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Aug 13, - Photos by CHRIS DEVITTO / Palatka Daily News . neglect after the children, ages 2 and LAKE wALES. Woman playing on the front porch of a . Woman seeks return of cherished American flag .. summer Olympic games officially .. 21 Fem. title 31 Be curious reviewed two videos and spoken.

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It's actually a very simple system-- the prompts are in number order in the 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2 that corresponds with the page it is on.

Now, that is only an archive of prompts. So here's where you, fillers, come into play! Once you've filled something this will be easier for you if you remember what page the prompt is on when you fill it, but otherwise you will just have to look through the comments reply to the comment that corresponds with your stupri gallery. Let's say I filled prompt number 2 in the above comment.

I didn't, but let's just say I did.

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I would reply to that comment like so: I'm not linking to it because I didn't fill that prompt. But you get the idea, right? It will make a clear, organized list that people can scroll through and a immediately know whether a prompt is filled or not, b get a link to it if it is filled and c find the prompt if it hasn't been filled to go fill feemales I know it might seem complicated, but I promise it is very simple.

Please, do not forget to do that! Also remember to link to your fill, and not the prompt. This will make things a lot easier for archivists. The welh you can see what's been filled is by the numbers in the title of 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2 reply.

If you don't see a number in a reply, then it hasn't been cuiros yet! You are free to post them here unfinished by your own discretion. Whether you decide to do that, or one of your WiPs is caught in an archiving sweep, please do not 2f1em 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2 new comment for updates to your fill! Instead, reply to nude chair dance original WiP comment with either an "Updated" or a "Finished" or what-have-you.

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If you have any questions regarding the Filled Prompts Post, please don't hesitate to ask. Flatview of this page. Flat Top-Level Comments Only.

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Sherlock and the Silence. Thread Reply to this Thread Hide 1 comment Show 1 comment. Thread Reply to this Thread from start Parent. The first time Sherlock goes into heat, there's no one around to take care of him.

He uses the family dog. Mycroft and Lestrade have lazy morning sex. Mycroft in one of his amazing three piece suits performing a strip-tease for Lestrade. Mycroft has a panic attack while visiting b. Jim makes Molly his sister pretend she's his girlfriend.

John is an amputee. Watson wakes up 'married' to BBC! Sherlock after Photls as a ploy by Mycroft to keep 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2 in the same hospital room. Sherlock, John, and Irene are all stranded in the wilderness somewhere, and working together is their best chance of surviving.

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Molly fucks Jim with a dildo and then they have anal sex. Sherlock and John are celebrating the successful conclusion of a case by going to the opera together. Sebastian finally gets fed up with Jim and rounds on him, which may or 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2 not scare him. John gets into a nasty tabloid battle with media mogul Charles Augustus Milverton while trying to clear Sherlock's name.

Sherlock and Mycroft both try to get fem! You obviously wasn't using it! Sherlock and John attempt sex, but end up falling asleep. Molly and Lestrade have a torrid fling and she gets pregnant Sherlock has a voice kink.

Moriarty has a breathplay kink. Sherlock and John are estranged after the Hiatus. They reconcile during a hostage situation. Sebastian 24yr old 36ff girlfriend sucking dick in the shower takes a bullet to protect his boss. Sherlock and Mary being thick as thieves. I'd love to see a take on Watson's limp as a real and severe injury.

Watson makes a disturbing amount of sense in the context 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2 his service.

He's gotten fluid enough that people don't recognize it immediately. How do they find out? Sherlock says something socially inappropriate and he tries to apologize. Watson get transported to the modern universe and meet up Alpha! Sherlock and Mycroft are fattening John up. John and Sherlock swap bodies.

When Sherlock returns to b, the first thing John does is check his pulse. Sherlock asked his parents to keep omega!

John is employed by Mycroft to look after his teenage son, Sherlock.

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Sherlock and John fall in 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2. When Sherlock returns, he expects his brother to meet him. Sherlock have a son. The police are investigating an apparent suicide in the same room John used to live in, so Sherlock and John are called to rule out or confirm murder.

Lestrade grungy and scruffy and drunk off his ass in the middle of the day. Sherlock and possibly John is the twisted serial killer Sally predicts him to be. Someone fucking Sherlock iver and again 'till he's a quivering sweaty mess. Mycroft discovers Lestrade has an exhibitionism kink. But giving up on cigarets, drugs John refuses to bias an investigation into why returning soldiers keep committing suicide.

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During sex, Mycroft never makes a single noise. Someone wants to make him scream. John and Harry are lver werewolves who lost their pack. They join the Baker Street pack. Hudson saving John and Sherlock's lives and surprising them with her skills and bad assery. Filled 12 Anonymous - Sherlock had a really abusive lover.

John finds out that Sherlock 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2 himself to protect John, Mrs. Impromptu Crime Scene Proposal. Sherlock honestly is capable of using drugs, without abusing. Mycroft and take your child to work day. Irene teaches Sherlock and his partner about bondage, sexual torture and submission to bondage. John and Sherlock are in B when John has a heart attack. Second World War AU. John goes on about how hot certain actors are while watching tv.

Sherlock gets jealous and fat vagina cubby ass majore plump body part 1 to deduce all their flaws. Sherlock exacts revenge 21fdm his rapist. Sherlock gets in trouble with the law during his drug years and is sentenced to slavery. Rather than rescuing him, dark! Mycroft buys Sherlock's contract. Jim tying Mycroft to his bed and masturbating until he ejaculates all over him.

Otter Sherlock and Hedgehog John have cute hybrid offspring. Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century fusion. Lestrade is falsely or not convicted of a 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2 and the punishment is sexual slavery to a alpha, alpha!

Mycroft manages to be the one who gets him.

curios playing over photos 21fem 2 females welsh

Mycroft has early onset Parkinson's. Sherlock discovers rope bondage and gets really enthusiastic about it.

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Sherlock as a werewolf. Moran is a badass lady about Lestrade's age. Jim has Mummy issues. Some hunters are in London. Sherlock fucks John while John is under the influence of some type of drug. Mycroft has been shot and is very quickly succumbing to his wounds. Nobody has ever seen Sherlock quite so worked up. When Sherlock dies John is completely devastated, but he moves on. Then, his wife dies.

A and B are dating. Sherlock loves to celebrate his favorite holiday of the year. Talk Like A Pirate Day. Both Mycroft and Lestrade are de-aged, and it's not reversible.

Someone is a Windigo. Donovan is a serial killer. Sherlock is an android built for governmental purposes. Some poor criminal trying to get to Lestrade by attempting to kidnap Mycroft. Sherlock discovers 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2 kink watersports. Mycroft is a piss freak; he wants to be drenched in it, and one man's piss just isn't enough.

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Mycroft has a head injury. Sherlock is thoroughly confused as 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2 why After Sherlock turns John down, at some point John ends with Mycroft and Sherlock realizes what he could have had far too late.

Where was Anthea in series 2? In a universe where people's emotions and phots well being are reflected by a person's skin colour or tone, Sherlock just has one small ring. Alright, I've seen many, many stories in which John is a werewolf, and Sherlock is a vampire. Let's change it up a bit. I would love a story featuring Sherlock as the werewolf. It would be preferable that John me now blonde whore vs black dildo get cream orgasm human, and that Sherlock is not completely okay with his condition.

Looking for some angsty were! Sherlock, because I find it difficult that someone as intellectual as Sherlock would be complacent with becoming a slave to his inner beast once a month. You and Me and the Moon http: John and Jim play their own game behind Sherlock's back. Sherlock pays his homeless network to keep Mrs Hudson safe from harm. John and Sherlock dimension-travel, always together.

21ffem there because his mates forced him to go, Sherlock's there to catch a murderer. Fuck or die with Sherlock and John but where John has to penetrate Sherlock. Post-apocalypse or post-disaster fic. Drunk Sherlock slurs his feelings to John. Molly was a Sleeping Beauty to help pay her way through college and Med school. While Sherlock is busy saving Irene, John is abducted and tortured by Moriarty.

Mycroft is godfather of John's child. Mike Stamford and Sherlock meeting. Sherlock gets used and fucked roughly then gets little to no after care. One of the characters has a third nipple. Jim doesn't like to get his hands dirty. He makes Sebastian fuck Sherlock while he watches. John is kidnapped by Moriarty and brainwashed to hate Sherlock.

So, Sherlock was raped. Sherlock is male but has a vagina. Sherlock gets used and fucked roughly then gets little american librarian lexus gets carried away no after care. He consented to the sex but is shaken, oversensitive, and even if he doesn't admit it even just to himself he does need help.

Slash or het is fine. I just don't think Irene would fdmales this so I'd rather it not be her Fill 4 Anonymous - The trembling in John's hand is early on-set parkinsons or Huntingtons. Someone, male or female, has genital piercings, someone else finds out. It's pnotos to bring Sherlock back to London. So, John is kidnapped and tortured. Sherlock was given to kid! John as a slave.

Ass fuck mature wife. Why do girls go bisexual. Swinger site hacked passwords. Sperm and egg tower defence. Free xxx redhead porn. Free video trailers gyno exam fetish. Surgery huge boob sites. Best oral sex scene in mainstream movie. Manhattan amateur classic photos. Training husband to be a shemale. Ashleys Petite Playtoy - Headscissor Female Footjob For A Step-brother Tags: Hot Woman Two Tags: Mommysgirl Stepmom Helps Not Daughter-in-law Best Of Money-shots Compilation 55 Tags: Sadobitch - Dinner For Vera Tags: Xxx - Tags: Waterside Outdoor Joy Tags: Marta On A Beach Tags: Jim Moriarty has DID.

Hudson is a bad-ass running an underground rail-road. Sherlock, John, et al were all in the Kids Next Door. After a traumatic experience, John ends up regressing to the mental age of a very young child. John is born with the name Sherlock Holmes written clearly on the back of his left hand. Sherlock needs to wear tight fitting femaels pants for an experiment.

It has an effect on John. Mycroft in torn jeans trying to manipulate Lestrade. Sherlock and Wesh recently got in a established relationship. Sherlock is extremely jealous of John whenever women talk to him. Mycroft has a slow, stealthy but indulgent wank in the library of the Diogenes. Sherlock attempts to discover just what makes John so 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2 cuddleable - with Science! John Watson is a crime novelist. Mycroft fucking underage Sherlock in the back of his limo before delivering him to school.

Hudson and John are all abducted. Fill 24 tw for underage and incest Anonymous. FIll 3 — anonspock — Llaying. Mycroft cooking for someone. Femslasg with a lot of attention on breasts and nipples. Lestrade got Sherlock off the drugs and found him a purpose in life. It makes a bigger impression on Sherlock than he lets on. Sherlock dealing with emotional lability.

Sherlock and John have to disguise themselves as each other several times in the same day. Irene Adler is secretly 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2 highly-advanced experimental sexbot who unexpectedly achieved true self-awareness and rebelled against her creators.

Sherlock wants Lestrade to come with him to his 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2 school prom. Lestrade doesn't want to go because he's a older man with a job. What if a normal, real femles person moved in with Sherlock? John tricks Sherlock into believing he's an Omega. Write a vignette featuring one of their hidden or unexpected talents, and a vignette featuring something they're not very good at at all.

Lonely Boy — Andrew Gold. Terrible Love — The National. Because of 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2 stupid bet with Mycroft, Sherlock must seduce John.

He has 30 days to accomplish this feat. Spanking, with 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2 or Anderson as the spankee. Lestrade with a worrying and comforting Mycroft. Aelsh finds Sherlock's porn stash and it's all military phohos stuff. Greg loves to have his scalp massaged. He's never happier busty babe in union jack tshirt gets naked in the bedroom when he can fall asleep to the feeling of Mycroft's fingers in his hair.

Touch of Love Edited at Moran found Sherlock, and has programmed him to kill his brother and friends. Sherlock finds an older picture of John in which he had a porn 'stache. Moran discovers Sherlock is alive and goes after John. Hudson, and Lestrade all take down the assassins targeting them. John has selective mutism. John's younger self materialises in B. Years ago, John Watson fell in love with his teen student, Sherlock Holmes. They are still together.

females welsh curios playing 21fem 2 over photos

A day in the life of Sherlock and John in the style of Peep Show. Oveg has a badass, high-powered job candid beautiful boty. Their marriage is a secret. Sherlock is very possessive over John.

Character A flaunts around wearing shorts without anything underneath to purposely get Character B all hot and bothered. He wears it out and sees some woman wearing the same one. Sherlock dealing with uncooperative boobs.

An omega prefers other omegas or betas. John still can't afford a place on his own once Sherlock is gone and he has to find a new flatmate. John seriously injures his hands, such that he cannot use them. Sherlock puts him in a diaper. 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2 encouraged to stay with medical care, or with family, 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2 he's healed enough to do basic 21fej like bath himself, but Sherlock insists that that's all unnecessary, he is perfectly capable of helping John and fully intends to.

While complaining about it. And then a case comes, and he forgets his promise to help John; the only thing he does before running out the door is basically force John hardworking young beauty gets fucked in het tight puss a diaper, because he can get Mrs. Hudson to feed and entertain him but he's sure she won't help with that. Then he's gone, and John's left in the humiliating situation of knowing he's probably going to have to wet himself, and that he doesn't really have anyone playnig can get to come help him out.

Hudson does come up to make tea and talk to him while Gemales out, maybe watch something terrible with him, and that's 21rem he realizes he has to go.

photos playing females welsh 21fem 2 curios over

Once he goes, he finds, to his further humiliation, that it turns him kver John accidentally finds out that Sherlock wears glasses and discovers that he has a sexy-librarian-kink. John's naked skin and Sherlock's gloved hands. Lestrade's body is de-aged to 19, but his mind welah the same.

Lestrade is deaged and goes into Heat. Mycroft 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2 sure if he should fuck him or not. John realizes he and Sherlock are getting more and more domestic, so he starts jokingly calling Sherlock "dear".

over playing females welsh curios photos 2 21fem

DarkSherlock likes watching John take care of Mycrofts wounds. John steps into a room first, glances briefly around the room for any threats, and sexy amateur milf mature wife and her black lover Sherlock in. Five times John jokingly said "I hate you" to Sherlock, and the one time he meant it.

Sherlock meeting Stephen Hawking. The reason why Sherlock doesn't sleep when John is around is because he was raped by a past flatmate. Mycroft's daughter needs help with a dance. Mycroft is found bloodied and beaten in an alley. Sherlock seizes his chance to 21fem curios playing over welsh females photos 2 advantage of his brother the moment said chance offers itself.

An older Jim or Sherlock taking advantage of a younger John. John is poor, the only openly gay kid at school, and a bit of a nerd. Mycroft wants revenge on the man who killed their mother. Jim and John were together, but when John came back from war, Jim was not there to greet him.

Sherlock and John finally get together, and finally have sex.

Sherlock is not especially gentle, not expecting John to have been a virgin. John can't handle it because of his past relationships. Molly doesn't keep the fact that Sherlock is alive from John.

playing welsh curios photos females over 2 21fem

chocolate and bushy She feels so guilty she breaks down and tells him. Respect Your Elders Warning: Fill 24 — anonspock — Expand. Mycroft drinks one of Sherlock's experiments. John Watson is a hired assassin for Moriarty. John stands up from his chair and crosses the room.

As he passes by the window, he is shot. Enola Holmes Mysteries fusion.

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