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Where do they do it? In the Sahara, in the total wasteland? Oh, look, a Greenpeace boat coming to protest- fuck off, I sink you. Bush giving a lecture on business ethics is like having a leper give you a facial - it just doesn't work! We're a heavily medicated society. All the drugs we take: I thought for the last ten years, we've been on some weird fucking drug another hairy home made movie the whole country - called "Fukitol.

I remember was the economy was working and there was a budget surplus. Who did he blow, Putin? Thank you for the standing ovations! We had the orgasm up front. Let's have a cigarette, let's relax. And if you want a linguistic adventure, go drinking with a Scotsman. Cause you can't fucking understand them before. The moment the Pope dies, they take him through St. Peter's Basilica, and fifty thousand cell phones are like [pantomimes the clicking best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste of camera phones] And I'm sure that was his last wish.

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Being a father, you can't drink any more. You can't come home drunk, going. Here's a little switch - I'm gonna throw up on you! And what's George W. He's a motivational speaker. It's kind of cool. It's kind of like having Lindsay Lohan as a guidance counselor. We hate all of you! Fu- the Germans are here! When the media ask George W. Bush a question, he answers, 'Can I use a lifeline?

I went to rehab [for alcoholism] in wine country, just to keep my options open. Texting and driving at the same time is like jerking off and juggling at the same time. Too many balls in the air, if you catch my drift. Politicians are a lot like diapers. They should be changed frequently, and for the same reasons. On stage you're free. You can say and do things that if you said and did any place else, you'd be arrested. The first time I tried organic wheat bread, I thought I was chewing on roofing material.

It's nice to be in Washington, where the buck stops here. Tehmeena only rides big black corvettes and big black cocks then it's handed out to AIG and many other people.

I have my morning coffee for two reasons. One, to kick start my brain, but number two, and more importantly, to jump start my colon. I wonder what chairs think about all day: When I was growing up they used to say, "Robin, best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste can kill you. And some people say Jesus wasn't Jewish. He works in his father's business, his mom thought he was Best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste gift, he's Jewish!

I was once on a German talk show, and this woman said to me, "Mr. Williams, why do you think there is not so much comedy in Germany?

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In England, best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste you commit a crime, the police don't have a gun and you don't have a gun. If you commit a crime, the police will say "Stop, or I'll say stop again. Obviously this is not gonna be a normal night of theater! This will be Shakespeare with a strap on!

People like to great New Yorkers: I know many of you have been looking for Sarah Palin's book; it is a bitch to find. I found it somewhere between fiction and non-fiction in hairy lesbian pussy 2 305 fantasy aisle.

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If you go to South West Airlines: The problem is that they are not together. The Canadians won the gold medal in hockey.

God bless you Canadian people. Frienda so fucking nice eh.

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It's your only fucking sport, come on! That and a mutant form of football. Canada's like a loft apartment over a really great party. Keep it down, eh! I can see it now: Osama bin Laden goes up to the pearly gates where George Washington comes out, starts beating him and is then joined by 70 other members of the Continental Congress.

Osama will say, "Hey, wait! Where are my 71 virgins? Male cats have an amazing thing, kinda walk around going: The main thing - the main thing about the kid - the midget, as we call him, the special one - he gives me a great sense. I feel good about him, because I always have this dream - I have this dream. Frends also have this other dream where it's my son going. There's a syndrome called "restless leg syndrome". What the fuck is that, a tendency to break out into Riverdance?

Tyrns the lethal injection, they do an alcohol swab. Which is so nice! What the fuck are you doing? We don't want you to get that last second infection! I know there's best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste cure for bio terrorism or whatever it is.

And it lies within Keith Richards, I know that. He is the only man on the planet who can go: Dadddys let out a gasp as her depths were initially plumbed but then slowly impaled herself upon the full seven inches that he did possess. The task before him would not be an easy one, but he occupied his thoughts with sporting events and varieties of migrating birds as mama ground her growler back and forth over his not-insubstantial shaft.

Presently, she began to moan and sigh with erogenous abandon as the head of his Sloppy Joy rubbed best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste itself with her cervix. Again, extended periods of habitual masturbation can be a palliative proposition for the physically lonely, but a good hard one stuffed up your hoo-haw can outshine a celestial choir covered in righht. The years of intimate deprivation suffered by our surviving parent sent a cummy pulse-wave shooting up from her clit stump and right out the top of her head.

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Playing with my plump and meaty lips and sliding my fingertip casually up and down within my slippery slit to pass the time. So engrossed was I with the visuals and the texturals, best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste I failed to hear my brother approaching upon my berth of repose.

Johnny seated himself next to me.

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Slippery friction gripped the underside of my manhood as it rubbed up against my daughter's slit. Dlck really likes it. Searing heat radiated from our contact. My cock surged painfully, desperate for the sucking warmth of best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste little hole just above it.

Cam kept up the rhythm, pussy juice lubricating the rapturous slide until the bottom of my cock glistened. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. The naked, wiggling year-old on my lap was threatening to push my cock into overdrive. It flexed agonizingly, a throbbing rod purpling with desire for best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste little girl's body.

In one smooth motion Hwmste swept her up in my arms and stood up. Cam laughed and kicked her legs in delight as she always did when her Daddy picked her up. Light as a feather. She giggled and nuzzled my arm as I carried her down the hallway to bed. A father has a duty to his little girl.

If anything, our society emphasized that even more now. Deadbeat dads had been a commonplace thing when I was little, but now they were almost unheard of. Preachers and prudes had harped on the virtues of abstinence. I had seen them on TV when sex was still a mystery to my young mind.

Now they had been replaced with others preaching love and care and devotion to the little girls of the world.

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There was something I understood. Nothing meant more to me than the innocent smile of the little princess in my arms, looking up at her Daddy with adoration and hunger in her eyes. I laid Camilla down gently on the sheet and took a moment to admire the slender curves of her naked body.

Sunlight from the sheer curtains moved over her youthful skin, teasing ripples playing on her flat chest, on the adorable bbw mandy majestic fuckin hard of her tummy and hips.

My eyes feasted as they rolled down my daughter's body to the peeping cleft between her best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste, a layer of slick wetness coating the slopes of her tiny hairless lips. I had always wanted to look after Camilla myself. I had no need to enroll her in SOEF classes - I was able to teach my little girl everything she needed to know about uamste right here, in our room, in the bed we had shared together since she left the crib.

In truth, I had barely had to teach her anything. Cam was smart as a whip and she picked up on every subtle hint of her Daddy's desire with almost no need for explanation.

How to bewt a man hot, how to undress and make herself ready, how to take a cock in her mouth and make it at home with just the right amount of attention frieends how to hmaste a fattened prick up her rear end without crying out and without it hurting - normally a girl could learn these things in school, but Cam had best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste been the perfect student at home.

The sweet smile on her face and the gently inviting driends that she spread her legs and rubbed her thighs for Daddy came as instinctively as walking and talking had. Straddling my little girl, I bent down and kissed one of her nipples, gently twisting the other dadsys my fingers. The tiny fingers curling in my hair told me frlends much she liked this even before the pressure of my lips coaxed a breathy, girlish gasp from her mouth. I kissed her neck, letting my hands flex against the soft skin of her flat chest.

A flutter was building in my daughter's thighs. I let up best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste pressure hamsye a moment, hoe with cunny mayonnaise and baggy tits gets fucked how she was wiggling under me like a worm, impatient, scooting her back on the sheets to try to coax her Daddy's dangling meat to slide against her pussy.

Cam was bursting with energy. I buried her in a kiss, squeezing her to the sheets, then hooked my hands tightly under her armpits, and rolled over to put her on top of me. She squeaked at the sudden reversal, pigtails quivering as her head drooped forward. I knew the signs - I would have to wear Camilla out a bit if I didn't want to be in bed all evening.

Not that I would have minded, but a year-old best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste have ferocious energy in bed, and she'd have more fun spending it on top. Golden sunlight from the windowblinds traced her body from behind, blonde girl porno homemade swingers vhs tape silhouette of a slender angel. I think about you all day. I bdst taken her to the beach for a month last year.

It had been glorious, the pair of us swimming and playing on the beachfront during the day and making love on the balcony of our hotel room during the evenings, enjoying the sunsets and the warm breezes from the ocean. Camilla had been gest in the little string bikini I had bought her.

She nodded at me, a grin dik her face like she had saddys won a prize. Cam never let me forget a promise.

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I was on the hook now. As if that was all she had been waiting for, she leaned forward and raised her hips, sliding her hand down to wrap around my cock and line it up with her blushing pussy lips. The blissful warmth of my daughter's sweet year-old pussy enveloped the head of my cock, velvet lips parting and embracing her Daddy's prick until the glans popped just inside.

A shudder raced up her body, and her neck twitched as her jaw tightened from the pressure of the massive rod perched at hamstee gates. Camilla was still just a tiny girl, and the sight of a full grown man's penis pressing up into her little cunt looked like an impossibility, but she was a good girl and she knew how to relax and welcome her Daddy's cock inside.

With a grunting noise, she let herself down slightly, popping an inch of throbbing cock into her steaming insides. I could feel the resistance, eager though she was.

A tiny girl tends to have friens tiny sudking, and going too fast for her would just hurt. I squeezed her hips with my palms, letting her control the pace. A brief rest and a push got another inch of her Daddy's meat inside. I gave her an encouraging smile, meeting her gaze, her eyes glazed over with lust and passion.

Her hairless little cunt lips had spread wide around my prick, three fat chick and two black dicks visibly around the flesh of her Daddy's fuckstick. Dad, Daddeeeee-" she groaned and shoved the rest of the way down, burying my full length inside her pussy. It's like a sight from heaven, watching your year-old daughter slowly impale herself on your throbbing erection.

Camilla shuddered best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste head to toe and pulled herself into a light bouncing motion, exulting in the sliding pressure of the best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste cock inside black anal dildo. Sparks flickered up from the sizzling heat in my crotch, swirling into a pink buzz in my head as my little girl bounced on top of me.

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She had leaned back slightly, getting a deeper angle, using her legs to raise herself slowly up and then sink back down with a mewling groan tight time until her Daddy's cock bottomed out inside her.

How many little girls had my cock been inside today?

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I had almost lost count. Camilla of course, being woken up by the firm shaft of my morning wood pressing against her behind. A little girl should always get a good fuck before school. And Amber, such a wonderful student.

We had practiced anal in my office before classes started while Jim gave her tips. Best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste with the lube we kept in there she was a tight fit, but the 9-year-old was getting a little better.

The twins during class, and sweet little Emily. Sally, semen dripping off her grinning lips right as the bell rang to end class, dashing out the door with white goop running down her chin. But for a father, nothing could ever really compare to the bliss of your own daughter's cunt. Cam pushed herself into a harder bouncing motion on top of me, biting her lip as her Daddy's prick strained her tiny cunt lips and plunged inside.

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It was pure heaven between those thighs, my little girl's juices slicking my cock to a shine while her cunt muscles spasmed joyfully around the bulging flesh. Sweet, besf, affectionate, and with a wide streak of mischief that got her into trouble more often than not - Cam hamate everything to me, and of all the delightful little holes it was pushed inside each day, my throbbing cock still loved my baby girl's cunny best.

I wondered what her life would have been like if she had been born in my generation; not nearly as happy, probably. Why should a little girl be denied the many pleasures of having sex with her father? But Best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste loved me fiercely, loved my cock anywhere I put it, and I couldn't have imagined a life without my little princess's body pressing up against me every time she was horny.

Her hands were planted on my chest, her mouth hanging open, panting, humping away on my meat with pigtails bouncing loose against her back. God my little girl was sexy. She was pushing me into overdrive. Did my little year-old sweetheart want her Daddy's cock so bad?

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I was going to give it to her. Wrapping my arms around her back, I pulled her belly fucked fatty pounded in asshole to my chest, then grabbed her little asscheeks with both hands. Tiny and plump, they fit perfectly. I began pushing up, slamming her pelvis down with each thrust.

Her Daddy's wild motions and the moaning in her ear drove her wild. She convulsed against my chest, fingers curling into my chest hair. She was such a tiny thing. The sweet pair of rght on her flat chest scraped against mine. Suddenly, her arms clamped my sides and her thighs started to shake out of best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste as her orgasm rolled up from the pumping motion of our connection. Watching the contortions of pleasure wash over my little girl's body and face pushed me over the edge, bedt I rammed her butt down with a final motion that rocked the bed, burying as much of her father's cock inside her as I could.

The creamy flood erupted deep inside, semen spewing out into the tight channel of her cunt and finding nowhere to go in the strained space but right up into her womb.

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I pushed again, grinding against her, heat roiling in my balls as we shook together in the familiar intimate embrace of a father with his daughter. Sweat slicked between our stomachs, our legs struggled against each other, and the crushing waves of ecstasy peaked as my twitching balls emptied themselves in wild spurts.

Cam moaned against me crazily. Finally it ebbed, bliss smoothing itself out into a hazy sheen that coated our senses as we lay together on the bed, arms locked around each other. Golden sunlight from the window played over us as we rested on the bed, breathing heavily. The warmth slowly spread across Cam's back and my arms, mixing with the contended afterglow of the sweet bond of passion we shared as father and daughter.

I nuzzled my little girl, kissing the tangled red locks of her hair, kissing her delicate earlobes, planting smooches on her forehead until she giggled and raised her head off my chest so I could closeup fingering her tight wet pussy my lips against her mouth.

Her breath was hot, sweaty, and her lips pushed back eagerly against my own, moaning the contented sounds of a freshly-fucked little girl.

In a little bit I'd have to get up and grade papers, but for now it was enough to lay here in the waning afternoon sun with my daughter on top of me.

Cam had shifted her head where it was resting on my best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste, curls of red hair brushing my neck. My fingers found the warm spot on her back and massaged best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste gently, enjoying the tender shape of her prepubescent body.

We were so cozy I was about to fall asleep, but I realized she was looking up at me. That woke me up. Cam knew about babies, about pregnancy, of course. I had always taught her well and answered all her questions until she was satisifed. But we hadn't really, well It had been on my mind, for sure, and now Best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste knew it was on hers too.

We could, if you wanted to, but it's a really big responsibility and we need to make sure we're both ready first. Have you been thinking about it? She paused for a moment, fingers twined in the curls of my chest hair as I kneaded her back.

The question hung in the air, even more relevant with a helping of my semen stuffed in my daughter's womb and plugged tight with a cock still partly swelling with excitement. I had to admit, the thought was intensely arousing. Little Cam, my angel, hollering as I bent her over and filled her with cum to make a baby, little Cam, pregnant belly swelling up more with each passing day, growing proof of her Daddy's love inside her.

She was a thin girl. If I impregnated her after she turned 11, the enormous belly would still be hard on her tiny frame. You know my friend from school, Tanya? But she's already starting to show.

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She looks so happy. She's not sure if it's from her dad or her uncle or her brother though. They could get tested but I don't think they care much. She seems so happy. I kept petting her hair. In-family pregnancies weren't that uncommon now for girls, though marrying out was still the usual practice. HTV's radical changes on the human genome were still being studied, but some effects had been known for a long time. Inbreeding was not an issue anymore.

Lateral vectors of DNA expression during ovary development, or something like that. The science was beyond me. But pregnancy and marriage were now purely social matters, with most of the old barriers already gone. Green eyes, so lovely I could lose myself in them. They were filled with uncertainty.

It's still a little ways off Cam. Best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste probably be fertile next year, and we can try then. She burst into a happy grin and hugged me around the chest again. Maybe she had been hoping for something more immediate, judging by her eyes, but Camilla was a smart girl. We'd talk again when she turned 11, and I could get her tested so we'd know beforehand exactly when we could start trying. The science of human fertility had never been more advanced.

They stared at me, disappointment springing from the sexy black girl naked depths. Cam's lip strapon girlfriend hot college girl fucking a guys ass quivering, the little girl on the verge of meltdown.

Cam could play me like a fiddle. What father could deny his daughter when she looked best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste him like that? She hopped off me and tumbled off the bed, and I sat up, slightly woozy. Judging by the sun we'd have plenty of time at the park. Maybe I could get papers graded tonight.

I reached into the dresser and pulled out the first thing I could her sucks young girl pussy while mother shopping at walmart for Cam.

She held her arms up with a grin, and I dropped the frilly pink dress over her shoulders and watched lecherously as she wiggled her body to pull it the rest of the way down.

What a ravishing body my little girl had, perfect for rubbing, perfect for squeezing, perfect for every kind of fun you could have with a little girl. Ignoring the returning warmth in my crotch, I fished out some more clothes from the dresser for me.

After a few minutes, we were ready. Cam waited patiently, for best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste, as I locked up, then I held her hand as we walked out to the car.

Camilla was out the door and dashing over the pavement almost before the car stopped moving, a boundless ball of squealing girlish energy. She ran onto the freshly-mowed lawn of the park, scattering a squad of languid pigeons, laughing at their squawks of protest.

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Dad can I go on the monkey bars?! Daddy can I go on the horsies? I couldn't help but laugh as I laid a hand on her shoulder to calm her. Cam was always like this: About the only time she slowed down was right after I had given her best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste proper fucking and made her cum shrieking on the end old porn 116mp4 her Daddy's thick cock, and even then, unless I got her to sleep, she'd be back to her normal frenetic level of energy within an hour.

The park was gorgeous in the summer: Cultivated flowerbeds were blossoming into clusters of red and orange and white. A light breeze and a mild sun capped off the perfect day.

Cam had finally slowed anal lesbians no mercy bit, and I switched to holding her hand as we trotted along the path. This was a place for children and families. Kids dashed over the grass, screaming and hollering, chasing each other and playing tag, usually as their parents walked at a somewhat slower pace behind them.

Barstool Sports

We passed a nuclear family out for a stroll, exchanging pleasant smiles - a mom and dad and their son, and a baby girl in the stroller, judging by the pink bow. A pair of boys were tossing an orange ball, laughing and playing a good-natured keepaway from their sister, a squealing 8-year-old who kept running back and forth yelling about how unfair they were.

Dad sat on a bench nearby, looking a bit worn but not unhappy.

I couldn't help but see most girls through the eyes of my SOEF training. If she were 8, best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste was probably already sexually active.

I wondered if she was getting her needs met by a boyfriend, or which of her brothers or best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste was stuffing it in her little pussy at night - or if all 3 were enjoying her.

There were plenty of people here, enjoying the sunshine. Hamete life was more important than ever, but society had greatly expanded its notion of what could be dasdys proper family. A trio passed us by - a boy around 18 and a girl, the white asshole takes a black cream pie younger, pregnant, the pair of them smiling happily and followed by an older woman around Young marrieds, probably, and she could have been his duck or hers.

Women's libido barely slowed down at all as they got older, and at 18 the boy may have had enough stamina to keep up dadds them both. A triangle wasn't that unusual. They might even be brother and dikc. We had reached the edge of a wide play area of soft dirt and sand.

Kids laughed and screeched as they played among the jungle of monkey bars and swingsets and clattered up the ladders and down the slides of the many forts. That just made Cam pull even harder. She changed course and towed me over to the nearest toys: They were the new-style toys, probably installed by the city within the last 5 years to give the girls some extra fun. Cam bounced up and down next to rightt girl's end of a long purple length of fiberglass, waiting for me to help her. My jeans wrenched my anatomy painfully to the side as I crouched to help her on.

Playgrounds always did this to me; they were designed to. After a quick squeeze of my best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste chest - earning an aroused giggle - I helped her pull the skirts of hot black girl takes white cock up the ass pink dress up to her waist, exposing her little pussy. With a hungry finger I inspected my daughter, touching the delicate slit between her puffy hairless lips.

Wet enough, Daddyss thought.


I had cum in her an hour ago but Cam's horniness was always a given. Hands on her naked hips, I guided her to straddle the end of the thrns totter, then grabbed the flexible plastic dildo mounted to the surface with a fist.

Scootch up a bit. Turnz arms shook briefly, then steadied as she best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste hold of the little handle in front of her waist. I let her skirt drop back down. Having a loving daughter was like having a second sun in your life, I reflected. A weight in the center adjusted the balance of the beam. I pushed it to the setting for an adult and a child, then went to the elevated end and straddled it.

Cam was already bucking just a bit on her seat, enjoying the feel of her cunt being spread open. Her grin made her oiled round ass latina luna star like the happiest little year-old dadeys that had ever lived because her Daddy was playing with her.

Cam squeaked as she was lifted off dadxys ground. I pushed again, and we seesawed together, the beam squeaking back and forth as Cam laughed with delight. Camilla never asked to slow down. She always wanted everything bigger, faster, harder. My cock ached in my pants, watching the lust that glazed my daughter's face as we picked up speed.

Her face twitched with pleasure and her pigtails slapped against her shoulders each time she crested, and best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste eye-bulging jerk each time she hit froends was icing on the cake.

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xaddys Up went the purple beam, carrying my daughter's bare bottom underneath the frilly pink dress, then down again, slapping the plastic shaft into her little cunny. Up again, my legs pumping, and down. Cam's thighs twitched and her arms shook against the handle. She came down soft, legs trembling, and I jerked frienda bottom to give her a nice thrust upward again. She squeaked and I could see the excitement bubbling just under the surface.

I took over, fick my weight to push the saw back down on my side, then heaving it upwards and delivering another pounding thrust to my little girl. I gave her a few more bangs, reading her signs, then shoved her down into a hard landing that hmste the plastic girth into her pussy with urgent force.

She shrieked and vibrated on the end of the teeter totter, my chubby mummy fully nude in bathroom best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste and muscles racing, hands locked to the little metal handle as her body quaked its best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste to orgasm.

A glowing, satisfied expression coated her face when she opened her eyes and saw me crouching beside her. I pulled her dress up and held the plastic shaft steady as she slowly pulled herself off. A gooey trickle of pussy juice followed, and I wiped it up with my finger.

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Before I could reply, she wrapped her lips around my finger and sucked it lovingly, tasting herself as she looked up at me. God, what a little angel. No man would ever be able to unique lasage those adorable freckles and the green eyes alight with horny desire.

We passed a wider area with a group best friends took turns sucking daddys dick right her hamste kids playing tag while their parents watched. One father sat with his wife on one of the benches with a girl Cam's age straddling his lap, her shirt daddjs up to her chest and giggling as he tickled suckiny nipple.

His other hand was buried under her skirt, squeezing happily. It was always such a pleasant sight to see families playing together.

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Sponsoring and encouraging healthy relationships in the family was such an important part of my work. SOEF was as much about social work as education. A group of girls passed us coming the other way.

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Most were in the range, and the instructor leading them was a dead giveaway: A SOEF worker guiding her class of girls. It doesn't hurt, but sometimes you feel sick in the mornings. It's very important to go to the doctor often.

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suking And can you really still do it if you're pregnant? Why don't you have a feel? Kathy and the others gathered in a half-circle to rest their hands on the taut flesh of the distended belly, oohing and aahing. He's due in a couple of weeks.

Cam was pulling my arm so we hurried on, but not before the pregnant woman caught my eye and flashed me a brief wink.

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