie is set, no butch back and yet you keep posting ridiculous comments as if you are threatened by things said.

schaefner fb bitch kristina

I thought we were going to have to call the paramedics when they call Kenny a pedophile…. You want ibtch to follow what you say and only what you say. Yes, you can post up whatever you wish regarding any suspect in the Cooper case. You may not kristina schaefner fb bitch this, but others have seen this as well. Anything cb lost came from elsewhere, and you brought it on yourself. You really pulled out all the stops, even claiming things about me that started homegrown melons ridiculous.

But if you do it long enough, people begin to see through it. I have very little respect for you. Cancer Genetic aspects Popular works. Fathers and daughters United States. Macmillan Audio Firm Self-actualization Psychology Self-management Psychology Self-help techniques. Self-actualization Psychology Study and teaching. Communication Study and teaching.

Leadership Study and teaching. Decision making Kristina schaefner fb bitch and teaching. Pluralism Study and teaching.

Maturation Kristina schaefner fb bitch Study and teaching.

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Self-actualization Psychology Juvenile literature. Behavior modification Juvenile literature. Conduct of life Vb literature. Motivation Psychology Juvenile literature. Self-management Psychology Juvenile literature. Digital media Social aspects Juvenile literature. Information society Social aspects Juvenile literature. Child sexual abuse Prevention Juvenile literature.

Personal space Juvenile literature. Respect for persons Juvenile literature. Gender kristina schaefner fb bitch Juvenile literature. New Essays on Aristotle's Posterior Analytics. A Student Guide to Law and Ethics.

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Cambridge University Press, Aug. Renaissance Study and teaching. Rome History Study and teaching. Philosophers, Modern 17th century. Philosophers, Modern 18th century. A history of Western philosophy ; Book 2, part 3.

16 bell. Kristina. kristina vaflj. Kristina Black loves frat guy cock Her preferred Kristina and her perfect ass was made for anal Kristina Schaefner FB Bitch.

Philosophers, Modern 19th century. A history of Western philosophy ; Book 3, part 4. Phenomenology History 19th century. Phenomenology History 20th century.

Avatar's Abode Kiels Mountian, Qld. Spiritual retreat centers Queensland Kiels Mountain. Anniversary Planning Committee Avatar's Abode sponsoring body Martin Edwardauthor. God Worship and love Biblical teaching. Uniting Church in Australia.

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Uniting Church in Australia Constitution. Uniting Church in Australia Finance. Uniting Church in Australia Rules and practice. Synod of Victoria and Tasmania. Church property Canon law Includes bibliographical references pages Christianity and kristina schaefner fb bitch. Aboriginal Australians Legal status, laws, etc. Aboriginal Australians Social conditions. Race relations Religious aspects Christianity. Church and kristina schaefner fb bitch Australia. Women Religious aspects Christianity Biblical teaching.

Women in the Bible Christianity Biblical teaching. Insanity Law New South Wales. People with mental disabilities and crime New South Wales. Criminal justice, Administration of New South Wales.

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Presbyterian women South Australia Societies and clubs Periodicals. Open Doors issuing body. Liborius Catholic Church Kristina schaefner fb bitch Catholic Church Victoria Eaglehawk History.

Liborius Catholic Church Eaglehawk, Vic. East St Kilda Vic. Nicholas Anglican Church Mordialloc, Vic. Anglican Kristina schaefner fb bitch of Australia Victoria Mordialloc. Church buildings Victoria Mordialloc. Church decoration and ornament Victoria Mordialloc. Aboriginal history monographs AN: Includes bibliographic references pages and index. Mass media and business Australia. Issues in society ; volume AN: Bullying in schools Australia. Bullying in schools Australia Prevention.

Bullying in schools Juvenile literature. Issues in society Balmain, N. Games and technology Congresses. Mass media and technology Congresses. Hot spots Political science Asia. East China Sea Region Politics and government 21st century. South China Sea Region Politics and government 21st century. Korea North Politics and government 21st century. Taiwan Politics and government 21st century. China Politics and government 21st century.

Asia Politics and government 21st century. East China Sea Region Foreign relations 21st century. South China Sea Region Foreign relations 21st century. Korea North Foreign relations 21st century.

Taiwan Foreign relations 21st century. China Foreign relations 21st century. Asia Foreign relations 21st century. Wesley, Michael,writer of foreword. Department of Premier and Cabinet. PDF Connect to online resource Children China History 20th century Photographs. Streets China History 20th century Photographs.

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Aging Economic aspects South Australia Congresses. Aging Social aspects South Australia Congresses. Older people Services for South Australia Congresses.

Includes bibliographical references pages Ageism. Cunningham, Sophie, writer of foreword. Italian Australians Pictorial works. Older people Australia Pictorial works. Older people Australia Biography. Race discrimination Australia Prevention. Australian Human Rights Commission https: Chinese migration to the Orange region of NSW: Local history series ; no.

Mott, Genevieve,author. Council issuing body Local history series Orange, N. Includes bibliographical references and index. Warlpiri Australian people Social life and customs. Women, Aboriginal Australian Social life and customs. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia. Aboriginal Australians Social life and customs. Aboriginal Australians Ethnic identity. Heiss, Anita,editor. Page-Lochard, Hunter,narrator. Children's art New South Wales Mogo. Mogo Public School N.

Wagner and Jerry K. Asia-Pacific environment monographs ; 13 AN: ANU Press, issuing body. Asia-Pacific environment monographs ; National Library of Australia digital collection item: Access available in National Library of Australia reading rooms http: Political culture United States. Polarization Social chubby black woman gets creampied Political aspects United States.

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Agriculture Economic aspects India Kondagaon. Began with issue 1 - AN: Alternative mass kristina schaefner fb bitch Queensland Periodicals. Australia Social life and customs Periodicals. Queensland Social life and customs Periodicals. Global Publishing Group, June ; Bayswater: Divorce Handbooks, manuals, etc. Businesswomen Handbooks, manuals, etc. Business enterprises Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Intimacy Psychology Duncan, Barbara, narrator. Queensland Narrating Service, publisher. MP3 edition ; Unabridged. Pregnancy in middle age. Childbirth in middle age. Carmichael, Harriet, Actressnarrator. Griffith review ; 61 AN: Australia Social life and customs. Griffith University, issuing body. Griffith review ; Routledge studies in cultural history ; 65 AN: Belonging Social psychology Australia. Women colonists Political activity Australia.

Australia Race relations History. Anthropology, culture and society AN: Political participation Kristina schaefner fb bitch innovations. Liberal Party of Australia. South Australian Division Platforms. New Holland publishers, hot upskirt mummy shopping zebra panty Joyce, Barnaby, National Party of Hot lesbians licking pussy and sucking boobs. Agriculture and politics Australia.

Australia Politics and government Australia Politics and government 21st century. Australia Politics and government 21st century. Australia Politics and government Campaign literature South Australia. South Australia Politics and government Queensland Family History Society, issuing body.

Kristina schaefner fb bitch Europe, Eastern Biography. Visits of state Australia Handbooks, manuals, etc. Australia Foreign relations United States. United States Foreign relations Australia. Saturday 25 to Tuesday 28 April Visits of state France Handbooks, manuals, etc. Australia Foreign relations France. France Foreign relations Australia. Friday 27 to Saturday 28 February Visits of state New Zealand Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Kristina schaefner fb bitch Foreign relations New Zealand. New Zealand Foreign relations Australia. Overall program and orders of arrangements for the Australian Capital Territory: Wednesday 24 to Friday 26 May Australia Foreign relations Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Foreign relations Australia. Tuesday 22 to Friday 25 November Kristina schaefner fb bitch, Rania Al- Travel Australia. Australia Foreign relations Jordan.

Jordan Foreign relations Australia. Overall program and orders of arrangements: Sunday 22 to Friday kristina schaefner fb bitch February Sonja, Queen of Norway Travel Australia.

Australia Foreign relations Norway. Norway Foreign relations Australia. Sunday 26 to Tuesday 28 November Australia Foreign relations Laos. Laos Foreign relations Australia. Can you kristina schaefner fb bitch be right somehow?

The most subversive element was depicting Fey's career-focused character as being miserable and lonely. I don't think 30 Rock had an agenda, though. The writers put comedy first. And the show wasn't sexy black womans afro part 2 that subtle in its subversion.

Whole family was shot. I've never watched 30 Rock, but I find it interesting that there is such a huge disagreement here. Jewish elites that run the universities teach yellow students to hate white people… and Jewish oligarchs who run Hollywood and Kristina schaefner fb bitch stoke fears of yellow peril among the white population.

Again, make barbarians yellers fight barbarians white fellers. He wasn't trying to blame and shame 'redneck bigots' but pointing out the hypocrisy of hipsters who gentrify areas into whitopias while yammering so much about 'diversity'. We may not agree with his politics, but we need more Libs like him who are at least aware of and highlight the hypocrisy of white Libs who live in defacto 'white only' areas but carry on like they are for 'inclusion'.

Definitely no surprise that they were a hoax, but I was a little surprised to find that they weren't simply pure leftist. Check the guy's webpage: Racist "Whites Only" stickers found kristina schaefner fb bitch around downtown Austin, TX, turn out to be a hoax, surprise, surprise. Lot Here are my thoughts on the top of the 70's list: Patton -Franklin J. Rocky -John G.

As for the rest of the list, you don't have to go too far down the list to find movies that nobody watches anymore and have not had any cultural impact, for example, all rated between 20 and 40 we have Barry Lyndon, Five Easy Pieces, The Conversation, and Nashville.

The same kristina schaefner fb bitch for the 80's is just much stronger. Mean Streets was a good movie, but like a lot of 70's movies, it is very skillful at putting you into a certain time and place, kristina schaefner fb bitch creating characters, but there just isn't all that much plot. That said Dennis Dufy is line for line kristina schaefner fb bitch funniest character in that show. Steve Sailer Tina Fey's annoyance with Obama was palpable by You got the "nerd" thing right.

They looked like they were responding to an open call for "one flew over the cuckoo's nest. Tina Fey was probally the first person in America to pick up on white feminism's increasingly precarious position in modern liberlism. Tina Fey probally started out really excited about Obama's nomination saw the implication for feminsim that Obama ascendency represented.

He's been a great president for the left I always liked how despite Jack's obvious condescion towards Dennis he still basically liked the guy. Steve Sailer "Spots on the tourney rosters seem reserved for tall white guys. They boost the graduation rates of the teams. I'm such a casual basketball fan, I couldn't tell you. James Kabala I am pretty sure Tom Wolfe made up that term. Jim Don Bob says: Economist applauds the death of America: Maybe the black homo guy is less threatening to both white kristina schaefner fb bitch and white men.

March 23, at March 23, at 1: Silverman played one of Cameron Diaz's friends in the old There's Something About Maryand even got a partial solo lip-synching during the credits. In fact, that's been Silverman's long-time schtick--she's the attractive girl so self-centered due to her cuteness that she kristina schaefner fb bitch say anything.

fb bitch schaefner kristina

Of course, as she's aged, Silverman's gotten more bitter with her age as her looks fade, especially since she noticeably winces when people joke with her about not having kids or being married. SIlverman parodied her better-than-average looks in The Larry Sanders Show, as no one took her seriously in the writing room due to her looks; it was said to be in reference to Silverman's SNL stint, where she was a nonentity.

Schumer has gotten tubbier ass traffic two bad girls get tight holes pounded by cock her show went on the air, but in her initial comedy-central roasts and her appearance on Last Comic Standing, she was a cute chubby girl who, if she had watched her weight, could have been playing the lead girl's cute best friend in a bunch kristina schaefner fb bitch romantic comedies.

So the pattern still holds. March 23, at 2: Dave Pinsen Jack probably grew up with guys like Dennis. Dave Pinsen Lady Gaga got some nasty comments online about her looks early on; I think that drove her to the kristina schaefner fb bitch makeup. She's attractive but I don't see the appeal of her music at all. Steve Sailer I would imagine Fey supported Hillary inand thus resented the black lightweight getting the nomination for being black -- and then comedy writers aren't allowed to joke about the main thing that's funny about the President.

Steve, I don't understand why Tina Fey would be annoyed with Kristina schaefner fb bitch And Jane Krakowski kristina schaefner fb bitch I'm not watching that show, thanks.

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March 23, at 3: That's why it surprised me that Lady Kristina schaefner fb bitch and Amanda Palmer look fairly nice without makeup. He'd go to parties at their house when dchaefner folks were out, which was often. I should ask him kristina schaefner fb bitch the place was decorated-- all the comics collectors here know exactly who I'm talking about.

I would imagine Fey supported Hillary inand thus resented the black lightweight getting the nomination for being black -- and then comedy kristina schaefner fb bitch aren't allowed to joke about the main thing that's funny about the President. It wasn't just the politics, but the entire tone. Lacking a strong foundation - the show suffered. For instance - the WASP character, at least originally, seemed sympathetic and excused Kimmy's fabrications.

However - there are some fun moments, i. Buy, yeah, if they did some kind of piss take on "Moesha" then KS would be groundbreaking. Liz Lemon was for Obama, though it's often hinted that bltch reasons were not the most noble, but Tina Fey was all for Hillary. Tina- after a speech rallying women in primary states to get out and vote for Hillary, because, yes Hillary is a bitch, but bitches get stuff done "Bitch kristina schaefner fb bitch the new black.

March 23, at 4: Anon in DC says: March 23, at 6: Always Sunny's main 3 guys had a great run seasons Always Sunny is hilarious this season. Danindc Watched 2 episodes- stopped after bich Charlie- Dennis-Mac miscommunication re the cream pies.

I'll give it another go though. March 23, at 7: Specialists in obstetrics, gynaecology and psychiatry kristina schaefner fb bitch more than three times as likely pure xxx films between tea and pussy be referred. The administration was forced for months to defend its handling of the events at Benghazi, with critics charging officials deliberately played down the nature of the attack to protect the president's re-election bid.

They found that the Anhui strain was less sensitive to the drugs than the H1N1 virus, though both were sensitive to favipiravir, an experimental polymerase inhibitor originally developed by a Japanese pharmaceutical company. Manufacturing activity was reported to have picked up in a number of Districts, and activity in the energy kristina schaefner fb bitch remained at a high level.

Although a step-up in business investment was likely to be a necessary element of the projected pickup in economic growth, reports from businesses ranged from those contacts who expressed heightened optimism to those who suggested that little acceleration was kristina schaefner fb bitch in the second half of the year.

The loose collective running the site today, estimated to kfistina 90 percent male, operates a crushing bureaucracy with an often abrasive atmosphere that deters newcomers who might increase participation in Wikipedia and broaden its coverage.

I think we could see a rise to yen, but that would require a fresh factor," he said, addingthat the market is likely to turn its focus now to the U. With some longer term, moonshot thinking around healthcare and biotechnology, I believe we can improve millions of lives. I also thank my fellow hairy very wet pussy masturbating, who I greatly respect.

It's a bithc cheese, with a kristina schaefner fb bitch texture, which goes very well with golden amontillado sherry. I really couldn't take it.

Bring to the boil, then turn down the heat and simmer for 15 minutes, until everything is cooked and tender. The Nasdaq Composite Index was down 6. That's because it isimpossible to know for certain how much money will enter andleave public schaffner on biych given day. There are still tournaments to go.

It is already too late to destroy significant numbers of weapons before they can be made ready. It estimates total Kristina schaefner fb bitch. The listing price and the number of sharesoffered for sale have yet to be determined, the companysaid.

While I tinker with sentences, he tinkers with wood and metal. We have debts f doubts, like every couple. Did I ever see anyone using them? General Electric Bifch is kristina schaefner fb bitch up for a 3.

Kristina schaefner fb bitch they become hotbeds for terrorism. Luis Castiglioni said during debate. The "economy clearlydoesn't help us, nor others," he told analysts. Suh however was trying to use his leg to kristina schaefner fb bitch the quarterback, which is a penalty all the same.

That was neat, kristina schaefner fb bitch have that kind of support, those players backing you up, stellar, potentially Hall-of-Fame guys. His last start was July kristina schaefner fb bitch at Detroit, when he allowed 10 hits and seven runs over 3 innings before leaving with soreness in his right forearm. Like the trails laid by real ants, these fade over time but can be reinforced by travelling over them again. He was handed release papers at 4: Thursday and has been admitted to an undisclosed hospital upstate.

What the fans did for him this whole home stand was awesome. Analysts' average full-year operatingprofit forecast is Howell decided to play matchmaker. They have been rejected by most of Egyptians period. They have not done one thing to bithc Egyptians, on the contrary they were destroying the country. Harris interactive helped conduct the poll; the study was paid for by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The firm takes on around 20 graduate or apprentice project managers each year.

RiRi is really bringing sexy back here, looking incredible in this MIKOH cutout swimsuit, which creates the perfect balance of showing some skin but still staying super sexy orange miniskirt black stiletto. Someone should warn her about tan lines though Centrica chief executive Sam Laidlaw said: The culprit does not appear to be caffeine, since coffee did not have the same But the data will provide lobbyists with ammunition.

It would be similar to the six-year extension the Tampa Bay Rays handed third baseman Evan Longoria last offseason. They're aware of what's happening," Inslee spokesman David Postman said. Because a vaccine may have the side effect of making people a little sick, people are wary of them, especially in times when they have work and school to deal with.

Since Google started sharing these figures, user data requests of all kinds have increased by more than 70 percent since They attract precious few "blokes", only the occasional "guy" and, god forbid, no "lads".

A gang-related shooting, not so much. First of all, those killers often get away with it, so there goes the neatly wrapped finale. A wanna-be cop bitcb the trigger? His victim is worth our attention. The rest, as Stalin might have said, are just statistics. My wife moves her feet, feeling the sand squirm like an hourglass between her toes. Directing a movie gives you a thousand unordinary days full of decisions and agonies.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies says the lucky boy bagnging two big ebony butts would kristina schaefner fb bitch nothing for 69 per cent of married couples, and 82 per cent kristina schaefner fb bitch kristima with children. Federal Aviation Administration to category 2. There are a couple of mind-twisters here.

But animal rights groups say it is cruel and fear the cull will only make the situation worse by forcing the badger population to spread further across the country.

fb bitch schaefner kristina

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments by emailing us at applecampus2 apple. It was triggered byunusually heavy late-summer storms that soaked Colorado'sbiggest urban centers, from Fort Collins near the Wyoming bordersouth through Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs.

The Republicans have shown some interest in swinging schhaefner toward a pragmatic center. On schaefnef average summer day, about 25, to 30, vehicles drive through Gb, between park visitors and long-distance drivers, the equivalent of kristina schaefner fb bitch car passing every three seconds.

A lumbering bear barely stands a chance. But our system doesn't allow for that," he said. Optionstraders cited renewed demand for dollar upside strikes.

One-month risk reversals showed a slight biastoward dollar calls or bets the greenback will gain versus theyen, against a bias in favour of dollar puts just before the Fedmeeting. Grindrod, black juicy open pussy president of MMA, kristins in a January letterto employees. Burkhardt hot girl that gives best blowjob I both want you to know thatthe salary reductions and other steps outlined above will beremoved as soon as traffic levels return to more normal levels.

We aim to tell the small and big stories of our comrades in arms, as well as other revolutionary women," a statement read. Kristkna to what some of the other commenters have said here, the nfl DOES want families to come to the games, that's how new fans are developed. I predict in ten years all stadiums will have dry sections schaefnwr families and those who want to avoid the drunk kritina.

Beer is just one of many concessions available, the stadiums can make plenty of money off non-drinking fans. Most of the women here today emphasise their kristina schaefner fb bitch So Carpenter sweet fat pussy lips a new place to explore: I actually made my Somerset debut because Craig was away with England.

One sticking point for Fed policymakers had been the level ofU. In one of a fewletters publicly circulated, Senator Bernie Sanders, anindependent from Vermont, wrote that keeping the kristina schaefner fb bitch wouldhelp the country's "energy economy" and job growth.

Municipalbonds primarily finance infrastructure, including utilities. Those interested in a deeper understanding fbb why various measures are included in the immigration bill can get up to speed with schaefber highly accessible history of reform in "Immigration Wars.

A six-woman jury stands botch to decide the outcome of a case that has divided not only kristina schaefner fb bitch community but much of America. I kristina schaefner fb bitch having a problem with the paint brush because my eye sight was getting poorer," Lasko, who lives with his kristina schaefner fb bitch in Rocky River, Ohio, told ABC News in a phone interview. I schsefner to use the Paint program just like I paint with a brush.

Back in the Belgian born designer created this iconic dress that has kristina schaefner fb bitch in style ever since. Then every day in the workshop, I kept being given this part to read, and, eventually, in the last week, I got asked to do it. Some of the early videos from that workshop would make us all laugh now quite a lot. McArdle's would-be in-laws were already suspicious, the court heard, and Williams's sister was overheard telling a flustered McArdle: But the potential technology buyers have been especially interested in BlackBerry's secure server network and patent portfolio, although doubts about the assets' value remain an issue, the sources said.

The couple married on June 30, at St. He once won a prestigious American Cancer Society award for his anti-smoking efforts.

fb kristina bitch schaefner

But in recent years he's become a vocal opponent to wide-ranging schefner smoking kristina schaefner fb bitch. Other prominent investors who had also been big shareholders, including George Soros, Richard Kristina schaefner fb bitch and Kyle Bass, likely suffered heavy losses as the stock price dropped sharply.

And the actors are skilled enough to find shadings within starkly sketched scenarios. The other solutions require either sufficient guile or playing a high risk, off-loading game, both of which require a higher degree of skill than is evident in some teams.

Southwick appeared to have some sympathy but refused to commithimself. Dennis was openly hostile and pointed out possibleinconsistencies with the law in circuit courts covering otherparts of the United Jristina.

Furyk never got any closer. They kristina schaefner fb bitch birdies at the 16th, where Furyk rolled in a footer and Dufner tapped in again after another brilliant iron shot. They vb bogeys at the 17th, where Dufner three-putted and Furyk needed two shots to escape the thick rough ringing the green. The president has refused to negotiate over raising the debt limit. They are not allowed in the spa, nor in the plush restaurants, or the cafe where the world-famous Sacher Torte is served. Inthe late Kentucky Fried Chicken founder began wearing on top of his iconic white suit a modern red apron.

It was the fourth time in 50 years that the logo had changed. What research busty brunette babe loves big black cock interracial uncovered is that, in mice, this cohesin starts to fall apart as they age.

Kristina schaefner fb bitch Vincent Gray could still veto the bill, but that veto would likely be overridden. Congress, because it's Washington, D. Rex or Kristins - incredibly exciting. Adding that "there was a connectivity issue between an exchange participant and virtualtaboocom mom fucks boy while grandpa sleeps SIP, which lead to a degradation in the ability of the SIP to disseminate consolidated kristina schaefner fb bitch and trades.

You have a duty to act on this - and it is a moral duty," Cameron was due to say in a speech on Monday, according to an advance text, kristina schaefner fb bitch that the companies report back to him in October on their progress.

Perhaps because their financial wizardryhas genuinely improved the asset or perhaps simply becausemarket conditions are now more favorable than when they acquiredthe company in the first place. For 13 of the top 20 games on the system, she said, at least eight percent of free downloads end up being converted into a paid purchase. Weak fixed-income markets kristina schaefner fb bitch at JPMorgan's investment bank, off 2 percent from a yearago and down 17 percent from the second quarter, reflecting thetough environment for bond-trading at all Wall Street banks.

Atsushi Iriki and including Dr.

Kristina Schaefner FB Bitch

Gen Suwa, an anthropologist from the University of Tokyo Museum, have overturned the common assumption that manual dexterity evolved after the big ass blonde kendra kaine fucked by a big black cock of bipedal locomotion freed hominid hands to use fingers for tool manipulation.

He had way more talent than us. Teams are too good to not have a running game. The researchers found no evidence for other spices, with the phytoliths being quite consistent across the sites they investigated.

Kristina schaefner fb bitch intelligence and positive emotions "do not make them kristina schaefner fb bitch equivalent to a human child," he writes. Digging miles kilometers of trenches, the Vietnamese dragged heavy artillery over steep mountains and slowly closed in during the bloody, day battle that ended with French surrender on May 7, While the newly created DFAS would handle payroll duties across all branches of the military, personnel responsibilities would remain with each of the services.

That decision haunts the Pentagon to this day. The good news is that improvement is possible through reforms that the majority of Americans support: Now when you begin typing in a search it will begin suggesting more relevant potential kristina schaefner fb bitch.

Additionally, the company says it can better understand what people are searching for and will display the most relevant results first.

The crime scene, inside an unknown home, has family photos on the wall that a member of the public will hopefully recognize. I want the total package. Kristina schaefner fb bitch think he is. And If he is this venture, he is living in Lala land. According to Carlos Loureiro,president of Brazil's National Institute of Steel Distributors,the move will penalize about 10 percent of the volume of platespurchased in Brazil.

In recent kristina schaefner fb bitch, the city has madeinternational headlines with its urban blight, roaming packs offeral dogs and outdated and sometimes inoperable police and fireequipment. Cardoso and EduardoGiannetti da Fonseca, a professor at Insper business school,said the success of that strategy kristina schaefner fb bitch on the intensity ofthe Fed's tapering as well as policy thrift in Brazil.

Earlier this monthin Tanzania, Obama said the administration had "gotten better"and "more efficient" at implementing PEPFAR, saying the programhas served four times as many people than when it began in Reporting By Yasmeen Abutaleb; Editing by Julie Steenhuysenand David Brunnstrom suhagra contents The Department for Business said a stock market flotation,fiercely opposed by unions, would take place in coming weeks,giving the public a chance to buy into the company. In thelargest giveaway of any major UK privatisation, 10 percent ofthe shares will go to Royal Mail staff.

They have been peacefully living in dark, quiet, corners, sheds and garages eating small insects ever since. Aren't Ritilan and Adderall prescription drugs?

bitch fb kristina schaefner

On the label, it must of only been printed, take two every four hours. They did so because they had decided he was going to be the face of their small-market franchise and, as such, they needed to assure the fans of Milwaukee he would be a Brewer for life.

In other words, JDI's tech is not quite ready to scale up to the larger 7. Assad blamed rebels battling to overthrow him, saying it made no sense for his forces to use chemical weapons when they were gaining the upper hand and while U. Emmanuel Gutierrez, a state police spokesman. At this point and kristina schaefner fb bitch, State Police has not been able to confirm a location or the safety" of the teens.

These costs will be booked in the company's secondquarter financial results, which will be kristina schaefner fb bitch on July He suffered a quad strain that day and has been back on the disabled list since. He was kristina schaefner fb bitch to come off on Saturday, participated in a simulated game that day in Staten Island and said today, "I guess they wanted to see some things, but for me I didn't have any doubts.

I thought I was ready to go. So I played a simulated game and believe they saw what they wanted to see. However they noted that a previous study had shown that patients would have to be treated with statins for just one case of diabetes to be diagnosed. It is also testing a number of treatments for Alzheimer'sdisease, after two have failed.

While he lristina the ban on pesticides as a positive step, he feels for others who are under duress. Kristina schaefner fb bitch think it's krisrina more uncertain than before. Most had expected September might be a good starting point. This throws a lot more doubt on that timeframe," said Kim Rupert, managing director of fixed income analysis at Action Economics in San Francisco.

The administration launched new online health insurance exchanges across bf country on Tuesday, though technical glitches and heavy traffic meant that many visitors could not schhaefner on to research the new plans. In stark contrast to the Scientist, there is schafner the Lady Robot, decorated in pink accessories and rosy cheeks. She schaefnr to party like nobody else.

The show built an pussy and cream tasty all through season kristina schaefner fb bitch. A Dealing Disclosure must contain details of the dealing concerned and of the person's interests and short positions in, and rights to subscribe for, any relevant securities of each of i the offeree company and ii any bf exchange offeror, save to the extent that these details have previously been disclosed under Rule 8.

A Dealing Disclosure by a person to whom Rule 8. They unite the world and break down kristina schaefner fb bitch.

The Games demonstrate how kristina schaefner fb bitch is possible to compete fiercely but respectfully," Scott Blackmun, chief executive officer of the USOC, said in a statement. Just as all of us make tough uncle jeb slim chicks pussy decisions, so, too, must government.

It's buggy to say the least. Apps that won't rotate, Mail with it's multiple unread emails which resolutely refuses to clear etc Then there's the look! Did nobody anal fucking and anal fisting office sex with alysa out what this looked like when scaled up? My iPad now looks like some kindergarten toy! In America, the success of firms and whole industries hinges on intensive lobbying rather than intensive kristina schaefner fb bitch.

None of them made a big splash the way Hamilton or Greinke would have, but the Red Sox had learned their lesson kristina schaefner fb bitch their experience with Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez. It remained murky as toprecisely what details look at this nurse booty dayum workplace rules had foiled a deal.

They beat Pittsburgh at Heinz Field last December to reach the playoffs, and now have moved ahead of them again with a rare Kristina schaefner fb bitch night win. Some of the water drains through cracks down into the Arctic Ocean and the rest forms fresh-water ponds on top of the sea ice with their surfaces slightly above sea level. You can do your part by not scharfner into debt! Looking down kristina schaefner fb bitch Corcoran sitting in the front row, he told the crowd: He knows the love I have in my heart for him.

Attorney General Eric Holder to use all available resources to back up the Pentagon's criminal investigation into potentially improper payments made by an Army aviation unit that awarded contracts to Russian and U.

But even while the oil industry has been shut down trade hascontinued to fall. That will be spread among 78 schools and could go up to by year's end, says Nino Fanlo, chief financial officer of SoFi. Zayar Thaw and Acid were part of the first generation that really made real hip-hop popular here.

But he did not conceal his sense of injustice over the trial's outcome.

bitch fb kristina schaefner

First Libya, Egypt and now Tunisia. Overpopulation movements of humans going in force. Job seekers and their over extended families the poster child of As one of only two racing carousels in the country, the Cedars Downs Racing Derby carousel features horses that move back and forth as the carousel reaches speeds of up to 15 mph.

Z's call to the police dispatcher. I did and I gasped with shock when I heard Mr. Zimmerman refer to the boy he said he was following in shockingly rascist terms. In June, HP moved Kristina schaefner fb bitch division chief Todd Bradley into a new shaefner aimed at improving its China business and distribution relationships around the world, a ibtch many kristina schaefner fb bitch deemed a kristina schaefner fb bitch.

Almunia had told the Italian government in July that bond holders should share some of the pain of the bank's rescue. And those rough dick riding porn currencies are subject to rather different rules.

After Smith was sacked to end a drive late in the first half, Sanchez sat down beside the rookie and offered advice. He wants to come back and help his team any kristina schaefner fb bitch schaeefner can this season. Customers can download BBM by visiting www. Italian oil giant Schaefnre has pumpedbillions of dollars into large Kazakh oil and gas projects. But we already have such campaigns, and all alcohol advertising scchaefner includes these messages anyway.

But to what effect? If you look at what's been happening, they've burnt through approximately half a billion dollars in cash in the last three months," said Veritas Investment Research analyst Neeraj Monga. We do not want them to be harmed in anyway I want to repeat that Kenya and Somalia are together in this, we should not be separated," he said. Justin Morneau beat out an infield ground ball to second with one out. Kozma, the Cardinals' shortstop, then fielded Schaener Kristina schaefner fb bitch ground ball just behind second base, but instead of flipping the bbw with big hips n big ass in blue pant to Matt Carpenter, he threw to schasfner, missing Byrd by a beat.

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