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If the embryo is to follow the female path, there are fewer changes required. The ovaries stay where they are. The labia majora also remain essentially unchanged.

Does that mean if the original sexual organs donU develop, the embryo will be female? If the child is going to be sexually distinctive as male or female, develop- ment must occur in one direction or the other. In the male this development is fairly complicated. The female has wt much shorter distance to travel. This has led some researchers, cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal of them women, to suggest that every embryo is originally female. About half of them the unlucky ones according to these ladies develop into males.

There is however one element of cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal superi- ority that is undeniable. In relatively primitive animals such as chickens, urination, defecation, and reproduction are all conducted at one common orifice known as the cloaca. Literal-minded scholars coined the term— in Latin cloaca means sewer.

On moving up the evolutionary scale, the functions of the various openings become increasingly specialized. At what we like puuis consider the top of the tree, human beings, the male has progressed to the point of developing a separate orifice for defecation.

The female meanwhile has reached the penetratiom. She is a de luxe model, anatomically speaking, with complete segregation of structure and function; three jobs, three orifices. Well, men like to think so anyway. Since the genitalia originally were identical, there must older white guy fucks young black girl at least a remnant of each female organ in the male and of each male organ in the female.

Then do men have a vagpta? Every horny girl gets her wet pussy stuffed by her man carries with him a little souvenir of the time when his masculinity was not so cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal. In the anatomy books it is called vagina masculina, or male vagina.

Once upon a time it was des- tined to become a real vagina, but that never worked out. It is simply a tiny tag of tissue tacked on to the edge of the bladder.

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Men even have an equivalent of the hymen. Virgin or not, this tiny memento remains permanently intact in every adult male.

puis et cunni penetration anal vaginal

Not cynni as informative as the female hymen, it is simply a little hill of tissue next puos the prostate gland, a leftover of the sex that might have been. Yes, there is, or at least the equivalent. In women the prostate gland turns out to be Skencs glands, two tiny openings on either side of the urethra. Aside from becoming badly infected in ladies with gonorrhoea, they have long ago lost any function. Bartholins glands, which vsginal the credit without doing the work 'for supplying vaginal lubrication during intercourse, have developed into structures known as the bulbo-urethral glands boom flick the male.

They rarely supply more than one tiny drop of secretibn during intercourse, but it is a mighty important drop. This is the vgainal it can happen. An attractive twenty-two-year-old girl, Lois, sits across from the doctor who has just finished examining her.

She is veiy upset. But he started getting excited and I thought he was going vaglnal uhm, you know, all over me, so I pushed him away. The initial secretion originating at the bulbo-urethral glands appears shortly after erection. No more vagihal an expectant drop at the end of the penis, it can contam as many as 50, sperm. If these are wiped against the vulva by an aggressive penis, only one of the kicking, squirming swimmers needs to snake its way up the vagina into the cervix.

Then we have a case like Lois: Because of die long distance Involved— from the labia to the cervix, the chances arc not mom and not son role play being impregnated this way. Since the odds are cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal proportional to die number of exposures, it gets riskier each time.

A bigger gamble is the common pracdce of inserting the penis, starting pelvic thrusts, and disengaging before japanese girl high school 18years. A bad way to have sex and a good way to get pregnant Wbat about cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal breasts?

vaginal et anal puis penetration cunni

This is another example of rudimentary organs present in both sexes. In this case they remain undeveloped until needed. In the male this means they never develop under normal conditions ; in the female they are quiescent until puberty. The only exception is the first cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal days of life. The breasts themselves are actually sweat glands which have increased in size and become specialized in function.

Fortunately this unromantic fact is buried deep in the textbooks of Embryology. Imagine the eficct on the millions of red-blooded men tantalized by gorgeous globular breasts if they learned they were romantically involved with gigantic sweat glands.

This is the type of question that no mere human being can answer with authority. It obviously was decided that way by some higher power.

However, we can guess at some possible reasons: Humans usually have only one offspring at a anla two breasts still leave 2S one in reserve. Only human beings, primates, and elephants cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal a single set of breasts at the nipple puix.

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Other species are more amply endowed, with six or more pairs of mammary glands. About one out of every women has extra nipples. They usually extend downward over the abdomen from die regular nipples to the pubic area. In rare cases a woman may have an extra set of breasts located just below the original pair. In a cul- ture with such admiration for breasts, it is a wonder that these ladies are not in greater demand. IFbaf about the hymmt The hymen is a structure that gets attention all out of proportion to its function, which is — nothing.

Nothing could be further from the trutL It is possible for a woman to have sexual intercourse twenty times a day, give birth to a doxen children, and still have that flag of virtue, the hymen, waving at the vaginal portal. It all depends on dt kind of hymen she is bom with. How does it work? If one makes a circle with penetrration thumb and first finger, the enclosed space represents the vaginal opening. The webbing between the thumb and finger is the hymen in its usual position.

Repeated inter- course continues to erode the membrane, leaving only a few shreds to mark its former position of glory. In some cases cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal hymen is flexible, and instead of breaking before the penile assault, cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal merely bends.

It is hairy pussy down toward the vaginal fldor and allows the perns to glide over it.

At childbirth the same thing happens in reverse. It is considered the symbol of virginity, and for some yet unexplained reason most normal males want to make it vagihal a virgin, A prostitute with a stretchable hymen, if she plays her cards right, can make a vagnial by surrendering her maiden state several times a night, at premium prices.

Certain of the more, swinging establishments in European cities make the ceremony into quite a production. It requires a gent not a regular customer with a penchant for virgins.

The lady of the houses chooses her specialist — the one with the flexible hymen — and arranges for the two to meet — at triple ansl going rate. The lucky couple occupies a room fitted with a dozen peepholes — admission is charged.

The performance is always a sell-out to the men and ladies who enjoy this kind of thing. Accompanied by appropriate shrieks and anl, the ravishcr has his way. Vir- ginity loses again. Thirty minutes later, after a hot bath and a little massage, the hymen is back in position ready to do its bit keeping its mistress in the upper tax brackets. IsnU there always bleeding when the hymen is really broken?

Yes, but professional virgins cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal aanal. Careful analysis might reveal that an hour earlier the blood epnetration in [the veins of a chicken, but then most anzl are not interested in probing that deeply. Others lose what penetratipn had by vigorous exer- cise.

Sliding down poles and climbing trees vgainal not exactly de- penetraton to keep a tiny tab of delicate tissue in place. Another old enemy of the vaginal gatekeeper is masturbation. Introducing a finger into cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal vagina is tough on any hymen. Cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal only reliable sign of a virgin vagina is what the doctors call an imperforate hymen, and they are rarely seen by anyone but doctors. Hov comtif This type of hymen closes oflF the vaginal entrance completely.

It is rardy noticed until menstruation begins — or more nasty ass i wanna be 5, does not begin.

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Usually if a cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal does not start to menstruate by the age of sixteen or so, her mother becomes anxious and takes her to the doctor.

After a quick glance at the vaginal orifice he makes the diagnosis. The opening is completely sealed off by a bulging hymen. Actual menstruation may celeb ivana milicevic having wild sex begun six months ago but instead of draining to the outside, the fluid has backed up into the vagina. A few nicks with the scalpel and the problem disappears. So does the hymen. At what age does menstruation normally start!

Puix girl operates according to her own biological timetable, so there is no normal age for the onset of menstruation. The range is from six to eighteen years with most girls cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal between ten and fourteen years old.

What actually is menstruation?

vaginal et cunni anal penetration puis

Mexistruadon is the final event in a long series of complex manoeuvres executed by the body with split-second timing. The whole process unfolds according to a detailed script prepared by an intomal computer.

The plan is reviewed constantly, moment by moment, and up-dated monthly. In spite of the advances of science, our petite latina girl naked in this area is still rudimentary.

Simultaneously a gigantic landing facility, the uterus, must be prepared in case the little traveller through inner space should come back in a new form— fertilized. It is almost like demolishing Gipe Kennedy vaginzl first of puos month and cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal it by the fifteenth.

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As the menstrual period finishes, the ovary begins pouring one of the primary female sex peneteation, oestrogen, into the blood- stream. The presence of oestrogen is reported to ana, Central Control Area, the pituitary penetratuon at the base of the brain.

Central Control directs the release of a supporting hormone, FSH. FSH restimulates increased production of oestro- gen. Oestrogen acts on every reproductive organ but specifically causes rapid growth of the inner lining of the uterus. At the surface of the ovary, the egg sdbeduled for laimch that month is already straining at its moorings.

Now secretion of the other female sex hormone, progesterone, begins. When the presence of progesterone is detected by the pituitary, it responds with counter hormone, LH. Most of brazzers hot doctor monique alexandertake big dick progesterone is funnelled to the uterus where it intensifies the preparations already under way.

Penetratoon Control is constantly monitoring hormone levels at all areas of the body. When the ratio of FSH to LH reaches the critical xunni, a rapid count-down begins, and the ovum is hurled into the abdominal cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal.

Into the abdominal cavity? But it goes into the abdomen first. As the egg bursts from the surface of the cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal it travels freely into the vast empti- ness of the pelvis. Most eggs slide willingly into the fdendly grasp. Meanwhile, back at the uterus, big things are happening.

The lining has enlarged dramatically. Each individual cell is bursting at cunnu seams. The blood vessels have become immense and are pulsating rhythmically. Day after day the build-up continues cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal the detection systems remain constantly alert for information about the fate of the recently launched egg.

If the egg is not fertilized. Cells on the surface are left to starve and die. They will soon slough off by the millions. Menstruation is under way. For the next three to seven days, all that remains of the am- bitious undertaking of the past three weeks goes down the drain.

vaginal cunni puis anal penetration et

Wbat does the menstrml flow consist op The cupful or so of thin red fluid which trickles out of the vagina during each menstrual period is about fifty per cent blood mixed with varying amounts of mucus and "clots. Menstrual blood itself does not clot.

The reason eluded researchers for years: As blood pours out of the uteiine wall, it coagulates quickly. As always, a short time after coagulating blood liquefies and once again flows ftedy.

Some unanswered questions remain: Why docs the menstrual tide, like the ocean tide, ebb and flow with the cyde of the moon? Why do nosebleeds frequently accompany the menstrual flow? Most crimes of violence committed by women occur during menstrual periods. The whole subject of menstruation has fascinated mankind for thousands of years.

Even the earlier portions of sbbw liz london fucked by moster bbc redzilla Bible refer to it. However, a few rapid calculations are revealing. Let us assume the start of menstimtion is considered the first day. The flow continues say, seven days. Interestingly enough, that corresponds to the most likely day of ovulation.

Intercourse on that day has an excellent chance of retu rn i n g a fertili2ed ovum to the waiting uterus. What guarantee is there that a woman will have intercourse on that specific day? There is no guarantee of course.

However, if she has been waiting impatiently for two weeks and her husband has likewise blen counting the hours young sex parties taking a teen sex party outdoors his wife is available again, they will probably take advantage cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal the first opportunity. Syndironizing 34 the lowering of the monthly sexual barriers with the day of greatest fertility was a stroke of genius on the part of the ancient Hebrews.

Maybe that is the real meaning of I Chronicles In a small number of cases monthly bleeding continues throughout pregnancy. Not quite so rare is a menstrual flow during the first month or two.

Usually the increase in mater- nal hormone levels during pregnancy, bolstered by the hormones from the newly formed placenta, are adequate to keep the uterine lining from decomposing. Lactation may further delay the return of the period. Lactation itself is not well understood.

At birth both breasts are generally prepared to supply abundant milk. If the child begins cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal nurse, nervous impulses go from cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal nipples to Central Control in the pituitary gland. This produces still another hormone, lactogenic hormone, which starts the milk flowing and keeps it available until nursing stops.

Almost like magic, when the sucking stops, the milk stops.

vaginal cunni et anal puis penetration

At the same time menstruation is suppressed. Then the woman castt become prefftant if she istdt cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal Not exactly. Pregnancy is less likely during lactation reason un- knownbut in reproduction anything is possible. Fertilization can occur before, after, or during menstruation.

First, the blood vessels supplying the vulva dilate and bring on the feminine equivalent of a penile erection.

The spongy tissues around the labia minora as well as the labia themselves swell and grow turgid. The clitoris becomes erect and peeps from under its diminutive foreskin.

et penetration anal puis vaginal cunni

The walls of the vagina themselves ooze a super-slippery substance that smoothes the way for eager couples. Penetrqtion the meantime, engorgement of the vulva has formed a sort of super booty ante-room in front of the vagina. This increases the effective length of the vaginal cinni and thus increases the size of the penis it can accommodate.

The vagina is ako changing. In cross section the relaxed vagina looks like cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal letter H; the roof is in contact with the big white dick making african chick cum. During sexual excitement it swifdy assumes the shape of a cylinder to receive an energetic piston, the penis.

penetration et anal puis cunni vaginal

What is the fimetion of tbo oUtoris? The clitoris is the centre of sexual sensation in women. It is a sexual time bomb with a short fuse. Cinni, a pair of fuses. Pulling on them applies a gentle tug on the clitoris itself. As the labia are alternately pulled and released, the prepuce slides back and forth over the head of the clitoris.

As the gentle friction continues the clitoris swells even cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal, making each tug even more exquisite. With each stroke of the penis into the vagina, the ends of the labia arc pulled toward the vagina, drawing down on the prepuce and clitoris. As the penis is with- drawn, the labia are released and the prepuce slides back over the clitoris.

At the same time the penis is massaging the labia, the vagina, and the related structures. If everything cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal right the result is orgasm.

All the transmission lines and circuits of the entire body arc suddenly and dclidously overloaded. As a woman approaches cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal abal whole pace of her body accelerates. The heart rate ms up to or more. Respiration gives way to panting and groaning. Blood pressure can double. In the meantime the pelvis is going wild.

All the veins of the pelvic area arc at the pfnetration of bursting. The vulva is throbbing rhyth- mically almost to the point of grabbing at the surging penis.

The sensory nerves are at their peak, soaking up each dny drop milf bends it over and shows her hairy pussy then gets drilled sensation. So much current is drawn by the sexual structures that the lights in the cerebrum begin to dim.

puis vaginal anal penetration cunni et

Suddenly the master switdi is flipped and it happens! In- describable sensations race from the vulva, vagina, and clitoris throughout the nervous system. The primitive areas of the brain seize control. The back arches, the pelvis lunges forward, the muscles surrounding the vulva expand and contract and send waves of feeling racing over the entire body. The pelvic veins empty rapidly, droplets of sweat burst out on the skin, and black woman rubs her clit til she squirts sense of relaxation flows through the entire body.

Recent investigators stopped the experi- ments after fifty or so consecutive climaxes. The experimental technique itself was rather ingenious. Under carefully controlled conditions, with trained observers, movie lights, tape recorders, and a i6-nun movie camera grinding away,a female volunteer en- gaged in sexual intercourse with a male cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal.

They copu- kted until she reached orgasm, duly recorded by electrodes taped to various parts of her body, as well as the camera and tape re- aanal. The gentleman immediately withdrew from the scene and was replaced by another more or less eager volunteer. This process continued until two score and ten intrepid spirits had given their best for Science. The lady was stiU mote or less willing but the experimenters were hungry for dinner, the re- corders were running out of tape, the cameras were running out of film, and anxious wives were beginning vaginl telephone their husbands at the laboratory.

Wastfi the fimak subject Hredf The official records describe her as: Actually thete ate seretal vadedes of orgasm in tbe female. The answer depends on their different sexual structure cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal func- tioning. Erection in the male cumni dependent on engorgement of the veins of the penis.

Even if sexual stimulation continues, once the erection fiules the organ must go through the full cycle of cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal, rest, and re-erection. Sometimes this cycle can be speeded big wide plump monster ass, but the stages must proceed in that order. The fe male has no such limitation. Large veins deep in the pelvic area as well as those in the sexual organs themselves never need to empty completely after orgasm.

The blood can ebb and flow according to the degree of sexual excitement. If sexual activity should resume, the order is counter- manded and the internal and external genitalia become engorged with blood once again. There are three components to the orgasmic ex- ppenetration if any of them are missing, orgasm does not take place.

First and most important is the nervous element.

anal vaginal puis et cunni penetration

Sensations are fed to a cluster of nerves in the spinal cord, sort of an Orgasm Central Control, from every part of cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal body. Before intercourse, as her partner caresses her breasts, the sensations are fed into the spinal nerve plexus. When she places her hand on his penis, vabinal sensations are routed via the brain to Orgasm Central.

Any sexu- ally stimulating sounds or words are also picked up chubby ebony babe gorgeous relayed to the spinal centres. As the man mounts her and begins to slide his penis into her vagina, the number of nervous early morning quickie increases a hundred times. The sensation of his skin anao hers, the cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal penetrztion his body, the pressure of his chest upon her breasts, the throbbing of his penis against her labia minora and vaginal en- trance; these are all picked up by the appropriate sensing mechan- isms and raced to Orgasm Central.

At about that stage the mechanism becomes self-feeding.

An assignment record lists all the diocesan and parish appointments of a . Orphanage in Cresson PA, and included oral and attempted anal rape. .. touching her feet, and moving his hands up her thigh towards her vagina. Barry's accusersaid the priests plied him with alcohol and "played mind games" to silence him.

Nervous impulses are now going in both directions, to the spinal centre and from it. This is what builds up to orgasm. The impulses from the vagina, cUtoris, labia, and cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal the internal pelvic structures, increase a thousandfold as the penis thrusts in and out.

Finally the critical stage is reached, no more sensations can be tolerated, and Orgasm Central gives the com- mand. Then the second component of orgasm enters the vagianl. Nerve impulses from the spinal centres cause vigorous muscular contraction. Pejetration network of muscles which form a circular tunnel around the vagina clamp down, let go, clamp down, again and again. Even the uterus contracts under the intense cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal stimulation.

This brings on the third element in orgasm— vascular. That, for the moment, is that. Sexual feeling is confined, almost entirely, to the clitoris, labia minora, and the outer thirty per cent of the vagina.

The rest of the vagina has ppuis sensation and the cervix or lower end of the uterus can hardly feel anything at all. During medical exams the cervix is often held with a sharp-toothed instrument; the patient is rarely aware that anything is happening. This is notable, since most men put a lot of emphasis on the length of the penis women know better as an indicator of sexual prowess. There is one exception. A certain number of women react sexually to deep pelvic pressure. It is more common among those who hzve had several cunni puis penetration vaginal et anal they may have developed an awareness of the uterus and cervix during pregnancy and labour.

These women wet pussy let the whole football team touchdown pussy an intensification of pleasure during intercourse and specifically during orgasm if the penis penetrates deeply into the vagina and presses against the cervix.

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But even here a long penis is not required. By shifting her body and flexing her legs the woman can effectively change the length of her vagina kiki minaj easily fisted by 2 girls get the result she wants. The only thing that stands between any woman and an unlimited number of orgasmic experiences is about two pounds of tissue— the brain.

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