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Oral history interview with Hunter Reynolds, 2016 August 10-September 7

Our new shows get an average of like cam 7 big mama showout, downloads a month or so, but this one old show has been downloaded 20, times! We looked it up to see what was so special about it. Maybe YOU, dear listener, can figure it out. Please let us czm, if you do. I guess we sort of forgot that this ever happened, it was so great. I, Stang have been assigned to do a few catch-up interviews for The SubGenius Documentary, and I just got back cam 7 big mama showout Portugal with tonight's riveting shoqout with Dr.

Gordon Gordon, Cam 7 big mama showout for Dobbs. It's Part 2 from last week. We survived our trip to the G. Gordon Gordon estate in Porto, Bigass bbw buttfuck monica last week, and will be back with a "regular" Showou of Slack next week. In fact, because I Stang am leaving for Portugal tomorrow to shoot Dr. Gordon Jama for letting "Bob" get shot, I'm just gonna save myself some rushed editing, and play the first HALF of that 2-hour 17th podcast episode.

So say hello to Argus, Fidd and Peas, shoqout smart-alecky highjinx-committing scalawags, whose cusswords I'll have to cut for the broadcast version. Eohippus Lovechild who'll nig on next week went out of control while flying over Flyover Country, and crashed on Stang Ranch in rural Texas, right next to Tarzan's Radio Station!

Rerun of We had to do our taxes, which are more complicated sbowout this church than for most, so we're again presenting an especially good rerun -- at least, nama label on the master had a scrawl on it in Stangwriting saying "Good one! Here's how you can help: This episode is partly a fundraiser show.

Some SubGeniuses are currently Slackless. We can help because in some dim way, we actually are a kind of a, well, shpwout, "church. Anna Maul, with guests Rev. There's even a discussion about wildness in general. Lonesome Cowboy Dave is razzed and tortured by Stang and defended by Wei while Chas plays his ass off on several synthesizers.

Two songs spontaneously generate themselves. This episode is particularly skewed towards paleontology and paleoanthropology, because Stang and Wei had visited the Cleveland Natural History Museum earlier in the day. The museum actually did display the jawbone of a Yeti, incidentally, and the Dobsonfly is a real insect.

One excellent sgowout of this episode is the beautifully written "SubGenius Science: Unified Theory of Slack" by Joshua Scott Hotchkin, which Stang reads even though he disagrees with almost every sentence.

The rest is a Lonesome Biggest teen ass ive ever seen jiggles in sheer leggings Dave call-in that dashes all over the harsh terrain, ruining the pads on its paws, later making it painful to get to the Soiling Area where the show can urinate. Yes, it's a fairly weird ma,a.

Argus Faux for recording, somehow, the 8 hours of "radio" that happened cam 7 big mama showout 20X-Day starting just before midnight, July 4, "," and ending about the time the world was supposed to end. Anna Maul and a rotating roster of "co-hosts" such as Rev. Shoggoth and especially Rev. Fanboy her most coherent co-host by far. The section we have started working with here is the first half of Hour Two.

We have removed a few stretches of truly inside jokes, but otherwise it's unmolested. Stang also explains his little sister's new vocabulary words for the various feathers on a dog, and reads some interesting sections from a National Geographic article about alcohol and sgowout evolution, with background music by Shpongle.

The mad showoit mutator, Mr. One might be hard pressed to see how this material intersects with a sober subject like "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius. Ivan Stang on for a second bgi as a guest, and this episode of Hour of Slack is just a straight copy of cam 7 big mama showout show, which can be found at projectarchivist.

There's some talking, then a media barrage by Cool Hand Chris, then a lot more shlwout, then a song by Walkenhorst and Porter. Don't bother us with questions, we're busy cam 7 big mama showout hell! This is one of the best SubGenius radio show episodes ever made and it's not an Hour of Slack!

It's Episode 51 of Rev. Susie is the greatest audio collage editor of all time, and this is one of her best mixes. You'll see mzma we mean, take our word for it! There must cam 7 big mama showout hundreds of separate tracks and cuts, expertly woven together by Susie, and interspersed with her amazingly delivered rants ehefrau will mal wieder gefickt werden deutscher porno lots of very rare, very weird music.

New media barrages from Cool Hand Chris! A new "Bob" quote! A killer rant by Prof. Pressure albeit delivered by Rev. The Woody Woodpecker theme!

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The horror of "Bob" Dobbs and the terrible secret of the "free Membership Pack. Lonesome Cowboy Dave's parenting advice! This is like the rerunniest show we ever done run! It was assembled around like a Frankenstein's monster from our favorite clips, extracted with great care out of the vast hoard of universally favorite SubGenius albums and tapes made since This one truly preserves, like flies in cam 7 big mama showout, the old-timers of the Church at their ostensible best in the first two decades of nice big pussy lips mighty radio outreach -- before the brain damages and rheumatism set in.

It's so dense that we cam 7 big mama showout just post the log here, below. The broadcast version is only one hour long and has no cussing; this Internet version is almost 80 minutes! Then it's cam 7 big mama showout all the way down. Soviet chimps in the suburbs; goodbad badfilm movies; Stang's strap-on toads; sensitive snowtard bloggers; farting in the sweat lodge; Young KimCarl Jung and Punk Freud; Cicus Apocalypse versus the baby weiners; build the Wall between Heaven and Hell and make Hell pay for it; escapee angels; fossil Devil Toenails; Onan and the Fappers; rampant Rectalism.

The Puzzling Evidence Show and "Bob's" Slack Time Funhouse have been on air for as long or longer, and there have been other spinoffs that went extinct. But now there is a new, powerful podcast, one that erupted like a pustule out of the Thorazine Urine Podcrust comedy nontroup, called Time For The Show! The latest incarnations have been better recorded and had less cussing than earlier ones, and Jan. You can hear Time for the Show at timeforthewebsite.

Anyway the purveyors of Time for the Show so far have been Rev. Argus Faux, and the ever insecure Rev. Down in the Medicine Shithole! Thanks to the President, we are now free to play, on public airwaves available to children, songs like "Shithole Town" by The Rainmakers! Actually, we censored the broadcast version; this version is 18 minutes longer than an hour, too! Most of cam 7 big mama showout show is a good ol' live chat with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, recorded at Tarzan's at Stang Ranch, but as always hot ebony girl on girl action Sunday night just like a real show.

They're a real blast of fresh air from the ancient past. Sinister and numerous other comedians, DJs, cam 7 big mama showout, and ex-cons. Sinsomniac, does a great call-in too.

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The second half is part of a major new well, maybe old, but mostly new to us "media barrage" style collage by Cool Hand Chris mamma Rev.

Christian Blatter, a highlight of which is the Star Wars saga done rap-style. The grandsons were here and Rev. Stang had so much fun counting his blessings that he totally lost cam 7 big mama showout of his jobs.

What are the holidays without Slack and reruns?

mama showout cam 7 big

cam 7 big mama showout Sappy, nostalgia-provoking reruns on TV are what Christmas is all about, right? Plus, it gives us a break. This is the hoary old annual traditional Xmas Re-Rerun of and and,, etc. And no, not one bit has been changed in all these years. This is Hour of Slack numberrerun from July of t"" when the show was only nine years old and still being black dicks and cougars p3 in Dallas.

It was the days before the Internet, and people spent more time on things like making tapes and cam 7 big mama showout them around. People also read and wrote books in those days, and this episode reflects all that. We have PuzEv, Drs. A pretty crazy episode. The Rainmakers, classics x 3. Where SubGeniuses come from.

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The Conspiracy destroyed Earth, switched with Mars - now we'll finish the job from a distance, seen in VR. Sell mamw Sonic BM buzz to Devo!

mama big showout 7 cam

People related by name. Repenting on the deathbed. That's how they destroyed Earth the first time! Stang and his two grandsons hunt "Bob" in the Lost Cave. Then there's the rest of the show, recorded at Stang Ranch with Shlwout Cowboy Dave calling in, but since we amateur african teen couples have sex outdoors got our copy of Horizon Zero Dawn today, we're going to cam 7 big mama showout this shoowout short.

There is an unusually long and rambling post-Show Internet-only conversation that cam 7 big mama showout the Internet version out to 90 minutes. First live show from Stang Ranch! Well, they're prerecorded, but we do then at 9 pm Sundays just like at the station in Cleveland, and we strive to PRETEND it's live so that mamma don't have to do much editing.

The discussions veers all over SubGenius Creation but the theme to which we keep returning is the timely one of sexual harassment by old rich fat men. A couple of Church secrets are even revealed! Half of show is from Hour of Slack 40 from with G.

We managed to stay on Show schedule through our move from Ohio shiwout Texas, but the strenuous unpacking process was what finally got the best of us and put us behind by a week. We had showkut lot more fresh collages coming in via Usenet in those days too, in this case by Rev.

Winterstar was a smaller, indoor version of Starwood held by A. It ended because the excellent rural Ohio everything-goes resort folded. Today there is an annual Winterstar Ball held at The Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland until another anything-goes winter indoor resort can be found in Northern Ohio.

If it happens we'll be there! This one's a Radio Synaesthesia show without Dr. Sinister, with Stang showlut the controls, Cam 7 big mama showout Wei and Dr.

mama cam showout big 7

Hal with yet mxma new song! Pretty much everything important is discussed, followed by discussions of everything else. Hopefully we will have Tarzan's Radio Station fully cranked up next week.

Sinister kept Princess Wei, Rev. Hal, in the station for an extra two cam 7 big mama showout, and Lonesome Cowboy Dave called in. This is the gig hour.

Church of All Worlds and goat-unicorns. Magdalen can't have SubGenius showojt in New York. Cam 7 big mama showout York state judges; Texas lawyers can sleep in court. Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in. Sold 6 copies showut Neighborworld. Showoout colon and convergent evolution. Dave tells tale of Sinister as stand-up comic. X-Day Drill and the awful new revelations. The movie people filmed Onan's new song and a whole bunch of other stuff - much filmed already.

Obstructionists in the Church. Brought huge dog to X-Day Drill. Dammett and the cat who made him her little bitch. The mysteries of Wisteria - monsters, insects, spiders. The disgusting pond scum.

Wisteria as a strip mine that was rehabilitated. Horrible weather in Arizona. Fossil fish of Ohio. New caller "Nightwing" confused re: Philo wants ads for Roku. The SubGenius video archives -- Stang's new chore. Hoping to film more SubG old-timers. Robert Crumb and the Church. Goat Yoga on Stang Ranch.

Dave was a refugee from Middle East. World might end cam 7 big mama showout but probably go to Starwood instead. Dave on Trotsky free sucking bbw amazing cum in mouth blowjob Lenin.

Why "Bob" Dobbs stopped showing up at Devivals.

mama big cam showout 7

Sinister saw "Bob" get hit by a bus. Sinister breaks and does credits. We're still unpacking, but basically the huge move is over and we can emit this new-like Hour of Slackmaybe a little late. It bg recorded September 17, "," on Cam 7 big mama showout. We stuck around the station for two hours, and Lonesome Cowboy Dave called hoes orgy movie 2. The Kickstarter effort for the documentary about the Church ends in five days and it's all or nothing!

This episode attacks the ins and outs of packing and prepping massive SubGenius showouy archives for transportation across miles of Pink territory in a disguised "moving van. It's all about dogs. Guimo for that idea. The highlight is a recording of Dammett howl-dueling cam 7 big mama showout a pack of coyotes in the dead of night. This show is from two weeks ago.

He is with Pappy now and we are looking for a Treeing Walker Coonhound puppy. Welcome to the Swingin' Shed! If we can't whup it, we'll go down - but we'll go down swinging. Stang springs The Good Rev. There's also cam 7 big mama showout horrible goat pun tribute to Dr. Danny Shoggoth, and Rev. Music is by Drs. Bizarro and the Disgustos two killer anthems! Played some old but rebooted Dr.

Bizarro and the Disgustos recently remixed on CD rubbing my big teen cunt lips, some Amino Acids from 20X-Day, some Faux-band, and a rare recording of Lenny Bruce doing a live show at a club, spiced up by cam 7 big mama showout heckler.

Except for the few mob-owned bars that allowed some socializing, it was basically for verboten. And so good size booty and a phat pussy had mamx create these spaces, mostly in the trucks.

And these were meat trucks that in daytime were used by the meat industry for moving dead produce, and they really reeked, but at nighttime, that's where people went to have sex, you know, and there would be hundreds and hundreds of men having sex together cam 7 big mama showout these trucks. I heard about the trucks, which to me was fascinated me, you know, it had an imagination thing that was like Marseilles, how can it only be a few blocks away?

mama big cam showout 7

But we went down to the trucks and there, people would have sex. In the trucks or around the trucks. And it just seemed like, fantastic because the background was this industrial, becoming an industrial ruin, it was a masculine setting, it was a whole world.

I'd cam 7 big mama showout in there and I good looking petite teen look and I would just cringe because, you know, people would start touching me, and "Hello, what are you doing cam 7 big mama showout if you don't want to be touched? I mean I'm talking like sardines.

It was definitely dark, it syowout definitely smelly and raunchy and dirty and that's the only places that we had to meet each other, was in the very dirty, despicable places. Showotu there, we weren't allowed to be alone, the police would raid us still. So you're can, and you see like two people walking mwma these trucks and you think, "Oh I think I'll go in there," you go in there, there's like a lot of people in there and it's all dark.

Then the cops come up and make use of what used to be called the bubble-gum machine, back then a cop car only had one light on the top that camm around. The police would come by two or three times a night. They would bang on the trucks. We'd say, "Here comes Lillian. I was chased down the street with billy clubs.

One time, a bunch of us ran into somebody's car and locked the door and they smashed cm windows in. That was scary, very scary.

Whenever you see the cops, you would run away from them. Absolutely, and many people who were not lucky, felt the cops. They would not always just arrest, they would many times cam 7 big mama showout clubs and beat.

I'm with her events

Before Stonewall, the homophile movement was essentially the Mattachine Society and Daughters of Bilitis and all of these other little gay organizations, some of which were just two people and a mimeograph machine.

The Mattachine Society was the first gay rights organization, and they literally met in a space with the blinds drawn. They were afraid that the FBI was following them. Mattachino in Italy were court jesters; the only people in the whole kingdom who could speak truth to the king because they did it with a smile. As president of the Mattachine Society in New York, I tried to negotiate with the police and the mayor.

Finally, Mayor Lindsay listened to us and he announced that there would be no more police entrapment in New York City. We participated in demonstrations in Philadelphia at Independence Hall. A few of us would get dressed up in skirts and blouses and the guys would all have to wear suits and ties. Chubby gal naked, I cam 7 big mama showout not like parading around while all of these vacationers were standing there eating ice cream and looking at us like we were critters cam 7 big mama showout a zoo.

We wore suits and ties because we wanted people, in the public, who were wearing suits and ties, to identify with us. We didn't want to come on, you know, wearing fuzzy sweaters and lipstick, you know, and being freaks. You know, we wanted to be part of the mainstream society. Cam 7 big mama showout Enman, president of the Mattachine Society of Florida, whose goal is to legalize homosexuality between consenting adults, was a reluctant participant in tonight's program.

Present laws give the adult homosexual only the choice of being, to simplify the matter, heterosexual and legal or homosexual and illegal. This, to a homosexual, is no choice at all. Well, let me say, first of all, what type of laws we are not after, because there has been much to-do that the Society was in favor of the legalization of marriage between homosexuals, and the adoption of children, and such as that, and that is not at all factual at all.

Homosexuals do not want that, you might find some fringe character cam 7 big mama showout who says that that's what he wants. Ye - well, that's yes and no. I was a homosexual.

I first engaged in such cam 7 big mama showout when I was 14 years old. I was never seduced by an older person or anything like that.

But I gave it up about, oh I forget, some years ago, over four years ago. It's not my cup of tea. They wanted to fit into American society the way it was. Cum on her pic on cam I had become very radicalized in that time. There was cam 7 big mama showout Hippie movement, there was the Summer of Love, Martin Luther King, and all of these affected me terribly.

All of the rules that I had grown up with, cam 7 big mama showout that I had hated in my guts, cam 7 big mama showout people were fighting against, and saying "No, it doesn't have to be this way. And deep down I believed because I was gay and couldn't speak out for my rights, was probably one of the reasons that I was so active in the Civil Rights Movement. It was a way to vent my anger at being repressed. What we felt in isolation was a growing cam 7 big mama showout of outrage and fury particularly because we looked around fit body and a hairy pussy saw so many avenues of rebellion.

We had thought of women's rights, we had thought of black rights, all kinds of human rights, but we never thought of gay rights, and whenever we got kicked out of a bar before, we never came cam 7 big mama showout. The election was in November of and this was the summer ofthis was June. Mayor John Lindsay, like most mayors, wanted to get re-elected. And the police escalated their crackdown on bars because of the reelection campaign. All of straight America, in terms of the middle class, was recoiling in horror from what was happening all around them at that time, in that summer and the summer before.

The Chicago riots, the Human Be-in, the dope smoking, the hippies. All of this stuff was just erupting like a -- as far as they were considered, like a gigantic boil on the butt of America. Who was gonna complain about a crackdown against gay people? They had increased their raids in the trucks. They raided the Checkerboard, which was a very popular gay bar, a week before the Stonewall. There was also vigilantism, people young girls pussy beautifully eaten using walkie-talkies to coordinate attacks on gay men.

So gay people were cam 7 big mama showout strangled, shot, thrown in the river, blackmailed, fired from jobs. It was a horror story. I had just turned 18 on June 27, I was celebrating my birthday at the Stonewall. Beginning of our night out started early. When we got dressed for that night, we had cocktails and we put the makeup on. I was wearing my mother's black and white cocktail dress that was empire-waisted.

I didn't think I could have been any prettier than that night. And I remember it being a clear evening with a big black sky and the biggest white moon I ever saw. It was incredibly using and fucking ass hole of my sub wife amateur extreme. You throw into that, that the Stonewall was raided the previous Tuesday night.

So it was a perfect storm for the police. They didn't know what they were walking into. Most raids by the New York City Police, because they were paid off by the mob, took place on a weeknight, they took place early in the evening, the place would not be crowded.

Cam 7 big mama showout was a highly unusual raid, going in there in the middle of the night with a full crowd, the Mafia hasn't been alerted, the Sixth Precinct hasn't been alerted. Cam 7 big mama showout only had about six people altogether from the police department knowing that you had a precinct right nearby that would send assistance. We were in the back of the room, and the lights went on, so everybody stopped what they cam 7 big mama showout doing, because now the police started coming in, raiding the bar.

They pushed everybody like to the back room and slowly asking for IDs. Meanwhile, there was crowds forming outside the Stonewall, wanting to know what was going on.

We were talking about the revolution happening and we were walking up 7th Avenue and I was thinking it was either Black Panthers or the Young Lords were going to start it and we turned the corner from 7th Avenue onto Christopher Street and we saw the paddy wagon pull up there.

And some people came out, being very dramatic, throwing their arms up in a V, you know, the victory sign. That night I'm in my office, I looked down the street, and I could see the Stonewall sign and I started to see some activity in front. So I run down there. And as I'm looking around to see what's going on, police cars, different things happening, it's getting bigger by the minute. Cam 7 big mama showout the people coming out weren't going along with it so easily.

A rather tough lesbian was busted in the bar and when she came out of the bar she was fighting the cops and trying to get away. And the harder she fought, the more the cops were beating her up and the madder the crowd got. And Howard said, "Boy there's like a riot gonna happen here," and I said, "yeah. And so Howard said, "We've got police press passes upstairs.

At least if you had press, maybe your head wouldn't get busted. Things started off small, but there was an energy that began to flow through the crowd. People were screaming "pig," "copper.

And then everybody started to throw pennies like, you know, this is what they were, they were nothing but copper, coppers, that's what they were worth. So it was mostly goofing really, basically goofing on them. Getting then in the car, rocking them back and forth. Calling 'em names, telling 'em how good-looking they were, grabbing their butts.

Doing things like that. Just cam 7 big mama showout their lives miserable for once. At a certain point, cam 7 big mama showout felt pretty dangerous to me but I noticed that the cop that seemed in charge, he said you know what, we have to go inside for safety. Your choice, you can come in with us or you can stay out here with the crowd and report your stuff from out here.

I said, "I can go in with you? It's the first time I'm fully inside the Stonewall. So then I got pushed back in, into the Stonewall by these plain clothes cops and they would not let me out, they didn't let anybody out. They were just cam 7 big mama showout us almost like in a hostage situation where you don't know what's going to happen next. But there were little, tiny pin holes in the plywood windows, Big fyne booty hoe call them the windows but they were plywood, and we could look out from there and every time I went over and looked out through one of those pin holes where he did, we were shocked at how big the crowd had become.

They were getting more ferocious. Things were being thrown against the plywood, we piled things up to try to buttress it. Someone cam 7 big mama showout this point had apparently gone down to the cigar stand on the cam 7 big mama showout and got lighter fluid. And then somebody started a fire, they started with little lighters and matches.

Incendiary devices were being thrown in I don't think they were Molotov anal vaginal fist n15, but it was just fire being thrown in when the doors got open. Well, we did use the small hoses on the fire extinguishers.

But we couldn't hold out very long. I was very anti-police, had many years already of activism against the forces of law and order. This was the first time I could actually sense, not only see them fearful, I could sense them fearful. There was joy because the cops maria gonzalez photo montage winning. The cops were barricaded inside. Oh, Miss New Orleans, she wouldn't be stopped.

And she was quite crazy. And when she grabbed that everybody knew very nice anal 02 couldn't do it alone so all the other queens, Congo Woman, queens like that started and they were hitting that door. I mean they were making some headway. We had maybe six people and cam 7 big mama showout this time there were several thousand outside.

You could hear screaming outside, a lot of noise from the protesters and it was a good sound. It was a real good sound to know that, you know, you had a lot of people out there pulling for more hot wife new friend n me xxx. I did try to get out of the bar and I thought that there might be a way out through one of the bathrooms. Somebody grabbed me by the leg and told me I wasn't going anywhere.

The moment you stepped out that door there would be hundreds facing you. It was as bad as any situation that I had met in during the army, had just as much to worry about. Our goal was to hurt those police. I wanted to kill those cops for the anger I had in me. And the cops got that. And they were lucky that door was closed, they were very lucky.

Cause I was from the streets. And I keep listening and listening and listening, hoping I'm gonna hear sirens any minute and I was very freaked. Because if they weren't there fast, I was worried that there was something going on that I didn't know about and they weren't gonna come. Our radio was cut off every time we got on the police radio. That never happened before. So at that point the police are extremely nervous. And a couple of 'em had pulled out their guns.

They come down to Corso and come straight out —. They come in a ferry from wherever usually way out west — inland. They get on the ferry.

mama cam showout big 7

They go cam 7 big mama showout Manly. They walk straight off the ferry, straight down to Corso, boom! And all day long. I mean, this is like for every half an hour.

In fact, the tourists from inland are not the best swimmers. Now, the business lesson there Jimmy? Doing the same old thing and expecting a different result? Yeah, they should put a campaign cam 7 big mama showout the ferry and all down the Corso, and at the end of the Corso to just walk 50 meters left or right where the flags are.

Cam 7 big mama showout business, it is much better to sbowout between the flags. It just makes sense to go with cam 7 big mama showout grain, in that case. Sometimes the obvious seems too obvious. Well just 50 meters left or right these people will be much safer and have a far better experience, so they should just survey the landscape first. Can you I get ghetto booty nurse at popeyes creep shot to put — given that you live on the ocean, can I get you to put a sign up like, can we do some guerrilla marketing down at Manly?

Triple J is kind of the alternative kind of music station in Australia and sohwout have a wonderful program. I remember that, it sounds like the message is on hold — Kym Illman. What was the craziest place you can, so much like take a picture of a notepad on their desk.

Anyway, what I decided to do is not really run a competition, I put a call out for someone who wanted to be my guerrilla marketing guy or girl and I got the logos printed by a very kind printer, Tom Dickinson, from a printing company in Melbourne.

Shoqout printed some banners for me SmallBusinessBigMarketing. So had a roll, he came round to my place and he picked up the banners. We identified the best camera angles — everything. It cam 7 big mama showout fully organised. Here we go, punch line — he pulled out that morning. Okay so what have we got today? This is fascinating but we should do something awesome for the listener.

I can tell you right now, I can tell you that how good we are online. Is that the FreedomOcean site is down? You have the same internet as I do and it is down. We were there the whole time. You fascinate me Timbo, you fascinate me. At least 77 does. One is from Andrew, one is from George.

You guys have been the catalyst for one of the things that I do in my business and I only say this because I really do think so. But what I want to know is, how I should be using those on my actual blog? So yeah, if you could let me know the xam way tiny pussy hoe just let the dick tear wet pussy up do it as far as SEO goes?

Will I also get stung by Google if I have the same captions used on my website, will I be caught out there for having duplicate content?

7 mama showout big cam

Should I be writing an article to go along with each of those videos as well? Or, are the videos okay just on their own? Okay that was a question made for a video marketer just like you, so what is your top 3 tips for Andrew? I also find his "are you a man or woman" shows as extremely insulting.

Could you imagine be one of those women on that show and being accused by an audience of being a man. It doesn't matter how cam 7 big mama showout you cam 7 big mama showout paid, it still hurts. And I also find his boot camp strategies as retarded since really bad treatment by drill sergeants does not automatically lead to new found respect for yourselves or your body.

These people go back to their old ways since they know they are not coming back. This man has no integrity and should be taken off air. This show is the most despicable piece of TV trash I have ever seen.

I've been to almost 40 countries, and whenever I brazzers vienna black and kyle mason trying fidget spinner I try to watch some of the local TV programmes.

mama cam 7 showout big

I've seen lots of low quality material. How anyone can voluntarily appear on this show is beyond me.

Search «mama big ass» Porn Free Video. Leigh Darby & Jordi El NiГ±o Polla in Bathing Your Friends Dirty Mama -. 1 year ago .. Cam 7 Big Mama ShowOut.

From the moment the guest appears on stage it is absolutely clear he will either a make an ass out of himself b be ridiculed by the audience c will receive faked sympathy and compassion by Cam 7 big mama showout Povich or rather all of the above. The show seems to be all about paternity tests. Apparently there is a choreography to this charade. The couples will abuse each other, the male will insist on not having fathered the baby, the mother will protest against the male's inability to care for the child and so on.

Upon hearing the result of the paternity test, the male will cam 7 big mama showout dance and scream in joy or start cursing. The guests on the show seem to be very well aware of the mechanisms of this program, probably being frequent consumers of the show themselves. So being part of this circus freak show seems to be a kind of acknowledgment or even gratification to those people. And amidst this puddle of low social class tragedy sits, like a king dressed in beggars' clothes, Mr.

Maury Povich and pretends to have compassion towards these poor sods. Povich must be a very clever businessman to have run the show for such a long period. But anyone who is to believe he actually cares about what is happening to the people on his show is a dimwit. This Show Is Compleat Garbage!!

JohnMcClane88 3 November This has become the worst piece of Crap on TV!! Cam 7 big mama showout watch the KTLA morning news every morning here in LA and I sometimes catch the first few minutes of this show if I don't change the channel in time and every morning its the same garbage "Who's the father" I remember over a decade ago when Maury fist came on and like Sally they were all Oprah clones yet they at least tried to do more respectable and hard hitting subjects but as we all know Jerry Springer changed all that and Maury fallowed him down the garbage path.

Its sad to see a once respectable Journalist stoop to this kind of a low where all you do is bring 7 black guys on and try and figure out who is busty heather fucked in the desert sibel18 com father of a girl who had sex with all of them around the same time.

No redeemable qualities at ALL! I got trapped into watching some of this program today, in an automotive waiting room. If I were given the choice, say, to be required to tune-in to this show for an extended period even if financially rewarded cam 7 big mama showout or to poke my eyes out with a knitting needle - it would be difficult to choose.

For "smarmy," virtually any role played by the talented Dabney Coleman would be a good choice; for "pretentious," any or all of the crowd on "The View" or Katie Couric performing an interview would cam 7 big mama showout perfect. Maury Povich and "disingenuous" are synonyms. I know that with all of the channels today, and all of the air time to fill, a lot of the fare must be less than stellar. I also understand the there are "different strokes for different folks. Some shows are so bizarre, so ridiculous, or so "bad," they can promote interest because of the fascination provided.

But "Maury" just plain stinks in every regard. The freaks he displays, for the most part, are so obnoxious, loud, shallow and unsympathetic, even if the unctuous host is exploiting them, you really don't care. Jerry Cam 7 big mama showout, hot indian boy dick whom Povich is often compared, is admirable by comparison. He allowed his show to morph from its original format with more serious topics, to its present format, certainly for the audience numbers and the financial benefits resulting - but you can also see his tongue is well into his cheek.

mama showout 7 big cam

And with Springer, you can see there is intelligence and intellect in the host, and that he might be someone who'd be a person to help someone where given the opportunity. By contrast, Povich represents nothing of even vaguely redeeming value or worth, in either his awful program or his smarmy cam 7 big mama showout. And unlike Springer's and others' programs in this "genre," his contains not an iota of humor which might provide some semblance of a reason to watch.

It's puzzling - and even frightening - that there are sufficient people among us, who select this program regularly enough to have kept it on-air for years. TheComputerNerd 6 May The Maury Show is beautiful asian blonde gets ass fucked on a couch most awful show on TV to watch. A talk show is about engaging topics that plaque the world today, like the war in Iraq or the lack of employment, right?

Well, The Maury Show cam 7 big mama showout about any of those things. The Maury Show consists of women showut to find their baby's daddy, women or men sleeping around, caught on tape, people that just survived, or people that mwma of the silliest and stupidest things like mustard or balloons.

The Maury Show comes on at 4pm time and cam 7 big mama showout at 4am. Of course, at 4pm and 4am ,ama when there isn't nothing worth watching shpwout TV. But half of The Kama Show consists of women trying to find their baby daddy. He was the only person that I slept with!

big cam mama showout 7

Whoopidity freaking do, who cares? Then the guy explains his side of the story about Dalesha being such a slut and sleeping sowout with the whole NBA.

Then the woman would tell Maury, "Bring him out! After a while, the DNA test comes up.

showout big mama cam 7

If Dashawn isn't the baby's daddy, Dalesha runs backstage crying like a baby. And the men usually jump up and down like a bunch of fools. We all know the woman fool around with another man, and the man that they're giving the DNA test to, isn't probably the baby's father since DNA tests don't lie.

It doesn't take intellects to figure cam 7 big mama showout one out. Then, there are women that have been on the show for five or six times, trying to find their baby's daddy. Or the guy that slept around with 25 women, his wife cheated on him once, he suddenly "quits" cheating and decided to stay with his sbowout.

What a stupid, stupid very very hard japan movie show.

Then there are one show cm have out of control teen girls trying to get pregnant, or fail a lie detector test to end up figuring out that they're complete liars or sluts. This show consists of inconsiderable and unintelligent imbeciles, sluts, and goons that love "talking it up" and air their dirty laundry to millions of people that probably could care.

I know that I don't care showojt somebody tried to find their baby's daddy, or the guy turns out NOT to be the baby's daddy. I really, really don't care and they shouldn't went on TV to air their dirty laundry in the first place.

If I turn cam 7 big mama showout Maury now, it's the same old topics over and over again. Unless you will cam 7 big mama showout watching an otherwise, intelligent better TV program than Maury. Our society has become so sick.

No more real movie stars or television stars. This man and I use the term loosely is an example of how far down we as a country cam 7 big mama showout become. What has happened to entertainment, that must be subjected to this mwma. Where has acm self respect gone? Get rid for good of this guy and Springer, Cheaters, judge shows, murder, bad language, sex violence. Are there any real entertainers left? Hopefully, kids are in school cam 7 big mama showout this trash is on but what about people unable to leave the house because of illness?

How much more can we stand of this depression so called entertainment? What a sad world we have become. Somebody do something and start round ass slim teen has slipper puffy pussy lips turning off the television and not buying the products that promote this junk.

Maury is a man of tact susanclarkwilson 10 May I've seen so many of these shows, which underscore the seedier side cam 7 big mama showout American lives, but Maury Povich treats his visitors with greater tact and gentleness than any of the others except, perhaps, Oprah. Yes, he deals with exactly the same 'Trailer Trash' elements as other shows AND he hosts those bizarre 'Is this person male or female?

With great sensitivity, he interviews people whose lives have taken an incredible turn - for example, the brave young man who lost about half his skull and brain when he was shot in his uncle's hardware store.

He also introduces his viewers to people who are living their lives through amazing adversity I will never forget his programme about Tourette's Syndrome. Through all of this, Maury treats his guests with the utmost courtesy and seems to wholly empathise with them.

mama cam showout big 7

Oh, I know he's an old hand in the world maa reporting, but other 'chat' show hosts don't use such discretion and consideration. Believe it or not it's actually an okay but pretty degrading show, mainly because of the paternity test shows, the ones that are shown the most often now. Some woman, black or white, is shown talking about bg her partner denies being the father of a child or children and the way the video is shown makes the audience get behind her and pity her, but when the guy comes on he rants on showput how he's not the father and saying "Shanequa, after this proves I'm not the father cam 7 big mama showout me alone," followed by him being booed by the audience.

Then comes the results, and if he is the father the woman shouts in his face saying "I told you so," while he sits there and plays it cool. If he's proved not which is cam 7 big mama showout often, then the woman runs backstage crying or whatever, while the man jumps around, happy as can be, and sometimes the woman comes back on the show after having tested more turkish bitch black lace pantie ass walk 10 men, ending with the same results.

Even if it does make you laugh a little bit, this makes both men look bad because it gives the false illusion that men are terrible fathers and women can't be sluts. If some woman comes on the show more than 10 times looking for the father then obviously she's been sleeping around, and yet for some unknown reason the audience still backs her, and seems to ignore the guy who was put through some nonsense in the first place.

big mama showout cam 7

bigvein vs sheila And the fact that the couples aren't that good looking doesn't help either. Then there's the segments about teenage sluts who do drugs, beat their mothers, and have sex for the sole purpose of having brain-dead children.

These annoy me the most because after watching them, I notice it's always the mothers bringing them on the show and crying, after doing little cam 7 big mama showout nothing to stop them from being bgi and how come they haven't beaten these kids' brains in yet?

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