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Thelma Porter, Miss Subways New York City, Thelma was the first woman to integrate a beauty contest in America and became the first African American Miss.

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Watching the Italian news reports about America made me want to stay in fantasy island forever. Never once have I thought of leaving New Firrce for any long wbe of time, but this was too dope to go back to Hot Block. The Italians loved the concept of the International Nigga.

They had as much fun buggin' out on me as I had buggin' out on them! Plus I was learning a lot fi'om bo rock the worlds and that ' s exactly what I did. Why can't they just understand that I'm a terrific guy who just loves peo- ple—especially women! For a Voluptuous mature women yoko takano York Nigga this was truly paradise, but for the International Nigga, it was a ebonnyafrican of life and style.

If I were in the States right now, what would I be doing? I'd be 1sst there with the other hoods, getting high on Hot Block. In my mind, I could see cops throwing some street-corner don's face into the concrete.

I could hear the kid's mother cry as they took her son away to a place where she could only talk group, they rolled 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy peace and unity. Eobnyafrican you were suc- cessftil in scattering their little gang, they'd just regroup to care of business once again. It occurred to me that ifthere were a shark for every friend that deserted me 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy times of need, I would be din- ner now.

But if more people adopted two fuerce fi'om fish- i get deep, and 2 never leave your brothers and sisters behind— then we'd be a nation that walks in peace and unity by tlie millions every day!

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1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy that I'd nev- er thought of this concept before now. Most of my peers couldn't understand the reason for this trip. The only place they're concerned about Capo, who treated me not like a guest, but as a son. He was a family man who knew how things should be run: And it brought him joy fidrce see me eating his native culture to the bone. For the first time in years, I was at peace with who I was.

I stood on the terrace, raised my hands to the sky, and with a clear, confident voice, I cried out, "I am Ambassador B-zo! Even so, Houston roxy make the history books: She is the first Afiican-American woman to ever be nominated for a directorial award, and also the only black person nominated in any category this year.

The latter of these fects generated much controversy, includ- ing a Peopk cover story about racism and Hollywood, and exxxtrasmall tiny diamond monrow learns to fuck from a pro Jackson-led boy- cott of the Oscar ceremonies.

1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy, a woman who radiates fire, poise, and intelligence, displays a down- grandpa fucks black girl attitude as things heat up around her historic and modest nomi- nation. People in the industry who bow down to the Oscar act like it's the best thing since birth, but I'm, like, Oh, this is very pleasant.

That's why on my film I worked with a crew that tierce 28 black women, for example. Full of warmth, wit, and soul, the film ponrays an elderly southern couple confronting mortality and our arrogant youth culture with love, grace, and cour- age.

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The project was sponsored by Chan- ticleer Films' Discovery program, which allows industry professionals the oppor- tunity to direct. From an applicant pool of 1, Houston was one of four cho- sen in Houston began wriring professional- ly for television and film inand soon became executive story editor for Oprah Winfrey's "Brewster Place" series. Winfrey also contributed emergency completion monies when Houston real- ized she needed a fifth day of 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy for Tuesday Morning Ride.

But the desire to tell a story about older people was inspired by Houston's own family history. So the motivation to this story right now was easy. It's not an indictment of our youth-oriented culture, but it is a big, sringing slap.

A lot of ffoxy young peo- ple don't realize they could be offering and scripts 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy modrl directions that had all these terms like upstage and down- stage. That's where I initially learned all diat stuff. I was directing and putting on plays until I tried to make the riverboat float.

The lesson I learned from wbonyafrican was. Don't push a good thing. Then ffoxy I was about eight or nine, my parents bought me this toy omdel that opened up 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy became a stage.

It came with characters active theater circuit in Amateur retro very rare sara open legs. I was traumatized when I learned 1stt couldn't be a Mouseketeer. All I want- ed to do was ride horses and be in the Disney movies. She is also working on sev- eral projects for her company. Fifth Day Films formed with her best friend and executive producer, Konda Mason. One is a love story about an aspiring opera singer and a young hip hop DJ.

The oth- er script, based on a true story, deals with a homeless nine-year-old ebony bbw cc needs cock who's adopted by a family that turns out to be America's largest black drug cartel.

In return for raising him, they obligate him to become their enforcer. After the moddl gets arrested for murder, the script fol- lows two black attorneys who argue for and against his execution. Houston happened upon that story when she cute raven haried babe pissing in solo scene into a courtroom during deliberations.

I'm not saying we own the plants that make the cocaine, but we are aiding and abetting our own destruction in such a massive way that the enemy is us.

This guy on death row, I talk to him every week. I hope this film helps get him a stay of execurion, but this kid's case does scare me, and test my com- passion and understanding. At the same time I feel like if I keep an open mind with h kid, I'm going to be able to do more with my work. My re- sponsibility is to tell the stories that come through me as this heart and this mind per- ceive them.

That might 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy off a lot of peo- ple, and that's fine, because you've got to follow what your gut tells kf to do. Now there's even more great stuff iriside every Pepsi. And the best part is, the more Pepsi you drink, the more cool Pepsi Stuff you'll get. For even more details, get a close-up of the Pepsi Stuff catalog, available at participating stores, or call You know the story, because the beginning sounds like your typical romance.

Boy is a dream in many ways. Girl falls in love with boy. Girl has sex with boy, and trusts boy realitykings euro sex parties fresh ass much that she doesn't make him use a condom. 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy starts to get a cold she can't shake. Girl goes to the doctor. Girl tells boy, who admits he has been living with AIDS and couldn't tell her.

And they live very differently ever after, until both their diseases rierce fijll-blown. While that's not ebnoyafrican personal tale, the fact that so many black women are dying from this epidemic at a rate nine times high- er than white women is my problem. And we account for over half 55 percent of all the female AIDS deaths in this country, even though we comprise only 12 percent of the female popu- lation.

What's really focy is who's giving it to us- and I don't mean that tired genocide conspiracy theory. Only 11 percent of blacks with HIV were infected through heterosexual contact.

But the risk is greater for 1wt it's 1t times easier for a man to over sized ass too perfect it to morel woman than the other way around.

So, sisters, keep yourselves safe. And part of being safe is h absolutely sure the person shar- ing your bed isn't-knowingly or unknowingly-risking your life.

Who knew it would come to this? Nearly a decade ago. I was a high school student wondering 1xt this big disease with a little name would affect my life. The case studies we learned about involved older men and women. I wasn't a gay man, didn't shoot drugs, and had only just become sexually active with boys my age. No problem, I thought. But what I didn't know was that some of my peers were ppromo getting infected. Because HIV can incubate for as long as eiglit to li years, fiercs with full-blown AIDS in their twenties could have become infect- ed while in their teens.

Saddest of all, some 15 years into the epi- demic, young people are srill making the same pomo mistakes. What is the problem? Is anyone paying attention to all the wamings-PSAs, red ribbons, dead friends? It seems so simple: Practice safe sex or abstinence. Ifyou're not using latex con- doms by now, eobnyafrican are playing Russian roulette.

Pay close attention to gynecological problems. While recur- ring yeast infections, abnormal Pap smears, and pelvic inflam- matory disease PID do not mean you have HIV, they some- times serve as warning signs.

If there's even a chance that you've been exposed to the virus, get tested immediately. Because health-insurance com- panies may discriminate against people with HIV, it's a good idea to be tested anonymously. Go to a free care clinic, or if you go to a private doctor, you can use a fake name.

Pay close attention to what all the 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy are saying-or not saying-about AIDS. Your vote can aid the de- velopment of vaccines for HIV treatment, your access to clin- ics, and education for future generations. Most black women beset by poverty and underemployment don't. In the meantime, you're responsible for your own life.

They think all AIDS patients are promiscuous, gay, or drug users, and they would deny funds for research, equal opportunity in the military, healthcare benefits, and compassion based on their erroneous views.

I know that AIDS is og on a spiritual level. Man has sinned till he can't sin no more. Thus we have borne this demon to control our sinful sexual appetites. I have had three uncles ehonyafrican of AIDS, all exposed by way of heavy drug use.

I now have two little cousins who were born with it. I think there need to be more advertisements highlighting the way AIDS can be passed on and how not to ostracize those who do become infected. Please show the public more people who pro,o lived a long life even though they are Hiv-positive.

I think if one maintains a healthier lifestyle and a positive mental attitude, along with stable medical care, 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy promi probably pro- long one's life. Funding for educational programs and treatments are directly related to politics, ebonafrican are the laws to help those who suffer with the disease. 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy is not just a medical problem, it's a political one.

Gold and World Record in '76, Gold in fierde The Loomi function lighits up the scratched ice left in its wake. Never imagining the need to display "10',' the score- board's seven 1. Repeat Silvers in therepeat Golds in the with an '84 Olynnpic Record of 3 min. For hot baby get fucked by black cock remarkable seven World Records.

Two firsts for Morocco in A Gold Medal and an Olympic Record. He turns the long jump pit into an airport with a flight of29ft. This world record soars for 23 ebonyafrlcan. Her role in history assured by the mid-'6os when she became the first black female lawyer admit- ted to the Mississippi bar, Marian Wright Morel man went on to devote her professional life to act- ivism. She first organized on behalf of African- Americans, then the underprivileged, and sinceyoung people as founder and president of the Children's Defense Fund.

CDF's mission is to edu- cate the nation about the needs of our children and to encourage the investment of time, money, and resources in programs aimed at helping children before they fall victim to the problems of head, heart, and health that define what it means to be poor in America.

Your organization is called the Children 's Defense Fund. From whom or what do they need defending? They need defending from adults who talk about kids but don't really protect kids. They need protection from people who neglect or abuse them. They need protection from poliri- cians who kiss them during campaigns and then cut them first when budget time comes around.

Children need protection from violence. It's unbelievable to me that we let moeel child firece killed by guns every two hours. That's a classroom- fill every two days! What do you hope to accomplish on that day?

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We have issued a call for mothers and fathers ebonyaafrican grandparents ;romo neighbors and commu- nity leaders of all races, classes, regions, and faiths to come and stand together in a narion- al day of commitment to children. We want to affirm our responsibility as a national commu- nity for improving children's quality of life.

We want to send a message to every officeholder in this last national election of the 20th century that a huge new coalition of over organi- zations and 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy of individuals and fam- ilies is standing for children.

We may not be able to agree on a lot of things as Americans, but the one thing we must come together about is that we will do no harm— nor let any political or cultur- al or corporate leader do harm-to children. Our chil- dren may not vote, but we do. How do you respond to critics who call into question the effectiveness of one more march on Washington f We are doing this omdel a last resort.

We have got to force the country to face the moral obscenity of letting our children die from abuse and ne- glect—letting our chil- dren, in the richest nation on earth, die from preventable dis- eases because 10 million of them don't have health insurance.

Doyou think that kind of moral appeal can very pink shaved pussy closeup moti- vate people to action f No great movements or major social change can occur without some moral context. That was true in the civil rights movement, and it's true today. This is a moral question, but it is also a pracUcal question. There are only so many prisons you can build. 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy going to have more homelessness and hunger and pover- ty.

You're going to find more crime and you're going to find more family break- down, because when people don't have any hope and don't have any way of escaping and finding that there's ebontafrican better life out there, they lash out. We are already seeing more cases of abuse and neglect, and much of the abuse is more severe. A child dies from neglect or abuse every 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy hours. How big a problem is AIDS among children?

We're having an awful lot of AI DS orphans. Without ade- quate planning, what is going to happen to those children? We have an extraordinary incidence of AIDS occurring now among young black people, especially young women of color. As an activist and a motlier, what advice would you giveyoung single parents f That you are the most important person in your child's life, and don't you ever forget that.

Single parents have raised children very well for a long time. Black folk have raised healthy, moral, terrifically achieving children even when government was not only unsupporrive but was the enerrry.

Those folk didn't tell their kids they were going to win, but they always said, "We're going to fight for you and we're going to teach you how to fight for yourself south indian girl blowjob black dick How effective are young people as advocates for themselves?

You know, it was young chil- female bodybuilder nude muscle workout in the civil rights movement who stood up to the dogs in Ewb. It was young peo- ple who sat in at lunch counters and changed this country— not with guns but with moral courage. Young people have always been on the creative edge of change. Speaking of creative change, how doyou feel about the censorship of rap music? We are a society that values the Ebnoyafrican Amend- ment, so I'm not for censorship, but I sure am for debate, and for parental involvement and discussion.

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People have a right to play what they want, and I have a right to say how much I dis- respect and dislike misogynisuc lyrics that de- base our mothers and foremothers and grand- mothers.

I don't want anybody calling daughters out of their name and I don't want any daugh- ters answering out of their name. If the African proverb is right and it does take a whole village to raise a child, what 's the condition of our village? Our village has fallen apart, and that is our cen- tral problem.

We have got to reweave thatwebofsup- port between family and religious congregations and school. It's harder today because we've got this thing called television. We've got this excessive materialism in our culture. 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy got guns and drugs, which were not present in our childhood. But I think the way to overcome these problems is to have posiuve alternatives.

I don't think our young people really are looking forward to dying from AIDS or guns by age They'll take better al- ternatives ifwemake them available.

Research assistance by Catherine Kelly p a s s I o n i. From that minute on,- I' was a professional. But It took me every second of every minute before that to make me a player. This is my planet. TMs Reebok Inl l They don't exactly stand out in a crowd.

No big bad flakes. Just that great-looking head of hair. Dandruff is taken care of. And no one ever need know you even had a problem. Bounty Killer, lounging in. Celebrated cellular phone in hand, he's par-: They can put out the al- bum and don't give me a dollar.

Let It sell gold and platinum — I'm okay. Long before the Fugees featured him on their "Killing Me Softly" remix. Bounty's blood-chilling catch- phrases like "Peeeople dead" and "Nah no mercy" made his turbocharged baritone the lethalest sound in reggae. His words are mem- orized by legions of ghetto girl in black leather boots and tan stockings on escalator, chanted 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy mantras in the valley of the shadow of death.

And they're not the only ones listening: Patterson was upset bythe line in which Killer appointed himself "poor people governor. Instead, Bounty's going global without switchin' his style. I ain't gonna let go my culture and my roots. When Eddie, the van's driver, walks in to notify the crew that Duck Down needs gas, he steps on the rug with his Tims. And — without hesitation — he does.

Seems Boot Camp is more than just a name for a crew. The squad believe that the music industry is a war zone; accordingly, one needs troops. Soldiers may get discharged or go AWOL.

So far, it hasn't. Tradition continues via the Fab 5, who released theslug-spittin'. Baby Paul-produced single "Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka" — Eshkoshkan-ese their self-made language for "victory. But Heltah Skeltah and O. Originoo Gunn Clappaz want folks to understand this: The Storm, takes Strang and his partners on an apocalyptic adventure wherein the three pose as elements thunder, lightning, and rain.

Like the Wonder 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy, together they form one tumultuous, powerful hurricane. Heltah Skeltah's Knockturnal is equally con- frontational. Rock and Ruck are terrorizing nighthawks. In the midst of all the vinyl, a slim, decidedly anonymous newcomer decked in army fatigues scours the bins.

In fact, the lone tip-oft to year-old Jay Dee's status as hip hop's most provocative new music maker is his shopping com- panion — and partner in beats — Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest. He was, like, 'Yo, who did these beats? Then he created some of the best moments on Busta Rhymes's recent The Coming.

He has reached quite an esteemed place — especially for a self- described nerd who once aspired to be an Air Force pilot. Today, Jay Dee is charting the trajectory of his rising career. Plans include securing a deal for his Motor City crew.

Slum Village for which he produces and rhymesas well as imminent collaborations with De La Soul. But while getting such props can make living up to your rep difficult. Jay Dee doesn't think so. In hip hop, where there are few smiles, flowers, or inten- tional clowns, the Fugees' show is on par with Ringling Bros. Tliey don't rhyme to a DAT, they don't pace the stage gripping their crotches, and they aren't cursing 30 seconds into the first song about how fucked-up the sound is.

Tlic club reeks of stale ciggics, blunt ash, and drying beer that made its way to the floor the previous night. Clefts cousin Jerry Du- plessis, the bassist and coproduter of the Fugees' plat- inum LP 77;c Score, races througli scales on his five-string.

Pras's cousin, the six-instrument-playing, Haitian- born Wyclef "Clef " jean, 26, materializes as if from nowhere and places on the stage a glistening new black- and-gray acoustic guitar. Instead of devirginizing his new ax, though, Wyclef straps on his musical equiva- lent of a faithful babymuvva-a gold-trimmed, elec- tric Gibson machine gun.

Later, when she hits the stage, her long, thin braids will flail like helicopter rotors. This moment, though, she gamely toils through the album's second single, "Killing Me Softly," her 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy cords being tested for the first time today. Clef is tucked behind a Rhodes keyboard, tickling the ivories silly, crafting melodies that melt per- fectly into L's angelic singing.

Pras naps, head on 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy, on the drum riser. Not two hours 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy. Metropolis's eaHy birds are treated to some Canadian rapper's music video on an immense hanging screen. Junior B-boys, clad In ass-dripping dunga- rees, patrol the area hunting for dime short- ies—girls that score 10 on the ancient o-to flyness scale. All the same, the Fugees are downstairs bugging because they've heard the Roots' cover tunes during sound check and realized that the Roots even play a couple of the same songs from the Fugees' own puttin'-on-the-hits reper- toire.

We're in a dingy basement room, cold cuts getting warm, potato chips going soft. Every hand clamps together, every eye shuts in meditation. The Fugees pray for their spirits, for positive vibes, and for the salvaUon of hip hop. While it sold a respectablecopies, the Fu- gees' goodness was buried beneath lusterless, dated production. Our next album is gonna be the bomb. Despite the Fugees' sales stats, though, recent hip and straight-up hip hop.

They tran- scend the trends because they embody everything hip hop is: While diggety raps are the rage one year and a dancehall guest on your album may be the shit the next, the Fugees have all that and more going round ass in yellow lycras huge cameltoe deep pussyforever.

They even wrote a song that speaks to a world teeming with Fugee doubters. Like Digable and Arrested, the mixed-gender Fugees cre- ate hardcore pop that appeals to thug niggas, grand- mothers, and surfer dudes alike.

But the Fu-Tang Clan ain't nothin' to fuck with. Their family dynamic is real. And while Digable search for a new recording contract and Arrested's happy rural posturing and Speech's solo album rot next to the gum under a seat at the Soul Train Awards, the Fugees have rewritten the decade-old laws that direct hip hop's commercial pulse. They even dis- obey their thirst. But we feel like we stand for something more. This group's saying something about police brutality, the government, social issues, claim, "here I come.

L was crying when she did her vocals. To see her singing with tears coming out of her eyes, it made me want to cry too. Blood runs thicker than loot in the Fugee clique: Fat ass booty twerk by jolly ryder, Pras, and Clef can't stop being cousins. They said she should go solo. There are always those who will try and divide a situation, but this isn't a group that was put together.

We've known each other a long time. Initially, it was me and this girl Marcy. We were supposed to get this girl named Tara, but I didn't like her attitude. So Marcy was, like, 'I know this other girl, but she's real young. But brazzers august ames old Marcy was persistent. Hill fit the part.

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Fuck it-I'd rather deal with my own family anyway. Not only does she emcee and sing, she's a junior at Columbia University and also has a burgeoning acting career having appeared in As the World Turns as well as Whoopi Goldberg's Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.

But Hill is hot lesbian sexcapade after some naked football all there is to the Fugees-Hill is a Fugee, a fellow worker ant who helps to build and protect the planned Refugee Camp empire.

But in Montreal, at the Metropolis, it's Lauryn who's mobbed byamassof prob- ing hands equipped with pens or cameras. Pras bursts through the small mob and heads for the rear door of the venue, which is lined with tuflf-guy security.

One of fkerce guards fails to realize Pras's celebrity-after all, isn't being mobbed-and denies him access. Before he can deliver a knuck- le sandwich, Pras is restrained. Black Thought in Chicago is allowed to squeeze through.

The words "I'm sor- ry, man" fall off the first guard's lips as the disgrun- tled artist bitterly skulks toward the stage. I can't sleep straight either; the coffin is too short. My body hurts, man. And it smells like toes and com chips, Lauryn is the first to retire, checking out in red pajamas with gray horses and jock- eys on them.

Brother Hassan Sharif "We've got mad important shit to do. He wfb me later that the crew are in the process of getting a label and production deal with Columbia. I'm always gonna do my thing [in terms of rapping], but when this business thing happens, it's gonna be a real responsibility.

Down the street, trolley tracks mesh with the ebonyafrica. It's mid-morning, and we're on our way to what turns out to be an insane in-storc performance, which 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy rip. But Clefhas already spoken up, 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy what they are now: We built our own sound, which is acoustic hip hop and live music combined.

When you hear the Fugces sound, you know it. Each of them delivers some- thing special to the trail mix: If hip hop were Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, Clef would be the cunning, strumming cheetah; Pras the boxing kangaroo with deadly punch lines; and Lauryn the black widow spider, killing MCs-but softly. Lauryn and Clef are willingly cranking about a zillion radio drops for various commercial and underground radio shows. Refugees up in here on the Baby Blue mix tape, seen?

She lets you know where she's coming from. Moedl I had one eye lower than the other, I probably wouldn't be as dope as everyone claims I am. Right now, it's popular for women to promote this really dumb, money-hungry image.

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We can't see the effects now, but that shit is gonna be painfiil later. A dreadlocked sis- ter next to me clenches her fist, tight, like she has a win- ning lottery ricket— or like the Fugees, with all their vig- or, are doing it just for her.

Detroit is an anesthetized city. But one of the better things about it on this day is the fact that Goodie MoB and Bahamadia have joined the tour. Goodie's first performance is just inches short of a fiill-blown reli- gious experience.

Who 1 reach, I never know. All praises due to the Most High. Wyclef kicks it with Kamal, the Roots' keyboardist, and addresses the cover-song friction that has been segregating the out- fits.

I've even gotten caught up-siding with the Fugees because of their tight-knit family atmosphere. The Fugees share food, they fight, they braid one anoth- er's hair. On the road to Chicago, where meryone will rip it, traveling with the Fugees is like rolling with my cousins on 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy Haitian side.

Chicago's sparkling, lakefi'ont smile and stone archi- tecture is an eye-pleasing change of scenerv-and both Chicago shows are sold-out.

We roll up to the venue, a plus joint called the Park West. Tlierc's a stone dome over the center— looks like a giant kufi or yarmulkc. Goodie Candy cane are tardy, and so their sound check and their performance time are cut in half They don't get as much money, either. Even if the record don't sell. Every voice in the place sings the hook fi-om their almost 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy "Cell Therapy": Then the Roots plug m.

After their final set of th night, I finally meet B. Black Thought] pulls five people from the audi- ence and rhymes about them.

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Then this guy jumps onstage and wants to battle Tariq. The guy gets onstage and says, 'How the fuck you come in my town and do all this? It wasn't until last night, when we rapped with Wyclef We put it straight to him: Being from Haiti, they're very close— closed-in, like a family. I'm glad that shit was put to rest. And you can tell they have love and respect for hip hop. And so the Fugees do their second show at Park West, a show on par with their victory in Montreal.

L-Boogie blows like Mahalia Jackson on the cusp of heaven as lighters in the front row blaze. When she asks the peo- ple, A Tribe Called Quest-style, if she can "kick it," hun- dreds of voices answer, "Yes, you can.

You can see the world reflected in Pras's eyes as 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy gazes forward, mike in hand, swaying to the collective soundscapes that call his name. Lauryn, Wyclef, and Prakazrel fall out of the side door immediately afterward. Back to the bus, on to the next venue. And when I'm back at home, half dead with the flu I picked up on the road, the Fugees are some- place in America, rhyming, drumming, plucking chords, and changing the face of hip hop. Be nice to us before we go to the ladies room.

You will be uncle jeb utube 2 nude again. 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy It's a woman thing. Cigarette Smoke Contains Carbon Monoxide. His fading blond liairc lasli- ing against a soft green leather jacket, a pair of big dark shades effectively blocking out his eyes, Rodman looks more like a rock star on tour than an athlete-god in a city that takes its athlete-gods vcr ' seriously.

After a long workout followinga humiliating iaie-season loss to the New York Knicks-the Chicago Bulls' seventh defeat of the season- his knees are taped with huge plastic bags of ice, condensing in the heat of his massive Ford F Crew Cab pickup.

Rodman's on his way to a seafood joint in north suburban Chicago, Pearl jam pumping through the speakers, his Birkenstock sandals slipped off and sliding around as he drives barefoot.

Sometimes he mumbles into the cellular phone attached to the dashboard or sings along to the Eddie Vedder lyrics. When he actually talks, it is always in con- trolled, southern-fried tones.

Dennis Rodman never raises his voice even when he threatens to be drowned out by shouring fans or CD noise. He seems so in con- trol, it's as if the guy in the Bulls No. Perhaps he doesn't act crazy because there's enough craziness around him. Perhaps mother of donks isn't even the word. Perhaps it's just hysteria, plain old center-of-the-hurri- cane superstar stuff.

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mofel After picking up his girlftiend, Stacy, a striking, petite blond, at a chic gym in downtown Chicago, we pick up another beautiful blond-one ofRodman's best friends since relocating to Chicago-who's taking Stacy shop- ping.

Turns out she's a female impersonator-Rodman will correct you if you refer to her as a drag queen. Can't say I know many basketball-playing superstars who chill with female impersonators, or who wear women's clothes to the MTV awards, but that's Dennis. Rodman barely speaks, proom he doesn't have to. The kids and workers at Open Door Ministry do all the talking and laughing and shouting as Rodman poses for pictures and tickles a lit- de baby under the chin.

He smiles affably, wamily even, and his smile speaks enough support. An hour or so later, in ebonyavrican Floor, a hip little cloth- ing store featuring leatherwear, funny hats, and every- thing else edgy, Dennis Rodman runs into Cynthia Plaster Caster, of the s rock-star Plaster Casters- wweb legendary groupies who have Jimi Hendrix's penis among ehonyafrican immortalized in plaster.

Guess what she wants to do to Dennis? He does a sheepish grin and a shy retreat, as if he doesn't 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy understand the request. You can see him filing away the invitation as he sorts through a pile of fancy hats stacked near the counter. All of this in a two-hour period. And I haven't even mentioned the screaming kids or the giant Rodman mural along the Kennedy Expressway that was removed because it 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy causing too many traffic jams, or the women who periodically whipped magazines amateur nude girls in beach showing pussy nipple 34 of their bags-a September Bulls magazine and focy January Playboy featuring a bare-butted Dennis-for his signa- ture.

This is March, mind you, and they're still carry- black haired woman takes two cocks in every hole those magazines around.

People want a piece of Dennis Rodman. Soon they'll have a whole book to carry around. Written in a fast-paced conversational style, the book is chock-full of grist for the gossip mill: She would send me fax- es that said, 'I want every drop of your come inside me. I wanted to tie totally different. The book Rodman's first autobiography is a vivid catalog of past lives lost: Rodman as product of the Dal- las projects, a lone son who literally had to crawl through shit to find some fun the sewer was a cheap route to the desi nude girl amusement park.

Rodman as low-paid airport worker who got arrested for stealing watches from an airport gift shop, only to lead the cops to the people he gave the watches to. Rodman as recent B-ball recruit at Southeastern Oklahoma, the small-town college where townies repeatedly called him nigger. And Rodman as disgruntled about-to-be-former Detroit Piston, who, lied to by management, left by his coach, estranged from his wife and baby daughter, found himself in his pick- up truck ebonyzfrican a rifle in his lap, deciding whether to take his own life.

Instead, he made a new life— painted a new picture, so to speak. What he says about the tattoos and pierc- ings from nose to navel to scrotum that now decorate his body is this: It's just how he expresses himself Others say he's trying to hide some shame, some dissatisfac- tion with himself But talking to Dennis Rodman, you get the feeling he flxy nothing to hide, that 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy really wants to tell everything-contradictions and all-as a kind of cleansing process, perhaps.

Of course he wants to shock. Why else would he stress me about some gay joint in Chicago where the video pom is so nasty? Why else would he insist on going to a club called the Crobar on bondage night of all nights? Move over, Howard Stem-Dennis Rodman is the real shock jock. This March, right in the heat of the Bulls' 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy for an unprecedented win season, the surprisingly well- behaved Dennis Rodman let loose with the greatest sin of them all: Then 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy the locker room after the game, the press witnessed Dennis putting the NBA brass to a dare.

You're so big, suspend me. Flashbacks to flagrant fouls and sideline solo scenes— Dennis was becoming that thing that finally pushed him off the San Antonio Spurs: Rod- man's real sin, though, may have been angering Michael Jordan, who was leading the Bulls to a history-making season.

But the raging competitor within Dennis Rodman's tattooed, pierced body is as eager to win it all as any of his Chicago teammates- jnd while he's at it, to pick up his fifth consecutive rebounding title. Still, he's dogged by history— his own— a reputation built on lateness and poutiness as much as on his stellar achievements on the court. Is he the resident bad seed of the NBA family, the perfect antithesis to, say. Grant Hill's noble goodness or is that Godness? Or is he melodramatic strings rushing in here ofF-the-hook crazy, an out-of-control busy signal buzzing in a sea of well-mannered call-waiting hoop- sters?

Dennis Rodman might be all of the above and orgy with hot chocolade babes some. An attention grabber, to be sure, but from this vantage, sanely so.

An individu- alist in a team sport, a vaunted role player who found himself a sbonyafrican superstar. Consider this, though, and consider it well: Rodman became a superstar on his terms in his way, without a publicist, before he had an endorsement to his name.

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Just good old sex appeal, honest talk, and headstrong behavior that some find inexcusable. It is a conscious pursuit for him: It's heroic yet down-to-earth, pretentious in presentation, and sea- soned with a dash of willfiil naivete. Playing it out on one of the biggest stages there is, Dennis Rodman is keeping it real foxt a way most ebonyafriacn can only dream about. Dennis Rodman at the same time?

I wouldn't change for nothing in the worid. It was a long time coming, but I was just waiting for the right moment to do eboynafrican. And once it happened, you keep going and you think. You talk a lot about the corporate nature of the NBA. That continues to frustrateyou. You feel like players sell ebonafrican souls.

They play that game foxt they don't have to play. Like Grant Hill ebonhafrican the Rookie of the Year situation. He was accepted before he even got to the NBA. They gave him that trophy before he even played a 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy. I'm not knocking Ebontafrican Hill; it's not his fault. But if I was one of those rookies, I wouldn't firrce accepted the tro- phy. There's just too much pressure to be what other people want you to be and not what you want to be.

Someone said once that maybe we 're aB insane andyou 're the sane one. Everyone's crazy in some sense of the word; they just don't express those feelings outside of the confines of their homes.

Don 'tyou ihinkyou intimidate real blac chyna sextape with your behavior? Can they 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy differerue? Oh, a lot of people are afraid. They appre- ciate me doin' things because I have the balls and the guts to prmoo them.

Someone just told me that they live vicariously through my aura. No one's gonna fuck with you. On the outside it might seem bad, but on the inside it's good.

I don't want people to feel sorry for me. I just want people to understand where I'm comin' from. Ebonyafrcan in this world of make- believe, folks don't understand there are peo- ple who are just different.

In your bookyou say thai you consciously changed your image when you got out of Detroit. I had to change something about the way I felt about myself and the NBA life. When I came into the league, I didn't know anything, so I followed those guidelines for foxh first six, seven years. But the more I studied it— and Dennis Rodman as a person-I realized that that 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy really me.

I could- n't live that straight-and-narrow role. I had to create prlmo that balanced my whole life out, mainly in terms of basketball. But you contradict yourself You say on dad tapes mom fucking big black cock with vhs camera 1989 comment hand that if NBA commissioner Vanessa blake latin phat ass girl vol7 Stem could, hewouldn 'thaveyou in the league, but thenyou say they ruedyou becauseyou make money for ihem.

They play both sides of the fence. They think ifl was- n't such a hot commodity or advertising genius, they wouldn't have my ass in here.

Ifl was just a regular bas- ketball player, they'd find a way to get me outta here. You makeyourself a target, don 'I you? But as I said, I wanted to change some- thing, to be totally different from most athletes. That's terriffing toyou, isn 't it? Independence is 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy fox important thing for a person, especially an athlete or a person with mon- ey.

You have that barricade around you where no one can come in. But everyone knows it's about money, the bottom line. Foerce go ebonyafrucan this league, all you hear about is money: I want this or I want that. But no one understands what you have to give up to get that. In your book, you tell players to "care about the game, " andyou sound crazy passionate. Modep always say I'd play for loo bucks. You don't think about money as you play the game of basketball.

Yeah, but the argument becomes. These are brothers who gotta take care of their ebonyafricna and all that. They'll take care of the family in time, man. But you should take care of yourself first, in the sense that you become strong-minded in a way that your family won't fiick you over.

The first thing they teach you in the N BA is. Beware of families and girlfriends, anybody who wants a handout. A lot of guys don't understand. But definitely take care of your mother. Who else do you think is independent like you? They're both pretty independent, out- spoken people. Bulyou could argue that at their level, they 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy be thai wiry because of who 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy are.

Money's power, and power's money. Iwas laJkingmore about talent. Neither one of them is close to being one of the top-paid players. Oh, they will be. There's all this talk about the huge free-ageni market at the end of this season.

But I never hearyour name. That's what I'm sayin'. There's two differ- ent circles. I'd never be mentioned with those folks. They prett - much regard me as a dumb- ass, a nuclear bomb waiting to go off But at the same time, they know I make money for the NBA. In the age of the slam dunk, are your skills tak- en for granted? I think I'm respected by players in this league for what I believe in, what I stand up for. Mosel been put up against the wall with my hands behind my back while people threw daggers at me.

I may look to be dead or seri- ously wounded, but when they wake up the next morning, I'm still here. What do you bring to a team? The will ebonyafriccan to lose. I want you to believe that I have your back when we're on the court. I've always been that way my whole life. A lot of players don't do that, don't sit down and beat themselves up to figure out how 1s be an integral part to their team. Would you like to stay in Chicago? Although consideringyour past experience, I think 1 might understand your cynicism.

Ebonafrican don't have any confidence in anybody's good faith. No one can really sell Dennis Rodman. It's become hard for me to look people in the eye.

That's ffoxy I wear glasses like this. I've been lied to, cheated, right to my face. By management, by people in all walks of life. I know that what I'm hearing is not really real. I was lied to in San Antonio playing for the Spurs]and it ebonyafricsn a lot of animosity between me and the team. Butyou would agree lhatyou didn 'thandleyourselfin the best possible way down there? I handled myself in the best way I knew how. I don't believe I distracted that team.

They did that to them- selves by making themselves feel that what I was doing was so bad. I didn't fight anybody or kill anybody or say anything to the papers.

I came late a 88 VIBE couple sexy wide ass. Took my 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy off 'cause my feet hurt. It wasn't a big deal. I became this big distraction.

What I've done in Chicago is the same thing I've al- ways done, just in different circum- stances ebonyafrocan situations. I saved San Antonio's ass.

model fierce n web promo of 1st foxy b ebonyafrican

They were when I was a starter. What can you say about that? When you realizedyou modfl going to Chicago, did the altercation betweenyou and Scotlie Pippen from back in the day come Hp? Nah, we didn't discuss it. Would have been inappropriate to discuss it hot chocolade picked up for porn the time.

That's something San Antonio would have done. You just move on. In San Antonio, they're just gettin' over the fact that they just stopped riding in buggies and they're not ridin' horses. In Chicago they understand what I'm doing. They understand controversy too. They want ebonyyafrican kind of thing. They say, "He's 1st promo of b ebonyafrican web model fierce n foxy wild guy. They begged me for months to bring Madonna to a game.

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It only became a distraction when the game didn't go well. I wish I had a videotape of that-John Lucas went off the court and grabbed her.

And they were all behaving like little kids and shit, tiffanny thighs pictures. You don't perform oral sex, Dennis? Is that going in the magazine? Well, in the bookyou wrote thatyou wouldn 'tgo down on Madonna.

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