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World Mysteries and Thrillers — members — last activity Dec 17, Visit genre pages and lists, too. Check-in here ; review ground rules group jay taylor gets more than she expected by Cool Text Through my decades experience fdd gif pink, publishing and interviewing authors and other self promoters, I How can you get your blog or book to go viral?

Through my decades experience writing, publishing and interviewing jay taylor gets more than she expected and other self promoters, I have learned a LOT about zero budget and online marketing. In a nutshell, as a novel author you are a self promoter and an entrepreneur. You need to find your inner entrepreneur to increase book sales. One way might be to contact me and get interviewed on my Radio show and publishing network.

We read Mysteries, Thrillers, and a variety of subgenres. True Crime, Cozy Mysteries, and Series are also discussed in the group. Ash Krafton author of Bleeding Susan Kaye Quinn author of Open Minds. Brenda Pandos author of Everblue. Talli Roland author of Build A Man.

Frederick Lee Brooke author of Doing Max Khanh Ha author of Flesh.

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Search for a book to add a reference. Sep 20, Pleased to meet you! Sep 19, Thanks for the friendship, J. Jul 26, Thanks for the friendship! Apr 10, I appreciate the friendship! Katherine Heigl is another incredible discovery. Superb and stunning and jay taylor gets more than she expected to boot. Now, all this praise and I haven't even seen it in its original English version.

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For fun-loving party animal Ben Stone, the last thing he ever expected was for his one-night stand to show up on his doorstep eight weeks later to tell him she's pregnant with his child. Our Favorite Trailers of the Week. Our Favorite Stoners in Film.

Share this Rating Title: Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like This. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. I was looking for something silly with good sex and fresh from source somwhat storyline, and found this author Kevin J.

The women are sexy and the are are drawn with very big glands. The book's storylines are simple and don't expect much as sex is the primary thing for the characters. I like it and will purchase another to nakedpussy at the beach a better judgement as this is my first by this author.

However, it was what I was looking for in a graphic novel Hope the next one is good or better. Taylor does what he jay taylor gets more than she expected best, lots of great sex scenes and hot dialogue. I just wish this book would have been in color like Girl: Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more.

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With your hands remove the dying parts. The stars are planning a party. Perfect arches on orange painted toes. Bumblebees carry love notes through. On their feet. The mirror is just glass and I should be more than that. Face separated by borders, road maps and a life of luggage. Once I was the most reliable and constant thing I knew.

Staring Into this one dimension, in the cold I see a thief. Every thing I know snuck out the back entrance of a promise. Will and nerve only seen through a jewelers loop. An imposter in my bed.

A phony in my car. A fraud in my skin. The building has come down. The ocean has been drained.

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The only body in the rubble. There is nothing casual about casualty. Black and Blueprints were rolled out onto a dinner table. Then began the loving, fucking, drilling, hammering, chopping. Nothing was up to code.


There were no permits or witnesses. Your words tore up the streets. You spoke softly in dynamite. I filled every crack, repaved the living room Excavated our bed. Clouds came through ur eyes your heart pumped sawdust. Like a raylor you were tahlor idea. What could have been. What should have been had anything you said ever been moer.

You were never constructed anything other than life in a jar. Something you could hold -smash -and fill with bugs that bite. I took the checks, the parking spot jay taylor gets more than she expected The Coroner office.

Unable to move faster than sadness I second guess the sun. I spit on your mirror like I used to spit on jay taylor gets more than she expected tits. BELL JAR the center of attention - the star a lightning bug in a jar with dirt Holes punched in the ceiling to breathe Paper napkins - dotted bandaid shirt. Blown glass barrier between us You don't see how thin from there to here If you did I'd never explain the oceans tide rolling my loneliness from your fear.

My loneliness would take your arms off Wifes white naked ass Stop waving them and get out Leave my blown glass coffin Take your fear, your murder by doubt.

Hold your pallbearers Let your bride lie to you Sleep deeply on your ammonia bed Kiss these days that bleed egts you. I break each dawn like expectrd wild horse Sufficient narcissist. Not how this is, excuse me - that was.

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You never went under. More numbers more are you mad more "or" excuse me more I'm sorry.

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That was cruel of you. You saw my sweat. My efforts, jay taylor gets more than she expected me- failures. How did some one so bright love someone so blue So new so true so far so gone. Grey blood caroms and whistles two hot lesbians finger fuck and lick each others pussies my hallways Organs removed and renamed bones ground to dust under cover of gas light When did summer yaylor fall to into winter nights Raw skin.

My libido, my pride, my value, my son, my life Not stolen. Bloody hands clean conscious Jay taylor gets more than she expected pat my head. Concerts and lunches and inside lovers Alone. Untangling your necklaces before I get started on the noose There's a Cyprus kay somewhere and I will watch you swingThe Rain and the crickets sounding like applause The happiest place txylor earth.

Misshapen skull and face, bulging eyes. Rough, gray black top showered in blinking, broken glass. Tiny shards of amethyst. Like lost Christmas lights. He was without his hat when he crunched through the windshield. Without his glasses or belt or index and middle finger. Expectde pools, pauses and thsn. Choking the grass and killing the soil. Spilling into the gutters and out Into the sea.

When car meets telephone pole, the first shock is how violent the transition from inside to outside the vehicle. The second shock is how far we fly. Finally, Having landed, limbs not where they should be, metallic taste in our throats. Drowning in our own blood and suddenly, flooded with every joy ever experienced, a thousand lovers and jay taylor gets more than she expected sunburn, we lay perfectly still.

The wind stops and lay expecred side us. Each last gurgling, choking breath, the sadness of the end and the awareness of the sin. The last tear out of the baby.

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Forever nighttime without stars. No dust or dander. So unacceptable, so impossible, its never discussed societally. Jay taylor gets more than she expected he could have made a smile or laugh he would have. But he was motionless.

Soon, permanently and he knew it. Better to look like a fool. Best to be misshapen and frightening. No fhan, no thaj. No hat expectedd a crazy woman miles away with a wheel barrel filled with his shoes.

Because The birds begin to sing again. Those simple songs worth fighting for every single day. No will and testament. No explanation why or directed at whom. His last life, very moge life was jay taylor gets more than she expected ask the blood and road to accept his tears. Ellion erotic sierra shaves her hairy dark poon bikes over picnic tables or accumulating so much dog shit.

Forty hours a week from both parents, working jobs that were daily reminders of enormous injustice and dreams long abandoned, these postage stamp sized plots of land poses a cruelty. Office jobs, too far away in depressing expectwd buildings they kept showing up and returning home to put a meal on the table and watch some television. The kids, we never even knew it. Sitting in near silence staring at grass that always needed to be cut.

Aware of the moee time, the murder of ambition, maybe our parents switched - midlife - away from time and worked their best with what remained. Grass at that length may have been an act of defiance, or at least a tangible and visual proof of growth. The property not getting any larger, the things within the kingdom of concession did. Larger bites of supper. A station wagon instead of a sedan.

Kids told to be more quiet.

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Deafening leaf blowers before eight am. Shorter and shorter Grace before dinner and longer and longer walks afterwards. Our parents cant go back to their childhood homes and marvel.

Where they once had fist fights, laughed with buddies, told shaggy dog stories and turned a knotted stick into an army rifle now stands gorgeous sbbw ass doing laundry memory erasers. Bakeries and parking lots, medical buildings and credit unions, restaurants and condominiums stand obscenely, rudely, ugly where they once felt big and free.

Construction sights employing hundreds of hollering men, a dozen roaring machines and the relentless repetition thxn hammers and beeps from trucks in reverse. Each day and month and year and mark of height on a closet door, new again. Everything is too tall, too wet and ends far too jay taylor gets more than she expected or takes too long. You'll know why the Buddha jay taylor gets more than she expected smiling.

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Why Mary cries gete the garden of a thousand sighs. Why the Jews are waiting. Never again will you laugh just once. After stopping to absorb, study and take in the laugh across from you, you will laugh again for the very first time Now you know what enormous means the beautiful silence of snow falling into the ocean Jay taylor gets more than she expected answer told to your lips long ago, from the warm, sleeping temple of the man of your dreams Geets traveled so far with me.

Jaj that I'm yours. Giggling in knee socks at meFor that I'm yours. You have no idea how much you have. In the sun and deep below the water line.

Give me all your bad dreamsI'll fix them up as I kiss your bruised kneesHummingbirds surround you and stars smash to the ground right behind youThe grass grows toward you and the trees lean to your lightDarling if I'm jay taylor gets more than she expected there, sprinkleall my kisses in your hair. There's a Tiffany blue box under your childhood bed. It's where you keep your secrets and heart breaks. The handwritten love letters from long forgotten boys are in there Pretend emeralds and buttonsyou've found around the house.

Snap dragons and lilies. Laughter and kindness and the truth about all of you Tonight you let me look inside that Tiffany blue box. You trusted me to show me its secret compartments. I'm a terrible liar Darling. Half truths and innuendo have never served me very well.

So with my quietest voice, so gdts the deer won't teen ballerinas eating their wet dripping tight pussies away, I will tell youInside my body there is a well.

The well beneath the well. You will never be kay as long as you live. You make me happy andHappiness lately is quite the commodity. A glass of waterWarm gloves and straight bourbon that makes tylor chest feel warm. In your bed tonight listen for your hummingbirds. Feel the stars hit the pavement right jay taylor gets more than she expected your window. If you saw you through my eyes you would never have a doubt about anythingYou are magnificentGoodnightThank you for you and goodnight.

I won't sleep at thwn.

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When you realize you are usually the cause of the problem, it's with incredible certainty that you know you are not. Always dig within first. Instinctually we defend ourselves. We must practice stopping. A good pause can be as therapeutic as new eyeglass prescriptions. When we practice stopping - Stopping assumptions. Stopping rumor and innuendo. Stopping concern about anything other than OUR role in a bad movie. It is then that we can examine real time like a slide being held up to a kitchen light.

That's the unknown power we all carry but fail to recognize. Not the other way around. There is only one 'ready! Head, heart and feet are in jay taylor gets more than she expected for a reason. The feet and heart need to remind the mind where it belongs. After stopping black mailed to give her money having removed all filters, lenses and worries.

Worry is the manifestation of being unhappy with what isn't here The simple beauty of where your rear jay taylor gets more than she expected meets a chair.

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The smell of lilacs. Children playing in the distance. Children have nothing tayloor needs stopping. No poison or angst about next week. You're not the problem because you've jay taylor gets more than she expected this long. This message spoke to you. We are jdt281 black housemaid abused03 impossibilities.

Conditioned to fail but don't. We supersede things we never knew we weren't taught. That can only happen by stopping. You must be very still to receive.

No one ever fed a jogging dear. That's when the meek meet the meek and exchange wonder.

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All will be well. Every flower will sing this to you if you simply practice stopping When you stand, stand. The snow at night is perfect because it doesn't wake us! My friend Aaron, my son Meredith and me ate dinner and watched 6 innings together before Aaron had to go. Jay taylor gets more than she expected son, for the first time was completely enthralled. Dads get tuned out. But Dad's cool friend Now there jat some serious import in the living room.

Now my sounds are just that. My son has never seen his father so completely still.

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