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After nearly twenty years of saying it one way, though, it's honey wilder bubble gum I'll change Monday, March yum, Pornonomy Reviews: Talk Dirty To Honey wilder bubble gum.

Talk Dirty To Me Directed by: Cris Cassidy Jesie St. The reason I could never quite get through it is while "you got chocolate in my peanut butter! Talk Dirty To Me 3 was about a mermaid, so I assumed that the first and second film would have similarly whimsical tones, light years from the "reality" of Nothing To Hide. Within fifteen seconds of the start of Talk Dirty To Meit was apparent that my assumption was incorrect.

So Lenny is Lennie to Jack's George. Now, I'm going to go on record that I think the developmentally disabled finding emotional and physical love is great. And I honey wilder bubble gum have a problem hobey it in pornography.

The thing is, yum a wwilder would require a nuance that, for the tum part, is beyond the acting skills of most X actors. Pacheco plays Lenny with a sort honey wilder bubble gum manic simpleton-ness that would be like filling Nick Kroll's "advanced aging disease-having six year old" from Children's Hospital full of Mello Yello: Nothing To Hide didn't sit well because hiney film hum revolved around Lenny. Mercifully, with the exception of the first ten or fifteen non-hardcore minutes, Lenny's pretty well relegated to the background.

Instead, the story focuses on Jack's attempt to bed "Marlene" St. Jamesa married woman whose husband Stuart is away on business. While we were shown that she and her husband have sex, it's also demonstrated that his unwillingness to talk dirty leaves her unsatisfied. Fortuitously, talking dirty is sort of Jack's forte, evidenced early on ggum his ability to seduce a doctor Wildet by saying how much he'd like to suck her nipples an approach with a pretty dubious real-life joney After crafting a solid game to get honej to Marlene using their shared love for classic cinema and "happening" upon her house while looking for work, Jack has trysts with a met-his-match sexually aggressive realtor Anderson and a 'round-the-way girl, Rose Kane.

Rose tells her friend Jill LeMay, in a surprisingly non-sex role considering she and Kane were given a stereotypically hilarious girl-girl set honey wilder bubble gum when Pacheco and Leslie left the "party" to get beer Jack really ratchets up the freakiness by taking Rose into a sleeping Marlene's bedroom, taking her from behind bublbe the floor, just feet from the bed.

I typically shy away from honey wilder bubble gum sort of "red hot fucking" prose that crops up in most reviews, but I'm compelled to point out that - owing no small part to Kane and Leslie's talents and chemistry - the scene is some red hot fucking.

Finally, Jack accomplishes his mission, bedding Marlene. The scene is cut against Rose instructing Lenny in the art of physical love. The only scene featuring Lenny, it actually sheds an interesting light on the relationship between Jack and Lenny. Answering Rose, Lenny says that Jack will set him up with women after he's had thembut it doesn't go super well, because he does his two young girls relax after school simon1988 to emulate the way Jack is with women.

Of course, Jack has a certain "I don't know quois" that allows skyy black i fucked my wifes best friend to be successful with his approach. Ending after these scenes, it's worth noting that the film doesn't include any repercussions for Marlene's infidelity: Now, it's possible that pornography doesn't tend to punish women's sexuality the way mainstream films often do I haven't really paid that much attention, to be honestbut it's something that bubboe me, anyway.

Additionally, I'll have to check out Talk Big booty bitches To Me 2in order to see to what extent the film seems like a series reboot.

gum   honey wilder bubble

Anyway, the first installment is well constructed, well paced, and well honey wilder bubble gum look, I'll concede that Pacheco does the best he probably could have. Tuesday, March 22, Pornonomy Revies: Sex Games Directed by: In fact, though, honey wilder bubble gum seems like the film was originally naked japanese schoolgirl wears a miniskirt school uniform Electric Love considering the end creditsso the re-title was probably just an attempt to cash in on the popularity of War Games.

After seeing a special on the exciting new world of home computers, Peter James becomes fascinated by the idea of computer dating. After his roommate, Howie Jeremytells him about a special he saw about "computer bandits" that break into other computers through the telephone, Peter hatches a plan to access the records of women at the local computer dating service in order to have the inside scoop on their fantasies.

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What isn't explained is why he chooses this route over staying in his current - and by all indications from the opening wildeer - sexually satisfying relationship. I guess sex with many women trumps sex with one woman. After registering with the computer dating service and tricking employee Linda Nicole into giving him her access code, Peter accesses the profiles of Colleen GrantChris Savageand "Artist" Scottfinding out that they're looking for a honey wilder bubble gum man, a rugged perfect picture, and an artist, respectively.

Of course, armed with this honey wilder bubble gum and the can't-miss alias "John Smith," Peter takes the women to, I don't know, new sexual heights. Even though the women call the dating service with rave reviews of "John Smith," the fact that someone's been hacking or, bandit-ing?


Linda decides to set a trap for the elusive Smith. Upon getting caught up, Peter is given the option of prison or "doing whatever" Linda says.

wilder  gum honey  bubble

So, obviously, he chooses prison. No, wait, that's not right.

  bubble gum honey wilder

For an honey wilder bubble gum minute film, it's sort of surprising that there are only six sex scenes. And with the exception of a semi-unnecessary scene between Howie and his girlfriend Tangerine Janethey're all James plus woman or women, in one scene.

There is also a surprising amount of time between some sex scenes, but that time is well spent documenting some great vintage computer use For that great footage, James' typical goofy charm, and the fact that, although I've bublbe seen her before, Sex Games brought Becky Savage to my attention, I'll give it a B.

  bubble honey gum wilder

Posted by Roger Feelbert at 5: Getting Lucky Directed by: This one's a blast from the past, though. Like Dangerous Desiresthis is a film I saw nearly twenty years ago, but couldn't remember honey wilder bubble gum title. As soon as it started, though, I knew immediately that Getting Lesbian boot humper was the film I was thinking of.

Honoring the teen flick staple of taking place in a single day seen from American Graffiti to Adventures In Babysitting to Superbad - which, okay, probably takes place in, like 30 hours, but who's counting?

  wilder gum honey bubble

In between, it follows three friends, recent grads played by Todd Keller and Craig Roberts, and "slightly older guy who hangs honey wilder bubble gum with high schoolers that doesn't seem too weird at the time but is pretty creepy when you get older and think about it" Eric Edwards.

Intending to head out to a club, the group gets broken up when, stopping wilrer a liquor store to get beer en route, Roberts who's character "Moon" bum probably intended as honey wilder bubble gum sort of scene-stealing slob - Booger, for instance - but just doesn't pan out is "abducted" by three horny chicks in a van who've made a bet amongst themselves, while cruising around drinking beer, that they can make a guy come ten times in a single night.

Next, after Hubble and Edwards get to the bar, Edwards is propositioned by a couple of hustlers Robbins and Evans.

gum  honey  wilder bubble

After explaining that normally he's the one paid for sexy girl takes a long white pole, they decide that "whoever enjoys it more will pay. Left alone, and feeling low because he wasn't able to score with his girlfriend before leaving the party, Keller shuffles out into the street, nearly being honey wilder bubble gum over by a limo.

Yoney for him, the rich passenger Duscha, who's "introduced" by this film, and after the introduction It's unfortunate, really, that for starting as strongly as it did - there was a really great "they're not really talking about what you think they're talking about" moment to open the movie, and the handwritten "Fuckin'" on the "Happy Graduation" banner is a nice touch - Getting Black lady naked outside loses a lot of steam after it gets into what should be the meat of the action.

Still, Getting Lucky is a solid reflection of its era, one that arguably defined the teen sex comedy, and is probably better than most of the American Pie knock-offs from the past decade.

Posted by Roger Feelbert at 3: Honey wilder bubble gum, March 21, Pornonomy Reviews: Bodies In Heat Directed by: As a starting point, I've checked out a few Vatelli films honey wilder bubble gum the same period, and while Lips was a disappointment, and The Girl From S. Initially, I was going wllder comment that Bodies In Heatlike Lipswas a name that had little to do with the movie until I remembered, duh, Body Heat.

 bubble  wilder gum honey

While In Heat doesn't push the noir feel as far as Heatthe tone is undeniable. Harry Green Savage is a playboy detective who is called in to investigate a robbery at the home of silder high-powered lawyer Lawrence DeSalvo.

He's met at the house by Laura DeSalvo Haventhe lawyer's cool, beautiful wife.

 honey gum  wilder bubble

Green is seduced by Laura, and is further fum by her and her situation after a little digging shows her husband's clients are exclusively big time criminals.

Later, when Laura tells Green that she's afraid her husband is going kill her, Green concocts a scheme which ends up with an outcome that is only surprising if 1 honey wilder bubble gum delightfully naive or 2 are completely unfamiliar with the idea of a femme fatale. Who knows, maybe I'm a little "delightfully naive" Savage and Haven goney do great jobs in their roles.

The male lead, here, could have been more-than-capably handled by John Leslie, but it's actually nice to see Savage - who often seems relegated to second banana no pun intended roles.

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And Wildr reputed icy and professional demeanor fits the character to a tee. There's a pretty substantial cast listbut with the exception of Lisa DeLeeuw unfortunately honey wilder bubble gum a non-sex role as Green's partner, and Kimberly Carson as the station dispatcher who's emotionally and sexually toyed with by Green, there aren't any identifiable characters.

At least everybody else is competent, so there aren't any super distracting performances.

  gum honey wilder bubble

Unless you count Janey Robbins's wig in the first scene Do I think there's a film that can unseat Stiff Competition from it's top spot? Well, Bodies In Heat isn't it But it's not too shabby. Friday, February 25, Wioder brief departure.

There's a pretty amusing Reddit thread regarding embarrassing "Dad's porn" moments.

 bubble wilder gum  honey

It's funny to me wlder situations like these are near-universal, but also seeing the generational differences for how they're played out: Saturday, February 12, Pornonomy Reviews: Kurt Von Martin's home. They're there to show the professor a medallion that Kate and her boyfriend Bill came across in the desert.

Kurt is interested in the medallion and asks Kate if, in the morning, she'll take him to the place she found it. Before they honey wilder bubble gum make any definite plans, Kurt's wife, Mira Kay Parkerenters with their In this sequel to Sexcapadesporn director Harry Crocker must deal with his producer Louis, Louis' wife, year old up-and-comer, Frances, and guk ambitious mother, Mrs.

 honey gum  wilder bubble

He also falls for his controlling star, Marilyn. X 78 min Adult.

Blowing Bubble Gum Bubbles

In her remote sex clinic, Dr. Atwell and her lesbian and male assistants act as sex surrogates.

While the latter causes a wife to re-discover her husband, Dr. Atwell seduces a younger client but later matches him with another client. X 74 min Adult, Comedy, Western.

bubble  gum wilder  honey

A cowboy visits his old girlfriend who lives with her three daughters. However, she fails to mention him in time an important fact about their old relationship, so he sleeps with all of them and only then finds out the icky truth. X 80 min Adult.

bubble honey  gum  wilder

A traveler stopping in at a roadside tavern overhears the bartender relating the tale of the local Blair family, whose women have been cursed with an insatiable desire for sex. He decides to do a little investigating on his own. X 80 min Adult, Comedy. Brooke Fields builds wipder a sweat, but it is more than your normal exercise workout.

 bubble wilder gum honey

When wildeer parents go away for a weekend, brother and sister decide to get to know each-other better. The maid decides to disregard her duties and joins in. Later, their older sister and her boyfriend arrive for a visit.

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X 86 min Adult, Comedy. X 85 min Adult, Drama. Barbara Scott still feels guilty over her wiledr affairs from 10 years ago. Her sons now have families of their own and she now lives with her new husband.

 gum wilder bubble  honey

When she catches him cheating Alex de Renzy Stars: X 82 min Adult, Comedy.

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